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Dems Return to the Drawing Board as the GOP Pursues its Agenda

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In an interview with the Washington Examiner, Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel sounded an alarm that the GOP does not get moving on its agenda in Congress, it runs the risk of being moved out.

It’s hard to win if you don’t govern. If you make these promises, it’s going to be hard for us to win in the midterms,” McDaniel said. “I think it’s early. I think the president’s working hard on those issues and we’ve already seen some very strong governance from the White House with deregulation, with [Neil] Gorsuch, with Keystone [Pipeline], with jobs coming back. But we have to continue that, and we have to keep promises that we made on the campaign trail.”

(Ronna Romney McDaniel credit: Chicago Tribune)

While there was initial talk of moving on to tax reform and leaving the repeal of ObamaCare, discussions have picked up between the White House and the Freedom Caucus and the centrist Tuesday Group.

House Speaker Paul Ryan described it as ‘Republican growing pains.’

Ms. McDaniel says it shows the strength of diversity in the Grand Old Party (GOP, Republican).

I actually think it’s a strength of our party that we have a robust dialogue, that you bring different viewpoints to the discussion. The Democrats are always in lockstep with each and that is exactly why we have the disaster of Obamacare. They didn’t have a discussion,” the former Michigan GOP chairwoman, who has been the RNC chair for only three months, said. “They didn’t have people pointing out, ‘hey, there’s a flaw here. Let’s talk about this. Let’s take it to our constituents. Let’s have a transparent process. Let’s maybe read it before we pass it.’ Those types of things maybe would have made it a better bill.”

Noting that in 2018 ten Democratic senators are up for re-election in states where Trump won, McDaniel cautions that it is easy to organize opposition by the party out of power, but maintains the Republicans are “focused on the entire ticket and maintaining and expanding majorities in the Senate and the House going into 2018. When you are doing what we do, which is build the ground game, you don’t just lift the top of the ticket, you lift the whole ticket.”

Democrats on the Attack

Meanwhile, attempting to shift back the balance of power, the Democrats are sifting through possible candidates in 64 congressional districts as they chase opportunities for next year’s midterm elections.

According to Politico, they are knocking on the doors of veterans, women and others who have never held elected office, and owners of small businesses as they try to benefit from the anti-Trump energy in the streets.

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Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) leaders have already met with 255 potential candidates. DCCC Chairman Rep. Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.) said, “We are going to be on offense, we are going to take this fight to the American people.”

A recent recruiting meeting brought together Vote Vets, a liberal group focused on veteran’s issues, and women interested in politics. Convened by Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), herself a veteran, she spoke with a dozen veterans about defense and international issues, including two female helicopter pilots, all of whom have recently completed their tours of duty or will soon. “Especially among the younger generation of veterans, you have a community that is far less conservative than people might think,” she said.

Rep.l Seth Moulton (D-MA) has garnered some 22 fellow veterans who are interested in public office. “I don’t think you have to be a veteran to run for office, but when you’re looking for a group of people who might be able to rise above the bitter partisan gridlock, veterans are a good place to look,” he said. “Washington seems like a dirty place. But so was Afghanistan. And so was Iraq. And we’re going to clean it up.

Presidential Approval Back Up


CBS News was among the media outlets which had writers and commentators slamming President Trump for not remembering to put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem. “Trump is reluctant to put his hand on heart during the National Anthem & is dropped by the San Francisco 49ers.,” snarked a tweet by Chuck Groundhog, posted on the CBS News website. With all that is going on in the world, presidential defenders say, couldn’t the president be just a bit distracted? ‘Can you cut POTUS a little slack?’ Photo credit, CBS News, shared under fair use guidelines.

Even after weeks of blistering attacks, the latest Rassumusen Poll, among the most accurate in the 2016 election cycle, has President Donald J. Trump back at 50% approval.  

Figuring that just attacking President Trump will not be sufficient to turn the tide, Democrats are digging into finances and committee votes of Republican members of Congress. They are focusing more on the South, and in districts where stronger opponents than those that ran in 2016 might have a better chance of unseating the GOP.

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But National Republican Campaign Committee press secretary Jesse Hunt said, “The activist-base Democratic Party is demanding all-out obstruction in Washington, D.C., to the entire Republican agenda, and it’s going to make it difficult for Democratic to make the necessary course correction in these competitive Congressional districts,” Hunt said. “As a result of that, you’re going to see the Democratic base demand far left progressive candidates that don’t fit the suburban districts they need.”

