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Fugitive Sparrow Flies the Coop

August 16th, 2013 Comments off

Following a story we posted Aug. 13 regarding mortgage fraud charges being brought against four managers of the manufactured housing retailer Phoenix Housing Group of Greensboro, North Carolina, one of the accused is now considered a fugitive. The four are charged with conspiring to defraud buyers of manufactured and modular housing in North and South Carolina, and originating $158 million in fraudulent federal loans for their purchase. They are Fabian Sparrow, 35, of Burlington; Dennis Wayne Parris, 55, of Pinehurst; Andrew B. McKeown, 38, of Asheboro; and Roger Dean Bailey Jr., of Hickory. Sparrow was also charged with making false statements to investigators, destroying documents in an attempt to hide the paper trail, and encouraging others to lie. MHProNews has learned from thetimesnews Sparrow is now considered a fugitive. Joseph Klakulak of Charlotte has already entered a guilty plea to one count of conspiracy to defraud the federal government and making false statements to investigators, for which he is facing five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Sparrow is looking at 55 years in prison and a $1.5 million fine if convicted.

(Photo credit: thetimesnews–Fabian Sparrow)

Fake Court Documents Bring Fraud Charges

December 28th, 2012 Comments off

SecuringIndustry informs MHProNews websites in California are selling fake documents that can be used to stall foreclosure proceedings on properties. The phony court documents claim the debt has been repaid or the trustee has been changed. Online ads claim the documents can tie up banks in administrative proceedings for years. Prosecutors are building fraud cases against four homeowners for filing phony documents, while clerks who handle filings now alert investigators . The Modesto Bee in Stanislaus County, just east of San Francisco, reviewed a website that claims its 2,600 customers have not made a mortgage payment in two years.

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Dirty Water

October 2nd, 2012 Comments off

Widespread environmental management problems at 73 manufactured home communities led to the imposition of a $1,339,000 penalty for violating state and federal clean water and waste treatment statutes. All the communities are connected to Frank Perano of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, who has signed a consent decree to pay, pending court approval and a 30-day public comment period. The result of a multi-year investigation found 5,200 violations of state and EPA drinking water and sewage standards in 45 communities in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The various corporations of Perano have been cooperative, according to investigators, and have agreed to the required upgrades. As MSNBC tells MHProNews, a third-party environmental consultant will periodically perform quality control audits at the communities to assure compliance.

(Photo credit: Localism–Melody Lakes Country Cub Estates, one of the communities affected))

Sad but True, how media reporting impacts our Industry’s image

August 5th, 2011 1 comment

KOB reports an elderly woman with over 50 cats in her ‘mobile home’ seemed to be disoriented. The home is said to have feces up to 3 feet high in places. Complaints of a stench brought investigators to the scene. City of Albuquerque spokesperson Chris Ramirez stated: “Cats were multiplying, cats were dying, they were feeding on each other and it snowballed into something that was absolutely unmanageable.” Ramirez said the woman, “Wasn’t feeling very well, she was dizzy, she complained of vertigo symptoms so we did call paramedics to come check her out.”  “It has taken our cat population overboard so we’re really pleading with residents in Albuquerque and around the metro area to come to the shelters and adopt cats to make room for these other cats that we’re getting this weekend,” Ramirez explained. According to the city, the woman has not returned home. Officials are working to determine if she will face any charges. rhetorically asks: had this happened in a site built house, would the media have identified the type of construction used, or would they have focused on the facts of the case?

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