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Build your Home with a 3-D Printer?

July 18th, 2013 Comments off

In the forefront of the news recently has been the ability to make a handgun using 3-D printing technology. The next industrial revolution will be the advent of 3-D printing technology that will create everything from fine jewelry to body parts to large machinery to homes. Objects are constructed in layers by building from the ground up. While plastic is currently the main ingredient, chocolate, sand, metal, ceramics and sugar can also be used. Instead of shopping for shoes, you will make your own. Not only will it be able to create more intricate and exacting parts for industrial, technological and medical uses—with an intricacy not available with current machinery– but there is less waste to the process because it only uses what it needs. Human tissue will be duplicated by starting with a layer of cells that are then duplicated over and over, building up, until the organ is completed. A group of architects in Amsterdam have a very large 3-D printer, the KamerMaker, which prints Lego-like blocks from recycled plastic to form the building blocks for a house. According to what tells MHProNews, the $777 million spent on 3-D printing in 2012 will increase to an $8.4 billion industry by 2025.

(Image credit: Inez Torre/–making a toothbrush using 3-D printing)


MHI’s Jason Boehlert at Louisville

January 15th, 2012 Comments off

At the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show, Jason Boehlert, Vice President of Government Affairs for MHI, responding to a question from about the possibility of altering the provisions of Dodd-Frank that negatively impact the MH industry, said, “Where a lot of these measures fail in reforming Dodd-Frank is when they are too broad, they don’t have bi-partisan support. Luckily for us, we have one of the namesakes (Rep. Barney Frank) willing to work with us on this issue. As long as we keep our asks targeted, I think we have a decent shot.” MHProNews: “Even with all the bi-partisan conflict in Washington these days?” Boehlert: “I think on the margins there are opportunities on a targeted basis.” MHProNews: “Since Barney Frank is not seeking another term, do you think he will step up a little farther then he has in support of changes?” Boehlert: “His position has been the same whether he’s running or not. He has always been pretty consistent in support of the (MH) industry. The only industry he has been willing to work with is ours. He has not gone out in the forefront of anyone else. There are not a lot of Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee for whom manufactured housing is an interest or concern, and that number is dwindling. Republicans are willing to do almost anything about Dodd- Frank, they tend to be more pro-industry, and more likely to be from rural areas. Democrats on that committee are more from urbanized areas where there is no manufactured housing presence. To them, affordable housing is rental housing, Section 8.”

(Graphic credit: Louisville Manufactured Housing Show)