Republicans have led Democrats in fund-raising each month of 2017, and have met with 100 prospective candidates on their own.

According to GOPUSA, the seating of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch will begin the return of respect for constitutional powers and “undo what eight years of Obamanista rule inflicted on the nation.”

LoisLernerAttorneyformerIRSWikipedia-postedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsOne place to start would be going after IRS officials who were caught persecuting tea party and other nonprofit conservative groups in order to assist in Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012. In addition, not only did Lois Lerner, who was in charge of the division that conducted the persecution, retire with full pension, but thousands of IRS employees who fudged on their tax returns were not charged.

What’s more, an inspector general’s report discovered “the IRS routinely seized millions of dollars from legitimate businesses between 2012 and 2015 simply based on the business people’s practice of making bank deposits of less than $10,000 to avoid onerous paperwork. This guilty-until-proven-innocent scheme of the IRS victimized countless small business people, some of whom didn’t recover what was seized even after being cleared of any criminal activity.”

A random sample revealed 91 percent of the businesses in a sample of 278 forfeiture cases had made their money legally.

At the Environmental Protection Agency, large donors to the Democrats routinely abused Clean Water and Clean Air acts without any retribution. President Trump has directed the EPA to review its regulations, and has reversed regulations that were intended to put coal operators out of business.

Additionally, the GOP sees the Justice Department as also having served purely ideological ends during the Obama administration, especially in the Civil Rights Division and in the Voting Section. Much of the wrongdoing came under Thomas Perez, now the chair of the Democratic National Committee. The agency needs to be returned to the non-partisan, chief enforcer of the nation’s laws as it was intended. ##  

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matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comSubmitted by Matthew J. Silver to Daily Business News for MHProNews.

Penn. Women Awarded $60k over Mangled Modular Home Deal

September 25th, 2014 Comments off

david_valenti__mark_moran__the_citizen_s_voice__creditIn a story MHProNews has been following since earlier this year, and last posted an article July 30, 2014, regarding Wyoming Homes owner David Valenti being charged with theft for selling modular homes and not delivering, a Freeland, Penn. women was awarded $59,060.28 in damages for a home that was delivered late and in disrepair. Geraldine Kale paid for the home in full in March, 2010 to be delivered by May 22 of that year, but it did not arrive until Dec. 2010, damaged, after she had paid to store belongings and live in hotels following the sale of her previous home. Luzerne County Court Judge Thomas F. Burke, Jr. awarded her lawyer $11,000. Neither Valenti nor any representation appeared at the proceedings, according to

Valenti is facing theft charges in other similar cases, as well as an attempt by the state attorney general to permanently close the business. Champion Home Builders filed a five count lawsuit in county court last week alleging Valenti and his company have not made payments on manufactured homes, seeking $59,400 on each count. Additionally, the IRS filed a $6,450.25 lien against Wyoming Homes earlier this year. ##

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HUD’s Pam Danner shines at elegant Alexander Hotel in Indianapolis amid Optimistic 2014 Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) Summer Meeting

June 11th, 2014 Comments off

pam-danner-hud-code-manufactured-housing-program-administrator-mhi-2014-summer-meeting-indianapolis-in-alexander-hotel-(c)2014-mhpronews-com-97 industry leaders – plus staff, friends and family – came to the Alexander Hotel in Indianapolis, IN June 8-10 for the 2014 Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) Summer Meeting. The new manufactured home program director at HUD, Pam Danner, was featured on the final day, in addition to her participating in numerous technical, regulatory and other discussions with industry members.

Danner, an attorney with prior federal and factory-built home industry experience, was applauded numerous times for her statements assuring industry leaders that some of the program backlog caused by the vacancy in the program she filled was being addressed.

The changes Danner spoke about ranged from the symbolic – hanging new framed photos of manufactured homes in their offices – to addressing delayed regulatory issues, to assuring the industry that she would strive to see manufactured housing be increasingly included in HUD’s programs.

The periodic applause from attendees was genuine, rather than polite. Comments from attendees were positive and encouraged at what has already taken place during Danner’s first 10 weeks at HUD. ##

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George Allen Fact Check: 6 Errors/Contradictions in one section alone (290/1)?

April 1st, 2014 Comments off

Caesar-Palace-main-fountain-at-night-in-Las Vegas-NV-WikiCommons-posted-on-mhpronews-comThe Washington Post famously hands out “Pinocchios” for false or misleading statements made by public officials they fact check, including notables such as U.S. President Barack Obama, Russian President Vladimir Putin and other foreign or domestic public figures.

