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New Manufactured Housing Community Approved

September 20th, 2013 Comments off

The Aiken County Planning Commission in west central South Carolina has approved plans for a 33 home site manufactured housing community (MHC) situated on nine acres on Wire Road in Aiken, SC. The says five manufactured homes on a lot that is at least five acres or more constitutes an MHC, according to the county’s land management service. MHProNews has learned the vote was unanimous in favor. Prior to 2006, if someone wanted to develop an MHC they did not have to apply to the planning commission.

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Community Sued for Violation of Fair Housing Act

September 16th, 2013 Comments off

A discrimination lawsuit has been filed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for a violation of the Fair Housing Act against Whitacre’s Manufactured Housing Community in Inwood, West Virginia. A resident of the community with a psychiatric disability was injured during a home invasion and subsequently obtained an emotional-assistance dog to help decrease his anxiety and panic attacks. Whitacre management allegedly tried to evict the tenant because the dog violates their no dog rule, but that suit was dismissed because the dog is a service animal, and the Fair Housing Act allows service dogs. According to, the complaint states owner Jim Whitacre loudly cursed the tenant and threatened to evict him because of the animal, and then tried but failed to legally evict him. In addition, when the resident tried to make good on a bad rent check, Whitacre refused to accept the second check, despite receiving a $175 late fee, and tried to evict the family for late payment of rent. The complaint also alleges other residents who were behind several months in rent were not evicted, and that Whitacre made discriminating statements against the resident because of his disability. The HUD compliant will be heard by a U. S. Administrative law Judge. MHProNews has learned the resident is also suing Whitacre for financial compensation based upon the emotional distress caused by the discriminatory conduct.

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Green Courte buys another ‘Senior’ Manufactured Home Community

August 23rd, 2013 Comments off

green-court-partners-posted-on-mhpronews-comGreen Courte Partners, LLC announced the acquisition of Lamplighter Manufactured Home Community, an age-restricted land-lease community, containing 260 home sites, located in Port Orange, Florida. Green Courte engaged American Land Lease, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of its second fund, Green Courte Real Estate Partners II, LLC, to manage the community. American Land Lease manages Green Courte’s land-lease/manufactured housing community portfolio. That portfolio now includes over 19,300 developed home sites located across 54 communities in eleven states. American Land Lease will operate the community under their “55+” lifestyle brand, Solstice Communities. As MHProNews readers know, Green Courte Partners, LLC is a private equity real estate investment firm focused on niche real estate sectors, which includes manufactured housing, parking garages and more commercial real estate interests. American Land Lease CEO, David Lentz, is also the Chairman of the National Communities Council (NCC) division of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI). ##

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Manufactured Housing Residents to Receive Relocation Expenses

August 14th, 2013 Comments off

Residents of the Pan and Fork manufactured housing community in Basalt, Colorado, just northwest of Aspen will be compensated for relocating due to a redevelopment project slated for their community. The town, which co-owns the property with the non-profit Roaring Fork Community Development Corporation, needs to do flood mitigation and infrastructure work at the site before it is re-purposed as commercial space, a city park and a nonprofit campus. The compensation is based on the number of children in each family and the amount of time they have lived at Pan and Fork. At a meeting with town officials and eight of the families, which the town intends to relocate by the end of Sept., the payment for them will include $7,800, which is the equivalent of a year’s rent in the community, $5,000 for a deposit on a new home, and $7,500 for relocating or abandoning each home. In all, 122 residents occupying 38 manufactured homes need to be moved. According to aspendailynews, the current town ordinance calls for new homes be given to those displaced by redevelopment, but an amendment to the ordinance currently in process will provide for relocation assistance. MHProNews has learned the town will put a $5 million bond issue on the ballot Nov. 5 to help pay for relocation and infrastructure expenses.

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Manufactured Housing Project Set for Australia

August 9th, 2013 Comments off

A one-time theme park in Queensland, Australia will be demolished and replaced with a 115-site manufactured housing community (MHC). Nostalgia Town at Pacific Paradise has been acquired for $1.6 million by Peter Puljich, director of Living Gems, developer of MHCs in Australia. The affordable living community will include a social building, pool and bowling green. MHProNews has learned from that other benefits include proximity to the beaches and the Sunshine Coast Airport.

