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President Trump Mulls Federal Action Intervening on Homeless Crisis in U.S. Cities

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Still from the first video, posted below.

Tucker Carlson Tonight (TCT) had an exclusive interview with President of the United States (POTUS) Donald J. Trump that was aired on 7.1.2019.  It covered foreign and domestic affairs. It included concerns over antitrust or monopolistic related issues, but also on the growing problems of homelessness in America.


The first segment of part two of that interview begins with questions about the power of big tech over the marketplace.  From that, is this POTUS Trump pull-quote: “A lot of people want us to take [federal antitrust, other legal] action against Facebook, Twitter and frankly against Amazon.”

When asked by Carlson if the Trump Administration will take action, the 45th president demurred, saying “I can’t say,” meaning he is not able to comment.

About halfway through this video below on right-of-center Fox News, Carlson pivots to a comparison of the cleanliness of Japanese cities compared to many in the United States.



Carlson named New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles as examples of cities with a homeless problem.  These are among the places that MHProNews and our sister site have reported on or mentioned previously.

The president said, “Its disgraceful…We are looking at it very seriously. You can’t do that,” meaning allow such problems to occur.

The president said that people and police officers are getting sick just from walking the streets were human waste and other troubling issues are occurring routinely, as was dramatically documented in the viral “Seattle is Dying” video report.




“…You can’t do that, you can’t ruin our cities,” the president told Carlson. He said it is the “liberal Establishment” that runs those cities. “It’s a terrible thing that is taking place.”

The president said that shortly after he took office, that he addressed similar issues that were occurring in “certain places in Washington, D.C. where that was starting to happen.”

POTUS Trump said he ended it “very quickly” because you can’t have world leaders coming and witnessing that in the nation’s capital.

After putting it in the context of the prior beauty of San Francisco, where Trump branded companies have business interests, he said, “We are looking at that very seriously.

Do these governors or mayors” where these troubling issues are occurring “really think this is a positive?” rhetorically asked the president. He said the problems with homelessness wasn’t okay, and “It’s destroying a whole way of life.”

The first part of the same interview is posted below.  It dealt more with trade and foreign affairs.



How Does This Homeless Issue Relate to Affordable Housing, and Manufactured Homes?

That too is a rhetorical question, because the connection should be obvious. The recent White House announcement of an executive order that established a council to address the barriers to affordable housing is arguably a predicate to whatever the Trump Administration is preparing to do.

To learn more, see the related reports, linked below the byline.

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