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Vancouver Chooses Sites for Modular Homes for Homeless

May 13th, 2016 Comments off

Canada__atira_women_resource_center_if_the_building_name__guidetavelbiz_credit_modular_units_in_vancouverFollowing a story MHProNews last reported Feb. 25, 2016, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada will soon be witnessing the arrival of modular housing units, each 250 square feet, for homeless singles and families. The city has pinpointed two sites for the homes. One site will accommodate 40-80 micro units, each with its own kitchen and bath.

The other 40 units will be sited on Howe St. where residents will share a community kitchen. Officials expect each occupant to remain up to two years until more permanent housing can be located, according to

Five companies have been issued RFPs (request for proposals) with the expectation that the housing units will be ready for occupancy in late fall. Additionally, as modular small homes they can be moved to other areas as needed. ##

(Photo credit: guidetavelbiz–Atira Women Resource Center in Vancouver is a modular housing unit.)

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Clayton may get Nod to Add Housing at Growing Air Base

April 23rd, 2016 Comments off

clayton_homesThe expansion of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island will add 3,747 people to the population of Oak Harbor, Washington, a 20 percent increase by 2036, 70 percent of whom are military or civilian personnel associated with the base. Located in the far northwest corner of the continental United States, Oak Harbor Development Services Director Steve Powers said the city will need 1,629 additional housing units.

There are currently 109 housing units underway, and another 120 being considered by a variety of different developers (although no applications have been made), bringing the total to 229 units, far short of what is needed, according to whidbeynewstimes.

General Manager Trevor Belch of Clayton Homes said, “We are starting investigating what we can do to bring our product into this area.” Noting Clayton can do entire subdivisions, Belch said the company may acquire four or five lots and build spec houses, and is able to build a home in 12-13 weeks.

Rick Chapman of Coldwell Banker Tara Bayview said of the 110 homes currently on the market, 52 are under $400,000 which is the range most military families can afford, although it represents only a one month supply.

Additionally, MHProNews has learned there are zero rentals available. Chapman said rents have increased an average of 25 percent, and in some cases 40 percent.

Clayton Homes is the largest producer of manufactured and modular homes in North America. ##

(Photo credit: Clayton Homes)

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Housing Made of non-Biodegradable Plastic

April 11th, 2016 1 comment

pakistan___operationpakistan.wordpress__credit___bldg_made_of_non_biodegradable_plasticAn NGO (non-governmental organization) set up by Nargis Latif in Pakistan recycles non-biodegradable plastic for making temporary shelters or housing units. Gul Bahao ( “Pour or spread the roses.” ) represents a low cost alternative to tents and other prefabricated housing units, according to what operationpakistan.wordpress tells MHProNews.

The plastic waste is collected in Karachi where it is made into blocks. The silver coating reflects sunlight, keeping the interior cool. Uses include warehouses, exhibition space, marriage halls, farm houses, mobile camps, labor housing, and emergency housing in cases of earthquakes and floods.

Lfatif said she has not received any assistance from the government in the 22 years she has been making these units, only assistance from those who see the benefit of this low level technology.

While these shelters have withstood the test of harsh conditions, more money is needed for further research and development. ##

(Photo credit:operationpakistan.wordpress–building made of non-biodegradable plastic)

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Modular Container Units will House Homeless in Honolulu

August 19th, 2015 Comments off

honolulu_modular_container_units_for_homeless__group_70_international_city_county_of_honoluluFollowing a story MHProNews published June 2, 2015, regarding modular shelters made of shipping containers for homeless people in Honolulu, the city has awarded a contract to Container Storage of Hawaii, Ltd. for the eventual 63 housing units.

The $523,517 contract will provide housing for up to 83 people by the end of the year, with the first phase scheduled for completion in October. Twenty of the modular units will be for couples, 39 for individuals and four of the units will be Americans with Disabilities Act compliant.

The Hale Mauliola transitional housing and services center at Sand Island, set on one acre, will include an intake center, program office and case management through the Institute of Human Services as well as 24-hour security and staffing.

Each individual modular unit will be lockable, offering privacy to residents, according to staradvertiser. The units will be kept cool using reflective exterior coating, insulation, screen shade over roofs, screen doors and screen windows. Showers, bathrooms and dining areas will be included on site. ##

(Image credit: Group 70 International/city, county of Honolulu)

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Dublin will Display Modular Housing Examples

July 10th, 2015 Comments off

modular__UK_construction_digitalFollowing a story MHProNews posted June 17, 2015 regarding the Dublin, Ireland City Council’s plan to provide modular housing units for the city’s homeless, a Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE) spokeswoman said the city is determining a site for examples of the units to go on display.

She said the goal of the display was to continue the debate about its practicality as a temporary form of accommodation. The one and two bedroom units would remain on display for two to four weeks. The effort is in response to the increase in family homelessness, especially among children who have spent an entire year living in one room.

The plan, according to irishtimes, is to erect up to 400 modular homes on vacant lots around the city against a backdrop of a planned increase in affordable housing. ##

(Photo credit:–modular in Great Britain)

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Modular Homes Destined for Homeless in Dublin

June 17th, 2015 Comments off

modular geat britain  jim coldwell hull daily mailThe Dublin, Ireland City Council has voted to erect up to 400 modular homes for the growing family homeless population following a plan rejected by the councillors to renovate 64 vacant apartments in O’Devaney Gardens

The Dublin Joint Homelessness Consultative Forum (DJHCF) adopted a plan to develop and propose a modular housing typology that can develop and rapidly construct quality housing units to required standards.” The goal is to have it completed by the end of the year, according to irishtimes.