Since the MHIndustry’s George F. Allen boldly proclaims himself weekly to be a “reporter” and “communications resource,” let’s see in just one of the three parts (not counting his standard introduction, or “end notes”) in his recent post how many errors or contradictions this alleged “reporter” makes.

1) The first error/contradiction is found in the very first sentence in George F. Allen’s blog post (#290, section I); which is a typo of one of his own publication’s name.

2) When George Allen wrote;

“…NEVER EVER ENGAGE IN PUBLIC BACKSTABBING of MHBusiness associates online or anywhere else!”

…does Allen realize he violated that principle in that very paragraph, in his own blasting of the Manufactured Housing Institute’s (MHI’s) popular Congress and Expo? Is it ‘Do as I say, not as I do?’ for Allen in Indy? Does Allen hold himself and his friends to this standard, or not?

3) The early bird special for Congress and Expo runs through Friday, April 4, so Allen has 2 fact errors in his second bullet point, and once more violates his own stated principle of “…NEVER EVER ENGAGE IN PUBLIC BACKSTABBING of MHBusiness associates online or anywhere else!” As a side note, when has MHI ever attacked Allen’s so-called Roundtable or other “meetings” publicly?

4) Allen’s paragraph five states registrations for MHI’s Congress and Expo in 2014 “…are up 30 percent over last year!” An MHProNews source at MHI puts that at up 39% increase over last year, as of 3PM ET, 3/31/2014. Doesn’t that fact-error contradict his bullet point 3, which boldly claims his location has become “the hub…” “…of 1) research, 2) resources, 3) communication, 4) networking, 5) deal-making, 6) PM training & certification, and when need be, 7) national advocacy…” What Allen himself has said in a prior blog post, that he agitatesagainst MHI seems accurate. If MHProNews grades errors and contradictions on the curve, that would be a sixth fact/contradiction error. But if you look at the fact that accurate research, business building resources, more (…and more accurate…) communications, some 5 times more networking at the Congress and Expo event alone, true testing and certification through MHEI’s ACM (Accredited Community Manager), those first 6 claims are all errors/contradicted, because he is clearly not “…the hub…” based solely on Allen’s own missive. As to Allen point 7), when has Allen last engaged in “national advocacy” on an issue with Congress, the CFPB, HUD or other Washington based regulatory agency? Should that self-proclaimed “reporter” get a total 6 or 13 fact errors/contradictions for that one section of his blog? Does the Scripture-quoting Allen recall Exodus 20:16?

With so many obvious errors in just section “I” of a single Allen post – a pattern of errors which allegedly occurs routinely with this self-described “reporter” and “community-investor” – is it any wonder that the New York Times has not called George Allen to have a reporter spend a week in his “land lease life style community?”

For those wishing to learn the facts about the MHI/NCC 2014 Congress & Expo to be held on April 29 – May 1, 2014 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas – or to save $200 on early bird special for the hottest ticket in the manufactured housing industry ‘business building, educational, networking and deal making’ with an estimated 1000 +/- attendees from companies of all sizes – please click here by Friday April 4 for the discounted rates.

MHI organizers say similar events in the home building or real estate industry often cost more, and tell us they have arranged for discounted room rates ‘while they last,’ but MHProNews – which will have a paying attendee of the event – encourages readers to check out the facts for yourself. ##

(Image credit of Caesar’s Palace main fountain at night in Las Vegas, NV: WikiCommons. Editor’s note: by way of disclosure, MHProNews’ parent company was hired by MHI to help promote this event, but we were not asked to comment or fact-check this George Allen article.)

Manufactured Housing’s New Year, 2014!

January 1st, 2014 Comments off

manufactured-housing-new-year-2014-posted-manufactured-housing-pronews-MHProNews will launch it’s January 2014 issue on Thursday, January 2. Factory-built housing in general – and manufactured housing specifically – continues to go through significant changes, with three years of rising sales.

New featured articles, 2 new exclusive interviews and much more will help you start out the new year right with Industry News, Tips and Views Pros can Use.