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City Council Votes to Refuse Conversion

July 22nd, 2013 Comments off

The Costa Mesa (Calif.) City Council voted 4-0 to deny changing the Rolling Homes manufactured housing community from general commercial to high-density residential for the development of a 208-unit apartment complex. An amendment to the city’s General Plan would be needed to change the 55-site community of seniors, who said they were never notified by anyone of plans to possibly close the community. Pat Helgeson, a representative for would-be developer Province Group, says the community’s land is in escrow and will be sold. He notes the property is currently worth $478,000, but says with the apartment complex the value would be $50 million. As dailypilot informs MHProNews, Costa Mesa Mayor Jim Righeimer says the city cannot force Rolling Homes to close, and that conversion is a “long, arduous process.”

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Sun Rises Once Again on Sunset Village

July 15th, 2013 Comments off

Updating a story MHProNews last published May 27, 2013 regarding the plagued Sunset Village manufactured housing community in Glenview, Ill., new owners have purchased the property out of a three-year foreclosure. Former owner Richard Klarchek was sued by Cook County and the state for failing to adequately address water quality and other maintenance problems, dropping the community into foreclosure. He then filed personal bankruptcy, which further complicated Sunset’s fate. Occupancy fell from around 300 homes to 150, according to chicagotribune. David Worth, principal of Ravinia Communities LLC (formerly October Investment Properties), is one of the new owners along with JDI Realty LLC and The Wolcott Group LLC. Ravinia owns about 2,500 manufactured home sites in seven states, including Illinois, California, Florida and Michigan, Worth said. “We’re coming into this with eyes wide open,” Worth said. “Our sole focus is improving the community and bringing it back to what it was a few years ago, when it was probably the most affordable option on the North Shore.”

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Iowa PAC Produces Results for the Manufactured Housing Industry

July 10th, 2013 Comments off

Joe Kelly, executive vice-president of the Iowa Manufactured Housing Association (IAMHA), reports the Manufactured Housing Political Action (MHPAC) fund has raised $16,655 this year. He says the fund began the year at zero because all the funds had been spent on the elections in 2012 to good effect: Manufactured housing community owners will be receiving reduced property taxes for the next ten years. As MHProNews has learned, MHPAC is bipartisan, assisting candidates who demonstrate a willingness to support our industry.

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Developer Continues its Pursuit of Manufactured Housing Community

July 3rd, 2013 Comments off

Updating a story that began in 2006 when Garden Homes Management Corp. initially proposed a 124 site manufactured housing community in Oxford, Conn. that has been fraught with numerous hearings, court rulings, wetlands studies, appeals and professional reviews that we last covered Nov. 29, 2012, Garden Homes has a new proposal. The Conservation Commission, Inland Wetlands Agency (CCIWA) concern is that the wetlands, which comprise 13.59 acres of the 40.79 acre project will be adversely affected by water runoff from the development. Meanwhile, the planning and zoning commission’s concerns have been with parking, traffic and fire truck access and snow storage, as well as effect on the wetlands. As voicesnews tells MHProNews, the discussion of the application will be taken up at the planning and zoning commission’s next meeting, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 9, in Town Hall.

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Student Housing Planned to Replace Manufactured Housing Community

June 25th, 2013 Comments off

MHProNews last posted a story May 23, 2013 concerning the closing of a land lease community in State College, Penn. in which the owners were sued for not reimbursing homeowners according to state law, and were ordered to pay. The land has now been sold to Trinitas Ventures, which intends to build luxury student housing on the site, providing the College Township Council will agree to rezone it at a meeting tonight, June 25. The former owners, Kenneth Mayes and his sister Sharon Mayes, sent out notices in Sept. 2012 that the community was closing and they had to move by Feb. 2013. A long-time fixture for affordable housing in the town, the city had not ruled on the rezoning request by Feb., so everyone left. A “Save Hilltop” movement emerged, with many supporters who urged the council to deny the request, according to Two weeks ago the College Township Planning Commission voted to recommend to the council that they turn down the student housing. In March a realtor explored the possibility of maintaining the land for manufactured housing, but Travis Vencel of Trinitas says the land is owned by his company and there is nothing anyone can do.

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