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Monday Morning Sales Meeting – Living the Dream by Serving Others Well

November 20th, 2017 Comments off

MondayMorningManufacturedHousingMarketingSalesMnagementSalesMeetingDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsYou can get everything you want out of life, if you help enough other people get out of life what they want.” Zig Ziglar.

Owners, managers, investors, and front-line sales professionals, that quote above is an important secret for manufactured housing (MH), or any other, career success.

Those who learn, earn, and return by serving others well don’t have to worry about who they bump into at the local Walmart, grocery story, church, place of worship, bank, credit union, or anywhere else.

The REAL ‘silver bullets’ for more success in MH are proper education, discipline, integrity, and motivation.

A Common Concern in MHVille Voiced to MHProNews by Industry Professionals

Several pros, often owners, executives, and others on the front lines of selling, have expressed concerns about the industry in general – in terms of a lack of proper sales training, for example – and certain factors regarding ‘unfair competition’ in specific.

Don’t whine or worry.  The solutions are to learn more,  to discover how to navigate the challenges, and thus do more.

In last week’s Monday Morning Sales Meeting 15-minute video seminar, you heard a national lender explain that he and others believe that sales skills are down among manufactured housing professionals from 15 or 20 years ago.

Manufactured Housing Monday Morning Sales Meeting: Finance & Industry Facts, Figures, Sales Tip$ Improving Best Practice$

Shipments are down too.  Coincidence?  That veteran, award-winning lender didn’t think so.  Experience reveals that properly motivated, and informed professionals do better than those simply waiting for someone to hand them a deposit check.


Education, ethics, and training are the answers for long term success.  See examples of serious professional opportunities for learning more, linked here and here.

Don’t Let Goliath Scare You…

But another concern is that with a group of a few companies that so dominates the industry, what can the independent retailer or community do to counter the advantages that company might have?



How can someone outperform those who lack ethics? Or those who have some seemingly unfair advantages? The truth, properly shared, will set you free.

Share as needed with others the power of third-party provided information. Here’s but one example…

Tips on Shopping for a New Manufactured Home

The article linked above provides a wealth of information that an independent operation can point a home shopper to with confidence.

Most sales trainers say, ‘You don’t throw your competitor under the bus.’

But why not help serious shoppers – who are on the fence, trying to decide for themselves what direction they should go – by providing a link to resources let to discover the truth for themselves?

Why not allow the serious shopper to make a more informed decision, based upon third-party research?  Give them the link, like the one above.  Then, let them decide what may be, or may not be, in their best interest. Common sense, right?

And isn’t giving that or other linked information the moral thing to do as well?  Just as ‘friends don’t let friends drive drunk,’ so too what caring business professional fails to give a sincere shopper the knowledge needed to make an informed decision?

The best resources for that are routinely third-party provided references.

Keep In Mind, Readers Are The Leaders

Remember.  To properly use a video, report, or any information, you and/or your team should know that story article, video, or report — backward and forward.


There is no need to push, rather, provide and guide as needed.

The lazy sales professional, is the hungry sales pro. Zig Ziglar’s brother, Judge Ziglar said, Timid Salesman Have Skinny Kids.”  You have to know what you know, and be willing to share it, the right way, at the right time, with confidence, calm, and composure.


When I first got into the MH sales business, the company I worked for had no formal training,” said L. A. “Tony” Kovach.


I read every industry article I could, plus books, etc. that I could on my own to learn the business.  As Zig Ziglar used to say, don’t use a loser’s limp.  Don’t give yourself an excuse for failure. Do all that you can to learn more, to serve others better, and thus pave the way to your success, through their success,” Kovach said.


15 minutes a day minimum on MHLivingNews and MHProNews can prove to be priceless for any sales person, manager, executive, owner, investor or others who deal with the public, officials, media, and others.

You can get everything you want out of life, if you help enough other people get out of life what they want.” Zig Ziglar.

We Provide, You Decide.” ©  ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

Note 1: Thanks to for those who directly and/or through social media are sharing their appreciation for our pro-Industry, pro-growth, pro-bottom line solution oriented industry coverage.

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SoheylaKovachManufacturedHomeLivingNewsManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews-Submitted by Soheyla Kovach to the Daily Business News for Soheyla is a managing member and co-founder of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC the parent company to MHProNewsand MHLivingNews.

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Inside MH – Not Every Democrat, Not Every Republican – Politically Incorrect, Factually Accurate

November 14th, 2017 Comments off

UnbelievablePixabayManufacturedHousingINdustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsEvery Democrat isn’t a Socialist. Not every Republican is a conservative.

Similarly, not everyone working or invested in manufactured housing is fully informed on the wonders of what the HUD Code has yielded for consumers.

That in turn means that not everyone who’s invested or professionally involved in the manufactured home industry is fully taping into the industry’s true potential.

Industry professionals who attend educational sessions often say afterward something similar to what Baseball Hall of Famer, Mickey Mantle wisely observed; “It’s unbelievable how much you don’t know about the game youve been playing all your life.”

Inside MH, What the Pros Say – What’s Possible in MHVille?

In recent years, MHProNews has captured on video and/or through written comments what the industry’s potential is in the view of a variety of professionals.

Here’s a technical example of this principle in manufactured housing. Relatively few MH industry professionals understand the federal preemption for HUD Code manufactured homes.  Those who want to ‘do away with’ the HUD Code don’t understand preemption, and many ‘don’t get it’ about the performance based standards used by the HUD Code.  To learn more about performance based standards, click here.


Sam Landy, UMH President and CEO.

Sam Landy with UMH Properties he said that hundreds of thousands of new HUD Code manufactured home sales a year is achievable.

Barry Noffsinger in the video seminar published at this link yesterday said 500,000 new manufactured home sales can be achieved in a sustainable fashion.



MHI President, CEO Richard A. ‘Dick’ Jennison, left. MHARR President, CEO Mark Weiss, JD, right. Photo credit,

As divergent as Dick Jennison/MHI and Mark Weiss/MHARR are on several matters, each has said on the record to MHProNews that 500,000 new home sales annually is achievable.  MHARR and MHI vary widely on the details, but at least verbally, both agree on the potential.