With a mere three weeks to go before the first major event of the year, and new regulations kicking in, financing is among the hottest topics. MHIndustry Pros will gather in Louisville, KY to hear the Industry’s top lenders outline the programs they can offer you now. 48 new homes, business building seminars and some 80 exhibitors will draw an anticipated record 2400+ pros all in to the event. Learn more at ##

British PreFabs Get MakeOver after 60+ years

November 20th, 2013 Comments off

british-prefabs-get-makeover-credit-morpethhearald-uk-posted-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com-60 years after ‘Airey-type’ homes were built using prefabricated concrete panels, these homes are getting a desirable make-over. The 1950s era construction were only expected to last a decade. Win Dolan, 62, lives today in a home with her husband Derek on Hebron Avenue. Dolan says she’s live here all her life. “This is the only home I’ve ever known. We used to have a coal fire as we never had radiators when I was young, so you had to decide when you were going to run upstairs to bed at night because it was so cold.” An investment program worth about £400,000 from Isos Housing in concert with Green Deal, provider Cosyseal and specialist contractors Sykes carried out External Wall Insulation (EWI) upgrades on the 48 prefab homes. ##

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NAR releases 2013 Profile of Home Buyers, Sellers

November 20th, 2013 Comments off

Highlights-NAR-HBS-2013lawrence_yun,_nar_chief_economist=realtor-mag-realtor-org-The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently released its 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Selelrs. Saint Louis Today tells MHProNews the American Dream of home ownership is alive and well. Sixty-six percent of buyers surveyed are married couples, the highest percentage since 2001. The percentage of single home buyers dropped to 25 percent, which is a drop of 7 percent in the last two years. “Single homebuyers have been suppressed the last three years by restrictive mortgage lending standards, which favor dual-income households that are more likely to have higher credit scores,” said Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist, about the survey results. “Affordability conditions remain favorable in much of the country, but consumers need access to safe and sound financing, particularly the 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage and with low down payment options for first-time buyers.”

You can download an abridged version of the NAR 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers here. ##

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Industry’s Famous Name but not the Same

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Unless the Columbia Mobile Home Park in Columbia, California resolves two outstanding violations within thirty days, it’s license to operate will be suspended and it cannot collect rent or other monies from the residents. According to the California Department of Housing and Community Development posted the notice at the manufactured housing community (MHC) Nov. 7. The notice cites an unpaid fee of $1,794 and several California Health and Safety Code Regulations. If the matter is not resolved, the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board will be notified that Columbia is no longer a legitimate business. As we last reported June 3, 2013, a $17,884.35 outstanding sewer bill for the community threatened the continuation of services, although it was paid. MHProNews has learned there are 63 sites at Columbia, including RVs as well as apartments and houses. The owner? Jim Clayton, but not the founder of Clayton Homes.

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Housing Recovery in Phase 3, Market 64% Back To Normal

August 29th, 2013 Comments off
joe-kolko-trulia-chief-economist-credit-forbes-posted-manufactured-home-daily-business-news-Trulia’s Chief Economist Joe Kolko revealed the latest findings from their Housing Barometer. Kolko’s findings are that the recovery has entered a new phase as mortgage rates rise and inventory expands. While prices and existing-home sales are nearing normal, new construction and sales are far from their pre-bust peak. Forbes tells MHProNews that “Each month, Trulia’s Housing Barometer charts how quickly the housing market is moving back to “normal.” We summarize three key housing market indicators: construction starts (Census), existing home sales (NAR), and the delinquency-plus-foreclosure rate (LPS First Look). For each indicator, we compare this month’s data to (1) how bad the numbers got at their worst and (2) their pre-bubble “normal” levels.” It seems the fourth phase, described as when young adults finally start moving out of parents’ homes and begin to fuel new household formation, is still off in the distance. ##

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Modular Shipments continue to Rise

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national-modular-housing-council-logo-posted-daily-business-news-manufactured-home-pro-news-com- (1)The National Modular Housing Council (NMHC) reports that actual shipments of 3,838 new modular homes occurred in the second quarter of 2013, up 10.6 percent from the same quarter in 2012. Relative to Q2 2012, state shipment results for the second quarter of 2013 showed increases for 22 states and reductions in 12 states. Iowa Manufactured Housing Association Joe Kelly tells MHProNews that “Iowa ranked 4th in the U.S., among 34 states surveyed, in the growth of business in the second quarter of this year, compared to last year’s second quarter.  149 modulars were ordered by Iowa retailers and builders in the second quarter, compared to 103 last year.” For the first half of 2013, 244  modulars were ordered, ranking Iowa 6th highest among the 34 states.” Modular shipments still trail manufactured housing shipments nationally by a significant margin, although there are jurisdictions where mods rival HUD Code manufactured housing shipment numbers. ##


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