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Shelters Developed for Military may be Used for Disasters Scenarios

August 11th, 2015 Comments off

army_shelter__origami__gizmag__credit__from_Notre_DameStudents at the University of Notre Dame’s Kinetic Structure Laboratory have developed an origami-inspired deployable shelter for the military that will cut energy usage used to heat and cool canvas tents by 70 percent, according to gizmag. Instead of erecting four shelter walls as in traditional construction, the walls are levered into the upright position and the roof folds out at the same time. The rigid walls are thermally insulated, which reduces the need for refuelling missions that would save money and lives.

The goal of the project is to develop the next generation of military-sheltering systems aimed at improving the quality of life of soldiers and also the energy efficiency of the heating and cooling systems of the shelters,” said Dr. Ashley Thrall. She said the militray has already lost 1,000 lives from the transporting of fuel into the Iraq and Afghanistan theatres.

The shelter can be carried by plane, ship or truck on a regular military pallet and be assembled by a few soldiers in less than an hour. Work is continuing with electrical and mechanical engineers to build control systems to further reduce consumption. Although the funding for the project came from the U. S. Army, the shelter will likely find applications in emergency and disaster situations. ##

(Photo credit: gizmag/University of Notre Dame–origami-inspired shelter for U.S. Army)

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