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Emerging Building, Construction Technologies Poised to Disrupt Housing, Developing, and More

May 29th, 2018 Comments off


This 10-minute video will show you some technologies that you will be familiar with, such as 3D Printing.


But it will also introduce you to technologies that you may not be familiar with at all.  This new TechZone video was posted earlier in May 2018, and it already boasts over a million views.


  • patio and road paving systems,
  • to tear down tech,
  • 3D printing,
  • to wall building drones,
  • robots that build walls faster than humans,
  • and more

this is a video that forward thinkers in the manufactured and modular housing industry will want to carefully digest.

We have a follow up Daily Business News report pending on a related process that is poised to launch later this year, or early in 2019.  It is a must for factory builders.  Stay tuned. ## (News, analysis, and expert commentary.)

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Home Construction Industry Still Lacking Qualified Workers

July 11th, 2016 Comments off

ufpi__creditpostedDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsWhile 287,000 jobs were added to the rolls in June, jobs for qualified for available construction workers continue to go begging, according to what yahoo!news reports from Ken Simonson, chief economist at The Associated General Contractors of America, who tells FOXBusiness there are available jobs.

Simonson says following the housing bubble, in 2010 1.8 million construction professionals were out of work, but many have since found other employment, leaving only about 400,000 unemployed, a number MHProNews has learned is abnormally low.

However, Simonson emphasizes construction workers these days are not just hauling drywall off the truck. These jobs use 3D printing and drones, and also pay ten percent more–$28.13 an hour versus $25.61 that private, non-farm workers are earning.

Although builders continue to have a tough time finding labor, the pickup of jobs in June may translate into more demand for new homes. ##

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Realtors ask for Exception on use of Drones

September 24th, 2014 Comments off

drone  creditWhile current Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rules prohibit the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), commonly called drones, for commercial purposes, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has sent a letter to the FAA asking for an exception since their motives have nothing to do with safety concerns. The NAR says being able to show prospective customers an aerial view of a property would be an exceptional marketing tool that could contribute to the business development of the real estate industry as well as many others. Representing over one million real estate professionals, according to, the NAR says in its letter: “The use of UAV technology by the real estate industry is simple compared to other applications such as land surveying or law enforcement.” MHProNews understands drones could also be very effective in scoping out plans for a manufactured housing development. ##

(Image credit:–a drone)