MHProNews’ publisher and consultant, L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach has pushed that number and higher as worthy, achievable goals that can be accomplished

  • profitability,The
  • with happy, satisfied customers, and
  • with sustainable lending and other professional practices.

What does it take to achieve that goal?

In a word, “education.”

Fires, Tornadoes, Death Facts, Hype & Other Causes of Mortality

In two words, “best practices.”

Manufactured Housing Monday Morning Sales Meeting: Finance & Industry Facts, Figures, Sales Tip$ Improving Best Practice$

In two more words, “inspirational dissatisfaction.”


Implementing Inspirational Dissatisfaction


A Blokable Lesson for Manufactured Housing?

The Daily Business News’ overnight/pre-dawn report for Tuesday November 14 was the “bookend” for the Bill Gates/Belmont story was published.

Bill Gates’ Subsidiary Belmont Plans Smart City of Future, What Role Will Factory Built Homes Play?

That bookend was the news About Blokable, another emerging PreFab Builder.


$58,000 PreFabs, Videos, Updates of More Hi-Tech Backers

The video on the page linked above with  Aaron Holm ought to be must viewing for the MH Industry.

Dare to Compare…

Indeed, the entire Daily Business News report ought to be compared to what popular media source ‘Curbed’ recently published on the same topic of Holm and Blokable.


Several reasons — all of which could lead to higher profits via a greater understanding of the true nature of modern manufactured homes.


Manufactured Housing is just scratching the surface of its potential, about 9 percent of new SF home sales, and only 1% of all existing home sales. Tremendous upside potential.

For example, former Amazon exec Holm briefly characterized manufactured housing in his comments to investors in a dismissive, negative fashion.

The audience in the room reaction to Holm was this – not one of the attendees protested the negative statements about manufactured homes. 


That Holm/Blokable audience included potential investors and other professionals.  Others attended this same session shown in the video, remotely.

Did those professionals in that Holm/Blokable video have any clue that manufactured homes are built to a federally preemptive standard that by law must perform in a dynamically similar way as a conventional house in safety, energy use and durability?

Judging from their statements/reactions; the answer is, no. Those investors had no clue about the facts about MH.

$58,000 PreFabs, Videos, Updates of More Hi-Tech Backers

It may be politically incorrect again, but how many in the industry know what they should?  Owners, managers – ask your team members, how many of them know the key facts about HUD Code manufactured homes?  They – and your customers needing education – can learn those basics in the video interview, linked below.

That’s why Frank Rolfe has said that the vast majority of those in Media have no clue about the realities of today’s manufactured homes.

Rolfe – who with his partner Dave celebrates today 10 years, and 500 episodes of their teleconference – has said that reporters often have an Eminem/“8 Mile” understanding of the industry.


Rephraising what Rolfe said, the media and public largely don’t understand the MH Industry at all.  Certainly, that was true for Holm and those investors.

Others Not Knowing = Opportunity for You?

A widespread lack of MH industry knowledge?  “That’s an opportunity in disguise,” says consult and business development expert Kovach. “At the local market level, telling the true story of manufactured homes can be a game changer.”

And the experiences of Sunshine Homes, New Durham Estates – plus several others that opt not to publicize their successful results – are the proof that the answer for the industry is found in doing the proper educational effort, at the local market level.

Barry Noffsinger said something very similar, in his 15-minute best practices seminar.

That statement of Noffsinger – and Kovach – contradicts the widely held view that what the industry needs is a national image campaign.

All marketing is local,” said consultant and service provider Kovach. “When people hear ‘image’ or ‘education,’ they often mistakenly think that means it must be nationalNot true!”

For years – at educational sessions such as the recent Deadwood conference – it’s all about working with a location or locations owned/operated by or that sells products/services for your company.

Once professionals understand that they can control their own destiny to a far greater degree than they may have ever believed before, light bulbs go off, MHProNews’ publisher explains.

We’re not the RV business, that’s obvious,” said Kovach.  “But if towable and motorized RVs – a discretionary purchase – can outsell MH by some 5 to 1, that gives a tiny hint as to what the industry’s potential truly is.”

State of the Manufactured Home Industry, Comparing RV vs. MH Data


The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

– Mark Twain


Kovach smiles or laughs whenever claims of his professional demise are made by tiny clique of others spreading that clearly errant statement. “Some have claimed that for about 8 years now,” and “Clearly, they’re as mistaken about that as they may be about other claims they make.”

In fact, we’ve spawned a group of ‘me too’ publishers, and service providers. They say that imitation is the most-sincere form of flattery.”

One bottom-line is that Ron Thomas Sr. made an important point in the video interview with him, linked here.

Manufactured housing is a phenomenon,” Ron Thomas Sr. has said.

Those who want to do away with the HUD Code in favor of something else are suffering from a tremendous misunderstanding of what the industry has accomplished in the past, and can sustainably do again.

With the proper approaches, the industry can exceed those outcomes in the future, he argues from his own and client experiences at locations from border-to-border.

No two locations are alike, even if they belong to the same company and are in the same market, there are differences,” said Kovach.

There are some general things that routinely fit. But each location has its own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

If everyone is going leftlook right” – Sam Zell.


Photo of billionaire real estate and investment mogul, Sam Zell, credit, MHProNews. ELS Logo, photos are provided under fair use guidelines.

Easy doesn’t pay well,” said John Bostick, president of Sunshine Homes.


Noffsinger didn’t say that the industry is looking for an easy silver bullet, but that’s part of what he was suggesting in his review of best practices.

What we’ve learned is that once industry professionals are taught:

  • a retail or community team to see the industry and their location in a new way,
  • and use proven methods to help consumers see manufactured homes in a fresh way,
  • and specific locations with new eyes,

those educational discipline routinely pays off.”


It’s not about typical ads, because the industry is misunderstood, Kovach says.

