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Willie Robertson: Duck Call Star will be Voice of Clayton Homes

May 16th, 2014 Matthew Silver Comments off

Duck Dynasty star of the Arts & Entertainment (A&E) hit reality show, Willie Robertson, will become the voice of Clayton Homes, as MHProNews has learned. Part of the company’s “Enjoy Life” campaign, CEO Kevin Clayton says, “Our company has a tradition of hard work and homegrown values. Willie Robertson is the perfect match for this important role because he is a person hardworking Americans can admire and relate to. He is very recognizable and exhibits a sensible perspective when he shares his wisdom at the end of each of his episodes.” Living in their own Clayton manufactured homes, Si, Phil and Kay Robertson have endorsed the company as a “Good Call,” referring to the duck call that has made the family wealthy, and put them on the hit list of current television shows, according to ##

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Clayton Wants Your Older Model Manufactured Home

April 23rd, 2014 Matthew Silver Comments off

Clayton Homes, Inc. of Maryville, Tennessee has embarked on an effort to encourage owners of older manufactured homes (MH) to trade their home for a new energy efficient MH and avoid potentially costly repairs to an older model. A Clayton Home Center representative will evaluate their current home and the consumer can then choose a floor plan that suits them, with the option to customize the home to better meet their needs, according to “We found that some homeowners do not realize how easy it is to trade in their current home toward a new home,” said Kevin Clayton, CEO of Clayton Homes. “We want customers to take advantage of this simple process and the opportunity to start fresh.” As knows, Clayton is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway and the nation’s largest homebuilder. ##

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Clayton Foundation Donates 500k to College

January 9th, 2014 Matthew Silver Comments off

The Clayton Family Foundation has pledged $500,000 to the Motlow College Foundation’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) endowment fund, according to Jim Clayton, the founder of Clayton Homes of Maryville, Tennessee, and of the Clayton Foundation, has degrees in law and engineering, and currently is director and vice-chairman of Clayton Bancorp of Knoxville, a multi-bank holding company. His engineering background provided the impetus for his support of the STEM program at Motlow State Community College, which has its main campus in Moore County in southern middle Tennessee, but also has learning centers in five nearby cities.

President of Motlow, Dr. MaryLou Apple, says, “The next generation of inventors and explorers is sitting in our middle school classrooms. Our goal at Motlow College, with the help of philanthropists like Jim Clayton, is to encourage our young people to be innovative, analytical thinkers that will help our state remain competitive and continue to provide a high quality of life.” As MHProNews reported May 22, 2013, Clayton Homes CEO Kevin Clayton partnered with teacher Patricia Bradley to open the Clayton-Bradley STEM school on the grounds of Clayton Homes in Maryville. A subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Clayton is the largest producer of manufactured homes in North America.

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Clayton Homes Billed as Nation’s Largest Homebuilder

October 23rd, 2013 Matthew Silver Comments off

The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) and report that Clayton Homes of Maryville, Tennessee is the nation’s largest homebuilder. With over 1.5 million homes built since 1934, and numerous awards for design and construction, Clayton builds manufactured and modular homes, as well as commercial and educational buildings, through 35 facilities around the nation. According to, nearly 25 percent of Americans between 18 and 24 describe their American dream as being debt free, reports Kevin Clayton, CEO of Clayton Homes, says, “We believe this generation’s attitude shift in consumerism has fueled our company’s growth. We provide hardworking American families with high quality, affordable housing so they can focus on family and the things that matter most in life.” As MHProNews knows, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway acquired Clayton in 2003 for $1.7 billion.

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Clayton-Bradley Academy Opens July 19

May 22nd, 2013 Matthew Silver Comments off

Following an article MHProNews posted April 1 regarding Clayton Homes CEO Kevin Clayton partnering with teacher Patricia Bradley to open a STEM school (science, technology, engineering, and math), knoxnews says classes are on track to start July 19, with Bradley as principal. The Clayton-Bradley Academy will begin with 140 students in K-6 and add a grade each year until it becomes K-12. Sited on the grounds of Clayton Homes in Maryville, Tenn., stressing the importance of education Clayton says quality education attracts people who want good schools for their children, and that in turn draws businesses into the community. “Ultimately that keeps property taxes lower because you’ve got companies who pay the majority of your property taxes, which lowers it for everyone else,” Clayton said. “I’ve found it to be true. If you want low property taxes, invest in schools.” While funding for the school has been completed for this year, the non-profit will field a fund raising drive to insure sustainability as the school expands. Noting the academy will integrate music, English, and the arts into its core subjects, and draw on a project-based learning approach, Bradley says, “We want to move learning from the knowing part of learning to using it in real life. We want to use that connection.” Clayton Homes is the largest producer of manufactured housing in North America.

