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HUD Secretary Carson on National TV, Touting Manufactured Housing, More Jobs & Investment Opportunities

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For over a year, the Daily Business News on MHProNews has been virtually alone in the industry’s trade media in periodically spotlighting the Opportunity Zones that were part of the Trump Administration tax and economic stimulus plans. Given the nation’s complex ‘carrots and sticks’ federal tax system, the Opportunity Zones are a plan that provides significant incentives to invest in thousands of locations in the states and Puerto Rico to create new private-sector investments that would generate those coveted ‘higher paying jobs.’



Last week, HUD Secretary Carson made an appearance on Steve Hilton’s “The Next Revolution” on Fox News, to discuss details to those Opportunity Zones.  Carson chairs a team on that initiative, but what made this interesting that in the context of that discussion, he raised the issue of manufactured homes. The secretary’s comments were positive, useful for the industry, and occurred in the back half of this under 7-minute video interview.

Taken in conjunction with Secretary Carson’s positive comments to the Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee reported first exclusively here on MHProNews, they are an obvious part of the case to be made to promote the manufactured housing industry’s long-overdue recovery.

Those positive comments by Secretary Carson to the MHCC are now found on the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) website, at this link here, as part of their new and more detailed Washington Updates report.

Since the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) was also at that same event, why are Secretary Carson’s comments missing from their website?




There are 4 articles on MHI’s website that mention Secretary Carson, but none of them are recent or mention Manufactured Housing, the MHCC comments, or the opportunity zone topic.  They put it out to their members via email.  So why not post it on their website, where the world will see it?

What about MHI’s social media?

There was nothing on Twitter from MHI on this topic.  On April dates before or since the date of the broadcast on Fox News of Secretary Carson, there were lots of pretty photos.

Here below are two examples.


But once more, no actual, substantive comments from MHI about the Steve Hilton interview with Carson. Why not?  Why does MHI tout the Carson comments only in their email to their own members?

Singing to the choir is fine.  But isn’t it the broader national audience that needs to be converted to the notion that manufactured homes are a solution?


The numbers for March 2019 manufactured home shipments are in.  They are down once more, for the 7th month, as recent signals from MHProNews reflected.  We’ll have our report on Monday.

Factory backlogs from a Clayton plant and others are reportedly down significantly from this time last year. That may signal that this down-trend will linger.




Regardless of what the powers-that-be may wish to posture or claim, the downturn can’t be pawned off on FEMA, inventory adjustments, or any other excuse. Yes, the John Oliver “Mobile Homes” video is recent.  The impact on the market is not yet known, but are we expecting it to boost sales?

The reality is that manufactured housing has had more problematic news for years than positive news.  MHI’s prior chairman admitted that there is a case to be made to respond to every bad news report.  Why is it that MHI has failed to do so?


If retail demand and wholesale orders for more rental homes were there, orders and production from factories would obviously be rising.

Back to Secretary Carson.

Per Steve Hilton’s interview YouTube page, the interview focused on “Ben Carson on Trump administration efforts to boost economic development in distressed areas. Carson also discusses the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s new ‘opportunity zones’ program.” But as noted, Dr. Carson ties those zones directly in with the home ownership and the role that manufactured homes should play.  That ought to be celebrated and spotlighted by industry professionals, not just here on MHProNews, but throughout the industry – and to the public at large.

Our platforms have and will publish this for the professional and the public.  Will others follow suit?

The HUD code home industry has perhaps the friendliest voice in Secretary Carson since the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000 (MHIA) was passed. Yet, both Democratic and Republican administrations have failed to fully and properly implement the MHIA 2000, and MHARR recently noted in a document to Secretary Carson, linked here.

MHI and their apologists need to carefully digest what the MHARR said in the 3 reports, linked below.

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Buffett: Wealthy Leaving Middle Class in the Dust

November 27th, 2012 2 comments

In a New York Times op-ed piece, billionaire investor Warren Buffett says its ridiculous to think higher capital gains taxes will prevent the super wealthy from investing their money. He notes in the 1950s when the capital gains rate rose from 25 to 27.5 percent no one complained of not being able to find investment opportunities. He contends complaints from the super wealthy about paying taxes is especially absurd since the Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans made $1.7 trillion this year compared to $300 billion 20 years ago. Noting the 400 highest incomes paid a tax rate of 26.4 percent in 1992, he says that percentage fell to 19.4 percent in 2009, and nearly 25 percent of them paid less than 15 percent. A few paid nothing. In addition to eliminating the Bush-era tax cuts on the wealthy, and raising the cut-off for the minimum tax from the $250,000 that President Obama proposes to $500,000, Buffett suggests a 30 percent tax on incomes from $1 to $10 million, and 35 percent on anything above that. He states the government needs to achieve a better balance in its revenues and expenses, and needs more tax reform. As MHProNews has learned, the bottom line is the super rich will continue to invest regardless of higher taxes. Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway owns Clayton Homes, the largest producer of manufactured housing in North America.

(Photo credit: Business Insider)