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President Trump Mulls Federal Action Intervening on Homeless Crisis in U.S. Cities

July 2nd, 2019 Comments off



Still from the first video, posted below.

Tucker Carlson Tonight (TCT) had an exclusive interview with President of the United States (POTUS) Donald J. Trump that was aired on 7.1.2019.  It covered foreign and domestic affairs. It included concerns over antitrust or monopolistic related issues, but also on the growing problems of homelessness in America.


The first segment of part two of that interview begins with questions about the power of big tech over the marketplace.  From that, is this POTUS Trump pull-quote: “A lot of people want us to take [federal antitrust, other legal] action against Facebook, Twitter and frankly against Amazon.”

When asked by Carlson if the Trump Administration will take action, the 45th president demurred, saying “I can’t say,” meaning he is not able to comment.

About halfway through this video below on right-of-center Fox News, Carlson pivots to a comparison of the cleanliness of Japanese cities compared to many in the United States.



Carlson named New York City, San Francisco, and Los Angeles as examples of cities with a homeless problem.  These are among the places that MHProNews and our sister site have reported on or mentioned previously.

The president said, “Its disgraceful…We are looking at it very seriously. You can’t do that,” meaning allow such problems to occur.

The president said that people and police officers are getting sick just from walking the streets were human waste and other troubling issues are occurring routinely, as was dramatically documented in the viral “Seattle is Dying” video report.




“…You can’t do that, you can’t ruin our cities,” the president told Carlson. He said it is the “liberal Establishment” that runs those cities. “It’s a terrible thing that is taking place.”

The president said that shortly after he took office, that he addressed similar issues that were occurring in “certain places in Washington, D.C. where that was starting to happen.”

POTUS Trump said he ended it “very quickly” because you can’t have world leaders coming and witnessing that in the nation’s capital.

After putting it in the context of the prior beauty of San Francisco, where Trump branded companies have business interests, he said, “We are looking at that very seriously.

Do these governors or mayors” where these troubling issues are occurring “really think this is a positive?” rhetorically asked the president. He said the problems with homelessness wasn’t okay, and “It’s destroying a whole way of life.”

The first part of the same interview is posted below.  It dealt more with trade and foreign affairs.



How Does This Homeless Issue Relate to Affordable Housing, and Manufactured Homes?

That too is a rhetorical question, because the connection should be obvious. The recent White House announcement of an executive order that established a council to address the barriers to affordable housing is arguably a predicate to whatever the Trump Administration is preparing to do.

To learn more, see the related reports, linked below the byline.

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Shocking, True State of the Manufactured Housing Industry, plus Solutions for Profitable, Sustainable Growth – May 2019







HUD Secretary Carson on National TV, Touting Manufactured Housing, More Jobs & Investment Opportunities

May 3rd, 2019 Comments off



For over a year, the Daily Business News on MHProNews has been virtually alone in the industry’s trade media in periodically spotlighting the Opportunity Zones that were part of the Trump Administration tax and economic stimulus plans. Given the nation’s complex ‘carrots and sticks’ federal tax system, the Opportunity Zones are a plan that provides significant incentives to invest in thousands of locations in the states and Puerto Rico to create new private-sector investments that would generate those coveted ‘higher paying jobs.’



Last week, HUD Secretary Carson made an appearance on Steve Hilton’s “The Next Revolution” on Fox News, to discuss details to those Opportunity Zones.  Carson chairs a team on that initiative, but what made this interesting that in the context of that discussion, he raised the issue of manufactured homes. The secretary’s comments were positive, useful for the industry, and occurred in the back half of this under 7-minute video interview.

Taken in conjunction with Secretary Carson’s positive comments to the Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee reported first exclusively here on MHProNews, they are an obvious part of the case to be made to promote the manufactured housing industry’s long-overdue recovery.

Those positive comments by Secretary Carson to the MHCC are now found on the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) website, at this link here, as part of their new and more detailed Washington Updates report.

Since the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) was also at that same event, why are Secretary Carson’s comments missing from their website?




There are 4 articles on MHI’s website that mention Secretary Carson, but none of them are recent or mention Manufactured Housing, the MHCC comments, or the opportunity zone topic.  They put it out to their members via email.  So why not post it on their website, where the world will see it?

What about MHI’s social media?

There was nothing on Twitter from MHI on this topic.  On April dates before or since the date of the broadcast on Fox News of Secretary Carson, there were lots of pretty photos.

Here below are two examples.


But once more, no actual, substantive comments from MHI about the Steve Hilton interview with Carson. Why not?  Why does MHI tout the Carson comments only in their email to their own members?

