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Sunday Morning Recap–May 24, 2015 to May 30, 2015

May 31st, 2015 Comments off

Sunday_morning_recapThe U. S. news this week was dominated by the flooding that ravaged Texas, leading to the loss of some 30 lives, 4,000 damaged homes and millions of dollars in damages. In manufactured housing news, residents at an MHC threaten to move because of high utilities, UMH acquires another MHC, one town unsure of MH ordinances, an NC county demolishes abandoned MHs, an MHC in WA is closing, Florida refurbishes old MH for homeless, and Wisdom Homes offering land/home deal. In stocks, the MHCV gained most of the week while two Drew principals unloaded shares, and Patrick splits stock. Modular is growing in Europe, on U. S. tribal lands and to house homeless. Former Ginnie Mae head cautions about dismantling the GSEs, while skeletons rattle in Sen. Warren’s closet as GA Senator tries to harness CFPB.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Recyclable Mini House Assembles in Two Days

Friday, May 29, 2015

Another Drew Principal Unloads Stock

Factory-built Homes more Prevalent in Scandinavia and Japan

MHCV Moves Up; Dow, Nasdaq, S&P 500 Move Down

Manufactured Home Community Residents Balk at Utilities Increase

Modular Homes Constructed on Tribal Land

Senator Elizabeth Warren Flipped Houses

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tiny Homes for the Homeless

MHCV Outpaces the Dow; Most Tracked Stocks Gain

UMH Continues Expansion Plans

Pending Home Sales Continue Rising

Plans for Modular Housing Moving Forward

ATRM Projects Improved Operations from its Modular Production

Wednesday, May 27

County Receives Funding to Demolish Abandoned Manufactured Homes

City Undecided about Manufactured Home Ordinance

MHCV, most Manufactured Housing Stocks Advance in Today’s Trading

Wisdom Homes Offering Land-Home Package Deal for Manufactured Homes

Idle Wheel Mobile Home Park Rolls to a New Owner

Before you Dismantle Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae………

Tuesday, May 26

Modular Smart Home Controlled by Smart Phone

Patrick Industries Finalizes Acquisition of Structural Composites

Dow, Nasdaq, and S&P 500 Tumble on Fears of Rate Hike

Georgia Senator Introduces Measure to Harness CFPB

Manufactured Home Owners have One Year to Move

Monday, May 25

Modular Containers Spreading to Multiple Uses

Manufactured Housing Component Supplier Patrick Splitting Stock

Old Manufactured Homes and Tiny Homes address the Florida Homeless

U. S. Stock Markets Closed Today

Drew President Unloads Shares

3D Structure offers Quick and Economical Assemblage during Catastrophe ##

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Sunday Morning Recap May 4-May 9, 2015

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Sunday_morning_recapROC Racks up Two More MHC Co-ops. Legislator Questions HUD Contract. HUD Code Production Rises. Modular Skyscraper Rises Quickly in China. Modular Future Questionable in NYC, as it Gains a Floor in Texas, adds Luxury Complex in Silicon Valley. Cavco Acquires Fairmont. MHCC Seeks MH Multifamily. Google Denied Modular Expansion. Tiny Homes Growing. MH Siting Regulated. UMH Posts Gains. Drew Hits Record Quarter. Ozy Media Draws Fire. Jobs Grow. Rents Rise. Unemployment Falls.

Monday, May 4

Resident-owned Manufactured Home Communities Celebrates 10,000th Homesite

Letter from Rep. Sean Duffy Seeks Info Concerning Manufactured Housing Contract

Modern Modular Classrooms will Serve VA Schools Well

MHCV Scores Better than Dow; Wages Finally Rise

HUD Code Manufactured Home Production Continues Rising

Tuesday, May 5

Cavco Acquires Manufactured Home Producer Fairmont

Modular Skyscraper Erected in 19 Days

Drew Draws Aces, Posting Record First Quarter 2015

Louisiana Pacific Flies, MHCV Moves Up, Drew Cries, Dow Drops 142 Points

Texas Legislature Passes Bill to Elevate Modulars

Updated Rent Stabilization for Manufactured Home Communities due in June

Wednesday, May 6

Borough Establishes Regulations for Siting of Manufactured Homes

A Short Story on the Tiny Home Movement

Chris Nicely Joins Next Step Homes

MHCV Inches Up while Dow Slips Second Consecutive Day

Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee to Consider Multifamily MH

Thursday, May 7

Luxury Modular Complex Rises in Silicon Valley

Google’s Modular Plans Denied; LinkedIn Links Up

Ozy Media’s ‘Trailer House Nation,’ Corrections Needed

Drew Draws Top Gain, Cavco Advances, MHCV Outpaces Dow

Modular Cottages form Small Community in Vermont

ROC USA Facilitates another Manufactured Home Community to Become a Co-op

Friday, May 8

Housing Market Recovery Moving Slowly

CAPREIT Announces Monthly Distribution

UMH Posts Gains in Q1 2015

Jobs Report Sends Dow Up; MHCV Does not share the Joy

Upscale Modular Home is Top Prize in Lottery

Modular Building May be Forced out of New York City

Saturday, May 9

Rising Rents could Forestall Homeownership ##

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matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J. Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

Sunday Morning Recap–April 5, 2015 to April 11, 2015

April 12th, 2015 Comments off

Sunday_morning_recapIn this week’s news, although we did not cover it, we are reminded of the power of nature as a tornado devastated a small town in Illinois. Otherwise, H. R. 650 may hit the House Floor this week. Can Tiny Homes site in MHCs? Modular housing being weighed in Boston, Australia, and South Carolina. Manufactured homes mean big savings in the Bay Area and Kentucky. MHC review board rules in community owner’s favor in CA. Manufactured Home production rises in Feb.

