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Battle Rages over Value of Manufactured Housing Communities

September 25th, 2013 Comments off

Following up on a post MHProNews last reported Sept. 3, 2013 regarding Equity LifeStyle Properties’ (NYSE:ELS) successful appeal of a sharp rise in taxes on two manufactured housing communities (MHCs) in Florida, over $200,000 in property taxes are once again at stake. Sarasota County Property Appraiser Bill Furst contends the value of Bay Indies in Venice has increased 23 percent over last year’s valuation to $47.3 million, while the value of Lake Village in Nokomis, FL rose 72 percent to $19.5 million. These are the same exact numbers he used last year that were denied. ELS has filed an appeal with the Value Adjustment Board, the same as last year. Tax increases are passed on to residents of the communities, resulting in the National Manufactured Home Owners Association (NMHOA) questioning the formula Furst used. According to, he is using the same methodology as before, sparking the same appeal from ELS. In April he sued ELS trying to force them to produce financial records for the two communities, but statutory law does not require it. In any case, residents will have to pay more if Furst succeeds in increasing the valuation.

(Photo credit: Equity LifeStyle Properties–Lake Haven MHC, Clearwater, FL)

CA MHC resident says ‘Home Owners Association’ doesn’t speak for her or Residents

August 26th, 2013 Comments off

lake-mendocino-mobile-home-estates-ukiah-ca-credit-zillow-posted-daily-business-news-manufactured-housing-pro-news-mhpronew-com-A letter to the editor of the ukiahdailyjournal by Judy DeBeni, a resident of Lake Mendocino Mobile Home Estates, in Ukiah CA brings to light an issue that goes well beyond her land lease community. DeBeni writes: “Sue Everett, in her letter of Aug. 7, claims to represent the residents of Lake Mendocino Mobile Home Estates. She does not. The Home Owner’s Assn., of which she also claims to be president, is a pseudo group with no by-laws, and a president who volunteered for the position. Their meetings may have 20 to 25 attendees, but the membership is less than 20. There are at least 100 people living in the park. In her letter Ms. Everett announced that, “We plan to have a meeting with the manager on Sat., August 10, at 10 a.m. to discuss this issue.” The manager was neither invited nor informed of this meeting. Ms. Everett makes false charges and ignorant assumptions. Three different service agencies have investigated in the park for leaks: American Leak Detector, Roter Rooter and Ernie Wiepf. The “obvious massive underground leaks” do not exist. Most residents avoid her meetings as they consist of criticism, accusations and conspiracy theories. I am an 18-year resident of LMMHE and I believe Sue Everett has done the park a disservice.” As MHProNews knows, Judy DeBeni letter brings to light an issue that occurs in many communities that have self-appointed ‘resident associations’ that follow a similar pattern of behavior. Namely, that a sub-group of malcontents organize without the consent of the majority of a community’s residents. Those protesters then often proceed to seek local media coverage, in an effort to paint the management of a community in a darker light. The ukiahdailyjournal deserves credit for publishing DeBeni’s letter, so residents in her area might see the other side of the issue of community living from happier residents’ perspective. ##

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Conversion Statute in the Legislative Mix

April 5th, 2013 Comments off

Following up on an earlier post concerning legislation that a California manufactured home owners association is promoting in the state legislature, santamariatimes informs MHProNews SB 510 addresses the conversion of MHCs to resident owned communities/sites and condos. The new measure gives local jurisdictions authority to determine by survey if at least a majority of residents support the conversion. In addition, the law would allow local government to adopt their own regulations to implement the measure.

(Photo credit: Bentwood MHC–Brentwood, Calif.)

Couple Sue MHC Owner

January 11th, 2013 Comments off

The sltrib tells MHProNews Steve Anderson and his wife, residents of Cottonwood Coves MHC in Murray, Utah just outside Salt Lake City allege the owner, Terry Robison, unilaterally changed the terms of the contract they signed in 2004 without their signature. Initially, sewer and water fees were included in the rent but a May, 2012 notice from management said those utilities would now be metered separately for each home in the community. Management offset the increased cost by dropping site rents $18/month in the 168-site community. Robison also dropped the grace period for paying rent from ten days to five, and increased the late payment charge from ten percent of the rent and $2 a day to $100 and $5 a day. In addition, rents are set to increase to $537/month on Feb. 1, a $39 a month rise for the couple. A breach of contract lawsuit they filed was dismissed by the judge, so they have re-written the complaint. Robison, who has owned the community since 1999, when asked about the increases said, “It’s just business, it’s what we have to do — it’s what landlords have to deal with all the time.” He feels certain he will prevail in the upcoming lawsuit as well. Steve Anderson is past president of the Utah Manufactured Homeowners Action Group and serves on the executive board of the National Manufactured Home Owners Association.

(Photo credit: Francisco Kjolseth/Salt Lake Tribune–Nancy and Steve Anderson)

Residents of ELS’ MHCs Come for Annual Meeting

May 16th, 2012 Comments off

heNation says Retirees and members of the Manufactured Home Owners Association of America (MHOAA) came from around the nation to tell Sam Zell at the Equity Lifestyle Properties’ (ELS) annual shareholders meeting that raising rents and cutting services at his MHCs is threatening his own clients ability to remain as residents. A woman from Florida bought a share of stock so she could attend the meeting, but most of those who came to protest were not allowed in. has learned Zell did not attend either. Article author Laura Flanders says ELS sued to rescind rent control so many times in Santa Cruz, California, the city finally caved in to avoid future litigation costs, although it won the last lawsuit. Besides having to pay increased rents, residents say they will also have a tougher time selling their homes. Members of MHOAA who live in rent control communities live in fear ELS will sue their municipalities to overturn the ruling. ELS owns hundreds of MHCs that cater to seniors, says Flanders, and last year earned $300 million. Sam Zell calls himself the “grave dancer” because he dances “on the skeletons of other people’s mistakes.”

(Photo credit: Wall Street Journal—Sam Zell)