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Clayton Homes Receives Key ISO Registration

October 21st, 2016 Comments off

A Clayton Home in Texas. Credit: Clayton Homes, SPA.

Clayton Homes announced this week that all 36 of its home building facilities in existence in 2015 have attained International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 registration.

The registration means that Clayton has implemented the necessary sustainable-building guidelines required by the ISO.

The company achieved the distinction of being the first manufactured home builder in the U.S. among members of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) to receive the certification when its building facility in Rutledge, Tenn. did so during the first quarter of 2015.

The company made a commitment in 2015 to have all of its facilities registered by the end of this year.

It was a huge accomplishment for our Rutledge facility to become ISO 14001 registered as a manufactured home leader in environmental, safety and green building practices,” said Marty Bostrom, director of environmental, health and safety (EHS) for the Clayton home building group.

But we didn’t want to stop there. We’re now proud to announce that we’ve taken the goal we created at Rutledge and applied these practices to all of our facilities across the country.

The internationally agreed upon measures to reduce the cost of waste management and reduced energy consumption in the ISO 14001 can be obtained by all types of businesses. Since the registration began in 2015, 36 home building facilities have diverted 16,544 tons of landfill waste and reduced dust by 31 percent.


Keith Holdbrooks. Credit: Clayton Homes.

Getting all our home building facilities registered is a huge milestone for us,” said Keith Holdbrooks, president of Clayton home building group. “Upgrading our locations on a national scale not only helps us become better stewards of our environment, it also allows us to operate more efficiently and improve team member experience.

The firm’s is the largest producer of manufactured homes (MH) in North America.  Vertically-integrated Clayton has several hundred retail centers nationwide. Through its affiliates and family of brands, Clayton builds, sells, finances, leases and insures Clayton-built manufactured, modular homes.  It recently ventured into the “tiny house” market too.


Clayton Fusion model, New Durham Estates, Westville, IN.

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RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.

Housing Markets Improving

June 6th, 2013 Comments off

According to the National Association Home Builders (NAHB)/First American Improving Markets Index (IMI), five U. S. housing markets have been added to the list of those returning to health in June. Based on housing permits, employment and house prices that have been improving for six months, “This is the fifth consecutive month in which the IMI has designated more than 70 percent of U.S. metros as improving,” observed NAHB Chairman Rick Judson. As MHProNews has learned, twenty-nine markets were added to the IMI while 24 markets fell away from the list. NAHB Chief Economist David Crowe says, “The number of improving markets is now more than three times what it was in June 2012.”

(Photo credit: knoxnews)

MHC to Receive Public Sewer Lines

October 30th, 2012 Comments off

With the soil long inundated with septic systems, residents of Greensprings Mobile Home Park in James City County, near Williamsport, Virginia implored the Board of Supervisors to extend public sewer lines to the community, according to Virginia Gazette. Owner Franklin Management Co. has been pumping and hauling sewage for years, but some backs up into yards, and threatens residents’ health. As MHProNews has learned the supervisors hesitated to pass the measure, fearing the owner would pass the $600,000 cost of the hook-up on to the residents, or develop the property into single-family homes, since the sewer lines would increase the value of the land. An agreement was eventually signed preventing the owner from passing the cost onto residents.

(Photograph credit: Virginia Gazette)

Housing Market not Strong, but Stable

October 3rd, 2012 Comments off

Encouraged by a variety of signs, fourteen economists surveyed by CNNMoney believe the housing market has finally turned the corner on its way back to health. Only three months ago half of those surveyed did not believe the turnaround would come until next year, or later. The economists cite three consecutive months of increases in the Case-Shiller home price index, gains in sales of existing homes and home construction, a rise in the price of new home sales and continuing record low mortgage rates. “We’re seeing the signs of a pulse in a sector that has been flat-lined for a number of years,” said Sean Snaith, economics professor at the University of Central Florida. Housing was a drain on the nation’s gross domestic product through early 2011, but beginning in Q4 2011, housing has been adding to growth. While lacking the robustness it exhibited pre-downturn, MHProNews has learned the housing market is at least providing some stability to the economy.