You can advertise

  • RVs,
  • Cars, trucks, SUVs,
  • single family housing,
  • apartments,
  • condos,
  • tablets, phones, TVs

– because all of those are all widely understood.

But what even some of the biggest players in this industry may not realize they’ve proven is this. Their approach converts such a small percentage of their viewers, or visitors, that it clearly reflects their failure to connect with the vast majority of people that surf in.

That’s a troubling reality to some, but it’s an opportunity in disguise,” Kovach says.

This is one of several reasons why each location must learn to define itself.  And the ways that’s done is outlined by millennial and 3rd generation industry professional, Tom Fath in the video above.  Fath explains that it’s the ‘third party’ media effect – plus training – that’s working.

It’s a similar point that Forbes business magazine has made.

MH home owners want to be part of the solution, said Fath. Others who know the industry are happy to share their story, and that has to be told by media to be effective.

What Forbes Said…

Kovach points to a Forbes article that says that third party news media is 10 to 100 times more effective than advertising or traditional marketing.

That’s what makes us truly different than everyone else.  We give professionals, home owners, others the opportunity to tell their story.  We don’t pay for an interview,” Kovach said, adding, We don’t want the location to pay for an interview either.  The unpaid, truth is compelling.”

More on this in the days ahead, as part of our State of the Manufactured Housing Industry in Nov 2017 series.

We Provide, You Decide.”  © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)


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Manufactured Housing – Ads & Self-Praise vs. Public Expert Praise

October 5th, 2017 Comments off

ShoutingBullhornDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsAdvertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.” – public relations maxim.

Advertising is saying you’re good.  PR is getting someone else to say you’re good.”   — Jean-Louis Gassée, former Apple executive.

We reviewed yet another report yesterday from a national MH source that was busily telling others in our industry just how good their efforts are at promoting manufactured housing,” said publisher L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

Traffic, likes, and clicks – it all sounds fantastic. Right up to the point that the objective, analytical mind asks, ‘okay, they’ve been doing this ‘for their members’ for 2 years.  How much has their business actually grown?’”


The answer, regrettably, is that the their key members of the industry are still growing at about the same pace as it was prior to that Arlington, VA based group’s promotional efforts. Who says?  HUD and IBTS statistics, see the most recent report, link here.


The industry needs to wake up to reality, not just numbers.

In fact, their own statistics – and that of third parties – reveal that they’re growing at a slower pace than the industry at large.


Lavin argued that MHI has not yet learned its lesson from the past.  See MHI award winner Lavin’s analysis, linked here and here.

If pretty pictures and videos ALONE was all that it took to sell more manufactured homes, we’d be selling a half-million or more homes per year, right now,” says MH industry consultant and publisher Kovach. “About a decade ago, Palm Harbor used to run great looking TV ads. They had fine looking homes. But something obviously didn’t work, because they went bankrupt.”


If you follow mainstream news sources, as we have to, then you know that the bulk of mainstream media news about our industry tends to be problematic, or negative. Even the ‘good news,’ often uses terminology that is a turn off to the general public. But that can be changed in relatively short order at the market level, as research by MHMSM has demonstrated… 


Does this concept work? Tom Fath answers that question, in the video, linked here. To see the video interview above, click that graphic.

What’s the Answer?

Get the home owners, the third-party experts, those not paid a dime to tell a company, location, or the industry’s story,” says Kovach.


Until the industry deals with the perceived negatives, the concerns of customers, the results will continue to be at a relative low level.

Don’t do that once, you keep doing that. Sincerity comes across on camera. The Truth Well Told, Good Storytelling, those are part of the secret,” the award-winning consultant, publisher and industry veteran said.


The other part is having a third party media do that for you. Create evangelists, and have those evangelists tell that story over and over again, personally and via video,” Kovach explains. “That’s how you change the industry’s image, one location at a time.” 

That’s why we created MHProNews, then Problem, goal and solution orientation. Then to get fact-based stories that make sense to home buyers, professionals, and to investors – at their local level.”


The vast majority of our traffic on MHProNews and MHLivingNews comes organically. Our pages per visit blow away mainstream media visits, because – as one owner put it – “relevance.”

To see the latest example of how this works, click here. To understand how this works, click here. ## (Marketing news, programming, industry promotion, and analysis.)

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

SoheylaKovachManufacturedHomeLivingNewsManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews-Submitted by Soheyla Kovach to the Daily Business News for



5 State Manufactured Housing Convention Looms, L. A. “Tony” Kovach Keynote Luncheon Speaker

September 2nd, 2017 Comments off

5 State Convention logo shown under fair use guidelines.

Manufactured housing industry members from Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, North and South Dakota – and beyond – are coming to Deadwood South Dakota for information, inspiration, networking, and the business building that often takes place during their annual “Five States” meeting.

Their full agenda of mixers, presentations, networking, and business meetings are linked here as a download.

L. A. “Tony” Kovach was invited to be the keynote luncheon presenter, as the screen capture below reflects.


There are other events, meetings, and speakers during the 5 State convention.  For the 3 day agenda line-up, please click here or the schedule image above.

The event is held at the Lodge in Deadwood, SD.

For those in the North-Central and Western U.S. who have not yet had an opportunity to hear Kovach present, the two videos below may provide some insights. 

The first video spotlights corporate leaders, association, and company owners’ comments and feedback on Kovach and his team’s business-building, pro-industry work.

The second video features many ‘rank and file’ sales and management professionals’ reaction to hearing Kovach’s marketing presentations on How to Dominate Your Local Market, and SuperCharged Sales and Marketing

As dozens of written endorsements and the full-length version of video interviews with industry professionals reflect, Kovach brings proven, real world systems that work when applied. 

The motivation Kovach’s manufactured home marketing and sales systems yield are reality-based, vs. wishing, hoping and hype, say past attendees. His clients often experience robust growth, see the interview video linked on this page here, where a client touts their strong, profitable growth.

During his award-winning manufactured housing career, Kovach has been in some 45 states – plus a Canadian province – on marketing, training, coaching, business, video, keynote speaking or other industry professional work. 


