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Delaware General Assembly Passes Rent Justification for Land Lease Communities

June 21st, 2013 Comments off

Following a story MHProNews last covered June 11, 2013 regarding the rent justification bill in the Delaware General Assembly, lawmakers passed SB 33 but removed the requirement that increases be greater than the average annual increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the last three years. The Delaware State Housing Authority will still consider the request for a raise in rents if the landlord states it will be used to improve the community. If the residents and owner cannot agree on an increase, the matter will go to non-binding arbitration. Another amendment to the Senate version, as delawarenewszap says, is the arbitrator must submit a written decision within 15 days of the arbitration.

(Photo credit: capegazette/Ron MacArthur–land lease community near Rehoboth Shores, Long Neck, DE)

Senate Modifies Rent Control Bill

June 11th, 2013 Comments off

According to capegazette.village soup, the Delaware Senate modified the rent justification measure that will limit manufactured housing community owners ability to raise rent, a story MHProNews has been following since March 8, 2013. As originally passed, SB 33 says landlords could increase rents based on a formula tied to the consumer price index (CPI). Anything higher owners would have to justify as contributing to the well being of the community, and be approved by the Delaware Manufactured Home Relocation Authority (DMHRA). The new version states residents and the DMHRA are to be notified of an increase. If the increase exceeds the CPI formula, the authority begins mediation between the owner and the residents. If that fails, the matter goes to non-binding arbitration.

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Rent Control Measure Moves to House

June 6th, 2013 Comments off

Updating a post MHProNews last covered May 2, 2013, regarding the rent justification bill in the Delaware General Assembly, delaware.newszap reports the measure passed the Senate 17-2, in stark contrast to last year when it squeaked by 11-9 and then failed in the House. The bill requires MHC owners to seek approval from the Delaware Manufactured Home Relocation Authority if they raise site rents beyond the average annual increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The request will be considered only if the community owner can prove the added rent will be used to improve the community. Sponsors, noting the strong support in the Senate, think it will play better than in the past in the House.

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Rent Justification Bill in Delaware Legislature again

May 2nd, 2013 Comments off

DelawareNewszap reports state Sen. Bruce Ennis has sponsored a rent justification bill, SB 33, for manufactured home communities that will mandate MHC owners seek approval from the Delaware Manufactured Home Relocation Authority if they try to raise rents beyond the Consumer Price Index (CPI) annual increase. The authority will allow the increase only if the landlord can prove it will benefit the community directly. In last year’s General Assembly a similar bill passed the Senate but not the House. As MHProNews reported April 12, 2013 a state initiative was set to begin April 15 to assist manufactured home owners with site rent and house payments up to $5,000.

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Legislator Outlines MHC Agenda

March 8th, 2013 Comments off

According to capegazette.villagesoup, Delaware State Representative Ruth Briggs King, whose race we covered last Nov. 2, 2012, represents District 37, which consists of 25 percent manufactured home residents. In response to a letter to the editor in the capegazette, Rep. King writes of the legislation she intends to introduce that will affect manufactured housing residents: Authorize the Relocation Trust Authority the ability to provide assistance to manufactured homeowners; require roads in MHCs to meet certain minimum standards; a one page document advising all residents of their rights as an MHC resident; and establishment of a program whose sole responsibility is to investigate and mediate resident complaints. As MHProNews reported here Aug. 24, 2012, Briggs’ uncle owns MHCs in Sussex County, which led her last summer to abstain from voting on a “rent justification” bill in the legislature that set limits on MHC site rents.

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Race in Delaware Heats Up

September 24th, 2012 Comments off

Following up on the race for Delaware’s 37th District State Representative seat between incumbent Briggs King and Beth McGinn, CapeGazette VillageSoup reports MHC resident McGinn chides Ms. King for saying she has been working on manufactured housing issues with homeowners associations as well as members of the legislature and government officials. Ms. McGinn says she has not found anyone Ms. King has spoken with who is involved with manufactured housing. Citing the rent justification bill the Delaware Legislature voted down, which Ms. King did not vote on citing conflict of interest because of family ownership of MHCs, Ms. McGinn asks, “Why would she spend time working on manufactured housing issues when she can never introduce or vote for legislation due to her stated conflict?” As MHProNews has learned, Ms. King is Republican and Ms. McGinn is a Democrat.

