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Shuttered MHC to be Demolished

February 23rd, 2017 Comments off

The entrance to Life O’Riley Mobile Home Park. Credit: Life O’Riley.

In Lansing, Michigan, the city has been granted permission to demolish what they consider to be a huge eyesore.

Life O’ Riley Mobile Home Park was closed down in February 2014, and over 200 residents were moved from the community.

According to city officials, it has been a safety concern for people in the area.

Judge Clinton Canady at the Ingham County Court agreed, and ruled the city could clean up the area by tearing down the homes on the lot.

The end is near,” said Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero.

Scavengers just looking for things to steal, to take, you can have the homeless looking for a place to stay.

According to WLNS, the city is now able to move forward with removing 90 homes, and City Planning and Neighborhood Development Director Bob Johnson says by spring the area will look much, much different.


A home in the community. Credit: WLNS.

We could be rocking and rolling, be done with weather like this in maybe a couple of weeks,said Johnson.

Mayor Bernero said that the cost of demolition will be just under $400,000, a cost the city will bear until the owner coughs up the cash.

This is money that is appropriated every year, we set aside,said Bernero.

Johnson said that the demolition won’t tear everything down, as the owner still has property rights to the land.

We’re dealing with the nuisance and the nuisance are [sic] the structures,” said Johnson.

The expenses owed by the property owner total over $600,000, and the city says that if the owner does not pay by next February, the property will be foreclosed and handed over to the county. While Bernero says that the city would be willing to work with the owner to redevelop the site if he was to pay, he’s hopeful either way and believes that the area holds opportunity.

This could be a beautiful, well maintained residential community,” said Bernero.

The Daily Business News has followed the saga of Life O’ Riley and those stories are linked here, and here. ##


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Measure would Empower Local Officials over Land Lease Communities

May 2nd, 2014 Comments off

Updating a story last reported on March 25, 2014 regarding the Life O’Riley Mobile Home Park in Lansing, Michigan condemned because of unsanitary conditions, State Representative Andy Schor introduced Bill 5513 to give local leaders more clout in dealing with problems at manufactured housing communities (MHCs). Lansing city officials knew of sanitation problems at Life O’Riley, according to, but state law prevented their intervention. Under the proposed legislation, the state maintains its primary role in policing communities, but local officials can take over responsibility if the state does not follow through when problems arise. ##

(Photo credit:–Crestview Estates

More Oversight Sought for Manufactured Home Communities

March 25th, 2014 Comments off

Updating a story last published March 19, 2014, regarding a Michigan state legislator’s bill that would give cities more oversight of manufactured housing communities (MHCs), Rep. Andy Schor has been communicating with community owners, residents and local officials, and intends to introduce the legislation in mid-April. Referencing the Life O’Riley Mobile Home Park in Lansing that was condemned, displacing 85 families who were given ten days to find new lodging, he says the city was evidently not aware of the state inspections, reports The measure would encourage state and local governments to work together, while still protecting community owners and residents. ##

(Photo credit: Alan Warren/–Scio Farms Estates, Ann Arbor, Michigan)

License to Operate Suspended at Land Lease Community

March 3rd, 2014 Comments off

A manufactured housing community has been condemned and ordered shuttered and the residents given ten days to evacuate after the Ingham County Health Department in Lansing, Michigan discovered raw sewage on the grounds and solid waste strewn about. Hundreds of people living in 85 homes at the Life O’Riley Mobile Home Park in south Lansing are struggling to find adequate housing elsewhere, being helped by churches and social service organizations. The last inspection at the community in April, 2013 resulted in state officials recommending the license be conditionally approved, according to After management did not respond to issues raised by inspectors in September following another inspection, the state said the license should be lifted, although it was not clear when that was to be enforced.

Ernesto “Steve” Ramirez, who manages the community for Whalen RE Holdings, says the required work on water and sewer lines will be finished next week at Life O’Riley. A complaint was allegedly filed with state regulators in 2012 against Triangle Mobile Home Park near Battle Creek, also for sewage problems, and also managed by Ramirez. Local officials say the condemnation order will not be lifted before the residents leave, as has learned. ##

(Photo credit: Triangle Mobile Home Park, Battle Creek, MI)