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Problem MHC on Block

August 24th, 2012 Comments off

Harking back to a story we have been following since Sept. 2011 and that we last covered July 13, 2012, Edgeway Mobile Home Park in Middleboro, Massachusetts has been under a cloud of violations, court judgments, and missed deadlines since it first opened in the 1990’s, and now, since original developer Wayne Williams’ death six years ago, his estate has been placed under an administrator who says there are still not enough resources to replace the septic system or complete the drainage and road construction. southcoasttoday says attorney James Burke reports rental income from the residents barely covers routine maintenance and he intends to sell the MHC “as is,” a plan that the town selectmen reject, saying the estate should at least pay to replace the septic system. While such an upgrade would indeed help sell the property, Mr. Burke says the finances simply do not support that. Selectman Ben Quelle, noting the septic issue is tied to health codes, says, “These tenants are hanging by a thread. They’re asking themselves whether they legally need to pay the rent at this point. I sympathize with them. These issues have been going on for a long time and they haven’t been addressed.” MHProNews has learned Mr. Burke has contacted several national MHC developers and hopes to have the property sold within six months.

(Photo credit: Edgeway Mobile Home Park)

MHC License Returns, but Residents Remain Skeptical

July 13th, 2012 Comments off

Following up on a story we began covering Sept. 2011 that we last covered June 28, 2012, the Edgeway Mobile Home Park in Middleboro, Massachusetts, will be licensed for the first time since 2004, as SouthCoastToday tells The MHC was never completed according to the plan submitted to the Board of Selectmen in 1985, and health and zoning violations have dogged the community since the 1990’s. Owner Wayne Williams died in 2006, and his son, Cory Farcas, has been running Edgeway since, but missed deadlines in responding to numerous resident complaints concerning drainage, outside lighting, and ventilation, coupled with multiple court hearings and town board rulings have frustrated the town government. Phase one of an agreement reached last year with the owners has been completed, allowing the license to be reinstated. Residents do not have a lot of faith that Phase II—replacement of the MHC’s septic system and completion of roads—will be completed now that the license has been renewed.

(Photo credit: Edgeway Mobile Home Park)

Big Box Discounter Offering Mortgages

May 2nd, 2012 Comments off

Discount merchandiser Costco is entering the mortgage and student loan business, OriginationNews tells Already into financial services with marine and recreational loans, credit cards, health and auto insurance, and investing services, Costco has partnered with New Jersey-based First Choice Bank and ten other lenders to offer full-service home loans. The company has already written 10,000 mortgages for its members.

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Changes Proposed for San Antonio MH

April 18th, 2012 Comments off

J.D. Pendleton, Executive Director of the Texas Manufactured Housing Association, tells the San Antonio Quality of Life Committee may propose changes to the city code that affects MHCs. The changes relate to building/rebuilding manufactured homes in a flood plain, signage responsibilities, and possible increased fines for violations. The Quality of Life Committee has policy oversight of parks, animal care, homeless services, neighborhoods, code compliance, health, library, solid waste programs, affordable housing, and community initiative programs.

(Photo credit: Woodlake Estates, San Antonio–Roberts Communities)


Housing Industry Continues to Remove Bandages of Bruising Market

March 22nd, 2012 Comments off

In an article by Reuters in the NYTimes, has learned home building permits rose 5.1 percent in February, giving rise to economists predictions that home building could contribute to economic growth for the first time since 2005. The adjusted annual rate (AAR) of 717,000 units last month, the highest since October 2008, exceeded economists’ expectations of 690,000 AAR. The large stock of unsold homes on the market is depressing prices, but housing starts rose in Feb. 2012 34.7 percent over Feb. 2011, the largest year-to-year gain since April 2010 when the tax credit expired. Construction of multifamily housing jumped 21.1 percent last month. Eric Green, chief economist at TD Securities in New York says, “Housing is being nursed back to health, but getting out of rehab takes time.”

(Photo credit: Reuters)