Singing to the choir is fine.  But isn’t it the broader national audience that needs to be converted to the notion that manufactured homes are a solution?


The numbers for March 2019 manufactured home shipments are in.  They are down once more, for the 7th month, as recent signals from MHProNews reflected.  We’ll have our report on Monday.

Factory backlogs from a Clayton plant and others are reportedly down significantly from this time last year. That may signal that this down-trend will linger.




Regardless of what the powers-that-be may wish to posture or claim, the downturn can’t be pawned off on FEMA, inventory adjustments, or any other excuse. Yes, the John Oliver “Mobile Homes” video is recent.  The impact on the market is not yet known, but are we expecting it to boost sales?

The reality is that manufactured housing has had more problematic news for years than positive news.  MHI’s prior chairman admitted that there is a case to be made to respond to every bad news report.  Why is it that MHI has failed to do so?


If retail demand and wholesale orders for more rental homes were there, orders and production from factories would obviously be rising.

Back to Secretary Carson.

Per Steve Hilton’s interview YouTube page, the interview focused on “Ben Carson on Trump administration efforts to boost economic development in distressed areas. Carson also discusses the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s new ‘opportunity zones’ program.” But as noted, Dr. Carson ties those zones directly in with the home ownership and the role that manufactured homes should play.  That ought to be celebrated and spotlighted by industry professionals, not just here on MHProNews, but throughout the industry – and to the public at large.

Our platforms have and will publish this for the professional and the public.  Will others follow suit?

The HUD code home industry has perhaps the friendliest voice in Secretary Carson since the Manufactured Housing Improvement Act of 2000 (MHIA) was passed. Yet, both Democratic and Republican administrations have failed to fully and properly implement the MHIA 2000, and MHARR recently noted in a document to Secretary Carson, linked here.

MHI and their apologists need to carefully digest what the MHARR said in the 3 reports, linked below.

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MHARR Calls on HUD Secretary to End Discriminatory And Exclusionary Zoning of HUD-Regulated Manufactured Homes

“The Illusion of Motion Versus Real-World Challenges”

Warning – Number 1 Manufactured Housing State, Texas – Reports Month Over Month Rise, Year over Year Shipment Decline Continues

Newly Published Regional State Data Reflects Gainers, Losers in New Manufactured Homes Shipped










Men in America, “Something Ominous” Sobering Comparisons with Women

March 8th, 2018 Comments off


Health experts are warning of a crisis in male fertility that they fear is making it harder for couples to conceive – a problem they say is compounded by a lack of scientific understanding,” says iNews.The average sperm count has dived by 52 per cent in the past four decades – while men are leaving it later and later before trying to have a child.”



These are just some of the sobering facts cited in the video report, posted below. They directly impact every business in America, factory built housing clearly included.


That report from England is mirrored in an even more sobering report here in the U.S. As factory-builders and others are often struggling for qualified, dependable workers, Tucker Carlson sheds led light on men in America, in what he claims is an under-reported crisis.


Something ominous is happening to men in America,” says Carlson, as he launched a new periodic series that talked about comparisons between men and women.

In category after category, the women are doing better, Carlson says the data reveals.


Men in America’: It’s odd how rarely you hear the problems with American men publicly acknowledged. Our leaders pledge to create more opportunities for women and girls, whom they imply are failing. Men are fine. But are they? The numbers say otherwise,” per FoxNews.

In offices, factories or wherever they are found, men die younger, are more likely to be in legal or other trouble. Single women are buying more homes at double the rate of single men, says Carlson. “American men are failing,” he says, “It’s a crisis.”

It is something that those in manufactured housing, when considered, suddenly comes to light.

Solutions begin with understanding that a problem exists, in an under 8 minute video report – which is sobering. ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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NFIB – Small Business Outlook, Optimism, How Can DC Keep it Going?

June 15th, 2017 Comments off

MaySmallZBizEconomicOutlookNFIBManufacturedhousingRelatedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsWhile the two major parties and their respective media allies battle (sadly, literally) in Washington, Main Street is feeling optimistic.

So says the National Association of Independent Business (NFIB) President, Juanita Duggan.

Small business owners are highly encouraged by the President’s regulatory reform agenda, and they remain optimistic there will be tax reform and healthcare reform. This is a policy-driven phenomenon,” said Duggan about May’s optimism levels, in a release to MHProNews.

She says that health care reform passage, pending now in the Senate, is important.


Juanita Duggan.

But “essential” to keeping the economy and small business moving ahead is tax reform.  This is a perspective that several pro-growth economists, such as former President Ronald Reagan and Trump Campaign adviser, Larry Kudlow, have said.

