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Uncertainty hurts business – no more Teddy Bears and Flowers

March 24th, 2016 Comments off

teddy_bears__breitbart__creditAs MHProNews publisher L. A. “Tony” Kovach told the Daily Business News, “Uncertainty hurts business. When people are afraid, spending slows. Anything that can harm business is noteworthy for a business or investment professional.”

Writing in breitbart, Raheem Kassan tells MHProNews every time there is another Islamist terrorist attack that kills and maims hundreds, our response is to adorn the site of the attack—or as near as one can get—with teddy bears, wreaths, candles, scarves, murals, flowers, as if that is our only response. The governments form a “solidarity,” which Kassan says “Means that you have observed the situation, changed your Facebook profile picture accordingly, and patted yourself on the back.”

He may be referring to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who said on the Today Show, It’s unrealistic to say we’re going to completely shut down our borders to everyone,” Clinton said. “That would stop commerce for example and that is not in anybody’s interest. But we have to do a much better job in coordination with the Europeans on tracking and following anyone who has any connection with terrorism.

Calling teddy bears the “new resolve” because they represent “everything we have become in response to our way of life being threatened, and our people being slaughtered on our streets: inanimate, squishy, and full of crap.”

Saying there are millions of people among us who hate us and will one day run our public life, Kassan says the recruiting is going on under our noses in schools and universities, among the poor and disaffected. Our response is to reach out, be tolerant, co-exist, but he is criticized on social media for not wanting a caliphate in Great Britain. And so he asks, why are the Good Muslims doing nothing?

You cannot just write “no fear” on a poster at the site of a massacre and walk away. “We must be fearless in electing leaders who we feel will best keep us safe. It is one of the few areas of our lives in which we should be able to feel comfortable. We pay our taxes, you keep us safe,” says Kassan.

If our governments fail to protect us, we must arm ourselves. When Donald Trump called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, the tolerance lobby went into overdrive, with even the House of Commons in the UK considering banning Trump from the country.

He says the root cause is too much open door-type immigration without enough screening into the Western world, and we have a duty to not make that mistake again. He states, “And yes, that does mean exactly what you think it means. It means ending mass migration. It means smashing apart ghettos and no go zones. It means repealing laws that allow for Sharia councils. It means asserting what it means to be British, or European, or American, without fearing a backlash from the political left, or the media.

He adds, “So put down the teddy bears, burst the balloons, and let’s start demanding again that our countries are safe and civilized. And if we can’t find people who’ll make that happen for us… let’s do it ourselves.” ##

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New York State Emerson Poll reveals Shift of electorate about Trump, Cruz and Clinton in Primary Contests

March 18th, 2016 Comments off

emerson_college_primary_pollFollowing their primary wins, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump hold commanding leads in New York, ahead of the April 19 primary, that could determine their ultimate candidacies, according to a survey by the Emerson College Polling Society, reports media.wix.

The Society, a Department of Communications Studies at Emerson College, called 298 likely primary voters between March 14 and March 16, 2016, using an interactive voice response (IVR) system of land lines, with margin of error of +/- 5.6%.

In the Republican primary, the survey shows Donald Trump with 64 percent of the primary votes, followed by Ted Cruz with 12 percent, Marco Rubio dropped out with four percent, and John Kasich hangs on with one percent. In a Trump vs. Cruz scenario, Trump would trump Cruz 69% to 25%.

The Democratic primary has Clinton leading Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders by 71% to 23%. While many younger voters (18-34) like Sanders, Clinton dominates in key demographic groups, including men, women, African-Americans and Hispanics. By age groups, Clinton is ahead in all groups above 34 years.

Among likely Democratic primary voters, both Clinton and Sanders have high favorability ratings, but Clinton supporters who view her favorably are 85% more likely to vote for her, as opposed to the 31% who see Sanders favorably that intend to vote for him.

In the Empire State’s Republican primary, Trump has the highest favorable/unfavorable ratio at 71%/23%, followed by Cruz at 52%/44% and Kasich at 54%/34%. Trump supporters are the most loyal, 89% favorable to him will vote for him, while only 21 percent who have a favorable view of Cruz intend to vote for him.

