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Lippert and AL-KO Wrangling over Patent and Personnel

September 30th, 2013 Comments off

A legal dispute between two Elkhart, Indiana-based recreational vehicle (RV) suppliers is ramping up after U. S. District Judge Jon DeGuilio ruled AL-KO’s non-compete agreement is too broad. In moving from AL-KO to Lippert Components, inc., Larry Revelino had already agreed with both companies not to give away his former employer’s trade secrets, but AL-KO sued to prevent him from hiring on with Lippert. The judge ordered him not to recruit any of his former employer’s workers, customers or suppliers, but ruled AL-KO cannot prevent Revelino from working at Lippert. Two others including Revelino, who were all working on an in-wall slide system, have left AL-KO for Lippert since June 2013. In July Lippert filed a patent infringement claim alleging AL-KO’s wall system violates three patents; AL-KO says the patents are not valid. Vice president of tactical projects at AL-KO, Revelino’s new job at Lippert is director of international business relations. While the case continues in court, reports Judge DeGuilio wrote: “AL-KO has provided no evidence that Mr. Revelino has actually disclosed any trade secrets at this time, however. As to threatened disclosures, Mr. Revelino has acknowledged that he is prohibited from disclosing any confidential and/or proprietary information, and defense counsel has represented that Mr. Revelino has signed an agreement with Lippert preventing him from disclosing any of AL-KO’s confidential information.” As MHProNews knows, Lippert, along with its sister company, Kinro Inc. are subsidiaries of Drew Industries (NYSE:DW), and provide the manufactured housing industry with components.

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Elkhart Ind. is Bustling

March 1st, 2013 Comments off

Lippert Components, Inc., component supplier to the manufactured housing and recreational vehicle industries, is part of a strong industrial growth pattern in Elkhart, Ind, as etruth informs MHProNews. Lippert began as a steel fabricating plant in rural Michigan in the 1950’s, and has been fabricating chassis for manufactured housing since the beginning. It now has 34 plants and 5,300 employees. With the uptick in the RV industry, Elkhart is drawing related industries. Genesis Products, Inc. manufactures wood products primarily for the RV industry, and like Lippert, got its start as a small company ten years ago and now has five facilities. Named the eighth fastest growing privately held manufacturing company in the Inc. 500 ranking in 2007, Genesis intends to expand operations and hire an additional 100 employees by 2015. Lippert is a subsidiary of Drew Industries, Inc. (which recently moved its corporate offices to Elkhart from White Pains, NY) and with it’s sister company, Kinro, Inc. provides doors and windows to the MH and RV industries, and together they both manufacture an extensive line of bathroom fixtures.

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Is the Recovery Spinning Down?

April 5th, 2012 Comments off

The etruth in Elkhart County, Indiana says business leaders are cautiously optimistic about the future given business expansion and new jobs, but concerns remain about the increase in fuel costs that ultimately will be passed on to consumers that could drag the economy back down. Despite the 12.1 percent unemployment rate in this northern Indiana area that is home to numerous manufactured housing and recreational vehicle plants, as well as component suppliers, one employer says some jobs go begging because recent applicants work histories indicate they work until they qualify for unemployment and then quit. Another concern, according to Kevin Deardoff of Lake City Bank who has over 30 years in the banking industry, is people who used to pay their mortgage first now pay their credit card first, causing mortgage delinquencies to rise. has learned homeowners who lost jobs became dependent on credit cards during the economic downturn, and realized it takes lenders longer to file foreclosure than to cut off a line of credit.

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