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Non-profit Housing Organization Teams with Clayton Homes

July 19th, 2013 Comments off

The non-profit Next Step, based in Louisville, Kent. has helped over 100 families purchase energy-efficient manufactured homes through its connections with affordable housing organizations across the country. Partnering with Maryville, Tenn.-based Clayton Homes, the largest producer of manufactured homes in North America, Next Step has placed homes in 20 states. As MHProNews has learned from, the homes feature energy-efficient heating and cooling units as well as high performance windows and insulation.

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Structural Panels Maker GreenFLEX Expanding in Oregon

June 21st, 2013 Comments off

While the number of employees in the manufactured housing (MH) industry in Ore. dropped from 2,000 in 2007 to around 600 by the end of last year, factory-built housing producer GreenFLEX intends to hire some of those workers at a facility in Stayton, Ore. that once made modular homes. The company produces energy efficient concrete structural panels with a layer of foam that is not only excellent insulation, but its proprietary features include resistance to hammer blows, prolonged soaking in water, fire and its ability to bend without breaking. Structurally different from manufactured homes, the interior as well as plumbing and electrical is very similar. “Wherever there is an extreme climate or a durability issue, that is where we shine,” said James Weber, a company manager. Founded in 2011, GreenFLEX has made permanent and portable housing for oilfield and agricultural workers, and intends to enter the residential market. As statesmanjournal informs MHProNews, the company expects to double its work force to over 100 as it moves into the 140,000 square foot building modular builder Karsten Homes left in 2009.

(Photo credit: statesmanjournal–GreenFLEX homes)

MODS Donating Modular Home to OK Family

June 20th, 2013 Comments off

Updating a post MHProNews published June 18, in which a modular builder announced the availability of furnished units for emergency housing in tornado ravaged Okla., the company is donating one of the homes. MODS (Modular On Demand Structures) International Marketing of Appleton, Wis. converts shipping containers into modular housing, as well as offices and other commercial applications, and is sending a unit to an Okla. family that will be fully furnished. “We build them out. They’re built like a home — same framing, same insulation, heating and air conditioning. Very simple, same plumbing. It’s all built to code, international building codes,” Doug Larson with MODS told fox6now.

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UK Engineer has Unique Modular System

June 5th, 2013 Comments off

Unlike the prefabricated housing that dominated the industry after WWII, SpineLock Living in Mansfield has developed a modular system the company’s CEO Derick Wilson hopes will revolutionize home building in Great Britain. The sections are transported to the site and then slotted together using a panelized interlocking system and then secured via a unique aluminum latch that pulls the units tight. As tells MHProNews, the outside can be finished with brick or stone or any other traditional look, while inside the unit arrives with appliances intact. The homes’ energy-efficient features include rainwater cachement, solar panels on the roof, low-energy floor heating, thermostats in each room and thick insulation that can add up to a reduction of energy costs by 90 percent. Built as two-story homes with either two, three or four bedrooms, the price for a three-bedroom home is around $244,000. Says Wilson, noting the urgent need for affordable housing in England, “We want to revolutionize the UK housing industry and demonstrate that innovative thinking, new technology and working closely with local authorities, businesses and communities can provide a practical solution to the UK housing crisis.”

(Photo credit: fredco–modular two-story home)

Mod Producer Growing

May 30th, 2013 Comments off

Modular housing builder Northstar Systembuilt will be relocating its assembly line to an existing 53,000 square foot building in Redwood Falls, Minn. in the southwest part of the state from its current facility in Marshall, Minn., according to redwoodfallsgazette. It had  received a tax abatement to construct a 36,000 square foot plant, but the existing warehouse already has a crane to move the modules around, as well as insulation pumps and blowers. The current plan calls for eleven stations along a U-shaped assembly line, as MHProNews has been informed, with space to expand. Rick Zitzmann, director of Northstar Systembuilt, says the company will begin moving June 17, and noted the change in their business plan which requires more space: “We’re going to be targeting the hospitality industry rather than single dwellings. We’ve just finished building a 154-room motel in North Dakota, and are currently building a 216 unit building.”