If Congress wants small businesses to invest in the economy, then they must cut taxes and simplify the code,” said Duggan. While there are pledges to simplify, NFIB says there are more specifics needed.

Duggan appeared recently on Fox Business, in the video shown below.

The President’s tax plan would slash taxes for small businesses and level the playing field for businesses of every size and structure,” said Duggan. “Congress also has other good ideas for tax reform, but they need to stop talking and pass a bill.”

NFIB sources have told MHProNews that they have “hundreds” of manufactured home industry connected independent businesses as members.  These reportedly include producers, suppliers, vendors, retailers and communities, among others.  Their size in MH rivals that of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), but their overall size dwarfs  the factory-built home industry.  NFIB has some 325,000 members nationally, so they have more members than there are total the estimated numbers of professionals working in manufactured housing.

Their May report linked here is a download. ##

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Meet ÖÖD, $50,000 Mirrored PreFab Installs in 8 hours

June 8th, 2017 Comments off

MirroredGlassPreFabOOD50kPreFabModularManufacturedHomeDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsPrefab goes in disguise with these sleek tiny dwellings from Estonian company ÖÖD. With mirrored glass facades—reminiscent of Portuguese prefabs inspired by minimalist artists—ÖÖD homes blend into their surroundings, appearing especially sublime in rural or natural landscapes,” crows Curbed.

Designboom sings, “ÖÖD promises that in eight hours anyone can build up their own pre-fabricated house or even start an accommodation business similar to AirBnB. The concept, born in Estonia, introduces the ÖÖD house / hotel room as a well-designed, mini dwelling offering a compact but comfortable 200 square feet space composed of a bed, kitchenette and bathroom.”


Treehugger trumpets, “Mirrored glass prefab from ÖÖD is an instant AirBnB.”

Meet ÖÖD, $50,000 Estonian Mirrored PreFab

The unit is designed to be a hotel room type of structure. With stylish mirrored glass, and iconic styling that oozes class, the units are a cool $250 per square foot, so no threat to HUD Code manufactured homes most aggressive price point.


Photo credits, Curbed, ÖÖD.

ÖÖD is another reminder, though, that the media croons over prefab, tiny houses and even pricey prefabs.  In a recent report, we noted that CNN favorably touted modular and prefab homes.


Photo credits, Curbed, ÖÖD.


Photo credits, Curbed, ÖÖD.

Some industry pros might wonder…where’s the love for manufactured homes?


Photo credits, Curbed, ÖÖD.

Love for the HUD Code’s manufactured homes is out there, increasingly, to be sure – as MHLivingNews routinely reports.  But there’s more downer stories than positive ones, a fact the industry’s professionals must routinely respond to as they arise.


Given the U.S. affordable housing crisis, the home above at about 1/5 of the cost per square foot of an OOD, this home and its value looks pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

But the hunger and thirst for stylish, affordable factory built homes is there for those in the HUD Code industry – and other parts of factory built housing – for all of those with the eyes to see. ##

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are provided under fair use guidelines).

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While MSM Spins Anti-Trump Narrative, Voters and Donors Support the President

May 26th, 2017 Comments off

Credit: Death to the MSM.

The two most visible billionaires in manufactured housing are evenly split between pro-Democratic Warren Buffett, and now pro-Trump Sam Zell.

Certainly, other industry professionals run the gamut, from pro-Democratic, pro-GOP, Libertarian, other political affiliations and the all-important independents. But informal surveys of industry professionals by MHProNews reveals that the clear majority support the president and his policies.

That millions of voters feel the same way was reflected yesterday.

Last night’s special election in the state of Montana, won by Republican Greg Gianforte, was another piece in the puzzle of the tenuous D vs. R dance.

According to ABC News, Gianforte, who defeated Democratic opponent Rob Quist to win the special election for the U.S. House seat in Montana, had his campaign thrust into the spotlight after Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs described being “body-slammed” by the GOP candidate. A Fox News crew who witnessed the incident said the former technology and software executive “grabbed Jacobs by the neck with both hands and slammed him into the ground behind him.”


Winner in last night’s special congressional election in Montana, Greg Gianforte. Credit: Wikipedia.

I’m sick and tired of you guys,” Gianforte said in audio of the event released by The Guardian.

I went from being vertical one moment to being horizontal the next,” Jacobs told Good Morning America.

While the alleged incident goes through the misdemeanor legal process, the Gianforte victory leaves Democrats without a win in special elections since November of last year, with Republicans having won contests in Louisiana, Kansas and now Montana.

Additional races for special House of Representative seats next month in California, Georgia and South Carolina will provide additional chances for Democratic candidates to make an impact, but there may be larger issues looming.


