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Follow the Money – Surprising, Inconvenient Truths Impact Manufactured Housing, U.S. Economy, and More

August 30th, 2018 Comments off

Left to right, George Soros, Tom Steyer and Caron Swain. Credits are as shown.

Hang onto your wallets. Industry professional and investors need to ask themselves, do they want a return to heavier regulations by HUD, or elsewhere?  There are serious issues on the line.  Spin, disinformation, conveniently overlooked history, and blatant lies are among the tools that could help-or-harm manufactured housing, workers, and professionals involved in business and investing.


Billionaire donors George Soros and Tom Steyer are directing $650,000 to [Andrew] Gillum’s political committee, Forward Florida,” reported Tampa Bay, just days before the election which resulted in an upset win in the Democratic side of the primary.

Hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer,” said left-of-center Politico, put millions into the 2016 campaign, usually in favor of Democratic candidates. Steyer and Soros hold similar positions, as their support for “Democratic Socialist” Gillum underscores.  Steyer and Soros made their money as capitalists, so why are they keeping their wealth, and only using part of it to back socialists?  Isn’t that an arguably hypocritical disconnect?  Or does their politics point to something else?

Gillum, as the Daily Business News on MHProNews reported, won an upset victory in the Democratic primary, and will be facing off in Florida – the #3 manufactured housing state in recent years – for governor of the Sunshine State.  In the linked report with photo below, Congressman Ron DeSantis is on the left, and Mayor Andrew Gillum is on the right.

Epic Battle for MHVille Mainstay Looms, With “Not the Most Popular Guy” and His Rival

Soros is pro-open borders.  He’s long been a strong supporter of leftist causes and politicians, as a prior Daily Business News report reflected.

Within hours of their victories, Gillum went to the ‘race card’ accusing Congressman Ron DeSantis of using the term “monkey this up” as more of a “bull horn,” more than the “dog whistle” accusation made for alleged racism.

Really?  Was it racist when Barack Obama used the phrase?

Democrats have been known to MONKEY around with elections,” said Barack Obama Sep 4, 2008, per Me. C-SPAN quoted the former President Obama on Oct 21, 2016 saying, “so, I want to be honest, its not as if its just Republicans who monkey around with elections…”  The term “monkey around” is a neutral expression, which blacks – including the former POTUS Obama, and all other racial groups have used in the U.S. for decades.

But this faux issue is a reminder of what happens during campaign season. It’s common for many, not all, Democratic candidates to ‘play the race card.’ That’s not to excuse GOP canards, such as their traditional view on trade. But this latest Democratic allegation begs a look at some background, that sets the question of Democrats vs. the GOP and related racial issues into an accurate, historic context.

This video by professor Carol Swain at Vanderbilt University will be stunning to many, and will be unsurprising but useful to others. It’s already been viewed some 4.6 million times. Viewer ‘thumbs up’ on this date outscored thumbs down by about 10 to 1. That suggests it’s worth viewing.


For those who aren’t familiar with PragerU, conservative Jewish businessman Dennis Prager helped establish that wildly popular platform. PragerU has had a broader range of informed presenters like Steve Forbes, Sharyl Attkisson, Alan Dershowitz, Guy Benson, Ben Shapiro, David Clarke, Tammy Bruce, Dinesh D’Souza, Walter Williams, and Candace Owens among others.  Prager works with good presenters with often impressive credentials, as the screen capture from the PragerU presenter’s page reflects.


The historical facts presented by Professor Swain are accurate. They are also politically inconvenient.


As a disclaimer, keep in mind, MHProNews’ principals are not members of either major party. We are true political independents. Our friends and supporters include people of all political, ethnic, religious, and other groups. That said, we are editorially strong believers that the truth well told sets people free.