Head-to-head in a general election, Clinton beats Trump 55% to 36%, and Sanders would win 53% to 36%. Versus Cruz, Clinton would win 61% to 30%.

Both Clinton and Sanders favor strengthening Dodd-Frank, while Trump and Cruz have stated they would change and/or abolish Dodd-Frank, as well as the Affordable Care Act.

Among Republican voters in New York, dissatisfaction with government at 47% is a major concern, followed by the economy at 29%. For Democrats it’s the economy at 25% and race relations at 18%. ##

(Graphic credit: Emerson College Polling Society)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J. Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

Trump Gaining Steam, Cruz, Rubio appealing to MHPros

December 11th, 2015 Comments off

political_caucus__precincts_from_Wash_state_46th_Legislaltive_District_caucus_in_a_school_lunch_room_(2008).MHProNews is hearing about support among industry members for candidates ranging from Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side, to Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and the political phenom of the year, Donald Trump among Republicans.

As the 2016 primary season heats up, The New York Times reports that Trump is no longer a laughing matter among Democrats. Trumps positions on immigration, and his recent talk of banning Muslims from coming to America in the wake of the San Bernardino terror attack last week has the political class rebelling, but his poll numbers are continuing to rise so far.

Writing in washingtonexaminer, Byron York says while the media rages over Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s declarations, his supporters in Iowa say his draw is so strong he is bringing newcomers into the caucus process. If true, combine these with current Trump supporters and he could win in Feb.

Meanwhile, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is picking up support in Iowa, having received endorsements from evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats as well as Iowa U. S. Rep. Steve King. One recent poll showed Cruz in the lead, while a different one had Trump ahead. Trump supporters say the polls do not show the true strength of his draw.

Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims is not hurting him here in the Midwest. York says, “The idea that caused the punditocracy’s heads to explode doesn’t appear to be having the same effect among Iowa Republicans.

Mr. York was a featured speaker at a Manufactured Housing Institute event.

Patrick Buchanan writes on wnd that while Donald Trump was being called a fascist demagogue, compared to Hitler and Mussolini for proposing a ban on Muslim immigration, in 1924 the Congress restricted immigration, especially from Asia, and from southern and central Europe. This resulted in a 40 year moratorium on most immigration into the U. S.

President Coolidge and congressional leaders wanted the U. S. to maintain religious and ethnic ties to Europe, not Africa or Asia, the “law of the land” under FDR, Truman and JFK.

He says, “The Constitution protects freedom of religion for U. S. citizens. But citizens of foreign lands have no constitutional right to migrate. And federal law gives a president broad powers in deciding who comes and who does not, especially in wartime.” ##

(Photo credit: wikipediacommons–Precincts from Washington state’s 46th Legislative District caucus in a school lunchroom (2008).

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Who Will Be the Democratic Candidate for President in 2016?

February 12th, 2015 Comments off

democratic-donkey-presidential-raceA lot of the stories in today’s news concerns all the various people who might be running for U.S. President next year.  Among those is one candidate who says she is definitely not running.  Nevertheless, the Washington Examiner tells MHProNews that recent election polls from Iowa and New Hampshire show that Sen. Elizabeth Warren received more votes than former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. One poll showed that 79 percent of respondents want Warren and that majorities support her anti-Wall Street positions. Still, Warren says she doesn’t plan to challenge Clinton.

The Associated Press tells MHProNews that Vice President Joe Biden is probably not going to run for president again. At this point, eight years ago, Biden had declared his candidacy and launched a website.  This time around, even while saying it’s possible he’ll run again, Biden’s name isn’t really in the 2016 mix.

On another front, unease grows among some Democrats as Hillary Clinton stays on the sidelines. The Wall Street Journal says that her supporters want her to begin actively campaigning as the Republican race for president already has the feel of a sprint, with likely candidates attending fundraisers and party forums all over the map. Some Democrats, meanwhile, are wondering: When will their front-runner join the contest? Most people think that Hillary Clinton is all but certain to seek her party’s nomination, but as yet, there are no signs she will.

The New York Times reports that there is some infighting going on in the Clinton ranks. Lingering tensions between Clinton’s loyalists and the strategists who helped President Obama defeat her in 2008 have erupted into an intense public struggle over who will wield money and clout in her emerging 2016 presidential campaign – if she runs.  ##

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