It Has to Make Dollars to Make Sense


Credit: YouTube.

Besides ballots being cast, another measure of the pro-Trump advantage has been in fundraising.

According to Politico, the Republican National Committee raised $12 million in March and a total of $41.5 million in the first quarter. The RNC now has $41.4 million cash on hand and no debt.  In April, the Democratic National Committee reported the worst month for the DNC since 2009 for fundraising, with only $4.7 million. It seems that while the anti-Trump political and media bubble are crying ‘resistance,’ ala Keith Olbermann, the Trump-train crowd – 96% of whom would pull the level for the president again – are having none of what they see as ‘agenda media’ spin.

Pro-Trump voters wonder, Is Anything Real Anymore?


Credit: Media Nation.

Commenting on his sharing of data from a recent FOX News poll, analyst Howard Kurtz was to the point.

A Fox News poll came out the other night, and I tweeted some of the findings about President Trump. No analysis, no commentary. Just a few numbers,” said Kurtz.

Howard KurtzcreditWikipedia-postedtothedailybusinessnewsmhpronews

Howard Kurtz. Credit: Wikipedia.

Trump approval at 40%, down from 45% last month. 53% say his agenda is coming apart; 44% say he’s shaking up Washington.”

68% approve of DOJ naming a special counsel, 29% disapprove. Well, you’d have thought I had called for the president’s impeachment. I practically got buried under an avalanche of angry tweets.”

Kurtz continued.

The troubling thing here is that we no longer agree on a common set of facts. Conservatives and liberals are increasingly in their own silos, turning to their own opinionated media sources and constructing their Facebook and Twitter feeds the same way,” said Kurtz.

If everything is fake news, then the role of news in fostering intelligent debate is decimated. And I don’t need a poll to be sure of that.”

While polling may present difficulties, facts are static.


President Trump with a graduate at the U.S. Coast Guard Commencement. Credit: Daily Mail.

As the Daily Business News covered in a featured story recently, President Trump continues to make progress for American businesses and jobs, including the lowest unemployment rate in decades.

He enjoys the highest consumer, business confidence, and homebuilder confidence numbers in years.

Along with over $160 billion in ‘immediate’ federal and private business deals with Saudi Arabia, and some $300 billion more planned over the next decade, what ELS Chairman Sam Zell colorfully called a “cacophony” of Deep State resistance has moved into high gear.

It’s SABOTAGE,” said President Trump in a White House press release to MHProNews.

The fake news media is working hand-in-hand with Washington’s corrupt bureaucracy to try to slow and block our America First Agenda.”

The special interests know they can only win when you, the American people, lose,” Trump continued. “But we’re fighting to break the special interest stranglehold around our country that has silenced our citizens, stripped our nation of its wealth, and bled America dry.”

What It Means for MH

The manufactured housing industry’s fortunes stand to rise with the economic effects from President Trump’s moves.

MHProNews and MHLivingNews Publisher L.A. “Tony” Kovach spoke on the matter during his Inside the MH Road Show video interview with MHARR adviser and former association leader Danny Ghorbani, and current MHARR President and CEO Mark Weiss, JD.

Well, let me put it to you this way, if this industry was to create a person to put in the White House for betterment of our industry and consumer, they could not have come up with a better person than President Trump,” said Ghorbani.

If this industry, by the time he’s done 4 years, or hopefully 8 years, if this industry does not advance the way it should, the way it must in Washington, I hate to say this, the industry has dropped the ball.

Manufactured housing is the private sector solution to affordable housing, without costing government subsidies. And we can supply that need,” said Weiss.

We just need to be unshackled from excessive regulations, in order to pursue our full potential.”

For more on President Trump, including a recap of his first 100 days, click here. ##

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RC Williams, MHProNews.

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Trump’s Negative News Coverage Belies Public’s Positive Pesky Facts

May 23rd, 2017 Comments off

The President and First Lady visit Saudi Arabia. 300 billion in deals were completed during the visit. Credit: The White House.

While various narratives continue from talking heads and media pundits about President Donald Trump’s lack of progress, the numbers don’t lie.

As the Daily Business News covered in a feature story yesterday, while President Trump continues to make progress, including the lowest unemployment rate in decades, and the highest consumer, business confidence, and homebuilder confidence numbers in years, along with over $300 billion in deals with Saudi Arabia, what ELS Chairman Sam Zell colorfully called a “cacophony” of Deep State resistance has moved into high gear.

And that cacophony is shown in a new study from Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, which looked at the news coverage of the President over his first 100 days in office.

The study, based on an analysis of news reports in the print editions of The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post, the main newscasts of CBS, CNN, Fox News, and NBC, and three European news outlets – the Financial Times and BBC, and Germany’s ARD, show the power of media and the creation of echo chambers.