The nation watches the continued drift towards socialism among Democrats.  It’s exhibited by primary victories like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York, and Mayor Andrew Gilliam in FL. These are topics that have and will impact businesses. Moderate Democrats, like former Clinton advisor Doug Schoen, are begging their fellow party loyalists to reject that push to the socialist left.

Facts are facts. Facts and the truth may be inconvenient. But with an economy rapidly rising under the leadership of a former Democrat turned Republican – President Donald J. Trump – this is a good time to grasp what’s gone wrong in the past.  This is the time to make adjustments, and turn towards a brigher future founded on free enterprise. There is progress being made to an economy that increasingly works for all Americans.

Doug Schoen, Clinton Adviser, warns – “Democrats must advance an agenda…to create a society of opportunity for all – not guaranteed outcomes achieved through wealth redistribution.”

The Daily Business News and other features here on MHProNews has reported on related topics previously. Some examples are linked herein, or in the related reports, further below.

If you or a friend are members of either of the two political parties discussed in this video, the questions should be simple. Is the information accurate? What relevance does it have to the upcoming voting in November?  Do we want to let America buy into the lies that promoted the crisis in Venezuela?  Start sharing these ideas now.

The Ultimate Manufactured Home Industry Fact$, Data, and Insights – Bullets plus at-a-Glance Infographic

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America and the Manufactured Housing Industry’s Future – It’s in Their Hands?!

January 30th, 2018 Comments off

CampusReformNYU-SOTUDailyBuisnessNewsManufacturedHousingIndustryMHProNewsInvestopedia said that, “According to the College Board, the average annual tuition at a private university is $31,231 for the 2014-2015 academic year. With room, board and fees included, the total is $42,419. That means, over four years, a typical NYU student will pay $84,212 more than the average for a private-university attendee.”

NYU is New York University.  How smart do you have to be to attend a collage like NYU?

The average GPA at NYU is 3.7. This makes NYU Strongly Competitive for GPAs. With a GPA of 3.7, NYU requires you to be above average in your high school class. You’ll need a mix of A’s and B’s, with a leaning toward A’s,” says Prep Scholar.


That’s useful background for understanding the video that follows.

According to their YouTube page, Campus Reform, a project of the Leadership Institute, is America’s leading site for college news.”

As a watchdog to the nation’s higher education system, Campus Reform exposes bias and abuse on the nation’s college campuses.”

Days before President Donald J Trump’s State of the Union Address (SOTU), “Campus Reform took to the campus of NYU to ask their opinions on President Trump’s State of the Union address… except the speech hadn’t happened yet.”  President Trump’s first SOTU will be Tuesday night, 1.30.2018.


Campus Reform also says that, “Our team of professional journalists works alongside student activists and student journalists to report on the conduct and misconduct of university administrators, faculty, and students. Campus Reform holds itself to rigorous journalism standards and strives to present each story with accuracy, objectivity, and public accountability.”

As a cross check, the Campus Reform video seemed reminiscent of a NYU edition of “Watters World.” In a pre-2016 election episode, Fox News’ Jesse Watters asked students from that same campus some basic questions about the then upcoming election.

Some did get it right, however…



Future Leaders

These are going to be some of the future leaders of America.

Regardless of a person’s political affiliation, or lack thereof, this ought to be a bracing reality check.

First, how is it possible that so many in institutions of higher learning could be so ignorant on the issues of the day?  What does it say about the state of American education?

Keep in mind that these young women and men are also among those who are discerning their next housing choices.


If they can be so misinformed/uninformed about politics that impact their lives and discussions, is it any surprise when research reveals they have only a dim understanding of manufactured homes?

Clearly, this isn’t to say that all young people are uniformed or misinformed.  This writer personally knows numbers of savvy young Americans.  But a nation is made up of a cross section that includes people like those shown in these videos – who often clearly need to be better informed.

Part of the Problem, or Part of the Solution?

Understanding a problem is the first step.

But the next step must be to engage those millennials and others who are so misinformed or uniformed about the kinds of matters that many of us would have considered basic during our college years.