Monday April 6

Modular Facility to Replace Burned-out Classrooms

Boston Considering Massive Modular Housing

Tiny House in Manufactured Home Community Sparks Legal Debate

MHCV Nudges up; Dow, NASDAQ and S&P Gain Less

Manufactured Homes a Bargain in Bay Area

Tue., April 7

Modular Building Producer Expanding into Northwest

Couple Questions Tax Increase on pre-HUD Code Home

Kentucky Collaboration will Provide ENERGY STAR Manufactured Homes

MHCV Nudges Down; Dow, NASDAQ and S&P also Fall

Single and MultiSection Manufactured Home Production up in February

Wed., April 8

Manufactured Housing Component Supplier expects Uptick

Home Prices have Risen Monthly for over Three Years

M.Scott Welch Joins Patrick Industries Board

Two Financial Titans Have Fingers in the Pie of Manufactured Housing

City Council Tables Voting on Manufactured Home Siting

MHCV Notches Gain; Fed may Extend Brakes on Interest Rates

Potential for Modular Methods Down Under is Growing

Thurs., April 9

Manufactured Home Loans Tough to Find in North Dakota

Modular Building: Front End Savings, but Long Term Sustainability?

Mobile Alabama Sites Two Affordable Modular Homes

MHCV Slips as Investors Push the Dow, NASDAQ and S&P Slightly Up

Resident wants to Challenge Manufactured Home Site Rents

Fri., April 10

Tell your Congressional Representative to Vote Yes on H. R. 650

Executive Change at Manufactured Housing Component Supplier

Opening Day is Manufactured Housing Day

MH Retailer Fairfield Homes and Land High Standards attract local media attention

MHCV Slips as Investors Drive the Dow, NASDAQ and S&P into Positive Territory

Review Board agrees with Manufactured Home Community Owner

Brooklyn’s B2 Modular Tower to Resume Minus Modular

Sat., April 11

South Carolina Town Seeking Affordable Modular Housing ##

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Dodd- Frankenstein – SEC 2013 Annual Whistleblower Report

November 21st, 2013 Comments off

obama_&_biden_presidential-limo_july-2010-.pngIf ObamaCare has your attention, don’t miss out on what some publishers are now calling Dodd-Frankery or Dodd- Frankenstein (aka Dodd-Frank). The SEC is required to publish an annual whistleblowers report, the 2013 download of which is available here. The attorneys behind the website “Dodd-Frank-com” state “ Fiscal 2013 drew 3,238 complaints compared to 3,001 in 2012, an 8% increase.”  Did you check that, over 3000 complaints a year, or about 9 daily. For retailers, communities and others involved in manufactured home lending, lease-purchase, rent-to-own or other instruments deemed to be ‘financing’ per the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, this ought to be the latest wake up call. MHProNews suggests that once you’ve had your coffee, see if your Congressman is on this list, and either call to thank them or call to ask for their support of HR1779. ##

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Ingenia announces buy of two ‘down under’ MHCs

August 28th, 2013 Comments off

ingenia-communities-logo-posted-daily-business-news-manufactured-housing-professional-news-mhpronews-com-Ingenia (ASX:INA) purchased two immediately earnings-accretive Manufactured Home communities in Mudgee, New South Wales, for $11.2 million. The Mudgee Valley MHC will be acquired for $4 million, which has an 8.8% trailing yield, and unlevered internal rate of return (IRR) exceeding 20%. The second purchase is the Mudgee Tourist and Van Resort acquired for $7.2 million. The later property boasts a trailing yield of 9.3%, and an unlevered IRR exceeding 15%. Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia offers a buoyant local housing market, strong employment growth and a vibrant local economy underpinned by resources and agriculture. The proactiveinvestors also tells MHProNews the median house price in Mudgee is currently $389,000, and has grown at a 9.2% rate over the past five years, making manufactured housing down under an attractive niche investment for Ingenia. ##

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Consumer Confidence Nudges Up

August 17th, 2012 Comments off

HousingWire says analysts with Econoday report consumer confidence rose slightly in August to 73.6 over 72.3 in July, according to the University of Michigan and Reuters. While the consumer outlook on current market conditions rose nearly five points to 87.6 in August, Econoday says “this gain isn’t translating into any more optimism on the outlook as the expectations index fell more than one point to 64.5 versus 65.6 in July.” The Dow moved immediately higher in response to the news. As MHProNews has learned, while the numbers for the housing market improve, the overall economy continues to face substantial risks.