Standing Room Only presentations by L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

Kovach has been a corporate keynote as well as association speaker.  He has worked with businesses of all sizes that are willing to invest in themselves to help them dominate their local housing market. One of the takeaways the videos above will reveal is how Kovach’s soft-touch, attraction-marketing and sales methods bring more cash and good credit buyers. ## (News, announcement, event. To Learn More About Professional Services, Click Here.)


L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach addressing industry professionals in a business building educational session.

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

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In Response To Tragedy, A Principle Based Message of Hope, Solidarity, Subsidiarity

August 31st, 2017 Comments off

Featured image credit, Pixabay, MHLivingNews.

Over the past few weeks the nation has experienced a lot of tragedy.

First, there was the sad events in Charlottesville, which raised the ugly specter of racism among a tiny group of Americans again.  

Then, there is the more recent Hurricane Harvey’s devastation in Texas, which has shown an example of people of all backgrounds pulling together. But the sheer scope of the tragedy can’t be measured in the cost in dollars alone.

In response to Charlottesville, manufactured housing advocate, the Reverend Donald Tye, Jr. and MHLivingNews/MHProNews publisher L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach prepared a statement of “healing and hope.”

Citing sources, Tye and Kovach point to principles of Christianity and morality as foundational in America.   Not to declare a national religion, but to encourage the best of people, the duo say.


Image credit, Pixabay, MHLivingNews.

As people from a variety of walks of life come together to help those devastated by Charlottesville, Texas, Florida and now Louisiana, the reminder they shared is that we are all part of one human race, one nation, and one earth.

Among their quotes, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

You can read the full statement from Reverend Donald Tye, Jr. and Kovach on MHLivingNews, linked here. ## (News, announcement, analysis.)

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

JuliaGranowiczManufacturedHomeLivingNewsMHProNews-comSubmitted by Julia Granowicz to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.



Fighting Fake Manufactured Home News: Fisking OZY Media’s ‘Trailer Park Nation’

August 17th, 2017 Comments off

Original featured image from OZY Media.

It’s the manufactured housing industry’s other image campaign,” as Marty Lavin, JD, has called the mass media’s reporting on the manufactured housing industry.

The MHProNews often tries to bring other media or publication’s errors or misunderstandings and spin.

A recent example of this is the critique of an article out of North Carolina’s News & Observer, which poorly reflected data to look as though manufactured housing was more susceptible to damage during hurricanes than other types of housing.


Among a number of other messages, Daily Business News on MHProNews received an emailed link from a reader, in response to the award-winning Lavin’s latest article about communities.


Mary Lavin’s column sparked several messages, one was to this OZY Media video, shown below.

That link was sent by a concerned MHC owner to a video/article published by OZY Media under the title “Trailer Park Nation” [sic].


That OZY Media tale told the story of a Louisiana MH Community being forced off their leased property.


For our recent report on proper terminology, click here or the image above.

As regulars to the Daily Business News know, the first error OZY made was in their title.  Namely, using the term “trailer park,” [sic] rather than “manufactured home  in the title of the story.

It’s just as wrong to use the N-Word to describe a black as it is to use the T-Word to describe a manufactured home,” said MH advocate and actively retired businessman, the Rev. Donald Tye, Jr.


Anecdotal evidence suggests that the wrong terminology impacts price. But it also impacts people’s emotions, see the poet who rejected the use of the t-word with regard to her home, by clicking the image above.

While talking about an older community in Louisiana where the land-leased property was being sold, OZY wrote – “nearly all of the nation’s 20 million mobile home [sic] dwellers are in a similarly precarious situation.”

The same was implied in their video, shown below, at about the 1:45 mark.


That statement for example, would incorrectly lead a reader or viewer to believe that most people who live in a manufactured home – which they incorrectly called “mobile home dwellers” – live in land-leased communities.

Not so, says community partner, Tom Fath.



Tom Fath comments to OZY Media, Credit, OZY Media.

On the contrary, as Fath pointed out in the comment section of the OZY article, around 2 out of 3 manufactured homes are placed on privately owned land, not in a land-lease community.


Notice how different this older, but well kept, community, is than the one OZY Media portrayed? Image collage credits, Highland Mobile Park.

While there are a percentage of communities that are almost exclusively pre-HUD Code mobile homes – which could be called ‘parks‘ – they are the minority among the estimated 45,000 MHCommunities in the U.S.


Paul Bradley comments to OZY Media, Credit, OZY Media.

Fath also made a point to mention that many states have created provisions that protect the residents of MH communities.  MN and FL are among those states, as MHProNews has reported.  That helps avoids scenarios like the one OZY features in their article and video series.

Fath also linked back to an MHLivingNews article that busts myths about manufactured homes being a fire hazard to dispel the myth that the OZY article was perpetuating.

Sad, Dark Music, Themes, and Manipulative Tones 

There are storytelling methods designed to manipulate people,” said L. A. “Tony” Kovach, publisher and award-winning MH Industry consultant.

The OZY Media articles and videos are what we would call today, ‘Fake News.’ They distort information in a way that makes an exception appear to be the rule.  PBS did this several times. Those distorted stories in turn harm the industry,” Kovach says.


Paul Bradley, left, L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach, right – still from an Inside MH video interview.

But due to the law of supply and demand, it also harms the values of millions of manufactured homes in the U.S.,” Kovach stated. “That’s among the reasons why MHLivingNews and MHProNews has for years placed rebuttal articles – fisking analysis – so that serious researchers will find the truth about manufactured homes and the millions of happy MH homeownersThat helps protect the industry, and protects home owners alike.”

To my knowledge, MHI never did a rebuttal to that OZY Media series,” Kovach said.  “By contrast, we asked several industry professionals – some of them republished on this report – that gladly gave thoughtful responses to the negative spin OZY placed on our industry and homeowners. When will MHI do the same?”

While some of the homes in the OZY series might have been pre-HUD Code homes, others were manufactured homes.  They used the terms interchangeably, which a good journalist is not supposed to do.  That skewed their articles and videos credibility, but only for those who actually understand or are told the distinctions.