In September, 2014, as MHProNews has learned, there were 156 families with 341 children in emergency hotel accommodations. The most recent figures indicate that number has grown to 442 families with 970 children, a 183 percent increase in nine months. ##

(Photo credit: hulldailymail/Jim Coldwell-modular home siting in United Kingdom)

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Plans for Modular Housing Moving Forward

May 28th, 2015 Comments off

modular under const  dickinsonFollowing a story we first posted May 18, 2015 regarding a development in North Platte, Nebraska that will include modular housing for low-to-moderate income residents, nptelegraph informs MHProNews that nine developers have shown interest in building 21 units of the 43 DEVCO intends to complete with the $344,000 funding.

Called “Shot in the Arm for Housing,” the $172,000 from the Quality Growth Fund (QGF) which was approved by the North Platte City Council will be matched by DEVCO in its goal is to have the project completed by 2017. While the state requires community development funding be used for lower income families and individuals, the combination of community and private funds will also allow developers to build higher-priced homes.

Dan Mauk, president of the North Platte Chamber of Commerce and Development, which is overseeing the project, says the chamber will decide which developer receives QGF or private funds, depending upon the square footage of the homes.

Developers must commit to building at least four housing units with a minimum of 1,400 square feet per unit, a two-car garage and 1 3/4 baths. Modular units and duplexes need to be 1,200 square feet with a one-car garage and 1 1/2 baths. Builders will receive $4,000 per modular unit or duplex, and $8,000 per single-family home, but all applicants must show design plans as well as financial references. Mauk, noting he knows of two developers who have approached their lenders, said, We expect to see quite a bit of action in the next two to three weeks. ##

(Photo credit: Dickinson Homes-modular under construction)

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Proposal would Add Modulars to Housing Stock

May 18th, 2015 Comments off

modular_siting__pilger_ne__klkntv__comAccording to a proposal in North Platte and Lincoln County, Nebraska titled “Project Shot in the Arm for Housing,” to help ease a housing shortage, DEVCO (Development Corporation of North Platte) has applied for a $172,000 grant in Quality Growth Funds (QGF), which would be matched by DEVCO to incentivize developers to build single-family and duplex housing units.

MHProNews has learned from nptelegraph that a study commissioned in 2010 indicated the need for 850 housing units by 2015. Dan Mauk, president of the North Platte Area Chamber of Commerce and Development, said hotel operators have told him occupancy is up due to employees waiting for housing to become available, not from visitors to the city.

The $344,000 would create a minimum of 43 units, according to DEVCO. Developers would receive $4,000 for each modular, single-family unit, $4,000 for each duplex or $8,000 for a 1,400 square foot single-family home. The return on the investment for the city would be just a few years, plus the construction would add $7.5 million in spending for the city. ##

(Photo credit: klkn-tv–Modular home being sited in Pilger, Nebraska)

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Committee Member wants Manufactured Housing to Lure Flood Victims Back

April 27th, 2015 Comments off

flooding colorado  denver post creditAlthough over 200 people who lost their homes in the Colorado flooding of 2013 would like to return to Lyons, CO, on March 24 over 50 percent of the town’s voters rejected a proposal to allow 50 to 70 units of affordable housing on five to seven acres of 25.66 acre Bohn Park.

On Tuesday, April 21 the voters re-affirmed that position by voting to adopt an ordinance requiring voter approval to rezone any public land that’s over one-half acre in size for any purpose. Mayor John O’Brien expressed disappointment at the voting, as did the Town Board. Housing Committee member Justin Spencer is in favor of a manufactured home community (MHC) as one possibility to lure the flood victims back to Lyons, as timescall tells MHProNews.

Affordable housing is a long-term problem already present before the flood, exacerbated by the destruction of 86 housing units, including 43 mobile homes,” Spencer said. “Real estate and land in Lyons is already expensive and likely to get more expensive in the future.

Nothwithstanding the town’s voters’ rejection of using Bohn Park, the Lyons Board of Trustees approved the formation of a housing advisory committee to seek other options to provide replacement housing for flood victims who want to move back. Opponents have organized to oppose not only the use of Bohn Park, but also any open space properties covered by conservation easements or housing or commercial developments.

One other option is federal Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery funds, but the deadline for application is May 31 of this year. However, due to the vote from April 21, it would require voter approval for a specific housing proposal, something that does not seem likely given the two different initiatives the townsfolk have rejected. ##

(Photo credit: Denver Post–Colorado flooding 2013)

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Boston Considering Massive Modular Housing

April 6th, 2015 Comments off

modular  shutterstock  creditIn response to Boston’s Mayor Marty Walsh’s goal of adding 53,000 affordable housing units in the next 15 years, in order to keep up with a growing population, Boston Globe’s Mike Ross suggests modular construction techniques.

A team of local studio architects called studioMAUD proposes Boston build its own modular production facility to save time and money, instead of importing prefab units from Pennsylvania or the Brooklyn Navy Yards. Not just spouting theory, the two couples who founded MAUD share a two bedroom apartment.

As Ross tells MHProNews, with the possibility of Boston landing the Olympics in 2024, a modular housing facility would fit right in. Cambridge architect Kyu Sung Woo, who worked on the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul, constructed 5,500 housing units in 18 months, including three schools and a community center.

David Manfredi, the architect for Boston’s Olympic bid, envisions re-purposing buildings used during the games for housing, and is relying on engineers and housing experts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Harvard Graduate School of Design for assistance in the planning. ##

(Photo credit: shutterstock–modular housing being sited)

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