Consider sharing links and/or encouraging your team mates to read and watch reports like these.

America and our industry are still near a tipping point.  One reason politicos can make absolutely outrageous statements on camera – and often seem to get away with it – is because tens of millions don’t know any better.


Whining or worry won’t fix it.  The proper engagement can. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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Media Spotlights Manufactured Housing’s Value in Hot Markets

August 25th, 2016 Comments off

ManufacturedHomeCommunity-imagecreditLeviticusFund-postedDailyBusinessNew-MHProNews-Manufactured homes are attracting positive media in markets where conventional housing has overheated or is difficult to obtain.

Peace Arch News took a favorable look recently at the impressive value that manufactured housing offers in hot real estate markets, highlighting the Semiahmoo Peninsula, Washington, near the U.S. Canadian border.

An attempt to cool down the housing market on the Canadian side of the line included a 15 percent surtax applied to foreign buyers in the area.

Christy Clark explained the Canadian government’s position by saying, “There is evidence now that suggests that very wealthy foreign buyers have raised the overall price of housing for British Columbia, and if we are going to put British Columbians first, and that is what we are intending to do, we need to make sure that we do everything we can to try to keep housing affordable, and to try and make sure those very wealthy foreign buyers find it a little bit harder to buy a house in the Greater Vancouver area.


British Columbia Premier, Christy Clark and Finance Minister, Michael de Jong

As veteran factory-built home industry professionals know, manufactured homes are available in many markets at a fraction of conventional housing’s cost.

As previously reported on by MHProNews, the fundamentals of real estate economics are holding true, and those same housing trends continue to affect the manufactured housing industry, in hot real estate markets and places where rising apartment rents are having an impact in a given area.

Positive mainstream coverage, combined with industry business professionals own marketing and educational efforts, are setting the stage for opportunities that allow for continued double-digit new and preowned manufactured home sales growth.

To read or share the Peace Arch News review for the general public, click here.##

(Image credit: MH Community: Leviticus fund, B.C. Premier Christy Clark: Peace Arch News)


Frank Griffin, Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Article submitted by Frank Griffin Daily Business News MHProNews.

Housing Recovery Still Tenuous

June 5th, 2013 Comments off

As HousingWire informs MHProNews, although the media is overflowing with glowing reports about the housing market recovery, it is not time to celebrate yet. CoreLogic reports April home prices were up 12 percent over April 2012, and 3.2 percent higher than March, but the market continues to need more move-up buyers and new homebuyers to even approach pre-crisis levels. Seven years ago everyone thought real estate prices would continue to rise, but the bursting of the housing bubble brought that to a sudden end. While the market is improving, economist Ed Stansfield with Capital Economics says the 12 percent increase is a short-term gain due to shrinking inventory, and if supply rises, prices could moderate. He says, “All in all, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that despite the rapid gains of the past year, home prices in the U.S. are still over 20% below their previous peak. That suggests that there is some way to go before the risks of further house price gains outweigh the support that housing is lending to the wider recovery.”

(Image credit: Fotosearch–crystal ball businessman)

CoreLogic reports Home Price Jump

May 9th, 2013 Comments off

HousingWire tells MHProNews that the most recent CoreLogic home price index spiked 10.5 percent nationally, the 13th consecutive monthly increase in home prices nationally. “For the first time since March 2006, both the overall index and the index that excludes distressed sales are above 10 percent year over year,” said Dr. Mark Fleming, chief economist for CoreLogic. “The pace of appreciation has been accelerating throughout 2012 and so far in 2013 leading into the home buying season,” he adds. Paul Diggle, of Capital Economics, says there is no housing bubble on the horizon. However, “Price gains which are well above twice the pace of income or rental growth are not sustainable in the long-run.” Nevertheless, he expects home prices to continue rising.