Credit: Harvard.

President Trump dominated media coverage in the outlets and programs that were studied, with the President being the topic of 41 percent of all news stories.

This is three times the amount of coverage received by previous presidents. He was also the featured speaker in nearly two-thirds of his coverage.

And with that coverage, which the President has received almost non-stop for most weeks of his presidency, without a single major topic where the coverage, on balance, was more positive than negative, setting a new standard for unfavorable press coverage of a president.


Those Pesky Facts…

New research from Gallup shows that Americans are less worried about eight specific financial issues than they were last year, with concerns about some issues falling to their lowest levels in a decade or more.


Credit: Gallup.

U.S. adults are most concerned about not having enough money for retirement and not being able to pay medical costs of a serious illness or accident, with 54 percent saying they are ‘very’ or ‘moderately’ worried about each. These two concerns have typically been the most worrisome issues for Americans since Gallup began asking about the collection of eight financial worries in 2001,” said Justin McCarthy, a Gallup analyst.


The Manufactured Housing Industry Speaks

With President Trump’s election in November, many in the manufactured housing industry saw tremendous value in a pro business, pro growth administration stepping into place.


Tim Connor, CSP. Credit: LinkedIn.

I don’t care whether you are a liberal, conservative, independent or something else – the bottom line with this year’s election was simply more of the same or something new, different or unique,” said Tim Connor, CSP.

Eddie Hicks, a long time MH industry veteran and consultant shared his take.

M/H owners are certainly one of the ‘hidden majority’ who may have felt somewhat disenfranchised in recent years,” said Hicks.


D.J. Pendleton. Credit, MHProNews.

It’s the dawning of a new day. After the shock and elation or disappointment wash over us, and we all have taken a collective deep breath, we can begin looking to the future. And in that future I think it is safe to say that changes, well, they are a comin‘,” said Texas Manufactured Housing Association executive director DJ Pendleton.

With a personal background in business, rather than government, Mr. Trump – during the just-ended campaign – has been a consistent critic of innovation-stifling and job-killing overregulation and regulators who ignore or rationalize the far-reaching negative impacts of such regulations on the health of the economy, smaller businesses and consumers….” Said MHARR President & CEO Mark Weiss, JD.


L A ‘Tony’ Kovach, credit, MHVillage.

As well as the markets and new job creation are already responding to his initiatives, where could we be if there wasn’t a non-stop assault on our new president?” said MHProNews and MHLivingNews Publisher L.A. “Tony” Kovach.

For more on President Trump’s progress, and challenges, click here. ##


(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)



RC Williams, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.


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Nation Looks to Shipping Containers for Migrant Housing

February 15th, 2017 Comments off

A makeshift migrant camp near the Serbian border. Credit: FOX News.

The nation of Hungary is looking to container housing to solve a growing problem at border camps, as migrants wait for their asylum requests to be settled.

According to FOX News, human rights advocates have noted that Hungary was already holding large numbers of asylum-seekers in closed camps and that the massive, indiscriminate detention of all asylum-seekers “has not been seen in decades in democratic Europe.”

Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, has been outspoken on the issue of immigration, echoing a sentiment similar to that of President Donald Trump.


Prime Minster Viktor Orban. Credit: Deutsche Welle.

Once new rules are in place, any migrants detained anywhere in Hungary without documents allowing them to be in the country will be returned across the border,” said Janos Lazar, Orban’s chief of staff.

The strong words from the Orban Administration have also drawn criticism.


Janos Lanzar. Credit: Morning Ag Clips.

The government would do better instead to improve the quality of the open reception centers and spend this money on the integration of people who have found asylum in Hungary,” said the Hungarian Helsinki Committee in a statement.

The committee has also vowed to sue Hungary at the European Court of Justice in every case where asylum-seekers are illegally kept in custody, which would likely force the country to make compensation payments.

Currently, asylum seekers with claims that are under appeal are housed in mostly open camps, and some leave for other destinations in Western Europe before their appeals are decided.

Any migrants detained within five miles of the border are routinely sent back across the fences Hungary has built on its southern borders with Serbia and Croatia.

Lazar says that the measures have to be enacted in instances like this, when Hungary has declared a state of emergency due to mass migration.

It is clear that the security situation in Europe has deteriorated, not improved,” said Lazar.

Turkey is presently defending the borders of Europe. We would like to strengthen the Hungarian border.

Lazar also said that the country was ready to build a second, stronger fence if needed, on its southern borders, in addition to building several small bases along the fence for the thousands of border police.

Hungary granted asylum or some form of protection to 425 people in 2016. It received 29,432 applications.