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Forecast Slows, says Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp

August 14th, 2012 Comments off

GlobeMail tells MHProNews that Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp (CMHC). is forecasting a moderate slowdown in new-home construction starts as well as sales of existing housing. CMHC states that housing starts and home sales have been good in 2012 – particularly when it comes to multiple-dwelling units such as condos and apartments – but will soften moderately moving into 2013. “Balanced market conditions in most local housing markets will result in a slowing in house price growth as well,” Mathieu Laberge, CMCH’s deputy chief economist, stated. CMHC estimates between 196,800 and 217,000 units of housing starts in 2012. ##

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Euro Debt Crisis Sailing West? Dow Falls, but UFP, Inc. did the Best

November 21st, 2011 Comments off

CNNMoney reports the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped sharply as investors worry that the European debt crisis may yet sail west to U.S. shores, falling 248.85 points to 11547.31, a loss of 2.11 percent. The Yahoo! Finance Manufactured Housing Composite Value followed the path, losing -3.43 percent to close at 813.80. Most all tracked housing stocks closed down. Affiliated Managers Group 86.48 -3.38 (-3.78%). Clayton Homes, Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, as well as MH home-building, lending and other housing suppliers parent company Berkshire Hathaway 112,055.00 -835.00 (-0.74%). Cavco Industries 43.51 -1.53 (-3.40%). Champion, Deer Valley, Liberty and Palm Harbor were all unchanged. Drew Industries 21.24 -0.68 (-3.10%). Equity Lifestyle Properties 60.54 -1.26 (-2.04%). Nobility Homes 6.51 -0.12 (-1.81%). Patrick Industries was the most volatile of our tracked stocks, percentage-wise, moving down -9.43 percent, -0.25, to close at 2.40. Skyline Corporation 6.18 -0.35 (-5.36%). Sun Communities 34.97 -1.22 (-3.37%). Third Avenue Value Fund (11-18) 41.31 -0.11 (-0.27%). UMH Properties 9.47 -0.03 (-0.32%). Of our tracked stocks, Universal Forest Products, Inc., was the only one in the plus column, gaining +0.27 percent, +0.07, to close as 26.30.

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After Choppy Day, Dow Gains 25 Points; Likewise, Housing Stocks Move Little

November 18th, 2011 Comments off

CNNMoney reports the Dow Jones Industrial Average chopped up and down all day today as investors kept their finger on the European pulse while observing the debt committee. The Dow inched up 25.43 points, or +0.22 percent, to close at 11,796.16. The Yahoo! Finance Manufactured Housing Composite Value fell 1.85 percent to close at 842.70. Tracked housing stocks closed mixed. Affiliated Managers Group 89.83 +0.86 (+0.97%). Clayton Homes, Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, as well as MH home-building, lending and other housing suppliers parent company Berkshire Hathaway 112,890 +1,190.00 (+1.07%). Cavco Industries 45.04 -0.69 (-1.51%). Champion, Liberty, and Palm Harbor were unchanged. Deer Valley slid the most of tracked stocks, at -6.25 percent, a loss of 0.03 to close at 0.45. Drew Industries gained the most of tracked stocks, adding 1.95 percent, to close at 21.92, +0.42. Equity Lifestyle Properties 61.80 -0.09 (-0.15%). Nobility Homes 6.62 -0.36 (-5.16%). Patrick Industries 2.65 +0.03 (1.15%). Skyline Corporation 6.53 -0.10 (-1.51%). Sun Communities 36.19 +0.08 (+0.22%). Third Avenue Value Fund (11-17) 41.42 -0.71 (-1.69%). UMH Properties was unchanged at 9.50. Universal Forest Products, Inc. 26.23 +0.14 (+0.54%).

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Dow Dips, Palm Harbor Trips, Patrick Pleases

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CNNMoney reports the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell as investors worry that the European debt crisis may spread to other large European economies, dropping 134.86 points, 1.13 percent, to close at 11,770.73. The Yahoo! Finance Manufactured Housing Composite Value followed suit, losing -1.90 percent to close at 858.60. Many tracked housing stocks closed down. Affiliated Managers Group 88.97 -3.04 (-3.30%). Clayton Homes, Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, as well as MH home-building, lending and other housing suppliers parent company Berkshire Hathaway 111,700.00 -512.00 (-0.46%). Cavco Industries 45.73 -0.88 (-1.89%). Champion, Deer Valley, and Liberty were all unchanged. Drew Industries 21.50 -0.96 (-4.27%). Equity Lifestyle Properties 61.89 -0.82 (-1.31%). Nobility Homes 6.98 -0.05 (-0.71%). Palm Harbor Homes slid the most of tracked stocks, falling -0.001 to 0.002, a loss of 33.33 percent. Patrick Industries gained the most of our tracked stocks, percentage-wise, moving up 9.62 percent, +0.23, to close at 2.62. Skyline Corporation 6.63 -0.19 (-2.79%). Sun Communities 36.11 -0.40 (-1.10%). Third Avenue Value Fund (11-16) 42.13 -0.91 (-2.11%). UMH Properties 9.50 +0.06 (+0.64%). Universal Forest Products, Inc. 26.09 -0.94 (-3.48%).

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