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Selling your LLC? “Buy All the Homes,” says the County

February 4th, 2012 8 comments

Noozhawk tells the Santa Barbara County Planning Commission in California is considering an ordinance that would require MHC owners to file for a closure permit if they are selling their community, and to pay all residents market value for their homes. Commissioner C. Michael Cooney says the measure is not to prevent the land from being sold, but to smooth the relocation process for the residents. There are 20 land lease communities (LLCs) in the unincorporated areas of Santa Barbara housing thousands of people. State law allows local jurisdictions to manage community closures and mandate reasonable relocation costs. Homeowners claim they should receive fair market prices for their dwellings because homes more than four years old are unlikely to be moved at all. Community owners respond that paying market value for each manufactured home would make selling the land nearly impossible. Derek Watson, attorney for La Cumbre Mobile Home Park, says La Cumbre loses millions of dollars because of rent control. He says the commissioners should consider methods to build and maintain MHCs instead of making it more costly for the owners.

(Photo credit: Giana Magnoli/Noozhawk–Santa Barbara County Planning Commission)

City taking control manufactured home community’s water system

September 30th, 2011 Comments off

MorganCountyCitizen reports that the Madison City Council (GA) has tentatively agreed to the purchase of the Madison Woods manufactured home community’s water supply. The commitment depends on Madison City Manager David Nunn completing a payment schedule on $56,000 in back water and sewage services owed the city by Madison Woods owner John Lowe. Nunn said currently, about 40 residents paid deposits and have become city water customers. He also said the city had to do minor repair work to the system but that the costs of the repairs were reasonable. Lowe and his daughter, Daphne, were praised for beginning to completely renovate the 22-acre community, starting in 2005. Lowe removed older, pre-HUD Code and substandard housing, trimmed or removed growths of underbrush and pine trees. The positive changes began attracting new clients seeking quality affordable housing. The report noted that for years the Lowes donated a renovated house during the Christmas season to a deserving family.

(Graphic credit: Google Maps)