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Aussies Banking on Factory-Built

August 19th, 2013 Comments off

Down Under, again: From a two-room self-contained Quickshack for a home office, teenage space, or a grandparent home to single and multistory modular housing for students, hospitals and hotels, Quicksmart (QSH) designs and engineers all products in house. The company makes a range of pods, modules, and hybrids as well as the Quickshack, with an emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency. MHProNews knows there are a lot of factory-built housing projects in Australia. Some of it is driven by the large energy exploration companies who need workforce housing, but much of the land mass is remote, making modular or manufactured housing more practical than site-built.

(Photo credit: Quicksmart–Quickshack and modular hospital room.)

New Homesite Planned for First Nation People

May 24th, 2013 Comments off

Updating a story MHProNews first covered Sept.16, 2011 and last covered Dec. 17., 2012 regarding modular housing for Canada’s Lake St. Martin First Nation which has been flooded out since spring, 2011, the brandonsun reports the Canadian government and tribal leaders have finally agreed on a site. Located just under 200 miles northwest of Winnipeg, the 960 acres surrounding the current location is a little higher to avoid the incessant flooding. Over a thousand former residents are living in hotels and other dwellings at the government’s expense, plus 60 who live in 17 modular homes on an old radar base at Gypsumville. While Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt said the site selection “is an important step toward returning Lake St. Martin evacuees to their home community,” many of the Lake St. Martin people do not think the new location is significantly higher than the old one. While no mention was made of the type of housing, in the past it has often been factory-built homes.

(Photo credit: CBC News–temporary housing at Lake St. Martin)

Community Closed for Waterfront Development

May 20th, 2013 Comments off

The tri-cityherald informs MHProNews the Clover Leaf land lease community in Kennewick, Wash. was sold in February, 2013 to BW Land which is developing the 22 acres into a waterfront of shops, condos, and hotels. BW sent out eviction notices to residents, giving them 30 days to move, but retracted when they realized the order would not stand up in court. The majority of the 36 residents moved after the first notice, but the remaining ones have now been given one year from April to find new living quarters. BW had begun using heavy equipment in the community but stopped after residents complained of the large holes left by tree removal and unsafe conditions. Tempers have flared to the point of police being called, but now BW is considering offering financial assistance to help residents move because they do not want to wait until April 2014 to begin development work.

(Photo credit: Christopher Weddle/centredailytimes)

Modular Housing Set for Kansas

February 20th, 2013 Comments off

KWCH-TV 12 reports from Anthony, Kan., housing is in such short supply due to the demand for housing from oil field workers tapping into the Mississippi Limestone formation, the Anthony City Commissioners have approved a special use permit to allow six modular units to be sited in the southeast corner of town. The ruling has upset nearby residents who complain the army barracks-style housing will negatively affect their neighborhood. The Register of Deeds in Kingman County in this south central part of the state near the Oklahoma border reports in years past there were about 2,000 requests for property ownership printed each year. Last year that number climbed to 85,000 requests for copies of deeds, as oil and gas companies search for owners of mineral rights. MHProNews has learned the two hotels in town have been booked so solid the last two years that a third hotel has been added and a fourth is being planned.

(Photo credit: Eric Hylden/prairiebizmag–Homark Homes building modular man camp.)

MH Headed for NJ

December 5th, 2012 Comments off

In the most recent MH commentary focused on the devastation Hurricane Sandy left behind in New Jersey, specifically, the 122,000 structures damaged or destroyed, Gov. Chris Christie has recently approved a long range five-prong solution to the housing problem. In addition to rehabbing and repairing existing structures and maximizing rental opportunities—payments to 340 hotels were made during the first four weeks—gsnmagazine tells MHProNews bringing in Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) HUD manufactured homes is an integral component of the plan.

(Photo credit: thewesterlysun—Richmond, Conn.)

Snakes Alive! Modular Homes Sitting Empty

November 23rd, 2012 Comments off

After Spring 2011 flooding forced 1,000 Lake St Martin First Nation residents from their homes in central Manitoba, Canada, the provincial government set up 60 furnished modular homes on a former radar base near Gypsumville. According to WinnipegFreePress, nine months later only 13 families have taken up the offer, others preferring to live in hotels or stay with family elsewhere. The modular homes cost $200,000 each, and the government, not wanting to see the homes go to waste, is giving the community until Dec. 15 to decide if they want the homes. If not, they will go to other First Nation peoples. Many Lake St. Martin residents were reluctant to move into the homes for fear it would become permanent and federal assistance would end. To date, the federal government in Ottawa has spent $66 million on accommodations and living allowances for thousands of evacuees since the flood. As MHProNews has learned, almost 2,000 people from six separate reserves do not know when they can return home. As we reported here Dec. 22, 2011, some residents expressed concerns about the site being on a migratory path for garter snakes.

(Photo credit: WinnipegFreePress—Lake St. Martin modular home)

FEMA Trailers in NYC. Can it Be?

November 6th, 2012 Comments off

The housing shortage in New York City for this winter is so acute public officials are considering FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) trailers and manufactured housing in areas outside the city where there is room to site them. Other options include area hospitals with empty beds, even state-run mental hospitals. Gov. Andrew Coumo says, “It’s going to be decided on a community by community basis. Some people will use trailers, others will use hotels, motels. You are going to have some people who need short-term housing, you have others who wil need long-term housing solutions. And those are two very different things.” As NY1 tells MHProNews, the governor says the needs will change over time.

(Photo credit: CountryLiving—New York City)

Modular an Option for Seattle Affordable Housing

October 2nd, 2012 2 comments

BizJournals reports from Seattle, Washington nonprofit developer Common Ground is considering several options to increase affordable housing in the state, according to a study the organization released. It costs $200,000 to develop a new rental housing unit in Washington, twice the national average, and the state is restrictive about what types of housing can be developed with public money. Common Ground is considering several cost-effective options, including two-story mini-complex modular apartments of six to eight units each. Other possibilities: re-configured shipping containers, 100 to 300 square foot micro apartments with shared common space, and micro hotels with semi-private cubicles. MHProNews has learned Common Ground will flesh out plans for the housing models and identify pilot project sites.

(Photo credit: Simcoe)

Modular Homes may House Isaac Victims

September 7th, 2012 Comments off

nola informs MHProNews from LaPlace, Louisiana, on the western outskirts of New Orleans, some 7,000 homes have been inundated by Hurricane Isaac, leaving thousands homeless. 10,000 residents have registered for assistance with various local agencies, but because the high flood waters caused such widespread damage to possible transitional housing like hotels and shelters, many people have been relocated to Shreveport, Alexandria, and New Orleans. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) no longer provides trailers that became so prevalent following Hurricane Katrina, but may bring in modular homes for displaced residents.

(Photo credit: Brett Duke/The Times-Picayune–Tracy Naquin sorts through belongings following Isaac.)

High-end Modular Hotels Down Under?

August 27th, 2012 Comments off

WaToday reports from Australia modular construction techniques have been used in mining camps and other remote areas to house workers, where materials and labor are expensive to import for onsite construction. Modular methods have also contributed to the development of public buildings and social infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and economy budget hotel chains. With room shortages being reported in most capital cities, the scale is tipping in favor of modular construction for larger high-end hotels due to the faster delivery, cost savings, greater quality control, and improved on site safety of current modular techniques. MHProNews has learned Australia could follow the lead of European hotels in reducing the shortage of desperately needed hotel stock.

(Photo credit: Regina Leader-Post/Troy Fleece)