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Memorial Day – 60 Second Video, Honoring the Fallen Who Preserved Freedom

May 28th, 2018 Comments off

Collage is produced from stirring images from the video posted below.

Economic, personal, religious, and political freedom are never free. Each one always comes at a cost.


We stand, and live free in the shadow of those who have safeguarded our freedoms.

Memorial Day honors those who gave their lives for others. 

Unlike many nations, Americans have fought, bled, and died not only for our own freedom, but also in many cases for the freedom of others.

·        France and many nations in Europe,

·        Morocco and nations in Africa,

·        South Korea and nations in Asia

are among those who are free today because Americans bled and died to liberate or keep them free. 

So, those who spin American history to be one of pure oppression are either ignorant of – or worse, ignore – the good that soldiers, sailors, airmen, or others who serve in intelligence, and support services have done.  Many of them paid the ultimate price of giving their lives for others.

We should look at history with clear eyes and historic perspectives. We should not project our advantages back onto those who did not have the same insights.  We can’t condemn those who had no internet at their fingertips for lacking that technology which some of them created, and which we enjoy today.

World history is largely a long series of stories that are often about slavery, domination, and oppression.

The civil rights movement accomplishments of the past 50 years in America, and the freeing of slaves during the Civil War a century before, must be understood in a context of a world we’re slavery was commonplace. Slavery sadly still exists in the world today. Sex trafficking, and other forms of human bondage still occurs daily.  There are places in the world where humans are auctioned off to others, just as happened over 150 years ago on this continent.

We’ve made progress in certain ways, but the world still needs more work.  The fight for freedom is never over.  

America isn’t perfect, and never has been. But that imperfection isn’t a reason to lament, or reject our past. We aren’t perfect either. An candid look at reality can inspire us to do even better. Let us lift up those who have fallen in thoughts and prayers of thanksgiving, and in our memories.  

There are divisions which some will exploit, with the notion of gaining some power over others. It’s entirely wrong-headed to look back at only the bad, when the USA – more than any nation in world history – sacrificed for each other, and for so many others abroad too. Memories of the total sacrifice of the fallen should inspire us personally to do better.



For those who haven’t been to Arlington National Cemetery, it is a quietly inspiring place. It is located across the river from Washington, D.C., not far from the Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam, WWII, and Korean War memorials. Still from White House video on this page, caption by MHProNews.

Today isn’t Veterans Day. Memorial Day is for those who have fallen.  

Without those who gave it all, we might be living in a Communist, Nazi, and other kind of dictatorship today.  

You are able to do good business as a free person, in concert with other free people, because of the sacrifices of others.  Today, we honor those who made our freedoms possible. ##  (Event news, analysis, and commentary.)  

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Manufactured Housing Remains as Preferred Pre-Fab

December 3rd, 2013 Comments off

As part of their Prefabricated Housing—Global Strategic Market Report, states the manufactured homes segment of the industry accounts for ten percent of housing starts in the U. S., and contributes significant revenues to the entire housing industry, especially since shipments began rising in 2011. While low housing costs particularly for singles, young marrieds and seniors are currently driving the demand for manufactured homes, lack of retail financing is the greatest challenge to the segment, as MHProNews knows. Similar to other industries, the prefabricated housing market is moving in the direction of low carbon footprints, with solar energy, water cachement devices and energy efficient windows and insulation as it also seeks a “greener” identity. Currently the U. S. and Europe have the lion’s share of the prefabricated housing market, although Australia and New Zealand markets are growing. In the future, burgeoning demand for affordable housing is expected in China, Korea, India and Taiwan as the compounded growth rate reaches 4.4 percent through 2017, according to the report.

(Photo credit:–Australia manufactured home)

Modular Homes Expanding into Korean Market

May 9th, 2013 Comments off

The industryandtechnologytimes informs MHProNews Japanese builder Kase Sogo will partner with S. Korea’s G. S. Architects & Associates to establish modular home builder Kase Co. in Korea. Model homes will be built near temples in Seoul and Gyeonggi Province, although customization is also available. A Kase Co. official said, “Given the trend in Korea toward nuclear families and more convenience and efficiency in home building, we are certain the demand for modular homes will rise in the near future.”

(Photo credit: tektumdailymercury–Australia modular house)

Worldwide Production of MH on Track to Expand

April 17th, 2012 Comments off

From London, England OfficialWire tells by 2017 the production of manufactured housing worldwide will reach 829,000 units. The report cites technological improvements, positive governmental regulations, and growing populations in the Asian and Latin American markets with disposable income as the driving force behind demand for middle-income housing. Noting manufactured housing is the most competitive sector of the overall housing industry, the report says the rebound of the industry in 2011 has put the spotlight on prefabricated housing. While the U.S. and UK currently have the largest share of the MH market, Australia and New Zealand are growing rapidly in MH production, and will be players in meeting demand for housing in China, India, Korea, Taiwan, and other economies with an expanding middle-class.

(Photo credit: Darren–Brisbane, Australia)

Report: Global Prefab Market Bright

March 2nd, 2012 Comments off

Joe Mabel [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsAccording to a new report, present day mobile homes are increasingly being considered permanent dwellings for the middle-income individuals, in many parts of the world, and the sector contributes significant revenues to the entire housing industry. The Manufactured Homes segment within the prefabricated housing market, is the most competitive category in the overall housing industry, and accounts for around 10 percent of the single-housing starts in the US. Shipments of manufactured homes witnessed an increase in 2011, a sharp relief to the slump witnessed in previous years. Also according to the report, with the trend of housing communities taking root, the market for larger and expensive-to-maintain homes is on a steady phase of decline, translating into growing demand for manufactured homes. However, despite the bright prospects, lack of retail financing is the greatest challenge confronting the manufactured homes segment. Australian and New Zealand markets are considered pioneers in the factory built housing concept. In the future, the report predicts rapid development from newer and burgeoning markets of China, India, Taiwan, Korea and others is slated to place Asia-Pacific on the fast track, compelling a strong compounded growth rate of 4.4 percent through 2017. By product segment, strong gains are expected from Panelized Homes segment, while manufactured homes segment retains lead as the single largest prefabricated housing market.

(Image Credit: Joe Mabel via Wikimedia Commons)