(Image credit: etftends)

Homeownership Falls, Renter-Occupied Homes Rise

May 1st, 2013 Comments off

The number of Americans who own their homes fell to 65 percent in Q1, 2013, down from 65.4 percent the first quarter of 2012, and the lowest level since the third quarter of 1995. While it peaked at 69.2 percent in June 2004 because of easy credit, Paul Diggle of Capital Economics in London expects the rate to fall throughout 2013 as investors continue to take advantage of low interest rates, which pushes up prices and puts more rentals on the market. As BloombergBusinessweek tells MHProNews, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reports the number of homes on the market fell 16.8 percent from a year earlier. While the Census Bureau says owner-occupied houses fell from 74.6 million Q1 2012 to 74.5 million this past quarter, renter-occupied homes increased to 40.1 million from 39.5 million a year ago. Overall, occupied residences rose one half million to 114.6 million Q1 2013 over Q1 2012.

(Image credit: rentdirect)

Differing Views on the Housing Recovery

April 9th, 2013 Comments off

In addressing the strength of the housing market recovery, as HousingWire tells MHProNews, experts expressed different views. Anthony Sanders, professor of real estate finance at George Mason University, says the market is improving, but slow job growth, stagnant incomes (except for the top five percent), and increasing government involvement are slowing the recovery. Trulia Chief Economist Jed Kolko says home prices and growth tend to differ geographically. In San Francisco where available land is at a premium prices are exorbitant; in areas where land is more available, owning is less expensive than renting. He says price growth in markets where job growth is weak indicates investors are fueling the increase, not consumers. Fannie Mae Director of Economics Mark Palim notes that while surveys show 91 percent of those 25-34 believe they will someday own a home, currently more household formation is made up of renters than buyers.

(Image credit: Fotosearch)

Half of Renters Want to Buy

March 12th, 2013 Comments off

HousingWire informs MHProNews, as the inventory of available homes continues to drop—Capital Economics says there are only 2.7 million units on the market, the sixth lowest in 30 years– homebuilders are patiently waiting for renters to transition into buyers. According to a survey by Opinion Research Corp. on behalf of Premier Property Management Group, 80 percent of renters are pleased with management, and in the case of single-family renters, are achieving some of the characteristics of home ownership. The survey also revealed 60 percent of single-family renters and 44 percent of apartment dwellers intend to buy within the next five years. Builders, in anticipation of future homes, are buying land, particularly in markets where credit is more readily available.

(Image credit: rent-direct)

Billings Building Back from Downturn

February 6th, 2013 Comments off

Speaking at a University of Montana economics seminar in Billings, Montana, economists noted Billings has the most robust growth of any urban area in Montana, and has nearly equaled its growth rate of 2007. As MHProNews has reported on several occasions, most recently Dec. 7, 2012, Billings is home to several new modular home builders supplying housing for the Bakken oil fields of western North Dakota. According to the Billings Gazette, Bay Ltd. of Billings is building 29 modular units headed for the Canadian tar sands oil fields in northern Alberta, Canada. Additionally, new home starts spiked 80 percent in Nov. 2012 over the previous Nov. in Yellowstone County.

(Image credit: globalregina–Canadian mancamp)

Investors Look for Single-family Properties

October 1st, 2012 Comments off

Research firm Capital Economics tells HousingWire investors seeking to cash in on single-family rental properties best move quickly. Economist Paul Diggle with Capital says early buyers found prices 30 percent below peak, with potential yields of 8-12 percent. Noting it is likely a one-time opportunity, Diggle says as house prices recover and the more attractive assets are snapped up the investor interest will certainly fade, although there are still 3.8 million homes in foreclosure or delinquent. Says Diggle: “While single-family rental housing is going to be an important new asset class for some investors over the next few years, it is always likely to be dwarfed by the existing, multifamily REIT market.” As MHProNews has learned, there are also 375,000 REO (real estate owned) homes in the system.

(Image credit: Wikipedia—dollar houses)