Robert Cochran’s posted comments to OZY Media, Credit, OZY Media. One of several requested and gladly shared by industry pros, at the request of 

It’s precisely this sort of “reporting” – with hand-picked, misrepresented data being twisted to appear to be something it’s not – that has caused a larger gap between people and their trust for the media.


The OZY team clearly spun the facts, or made gross errors – take your pick. Either way, it was poor “journalism.” Image credit, srxawordonhealth.

This type of “Selective Target Reporting” has a recent Harvard study saying 65% of Americans don’t trust the media. Gallup’s similar poll said only 32% trust the media now,” said Tye to MHProNews, adding the word, “Sad.”

While some of the claims in OZYs article and video might be factually accurate on that specific incident, their use of the terminology “mobile home” and “trailer house” [sic] was apparently, as Kovach noted, a method of manipulation and spin.

However, it was the way they represented the facts that provide a poor illustration of modern manufactured housing, and the communities where residents live.

As you can see from the video above, not all manufactured homes resemble the “mobile homes” of the past. Many could even be mistaken for conventional housing, like the man in the video above mentioned.

When publisher L.A. Tony Kovach reached out to OZY about correcting their errors and misleading statements, the media company had little to say in response, and made no changes. For more on the exchange between Kovach and OZY Media click here.


Publishing hand-picked information can be worse for the impression it makes on manufactured homes and our industry than stating entirely false information,” said Brad Lovin, of North Carolina Manufactured Housing Association. ## (News, “fisking” = analysis.)

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

JuliaGranowiczManufacturedHomeLivingNewsMHProNews-comSubmitted by Julia Granowicz to Daily Business News for MHProNews.




ATTOM Data’s Blomquist Spotlights Manufactured Housing Opportunities

August 4th, 2017 Comments off

Daren Blomquist credit, Hartman Media.

Potential home sellers in today’s market are caught in a Catch-22. While it’s the most profitable time to sell in a decade, it’s also extremely difficult to find another home to purchase, which is helping to keep homeowners in their homes longer before selling,” said Daren Blomquist, Senior Vice- President at ATTOM Data Solutions.

And the market is becoming even more competitive, with the share of cash buyers in the second quarter increasing annually for the first time in four years,” Blomquist says.

According to a report by ATTOM Data Solutions, the current tenure for homeowners is 8.05 years, which is up from Q1 2017 when it was 7.85 years.

That’s up from the 7.59 years average from Q2 2016.

With more people staying in their homes longer, and not enough affordable homes being built, the law of supply and demand is at work.  Prices for housing is rising.

While it is providing the biggest returns for sellers since Q3 2007 – currently $51,000 (26 percent) – it’s not creating the best environment for buyers, per RealtyTrac.

An ongoing issue in the greater Seattle area is a lack of supply which is aggressively driving up home prices,” said Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist at Windermere Real Estate, covering the Seattle market.


Matthew Gardner, image credits are as shown.

The only short-term solution is to build more homes, but thanks to land constraints and construction costs, this simply is not happening at a rate that you would normally expect in a market like this. Unfortunately I do not expect this trend to change until zoning and regulation costs change, which is unlikely in the current political climate,” Gardner said.

Across Southern California we are witnessing concerns over housing affordability keeping homeowners in current homes for longer tenure, and keeping available home inventories low in supply.” said Michael Mahon, president at First Team Real Estate covering the Southern California market.

The Solution No One Seems to See is MH

Manufactured housing would be able to create not a short-term solution, but a long-term one, in the form of affordable housing for the nations most expensive, and in some cases overvalued markets.

With a lower cost of production, the speed at which HUD Code manufactured homes can be made, and the affordable price tag when compared to conventional housing, industry professionals know that this could solve a lot of problems.

So Why Don’t More Manufactured Homes Sell?

In the wake of the Daily Business News’ coverage of Donald Tye Jr. – and his pro-manufactured housing advocacy – he has been contacted by local real estate interests.  Tye says, “They’ve never heard about manufactured housing’s preemption.”


That’s revealing.

It also demonstrates the work that must be done by pro-growth professionals.

Barry Noffsinger, John Bostick, Mark Weiss, Donald Tye, Jr., Sam Landy, L. A. “Tony” Kovach and a number other professionals have gone on record saying that the industry could be growing at far more rapid pace.

They say that 300,000, 400,000, half a million or more new manufactured home shipments could be achieved, in a sustainable way.

JohnBostickPresidentSunshineHomesRedBayAL-OurIndustryProvidesGreenAppealingOptionsWeeksNotMonths-DailyBusinessNews-MHProNewsProfessionals are asking – are there forces within the industry, that for their own reasons, are blocking that from taking place?


Is the replacement of Pam Danner – and avoiding Danner’s replacement at HUD by someone like former MHI VP Lois Starkey – going to take place?

For example, in a text by Dick Moore Housing President, Bob Crawford, to MHProNews, he asks, “…is it just me?”  

Speaking about MHI’s former VP, he stated, “…Lois Starkey caught NO heat for [her] time at MHI until the recent flurry, and now she’s working with her BFF, Pam Danner.”
Isn’t that just more of the same?  Is she being groomed to take over for Danner?  Seems like Warren & Cordray,  in a very disturbing replay,” Crawford’s message said.

There is a clear lack of understanding of the manufactured housing industry by many mainstream professionals, public officials, the media, and the general public.

Errors are perpetuated by often inaccurate or negative press in the mainstream media.

The only way to combat such woes are for more industry professionals to speak out every time there are problematic reports in local media.

Yet the umbrella association, the Manufactured Housing Institute, routinely fails the industry in this regard, per veterans…and their own members.


For years, we have wondered WHY there was so little pro-industry advocacy from MHI to government movements, proposals, rules, etc. that were [often] not in the best interest of this industry.”  Crawford said.