(Photo credit: Global Deployable Housing llc)

Co-op Assumes Responsibility for Managing Community

May 7th, 2013 Comments off

Following up on an article we published April 4, 2013 about residents of Wheel Estates Mobile Home Park in North Adams, Mass. becoming a resident-owned community (ROC), iberkshires reports the residents made their first official decision as owners St. May 4, voting to maintain the rules and policies set by former owner Morgan Management. Over 60 residents and shareholders celebrated their ownership at the recreation hall with a large cake, the end result of a $4.1 million finance package for the acquisition and repairs, with the help of ROC USA, as well as technical and start-up assistance from the Cooperative Development Institute of Shelburne, Mass. One of the first orders of business for the new owners will be long-needed infrastructure repairs, although as MHProNews has learned, bids are also being solicited for upgrading the roof, windows, electrical system, insulation and handicapped accessible bathrooms in the recreation hall.

(Photo credit: ROC USA–new owners of Wheel Estates)

Another Shipping-Container-to-Modular-Home Story

February 26th, 2013 Comments off

An addition to the list of companies converting shipping containers into modular homes is Danish architectural firm Arcgency, which allows buyers to customize their homes as to size, layout, design, and interior. Gizmag tells MHProNews the shipping containers are stacked two-high with a sloped roof to catch the sun for solar panels, and feature high ceilings, lots of natural light and open space on a predefined framework of 1,937 square feet. Water is collected on the roof for toilets and housecleaning, and the walls are lined with 13.8” thick insulation, making it suitable for cold climes. The outside of the modular home is covered with a bamboo facade, and it can also be made to withstand earthquakes.

(Photo credit: Bridget Borgobello/Gizmag)

A New Meaning for ‘Straw House’

January 22nd, 2013 Comments off

The Star-Telegram reports from Fort Worth, Texas Stramit USA utilizes wheat straw to make modular man camps for the burgeoning oil boom towns. By treating and compressing the wheat fiber, boards are made for construction and insulation. Tim Evans of Stramit compares it to fiberglass and foam. “Wheat straw and rye straw are abundant, especially in Texas, which has over 100 million acres of wheat planted every year. We use the part of the harvest that nobody wants,” Evans said. The product is called compressed agricultural fibre (CAF), and as MHProNews has learned, it is so tightly pressurized there is no oxygen inside it, which makes it fire resistant. Evans says he is garnering interest for the 12 by 24 foot modular two-man houses especially around Seguin, TX, near San Antonio. Although the final cost of the product is comparable to using standard materials, Evans says, “It is a socially responsible way of building. My partners are ranchers. They are not tree huggers. Nor am I a tree hugger. But we agree that good stewardship of the land and resources of this planet just makes sense. So without altering lifestyle, you can still use good common sense practices.”

(Photo credit: Roy T. Ennis/Star-Telegam–Straw mod on display in Fort Worth)

Got Time? Buy Buffett’s Brain

January 18th, 2013 Comments off

SeekingAlpha, noting trends in the global economy, picks out five stocks it says will be lucrative in the long run, and one of them is Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A, BRK-B). As the housing market continues to recover, columnist Frank J. Constantino says Berkshire does has a broad range of investments, but a direct tie to the construction industry: Shaw Industries, which sells flooring and carpeting; Benjamin Moore and Co. produces paint and wall coverings; Johns-Manville manufactures insulation and commercial roofing; the Nebraska Furniture Mart, the largest single furniture store in the nation; as well as Clayton Homes, the largest producer of factory-built homes in North America. As MHProNews has learned, while Berkshire trades at 17.7 times earnings, it is trading at 1.3 times book value, a more important indicator. BRK-A was up +0.01% today, and while BRK-B fell -0.27% today, its stock is just shy of its 52-week high.

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County to Repair Modular Homes

January 16th, 2013 Comments off

The inyoregister reports the board of supervisors of Inyo County in eastern Calif. will consider repairing two modular homes the Inyo County Sheriff’s Dept. purchased to house resident deputies in the town of Shoshone, near the Nevada border. The Inyo County Public Works Dept. proposes to use the county building maintenance fund to replace the roof, the windows and make other improvements. As MHProNews understands, the two buildings were originally constructed to Housing and Community Development standards which allowed single-pane windows and reduced insulation in the walls.

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