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Are Flawed Policies Fostering Homelessness, Crime? What Happens When Affordable Housing, Including Manufactured Homes, Are Lacking

November 23rd, 2018 Comments off

Still from video, posted further below.

A report and analysis from Columbus, GA linked further below from earlier today includes the interview of a man who stated that he was homeless prior to moving into an affordable manufactured home.


Now an official in that town is threatening to close the community that provided a once-homeless man with affordable housing.

Across the nation, notably in costly cities, the reports of vehicular homelessness are rising.




A sampling of recent reports, shown in the screen capture above, reflects the troubling trend.  MHProNews previously reported on that movement in a report, linked below.


“Vehicular Homelessness” Rising, Land Use, and Manufactured Housing Policies


In the new video posted below, New York’s CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis “has the latest” on a report this week about a homeless woman who was arrested after stealing a mother’s car with her child still inside, and then crashed the vehicle as she tried to escape.



The Daily Business News on MHProNews analysis linked below highlights in a single report several troubling tendencies that have been previously reported.


Public Official, ABC News, Manufactured Home Community Owner Clash Over Resident Concerns


Manufactured homes and communities that are ‘done right’ provide a significant source of affordable housing, as thousands of manufactured home industry professionals and investors recognize.

Problematic policies and NIMBY-style actions at the local level block a broad access to manufactured homes.  That in turn arguably contributes to numerous social, economic, legal and other public problems.




On Black Friday, tens of millions poured into stores, to ‘shop until they drop.’ In a stark contrast, often in those same cities and towns, there are others that are part of an estimated half-a-million plus Americans living without housing.



Collage by MHProNews.

Some of those who live in a vehicle are arguably among the more fortunate ones who are homeless. But cars aren’t meant to be housing.


Giving Thanks for Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes, Classic “Mobile Home Parks” and Manufactured Home Communities


Affordable manufactured homes are more than just a way of making a good, honest living.  They demonstrably provide a path for people of all economic levels to live better for a lower total or monthly cost.




Only failed leadership among the industry’s biggest firms and their Arlington, VA based national trade association can arguably account for why there are numerous moves to supplant them.


#NobleNotMobile, New Contest and Video Program Launched, Exclusive Details


  • When the need for affordable housing are so great,
  • when millions of housing units are needed in the USA today,
  • and the opportunities to profit ethically in manufactured housing are so many,
  • the vacuum of their so-called ‘leadership’ is growing, and attracting others into the gaps created.



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Senator Tim Scott, Rep. Erik Paulsen – Overlooked Part of Tax Reform, Plus New Credit Plan for ALL Housing, Including Manufactured Homes

May 18th, 2018 Comments off


In a series of video media releases to the Daily Business News, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) touts recent accomplishments, explains how he hopes to narrow the gap for minorities, and boost all Americans’ earnings.


In one of these video releases, Senator Scott also spotlights an effort to get more credit – especially for housing purchases – which includes manufactured homes.

Senator Scott’s plan was amplified by Representative Erik Paulsen (R-MN).

Congressman Paulsen’s recent Op-Ed to the Washington Examiner said, “In January 2017, prior to tax reform and regulatory reforms, the Congressional Budget Office projected only 1.9 percent growth for 2018. CBO now projects 3.3 percent growth for 2018, the highest annual growth rate since 2005.”

The Minnesota Congressman explained that “While all Americans will benefit from this growth, some still need even more help. In the average state, 15 percent of the population lives in a distressed community.”


Paulsen explained that, “As a component of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Opportunity Zones are intended to incentivize long-term private investment into low-income areas, based on the Census. This approach allows state governors, and not Washington central planners, to select 25 percent of the state’s low-income census tracts as Opportunity Zones. If the state has fewer than 100 low-income census tracts, governors can designate 25 of them.”


Juxtapose those points with the Senator Scott videos posted on this report, and MHProNews business professionals and investors will realize why the best may yet be to come from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

There has already been a new production center announced since the tax plan was passed into law (see the report, linked below).

According to the CFPB’s white paper, South Carolina has the highest percentage of manufactured homes per capita.  About one in five in that state live in a pre-HUD Code mobile home, or a post HUD Code manufactured home.

Senator Scott and the Trump Administration worked closely to make the incentives for investment a reality, as Daily Business News readers may recall during the presidential signing ceremony.

Credit Plan Changes, Aimed at Boosting Minority Wages, Enhanced Opportunities for All

CNBC contributor Jennifer Streaks points out in a new column that “Black families have 10 times less wealth than whites and the gap is widening—but there’s hope.”

Streaks said, “Black families now have 10 times less wealth than whites.”

Readers may recall last year that during a speaking tour by HUD Secretary Ben Carson, that he emphasized that renters have an average net worth of $5,000, while the average home owner has an average net worth of $200,000.

Citing research that points to credit access inequalities that harm minorities, Streaks article said that “There needs to be an alternative scoring model to judge credit-worthiness,” according to Senator Scott. “That’s why he has introduced the Credit Score Competition Act, which would create an alternative model for credit-worthiness that would include consistent payments for rent, utilities and cell phones.”

Executives with the Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) have said they welcome this initiative.

MHProNews readers are reminded of the research by Florida Atlantic University (FAU) professor, Ken Johnson, who told MHLivingNews how purchasing a manufactured home can be a favorable vehicle for increasing personal wealth.

Researchers Shake Up American Dream? Rent vs. Buy, Ken Johnson, Florida Atlantic University, Exclusive to ManufacturedHomeLivingNews

That’s echoed by research by Prosperity Now.  It is yet more evidence that manufactured housing and affordable home ownership are bi-partisan in nature, not a left-right issue.

MHProNews will provide an exclusive on a related efforted by the White House, which may accelerate the Scott plan through executive action.

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