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Clayton Hires Reality Stars for TV Spots

May 22nd, 2013 Matthew Silver Comments off

KnoxNews informs MHProNews Miss Kay and Phil Robertson, stars of the A&E reality TV show “Duck Dynasty” have signed an agreement, along with Phil’s brother, Si, to do a series of commercials promoting Clayton Homes. “What do I know about Clayton Homes?” Phil Robertson asked. “I know they’re built right here in America.” Adds Kay, “And they know the difference between a house and a home.” The 30-second spot aired in seven markets and Kevin Clayton, CEO of Clayton Homes, says the response “was off the charts.” The family-oriented TV show follows Phil Robertson—who built a multi-million dollar sporting goods business from making a duck call in 1973—and his family in their conflicts with other interesting backwoods characters without foul language or shocking situations. “Duck Dynasty” premiered in 2012 and drew the most viewers, 9.6 million, at its season finale in April, breaking ratings records for the network. Each episode ends with a prayer around the family dining table. The deal includes the commercial, a contest connected to the commercial in which winners get to visit the Robertsons in Louisiana, and an appearance by the trio at the Tunica Manufactured Housing Show. The demographics of the viewers match those of the employees and customers of Clayton Homes. Says Clayton, “Our customers are hardworking Americans and many live from paycheck to paycheck, but we know what they have accomplished and how hard they work, and we know how important faith and family is to them.” ##.

Clayton Homes Siting School

February 11th, 2013 Matthew Silver Comments off

KnoxNews informs MHProNews from Maryville, Tenn., Clayton Homes CEO Kevin Clayton announced the company is teaming up with long-time educator Patricia Bradley to open the first private STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) school in Tenn. With an acamedic calendar based on year-round education—nine weeks on, three weeks off– the Clayton-Bradley STEM Academy will eventually be K-12 and accommodate 540 students. Established in conjunction with non-profit Innovative Education Partnership Inc., the school will be built on Clayton Homes’ 200-acre property in Blount County. Kevin Clayton, noting the link between good education and a promising future, says, “It’s proven that a community that has great schools is likely to attract business and bring in tax dollars, and that ultimately helps keep property taxes lower.” Classes are set to begin in the fall. While this is Clayton Homes’ first school, the company has supported several educational initiatives in the area including Project Grad.

(Photo credit: Sarah Herron/KnoxNews–Patricia Bradley and Kevin Clayton celebrate plans for new school.)

Senator Brown to CFPB: Relax High Cost Mortgage Rules

January 10th, 2013 Matthew Silver Comments off

HousingWire reports Sen. Sherrod Brown’s (D-OH) letter to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) Director Richard Cordray asserts manufactured homes may become less attainable under the newly defined CFPB’s regulations that deal with high-cost mortgages. For mortgages on properties under $50,000, a high-cost mortgage is now defined as a first mortgage with interest rates of 6.5% (or 8.5% or more). Since MH mortgages are often low value and have more compliance requirements and penalties, lenders will be less likely to offer these loans, he said. “While these disincentives will help alleviate bubbles in the general housing market, they could also prove devastating to low-income families looking to purchase manufactured housing,” Sen. Brown asserted in his letter. Noting the new rules may smack of abusive lending practices, he asked Cordray to alter the high cost mortgage regulation, MHProNews has been informed. Last year, Kevin Clayton, president of Clayton Homes, testifying at the U.S. House Financial Services committee, noted, “The ability for lenders to securitize manufactured home loans in the secondary market, particularly those secured by personal property, has been very limited.”

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Clayton Foundation Sponsors Water Park

June 21st, 2012 Matthew Silver Comments off

TheGreenevilleSun reports from Knoxville, Tennessee the Clayton Family Foundation has sponsored a 5,000 square foot water park at the Knoxville Zoo. The “Clayton Safari Splash” includes life-size giraffes spouting water, large water hoops, and sprays that shoot water several stories high amid giant flowers. Speaking at the opening on behalf of the foundation, Jim Clayton said, “Clayton Safari Splash takes the zoo experience to a new level. How thrilling to see kids of all ages having such fun.” The Safari Splash is situated next to the Grasslands Africa splash pad. As MHProNews knows, Jim Clayton, chairman of Clayton Bank and Trust founded Clayton Homes of nearby Maryville, TN, which is now a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. Jim’s son, Kevin Clayton, is CEO of Clayton Homes.

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Clayton Supports TV Ad Blitz

May 24th, 2012 Matthew Silver Comments off

KnoxNews in Knoxville, Tennessee, tells the Partnership Initiatives Fund, a branch of the Knoxville Chamber of Congress, is promoting a TV ad campaign supporting the addition of $35 million to the mayor’s education budget. The schools had asked for the funding to improve the schools, but Knox County Mayor Tom Burchett does not include it in his budget proposal. Clayton Homes CEO Kevin Clayton is one of five local businessmen donating an initial $42,000 for the promotion as the government begins setting the budget. Noting the importance of education in economic development, Clayton says, “Not investing more in schools guarantees no growth and higher tax rates.” Clayton Homes is headquartered in nearby Maryville, TN.

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