A Svenska Containerhus. For the full article on containers being used for housing in Sweden, click below or on the photo.  Credit: Twitter, Sputniknews.

As Daily Business News readers are aware, other nations have also turned to shipping containers as a potential solution to their housing crises due to an influx of immigrants.

Sweden has looked to Peter Eriksson, CEO of Svenska Containerhus to repurpose surplus shipping containers, and in Canada, the city of Vancouver is turning containers into single suites to battle their housing crisis.


(Image credits are as shown above.)



RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.

Donald Trump Nominates Ben Carson as Housing Secretary, MH Views & Videos

December 6th, 2016 Comments off

Ben Carson prepares to endorse Donald Trump. Credit: ZeroHedge.

President-elect Donald J. Trump announced his plans to nominate famed neurosurgeon and former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson to lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

Ben Carson has a brilliant mind and is passionate about strengthening communities and families within those communities,” said President-elect Trump.

We have talked at length about my urban renewal agenda and our message of economic revival, very much including our inner cities. Ben shares my optimism about the future of our country and is part of ensuring that this is a Presidency representing all Americans. He is a tough competitor and never gives up. 

I feel that I can make a significant contribution particularly by strengthening communities that are most in need,” said Carson. “We have much work to do in enhancing every aspect of our nation and ensuring that our nation’s housing needs are met.


Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Pinterest. Durden is a pen-name used on Zero Hedge.

ZeroHedge notes that statements in politics are not always to be taken at face value, as Armstrong Williams, Carson’s campaign manager and a close friend, told The Hill last month that Carson was not interested in serving as Trump’s secretary of Health and Human Services.

Dr. Carson feels he has no government experience, he’s never run a federal agency. The last thing he would want to do was take a position that could cripple the presidency,” Williams said at the time.

Dr. Carson rapidly modified Williams’ statement.

Manufactured Housing Industry Opinions Abound

With the rumors that began last week, and the announcement on Monday, comments to MHProNews from around the country from manufactured housing professionals began to come in.


Titus Dare. Credit: MHProNews. For Dare’s popular view on the DTS and the GSEs, click here.

Very poor choice! There are numerous qualified people who can do great things for affordable housing,” said Titus Dare, EVP – Development & Construction at Eagle One Financial.  Dare’s full commentary, is linked here.

MH Industry production and association veteran, Jay Hamilton, took a more nuanced stance.


Jay Hamilton, Executive Director, Georgia Manufactured Housing Associatoin (GMHA).

Dr. Ben Carson grew up in Public Housing,” said Hamilton. “He spent many years working as a Neurological Surgeon in an Urban Hospital Environment. So he witnessed the effect of substandard housing on health. But even still, a number may see this as an illogical choice. I fully expected Dr. Carson to be named Surgeon General or Health & Human Services Secretary.” Hamilton’s full comments on Carson for HUD Secretary are linked here.

Kurt Kelley. Credit: MHProNews. Kelley’s widely-read view on the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, are linked here.

Kurt Kelley, JD, President of Mobile Insurance had a different take.

That’s great news.  I have some ‘Carson for President’ bumper stickers. Dr. Ben Carson is a true American success story,” said Kelley.

From the poor Detroit neighborhood he was raised in, “he became the best brain surgeon in the country and one of America’s most admired men,” says Kelley. “Dr. Carson knows what it’s like to be the little guy.  He’s exactly what D.C. needs.”  Kelly’s complete comments can be found, linked here.

Sprawling HUD’s Spotty Record and…Experience?

Those who have opposed the Trump pick of Carson to lead HUD routinely point to the important role that HUD plays in providing billions in housing support for the poor.  Their argument runs, surely someone with a strong housing or government sector background is needed for this role, right?

While the standard definition of “experience” has value, it isn’t the sole vantage point that the public uses. Years of frustration and feelings of being marginalized by the established order led Americans to call for change, electing in Donald Trump a candidate who has never held public office.

Or as manufactured housing industry legend and RV/MH Hall of Fame inductee, Jim Clayton put it, “my thinking is increasingly optimistic and tends to align with those Republican leaders who are creatively saving-face while migrating back to the fold – and to President-elect Donald the Disruptor.”

During the campaign – and more recently in the first few weeks since he won the election – the president-elect has shown that practical, real world experience can often “Trump” traditional political skill.

Advocates, Policy Wonks and Commentators Views Vary Widely


Barb Sard. Credit: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

As Dr. Carson prepares to defend before the U.S. Senate his plans for the role of HUD Secretary, supporters note that:

  • living in the inner city,
  • striving for success, and
  • committing to abundance not just for himself, but for everyone else

are skills that those who are underprivileged or living in the inner city desperately need. Also needed is an expansion of affordable housing opportunities.