Bob Crawford, left, Frank Rolfe, right. Still credit, Inside MH video, by

…MHI – the industry lobby group…what’s with the concept of silence is golden? Negative articles on the industry are met with “no comment.” Positive news opportunities are met with “no comment.” I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Frank Rolfe, in a prior, related statement to MHProNews.


In a recent Masthead column, publisher L.A. Tony Kovach reflects on the lack of response from MHI on a number of situations including …

  • their lack of a position on Pam Danner and the call to remove her from the position of HUD manufactured housing program administrator,
  • their seeming refusal to defend the industry against the on-going false claims of mainstream media,
  • their habit of misinforming their own members on a number of different issues,

…and more.

Even as we see the housing market improving in some ways – specifically those that benefit sellers – it does nothing to help more people obtain their goal of homeownership while home values continue to rise.


Image collage by and

What Blomquist’s data points to, as Barry Noffsinger’s recently indicated, underscores the opportunities for manufactured housing.  But it won’t fall into the industry’s laps, these industry veterans say.

Will cities like San Jose, and San Francisco, California, and Denver, Colorado embrace manufactured housing as a solution to their affordable housing supply crisis? Or is that unlikely simply because not enough people know and promote the value of this housing alternative? # # (News, analysis.)

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

JuliaGranowiczManufacturedHomeLivingNewsMHProNews-comSubmitted by Julia Granowicz to Daily Business News for MHProNews.






The “Kill Floor”

July 28th, 2017 Comments off

 TheKillFloorImagine2050DailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsA friend from decades ago described working on the kill floor of a meat packing plant. It takes intestinal fortitude, because it’s ugly. Perhaps that’s why the legislative process is likened to making sausage. If you like sausage, then you better not look too closely at how it’s made,” said trade publisher L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

The right-leaning New York Post covered a story this week which depicted the White House as the biggest reality TV show.

It’s not just ugly in the halls of Congress, it’s pretty nasty – per reports of salty language, and threats to match – at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave too.


Some of what is going on in the White House/AG Jeff Sessions ‘spat’ may be a head fake, per sources. But there seems to be very real drama between several of the inner circle in the White House.  The most recent flare up reported has been between chief of staff Reince Priebus, and the new commmunications director, Anthony Scaramucci, the latter of whom is striiving to shut down leaks.

Market Watch

It will be interesting to watch the markets’ reaction to these developments, because experts have observed that a significant part of the rise of the markets has been attributable to promises like fixing ObamaCare, and getting tax reform done.

While regulatory reforms have been accomplished – mostly through presidential executive action – that have boosted business, Democratic #resistance, along with fairly small numbers of GOP members in both chambers, are proving to be a challenge.

But if President Donald J. Trump’s Twitter feed is any indication, he isn’t giving up on any of it.

3 Republicans and 48 Democrats let the American people down. As I said from the beginning, let ObamaCare implode, then deal. Watch!”


The Washington Times reports that “Republican Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska also rejected the plan, though both had balked at GOP efforts earlier in the week,” which made Arizona Senator John McCain’s vote the decider to kill the “skinny repeal” of ObamaCare.


The irony of McCain being the do-or-die vote are many, including the fact that his campaign lost in 2008 to then Senator Barack Obama, who went on to push bill now known as ObamaCare.

Vice President Mike Pence arrived on Capitol Hill around 11 PM Eastern last night, standing by as a potential tie breaker vote.  That was a vote by the vice president that circumstances never allowed him to make, because of McCain’s no vote.

A previous report on health care is linked here.

Flashback, Flash-forward, DC Swamp Watch and Programming Notes

As we’ve been reporting since the election outcome, the markets have soared based upon the president’s agenda.  The positive impact on manufactured housing connected stocks – and businesses – has been pronounced.

In a very real sense, MHARR is counting on this administration to unleash the strangle holds at HUD, and to avoid the one that could be caused by DOE regulations.  If MHI’s Preserving Access bill ever hits the president’s desk, they are counting on the White House too.


The parts of the president’s agenda that he has been able to implement are working. Will key people in Congress prevent the rest of his agenda from being put to work?  The President Trump is a fighter, as the 2016 campaign – and the tweets above – remind Americans.

To rephrase, the drama playing out in DC is impacting our industry, along with the rest of the nation.

Democratic President John F. Kennedy and Republican President Ronald Reagan both took similar pro-growth steps during their terms as President Trump has begun.

Pro-growth economic principles such as lower taxes worked for Kennedy and Reagan.  They will work for President Trump, so long as they are allowed to work.  Just doing regulatory reforms is boosting jobs in mining and energy, which in turn is brining fuel prices to the lowest levels they’ve been in a summer in some 12 years.

Don’t count the president’s agenda out.  On November 3, 2016, MHProNews did a deep dive into the polls from left-wing media like the Los Angeles Times, New York Times and others. Using their polls, we projected the potential for a Trump win, when that same New York Times gave Trump less than a 10% chance of victory.

The Daily Business News will continue to track developments and provide summaries and insights that help industry professionals cut through the left-right media noise.   ## (News, Analysis.)

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SoheylaKovachManufacturedHomeLivingNewsManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews-Submitted by Soheyla Kovach to the Daily Business News for

What Michigan State Climate, Tornado and ‘Mobile Home” Researchers Missed, and Admitted

June 13th, 2017 Comments off

Those are site built houses in Moore, OK after their disastrous and deadly tornado in 2013. Credit, NPR.

Though mobile homes offer a relatively inexpensive but comfortable housing alternative, it appears that this trend has made the United States more vulnerable to tornadoes over time,” claims Climate Change, Tornadoes And Mobile Homes: A Dangerous Mix.

Mark Skidmore and his colleagues crafted the Michigan State University study, which said, “The two biggest factors related to tornado fatalities were housing quality (measured by mobile homes as a proportion of housing units) and income levelGiven this trend and our findings, it is critical that federal, state and local policymakers consider alternatives to reduce vulnerability for those living in this type of housing arrangement.”

The problem, however, is that Skidmore and his colleagues failed to ask – or discover – that the solution was found over 40 years ago.

