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Nominations for RV/MH Hall of Fame Due

September 12th, 2013 Comments off

The Recreational Vehicle (RV)/Manufactured Housing (MH) Hall of Fame (Hall) Selection Committee is actively seeking nominations for the class of 2014. Darryl Searer, Hall president, said, “The Hall welcomes nominations from all RV and manufactured housing sectors — manufacturers, dealers, campgrounds, housing communities, suppliers, user groups, trade media, associations, etc.” The nominee must have been involved in either industry for at least 25 years. Hall Chairman Barry Cole said, “Time is running out for nominations to the Hall’s Class of 2014, so I urge my colleagues to honor their friends and co-workers by submitting their nominations before the October 31 deadline.” MHProNews understands the nomination process has been streamlined by the Board of Directors. For more information, click here please.

(Photo credit: RV/MH Hall of Fame)

RV/MH Hall of Fame Nears Goal

April 3rd, 2013 Comments off

In honor of Fleetwood Enterprises founder John C. Crean, the Crean Foundation has donated $60,000 to the RV/MH Hall of Fame’s “Burn the Bank Note” initiative to raise $150,000 by April 30, 2013, according to information MHProNews has received. The Robert “Boots” Ingram’s family challenge grant of $50,000 requires the Hall to raise $100,000. Combined with other recent donations, the Hall needs just under $30,000 to reach the challenge by the deadline, and pay off the 1st Source Bank note by May 1. A $10,000 donation came from Lyle D. & Nellie R. Reed Charitable Foundation to honor the memory of Clarence Fore, founder of Foretravel; $2,000 by Ace Fogdall RV to honor the memory of its founders Ace & Florence Fogdall; and $1,000 by Michael A Schneider, MAS Associates. Hall president Darryl Searer said, “Time is running out for us to qualify for the Ingram Family’s $50.000 challenge grant. It would be a shame to leave that amount on the table and miss the opportunity to pay off our bank note.”

(Photo credit: RVBusiness—RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum, Elkhart, Ind.)

Museum Whittling away at Debt

February 25th, 2013 Comments off

The RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum in Elkhart, Ind. still has until April 30 to reach the $150,000 contribution mark to meet the Robert “Boots” Ingram family’s challenge grant that would pay off the Hall’s bank note to 1st Source Bank. Contributions so far are just under $50,000, leaving about $100,000 still to raise to meet the goal, according to Hall president Darryl Searer. The $840,000 owed less than a year ago has been reduced to below $200,000, and a countdown clock has been added to the website so visitors may track the progress, as MHProNews has learned. Says Barry Cole, chairman of the Hall’s board of directors, “We have come a long way in less than a year to bring the Hall back to the prominence it had before where donors are worry free and proud to contribute again. Much of the credit for the turnaround must go to Darryl Searer, who volunteered on a no-compensation basis to become the Hall’s president because he believed our Hall of Fame and Museum was too important to the RV/MH industries to allow it to go away.”

(Photo credit: RV/MH Hall of Fame)

Peer Challenge will Benefit RV/MH Museum

November 6th, 2012 Comments off

Jay Hesse of Blue Ox has donated $5,000 to the RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum in Elkhart, Ind., and has set up a “peer challenge” program to encourage other RV/MH industry donations to pay off the bank note by April 30, 2013. Anyone donating $1,000 or more would challenge three others in the industry through the Hall’s website to match or exceed their donation. Each of those challenged that responded positively would then continue the challenge to three additional potential donors to further spread the web. Hall president Darryl Searer says, “ I’ve learned since becoming president of the Hall that people in both the RV and Manufactured Housing industries are generous and would be happy to make a contribution if asked. And the Peer Challenge makes it easy to ask.” MHProNews posted in a DBN July 26, 2012, the Hall exceeded its fund-raising goal of $150,000, the same sum it is trying to now raise. It now must match the Robert “Boots” Ingram $50,000 family challenge grant to pay off the $200,000 1st Source Bank loan.

(Photo credit: RV/MH Hall of Fame–Jay Hesse)