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MHCs are Issue in Delaware House Race

August 24th, 2012 Comments off

sussexcountian reports from Georgetown, Delaware manufactured housing communities are becoming a hot topic in the race for the state representative seat in District 37. A “rent justification” bill that would have required approval from the Governor’s Advisory Council on Manufactured Housing for any increase in rent at an MHC beyond the consumer price index failed to pass the house two months ago. Republican incumbent Briggs King, who abstained from voting because her uncle owns MHCs in Sussex County, was criticized by Democratic challenger Beth McGinn, a resident of an MHC in Long Neck, saying, “I think by not voting, she’s basically ignored the concerns of voters in the bottom half of her district. We don’t send people to Legislative Hall not to vote.” King, who has since come out against the legislation, says increased rents help update and maintain communities, and existing rental assistance programs are preferable to rent control. McGinn says her opponent should have worked with homeowners associations to correct the legislation, instead of not voting, noting laws are skewed against MHC residents because it is so expensive to move their homes if they are dissatisfied with their current community. As MHProNews has learned, Briggs King is executive director of the Sussex County Realtor’s Association.

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MHC “Rent Justification” Defeated

June 20th, 2012 Comments off

Harking back to a story we posted May 3, 2012, the Delaware House of Representatives was considering a bill that would require approval from the Governor’s Advisory Council on Manufactured Housing for any increase in rent at an MHC beyond the consumer price index. DelawareFirst tells MHProNews Senate Bill 205, called the “rent justification bill,” failed to pass despite strong support from House Majority Whip Valerie Longhurst and House Majority Leader Pete Schwartzkopf. They said they are encouraged because the bill has been debated for years and it will likely be on the agenda in January. Longhurst, speaking to red-shirted supporters of the measure on the steps of Legislative Hall afterward said, “This is the furthest it’s ever gotten in the General Assembly.”

(Photo credit: Cape Gazette/Ron MacArthur—Rehoboth Shores, DE)

Home Site Rents to Rise in Nevada

June 15th, 2012 Comments off

LasVegasSun tells us Mountain View Community MHC in Henderson, Nevada changed hands earlier this year when Hometown America Communities sold the property to Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc. (ELS). Leases under Hometown America stipulated that rents could increase a minimum of 3.5 percent with 90 days notice. ELS has told residents rents will be frozen for the next two years, but will be open to adjustment after that. Many residents in the seniors community live on fixed incomes, and are fearful that they will not be able to afford either rent hikes or the ability to move their homes. The Nevada Association of Manufactured Homeowners (NAMH) has proposed legislation in the last 13 sessions to establish a rent justification measure that would set guidelines for rent increases, but to no avail. has learned rents for home sites in many Clark County MHCs have risen dramatically since the recession.

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Bill Could Impede MHC Owners’ Net

May 3rd, 2012 Comments off

A bill in the Delaware Senate’s Small Business Committee would require MHC owners to justify rents that change more than the cost-of-living, with a decision rendered by the Governor’s Advisory Council on Manufactured Housing. Residents of Aspen Meadows MHC, many of them seniors, took 150 signatures in support of Senate bill 205, called “the rent justification bill,” to Legislative Hall in Dover. WBOC-TV says the current lease at Aspen, which expires in 2014, has a three percent per annum cap on how much rents can increase in the community, owned by Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc. has learned approximately 30,000 of the state’s 53,000 manufactured homes are in Sussex County. Opponents of the measure say restrictions on their ability to return a profit may affect improvements to the communities; and there is no provision for MHC owners to collect legal fees should they win an appeal. A similar bill died in the Senate last year.

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