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Architect dubs UVa ecoMOD project selection a winner

August 27th, 2013 Comments off

prefab-ecomod-project-credit-jetson-green-posted-daily-business-news-manufactured-housing-pro-news-mhpronews-com-One of the eight 2013 Research and Design award selections by Architect Magazine in the ecoMOD Project was from the University of Virginia (UVa). The home was chosen as an example for “low-impact, energy-efficient housing units.” The ecoMOD Project aims at sustainable residential design for low- to moderate-levels, using prefab housing methods. Jetsongreen tells MHProNews that current installations on track for this summer include three modular units, to be rented or purchased by low-income households. Two of the homes meet international Passive House standards, at a delivery cost of $105 per square foot, plus design fees and foundation work. The third home, which was described as a control unit, meets local codes at a cost of $70 per square foot. The modules used regionally-sourced materials such as certified red oak for flooring and cementitious fiber board siding. ##

(Photo credit: Jetson Green)

Modular Classroom will Transform into Office Space

July 12th, 2013 Comments off

The Hightstown Borough Council in central New Jersey is considering purchasing a used modular classroom for office space to be sited behind the Public Works building. Another option would be to rent a temporary facility, but James LeTellier, police director and interim borough administrator, said it is better to invest in something you may later choose to sell, or use elsewhere in the borough. The 14 X 15 foot unit will have new windows, flooring and guarantees on the HVAC and the roof. As centraljersey informs MHProNews, the borough is trying to relieve overcrowding in its offices until a final settlement comes in as the result of Hurricane Irene.

(Photo credit:–modular classroom, Icon Construction)

Modular Designer begins in U. S., Flourishes in Canada

July 4th, 2013 Comments off

Hive Modular of Minneapolis suffered mightily during the recession, but the company has been growing in Canada, enough to have three locations: Altona in Manitoba, Toronto, and one will be set to the east in Quebec. Hive started as a “night job” in 2005 by Paul Stankey and two friends, and has produced 25 custom homes. As MHProNews reported Sept. 21, 2012, a highly energy efficient, 2,075 square foot green house with three bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths was sited in Calgary for around $160 a foot. Hive offers custom made modulars to fit lot sizes and conditions, and the modules arrive on site complete: Painted drywall, electricals, fireplace, flooring, windows and kitchen. One feature offered by Hive is Plyboo cabinets—plywood-like material but made from bamboo with exposed edges that resemble marquetry. According to the globeandmail, one customer says, “You’d start getting pictures and half your house was built.”

(Photo credit: Paul Stankey/theglobeandmail)

MH Purchaser Displeased with Home

March 1st, 2013 Comments off

The setexasrecord tells MHProNews an east central Texas woman has filed suit against Oak Creek Homes of Vidor, TX accusing the dealer of deceptive trade practices and breach of warranty for a manufactured home she bought in Sept. of 2010 for $55,406. Noting the home has been repaired ten times by the manufacturer, Mary Bouley alleges the MH continues to have problems with mold, water leaks, the carpet, trim, HVAC, flooring, septic, and cabinets. She is suing for diminished value of the home, loss of use, cost of repair and out of pocket expenses, plus attorney’s fees.

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Got Time? Buy Buffett’s Brain

January 18th, 2013 Comments off

SeekingAlpha, noting trends in the global economy, picks out five stocks it says will be lucrative in the long run, and one of them is Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A, BRK-B). As the housing market continues to recover, columnist Frank J. Constantino says Berkshire does has a broad range of investments, but a direct tie to the construction industry: Shaw Industries, which sells flooring and carpeting; Benjamin Moore and Co. produces paint and wall coverings; Johns-Manville manufactures insulation and commercial roofing; the Nebraska Furniture Mart, the largest single furniture store in the nation; as well as Clayton Homes, the largest producer of factory-built homes in North America. As MHProNews has learned, while Berkshire trades at 17.7 times earnings, it is trading at 1.3 times book value, a more important indicator. BRK-A was up +0.01% today, and while BRK-B fell -0.27% today, its stock is just shy of its 52-week high.

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Store Draws MH Owners

September 24th, 2012 Comments off

The Daily Commercial reports from Leesburg, Florida Pat’s Sales has been providing the aftermarket manufactured home industry with discontinued, salvaged, and overstocked materials for 35 years. The 60,000 square-foot building contains a variety of flooring, cabinetry, plumbing, doors, windows, electrical, siding, moldings and much more, serving the myriad of manufactured home communities in Lake and Sumter counties. Owners Laurel and Pat Denson maintain a list of installers for those who do not go the DIY route. Pat says the newer manufactured homes are made better than in the past, using drywall and residential doors and windows. MHProNews has learned kitchen cabinets and carpeting are the most sought after items, in that order.

(Photo credit: The Daily Commercial—Buck Denson checks the rolls of flooring.)

Classroom to Classy Home

June 7th, 2012 Comments off

A Los Angeles architecture and interior design family business is recycling classroom trailers into low-cost but chic modular homes. According to the LATimes, research+recycle can seam two of the units that measure 24 feet by 40 feet together or reconfigure the individual units, as well as raise the ceilings 15 inches to give a larger sense of space. Begun by Chase Anderson and his parents last year, they buy the classrooms for $10,000 each, gut the interiors and rebuild around the steel frame, offering EnergyStar appliances, low-flow toilets and shower heads, different finishes and fixtures, and strand board flooring. has leaned the 1,500 square foot modular prototype cost $100,000 to transform.

(Photo credit: research+recycle/LATimes)

Making Dollars from Distress

March 26th, 2012 Comments off

Although it requires twice the manpower, takes three times longer, and nearly doubles the cost to deconstruct a home than demolish it, a Cleveland company, A Piece of Cleveland, and the Cleveland Institute of Art are conducting a test program to make furniture, mill work, and other items from the ceiling joists and flooring of some of the 12,000 abandoned homes in the city. Cleveland says the goal is to make the process profitable. On average 40 percent of the materials in vacant homes, most already stripped of wiring, plumbing, fixtures, and other sale-able items, are re-usable. “The theory behind deconstruction is that even though it is more expensive to do — because it is more labor intensive — that you will reclaim and salvage enough usable material and resell it, and that that income will offset the additional expense,” said Frank Ford, senior vice president for research and development at the nonprofit Neighborhood Progress Inc. (NPI). The city has received $780,000 in federal grants to subsidize the difference between demolition and deconstruction, giving jobs to many ex-cons, veterans, and other challenged job-seekers. has learned that Cleveland is one of the top ten metropolitan markets in which it makes more sense to buy a home than rent one.

Ikea Selling Flat-Pack DIY Homes

March 19th, 2012 Comments off

CTVBC in Canada reports Ikea is producing a flat-packed do-it-yourself modular home for sale in the U.S. furnished with their signature cabinetry, flooring and wardrobes as well as Energy Star appliances. Priced at $86,500, the 745 square-foot space-saving home, the Aktiv, has an open living/dining/kitchen area, a single bedroom and a bath with dual-flush toilet. The home was featured earlier this month at Oregon’s Home and Garden Expo. An earlier story we published in March 2, 2012 dealt more with the home’s builder, Ideabox.

Image credit: Ideabox)