Publisher L. A. “Tony” Kovach has completed an critical analysis on the study, and has done so in the light of on-the-record replies that Skidmore, with his study colleagues copied, provided exclusively to MHProNews.

Those candid yet surprising replies are now the hinges of the MHProNews analysis, which undermined or gutted every major claim in their provocative headline.

If you like looking at swiss cheese, you’ll enjoy the full report and analysis, found at this link here. ##

 (Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shown under fair use guidelines.)

Article submitted by Matthew J. Silver to Daily Business News for


Are Mobile Home Fires Burning the Manufactured Housing Industry?

May 10th, 2017 Comments off

Passing the torches image credit, Katz Financial. Text graphic, by RC Williams/Daily Business News.

The battle between the office of Ohio Governor John Kasich and the Ohio Manufactured Homes Association (OMHA) over the Ohio Manufactured Housing Commission (OMHC), shined a bright light on a large, ongoing challenge related to the industry and terminology.

When you type “mobile home fires” into Google, you get over 3 million entries, perhaps spanning the life of the internet. These include studies on causation, injuries, deaths, dollars, etc. — not just the fires alone.

Those millions of stories provide one of the striking reasons why the public impression about ‘mobile homes’ is so poor.  Years of media accounts about mobile homes burning are seared into the public’s minds.


On 5.10.2017 at 2:11 ET, there were over 3 Million ‘hits‘ on Mobile Home Fires in this Google Search. Posted on the Daily Busines News,

Conflating fire risks in pre-HUD Code mobile homes with manufactured homes


Marty Lavin, JD.

are one of several possible examples of what Marty Lavin, JD –  industry communities, retail and finance veteran calls “the other industry image campaign.”

That negative stereotypes mainstream media “campaign” is waged by locals – who for whatever reasons – fail to report information accurately.

That in turn naturally spills over into the public’s impression of manufactured homes.

While the public is clamoring for affordable housing – and the need is in the tens of billions annually – it seems that fears about fires are among the reasons they don’t turn to manufactured homes more often as their solution.

LindseyBostick-SunshineHomesManufacturedHousingIndustryDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsAs a result, a recent Zillow report indicates that only about 8% of shoppers are ‘considering’ a mobile or manufactured home, and only about half of those end up purchasing.  Yet, as Credit Human’s Barry Noffsinger – or millenial and manufactured home owner, Lindsey Bostick of Sunshine Homes – have told MHProNews, the description of what people are looking for fits well with what today’s manufactured homes offers.

The challenge is, that millions seeking housing just don’t consider it.  Per Zillow’s survey, half that do, buy.

Fire-Heated Questions


Every year, there are older conventional housing units that burn. Does that cause an outcry against conventional building? No. Similarly, when older mobile homes burn, it should not impact the image of modern manufactured homes. Sadly, though,
it does. Image credit: YouTube still.

The “burning question” is how many of these fires occurred in pre-HUD Code homes, and how many in manufactured homes?

Surprisingly, the exact answer is not known. But the reason that it’s unknown is sadly clear.

Many if not most news reports do not distinguish between mobile and manufactured homes. The absence of that distinction – and poor use of terminology in other stories – thus feeds into a myth that continues to plague the contemporary manufactured housing industry.

That in turn leads millions to incorrectly believe that all factory-built homes have the same old (high) risk of fire that mobile homes built 40 years ago did.

The Daily Business News has periodically pointed out the facts versus myths surrounding manufactured homes and fires, noting that homes built under post-1976 federal regulations have a somewhat lower fire rates than a traditional, site-built house.


The terminology matters because the terminology determines the construction standards a home was built to,” said Steve Duke, LMHA.

An Example of The Impact on the MH Industry

As noted, Ohio is an example where poor information created industry challenges, because the opposition claims run counter to the facts.

The Ohio Fire Chief’s Association’s letter to lawmakers in March supported a provision in the state budget to kill the Ohio Manufactured Home Commission (OMHC), proposing to roll its functions into the Ohio Department of Commerce.

The Daily Business News covered the response from the commission in a story, linked here.

30 people died in 1,208 manufactured home fires between 2012 and 2016,” said the letter from the fire chief’s association.

Ohioans are 4.2 times more likely to die in a manufactured home that caught fire than one- or two-family home.”


Manufactured homes are far safer than mobile homes, per the NFPA. To see the report, click the graphic above for the story and attached documents, available as a download.

But that statement by the fire chief’s association was inaccurate, as a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) study reflected.

The NFPA also carefully noted the proper and improper use of nomenclature, see that graphic below.

Publisher and consultant Tony Kovach stresses that facts like the above must become second nature for industry professionals to know, link to and otherwise share. “It’s the industry that has the motivation to educate the public on the realities vs. the old facts or myths,” says Kovach. “The rewards and profits are going to those who take part in those educational efforts, and who make a difference in their own marketsThat educational effort benefits home owners too.  Manufactured home owners could enjoy faster resale and higher resale values.  Home buyers, renters, job creation…virtually everyone in the mix can benefit by dispelling the myths and dated relaties.”

Ohio Manufactured Home Association (OMHA) Executive Director Tim Williams and Association of Manufactured Home Residents in Ohio (AMHRO) President Frank Pojman joined forces to point out the facts to their legislators.

That “teaming up” is critical, because arguably home owners’ property values are negatively impacted by the impression that manufactured homes burn and kill, a mistaken notion spread by problematic media reports.

The administration is spreading false information and misleading information because the commission is pushing back against Kasich’s proposal,” said Williams.

The OMHC also conducts inspections of all new and previously owned manufactured home installations, resulting in less than 10 complaints in the last three years.

By comparison, 23,000 home installations have occurred in the last decade, and prior to the Commission’s existence 500-800 improper home installation complaints occurred annually.


Gov. Kasich, official photo. Ohio EPA, OMHC, OMHA, logos, photo, credits: Digital Imaging Reporter and their respective organizations.

I urge any of your Committee to review agendas and minutes of the MH Commission meetings, to see the all-important issues that are discussed, for the benefits and safety of manufactured homeowners,” said Pojman during recent testimony.