On the other hand, Barbara Sard, a former official at the housing department during President Obama’s first term, told the New York Times that a 2015 op-ed Carson wrote for the Washington Times in response to the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule shows his lack of experience.

He doesn’t seem to understand that extending access to opportunity includes improving conditions in racially concentrated neighborhoods,” said Sard, who now serves as vice president for housing policy at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.


Home ownership has hit its lowest rate in decades.

In a television interview with FOX News, Dr. Carson provided his view.


President-elect Donald Trump, left. Dr. Ben Carson, center. Henry Cisneros, (D) right served in the Clinton years as HUD Secretary, and gave a thumbs up for Carson. To see that article and video, click here. Image credit, Fox Business.

We cannot have a strong nation if we have weak inner cities,” said Carson. “We have to get beyond the promises and start really doing something. The amount of corruption and graft and things, shell games that are played — we need to get rid of all that stuff.

Diane Yentel, president of the National Low Income Housing Coalition, agreed with Sard regarding Carson’s experience.

With many qualified Republicans to choose from with deep knowledge of, and commitment to, affordable housing solutions for the poorest families, and with the housing crisis reaching new heights across the country, Dr. Carson’s nomination to serve as HUD Secretary is surprising and concerning.


Brian Montgomery. Credit: Wikipedia.

Brian Montgomery, HUD assistant secretary under George W. Bush, said that direct experience isn’t necessarily an indicator of success or failure.

Out of the last five or six HUD secretaries, you could really only point to two of them who had direct housing experience,” said Montgomery.

The loyalty issue is what’s very key here. He’ll be able to elevate the issue in the fact that he’s a household name and has been in the public domain for years.

MH Association Viewpoints

For many in the Manufactured Housing industry, the nomination of Dr. Carson represents a light at the end of the tunnel.

I congratulate Dr. Ben Carson upon the announcement that President-Elect Trump will nominate Carson as the Secretary for the Department of Housing and Urban Development,” said Richard Jennison, President and CEO of the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI).


Richard Jennison. Credit: MHI.

MHI appreciates President-Elect Trump’s recognition that it will take a strong leader with national prominence to change the direction of our national housing policy and break down the barriers that have hindered the availability and affordability of housing across the country,” said Jennison.  

Jennison – compared to his D.C. metro counterpart – is still a relative newcomer to the MH scene, and who’s experience is limited to the important role of association work.

“We look forward to working with Dr. Carson,” Jennison’s media release stated yesterday, “and his team to ensure he recognizes that a robust manufactured housing market is critical to increasing the availability of affordable housing, which is in short supply in many parts of the country. During this critical time for our nation’s housing markets, manufactured housing provides a reliable, and affordable supply of homes that meet a variety of housing and lifestyle needs.


While manufactured housing is often thought of as ‘rural,’ the sprawling 800 home site manufactured home land-lease community of Sterling Estates – in metro Chicago – is an example of how manufactured homes are found in cities too. The only place that modern manufactured homes could not be easily used in a city environment is in the most dense high-rise parts of a city. Because of their affordability, manufactured housing is an important part of the discussion for the future of HUD. Photo credits, MHProNews and

Prior to the official announcement of Carson’s appointment yesterday, M. Mark Weiss, JD, president and CEO of the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) provided the Daily Business News his take in our feature “Is Ben Carson the Right Choice for HUD Secretary? Depends On Who You Ask.”

M_Mark_Weiss_MHARR_president__mhpronews__credit postedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews

MHARR president and CEO M. Mark Weiss, JD. Credit: MHProNews.

Days before the MHI statement, the president of MHARR stepped out front on the topic and said, “Although the final status of his nomination is still not confirmed at this time, we would welcome Dr. Ben Carson as HUD Secretary.”

A new focus based on de-emphasizing taxpayer-funded public housing and “big government” subsidized housing programs, combined with other essential changes at HUD,” said Weiss, “would benefit the HUD Code industry in its role as the leading non-subsidized private-sector solution to the nation’s affordable housing crisis.

The Independent MH View from the Masthead

MHProNews and MHLivingNews publisher L.A. “Tony” Kovach provided his take in a recent Masthead post on the matter.

If experts got HUD into its current mess, perhaps a pro-free market, clear-thinker like Carson could assemble the team that could correct it,said Kovach in that post, saying he sees the positive potential todrain the Swamp of HUD” as a result of the Carson appointment.


L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach is one of the most widely recognized independent experts on manufactured housing today.

