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High Income Residences for Low Income Residents

October 26th, 2012 Comments off

Philly reports low-income housing in a section of Philadelphia called Logan rivals high-income housing elsewhere. The three modular rowhouses are stylish and modern, and among the most energy efficient homes anywhere, with solar paneled roofs that reduce the energy consumption level to near zero, crucial for the poorest of the poor who will be living there. Developed by Onion Flats, the homes are the first in Pennsylvania to be certified by the Germany-based International Passive House Institute because their energy consumption is near zero. Stuffed with insulation and outfitted with Bosch appliances and European windows, a heat exchanger maintains a comfortable temperature inside the homes. Partnering with the nonprofit Raise of Hope, Onion Flats  set 25-foot deep piers to stabilize the modules because of Logan’s shifting soil. Costing $250,000 apiece, the five-bedroom homes will be occupied by families with incomes below $25,000 annually, MHProNews has been informed.

(Photo credit: Philly/Onion Flats)

York International Recalls MH Furnaces—Again!

February 3rd, 2012 Comments off

According to Consumer Reports, York International has re-announced a recall of gas furnaces made for manufactured homes following 393 incident calls since the furnaces were manufactured 1995-2000. 336 of the calls have come in since 2004, when the first recall was announced. Sold under the brand names Coleman, Coleman Evcon, and Red T, the furnace can overheat causing splits in the heat exchanger which may allow flames to reach combustible materials in the MH. Health Canada tells the recall covers twelve different models, some 225,000 furnaces in all, one percent of which are in Canada. The article says to immediately discontinue using the furnace until it has been inspected. For more information call 888 665 4640 weekdays.

(Photo credit: Consumer Reports)