Terminology Matters 

In a recent story on the differences between mobile and manufactured homes, MHProNews asked Urbana, Ohio Fire Chief Mark Keller to clarify details on a recent home fire reported in his town.

This fire involved a true mobile home and was not a manufactured home. I do not have the age of the mobile home available right now,” Urbana Fire Chief Mark Keller told MHProNews.

Mobile homes are inherently bad with fire conditions. They’re not really designed to withhold any kind of fire.”

Chief Keller was specific, because MHProNews directly inquired about the facts of the case, which allowed MHLivingNews to properly represent the facts of that sad incident.  But how can doing that correct-the-record once or occasionally be enough in the face of the thousands of such stories being reported a year?

Thus, Kovach argues that it responding to misleading media accounts must become the routine.  When both MHI and MHARR have said that the industry ought to be doing hundreds of thousands of new home shipments a year, the value of correctly the record should be clear.

Sloppy Journalism?

mark_weiss_mharr_pesident__mhpronews__creditMark Weiss, JD – President and CEO of the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) – has spoken out strongly on the matter, calling the laziness of news agencies “sloppy journalism.”

While any harm to people or property is regrettable, there is no excuse for sloppy journalism that can harm the industry and consumers. The fact is that today’s federally regulated manufactured homes are as safe or safer than other types of homes when it comes to fire, as shown by research done by the National Fire Protection Association on multiple fire safety metrics,” said Mark Weiss, JD, President CEO of MHARR.

It is therefore misleading and a disservice to readers to fail to distinguish between pre-1976 ‘mobile homes,’ said Weiss, “and today’s manufactured homes. This is why MHARR successfully demanded several years ago that the U.S. Fire Administration remove similarly misleading language from it’s website.” 

The industry and consumers need to insist on an accurate media portrayal of today’s high-quality manufactured homes,” said Weiss.


Andrea Reichman. Credit: LinkedIn.

As an Industry, we are always saddened to hear of such tragedies such as the fire that occurred in Champaign County,” said OMHA Assistant Director Andrea Reichman, commenting on the Urbana fire story.

As noted by the local Fire Chief Mark Keller, the home involved was a ‘mobile home,’ which indicates the home was built prior to the 1976 HUD Code Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards,” Reichman said.

Often times such incidents are reported inaccurately, and facilitate the image that manufactured homes are not safe when nothing could be further from the truth.  Manufactured homes are no more prone to fire than homes built on-site. The 1986 national fire safety study by the Foremost Insurance Company showed that site-built homes are more than twice as likely to experience a fire than manufactured homes,” said Reichman.

Their association’s latest call to action is linked as a download, click here.


This is the image tens of millions of people have about ‘mobile homes.’ The irony is, in the majority of cases, that’s precisely what they are- pre-HUD Code mobile homes. Even within the MH industry, how many realize that there’s been no mobile homes built in over 40 years? Thus proper terminology always matters. Text graphic, MHProNews, original photo, Springfield News Sun.

The Question Remains

The “burning question,” is how does the manufactured housing industry change the commonly perceived notion that all factory-built homes are the same?

Graph_of_MH_Shipments_1991-2010_courtsey_of_MHI posted

MHI reports that for some 2 decades, the average shipment levels of manufactured homes were about 21 percent of all single family housing starts. Today, that number is closer to 9 percent. While tragic fire stories aren’t the only causal issue of the steep decline in the industry’s total share of the new home market, they are an example of what the industry must grapple with through educational efforts that impact local markets.  Additional facts will be explored in upcoming reports in this series.

What clearly won’t work,” says publisher and consultant, L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach is doing nothingAll too often – for decades – the industry has routinely taken the tactic of ignoring the bad news, hoping it will eventually fade away.”

A glance at industry shipments today compared to 15, 20 or 25 years ago proves that while we’ve advanced from the great recessions’ bottom,” said Kovach, “we’re nowhere near our industry’s historic percentage of new construction starts. The steady drip, drip, drip, of what Marty Lavin and others call the ‘other image campaign’ persists.  So, we as professionals must become resolute in responding routinely too.

Engaging the media is one part of the solution,” Kovach says. “Many editors are willing to make corrections when a story has a fact error.  We as trade media are and can be part of education and solution.  But that also requires engagement and support from members of the industry.”

“It’s Education”


Chet Murphree, Deer Valley Homebuilders. James McGee. Deer Valley Homebuilders, L.A. ‘Tony’ Kovach, Inside MH.

I want to thank you for what you do for this industry,” said James McGee of Deer Valley Homebuilders. “We’ve kind of zeroed around about what’s important. It’s education. I want to say, Tony, thank you for spearheading that. You’re an incredible guy, and our industry’s very lucky to have you.” 

Chet Murphree echoed McGee’s comments, with “Absolutely.” 

Kovach in turn routinely reminds people that without their writing and video team, supporters and sponsors, the news and educational efforts would not be possible. “It has to be about mutual effort – team work – that goes to the grass roots, at the local and regional levels,” he said.  “It isn’t about mountains of cash.  It’s about a wise use of time, talent and resources in responding and educating as needed.”

“As the myths and fears fade, we know from experience more customers come, see, are impressed with the value, and buy.”

Ohio is an example of where the state and both national associations – along with MHLivingNews, MHProNews – plus engaged industry members – acting in conjunction with home owners – all provided comments and made efforts to correct-the-record. As we recently reported, the outlook there is hopeful as a result.

Programming Note

With the launch of MHProNews’ newly updated home page and website, the Daily Business News will take a look in the coming days at a variety of issues that are holding our industry back from achieving and exceeding its historic potential.

Because as the myths and misconceptions subside, the sale of manufactured should skyrocket as the surprising private sector answer to the affordable housing crisis.  As McGee said, “It’s education.”

For more on manufactured housing being the affordable housing solution that’s hiding in plain sight, see the reports on the page, linked here. ##

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

RC Williams, Daily Business News MHProNewsSubmitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.