Bulldozing vacant houses in Carson’s native Detroit has become a symbol of how good intentions – but bad public policy by so-called experts – has harmed America,” Kovach said.

“During the Obama years, their answer has been to double-down on more government intervention – example Dodd-Frank – in matters that their party’s policies helped screw up.  That isn’t to absolve Republicans of responsibilities, but it’s historic fact that Dodd-Frank and the 1990s era Clinton housing programs were Democratic plans.


HUD MH program administrator, Pam Danner.

Kovach also shared that while Pam Danner, JD – the current director of the manufactured housing (MH) program – has her supporters among MH professionals, the Masthead reported that in the wake of Kovach’s post linked above, a number of MH pros have indicated that progress at HUD on manufactured housing issues must begin by replacing her.

When you look at who is opposing Dr. Carson,” said Kovach, “you have to be that much more motivated to see him be the pick for the top spot at HUD.

The Daily Business News will continue to keep an eye on the confirmation process of Dr. Carson, and his future decisions. ##

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RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the manufactured, modular and prefabricated housing industry’s Daily Business News for MHProNews.

Fox – If Election today, Florida Decides it, NYT – Trump Tax Release – Analysis

October 3rd, 2016 Comments off

The LA Times Daily tracking poll has shown Trump ahead, but other polls are showing Clinton with a modest lead.

Scientific public polling demonstrates that the clear majority of Democrats and progressive voters favor Hillary Clinton for president. Similarly, the vast majority of Republicans, self-identified conservatives and evangelicals favor Donald Trump.

According to a Fox News poll released on Friday evening, if the election were held that day, either major-party candidate is in a position to win the Electoral College.  The contest would come down to Florida, which at the time leaned mildly towards Clinton, per the latest Fox news poll.

The Clinton campaign is reportedly concerned that Gary Johnson is polling higher than prior Libertarian candidates.  Johnson is drawing some prospective Clinton supporters away.  So the Clinton campaign states they will target Johnson with negative ads in key markets.


Post-debate Fox Friday evening poll.

The pro-Clinton New York Times has dropped their October Surprise on the GOP nominee. The revelation from an illegally obtained Trump tax return claims the GOP nominee used a legal write-down to avoid paying income taxes for up to 18 years.

The NY Times broke the scandal that launched the FBI investigation into Hillary’s EmailGate.  However, the openly pro-Clinton paper has shied away from diving aggressively into the Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s speeches to Goldman Sachs and other low-hanging Clinton campaign fruit as they have Trump and his – legal – tax strategy.


Image credit, Newsmax.

Meanwhile, WikiLeaks had stated they will delay their own leaked revelations against Hillary Clinton, allegedly over safety concerns. Will they release their documents later? That now seems unclear.

Weekend headlines from across the political spectrum are below.  “We Provide, You Decide.” ©

Trump Campaign: Newspaper Illegally Obtained Tax Records…

Baquet said would risk jail… 

Politico Christie, Giuliani on tax bombshell: Trump is a “genius”

The story that started it all…


Mexican billionaire owns 17% of Old Gray Lady (NYTimes)… 

Bloomberg Nigel Farage urges Trump to avoid catfight with Clinton

Photo credit, NewsMax.

REPORT: 1,000+ Illegal Voters in Virginia… 


CNN George W. Bush’s daughter attends Clinton fundraiser in Paris

Onlooker repeatedly yells ‘Bill Clinton is a rapist’ live on FOXNEWS…


The judgment fund bailout of Obamacare could happen in October

WILLEY: Hillary was complicit in his sexual misconduct…

ObamaCare rates in MN skyrocket 60% to stave off “collapse”

WASHPOST covers up smear of Bill’s victims…

WIKILEAKS Cancels Tuesday Announcement Due to Security Concerns…

Farage Tells Trump: Avoid Catfight!


The NY Times’ transparent (and hypocritical) October surprise of Trump’s tax returns

‘Black Lives Matter’ Vandalizes Trump International in DC…

Chick-fil-A to offer super-sized voter registration deals in Florida

NewsMax – Trump, Team Fire Back at NY Times Tax Bombshell

This law saved two million babies from abortion. Democrats want it gone.

Homeland Security Push For Election Control… 


Sad but true the kind of ad hominem attacks that have been used, instead of debating the policy, its gutter attacks. Credit GrrrrphicsBlog.

To see the NFIB’s Business Professional Survey of the Top 10 Small Business Concerns, Priorities and more, click here.  The NFIB includes hundreds of manufactured housing industry connected companies. To see the Friday election headline news recap, click here. ##

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L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach is the publisher of, and MH Consultant.

Submitted by L. A. “Tony” Kovach to the Daily Business News, MHProNews.