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Sears & Roebuck Homes Presaged HUD Code and Modular Homes

April 22nd, 2016 Comments off

Sears_home_albany_ny__timesununion_lori_van_buren__creditSears was a pioneering mail-order company that sold watches, underwear, furniture, appliances—and from 1908 to 1940 sold 100,000 homes through a catalog. As the timesununion states, The pieces arrived packed in boxes that contained lumber, cut to length and numbered for convenience, as well as shingles, doors, windows, molding, plumbing, a furnace and every nail needed to put the whole thing together.” The components were shipped by train, and in the early days were delivered by horse and buggy from the train depot, as MHProNews knows, and assembled much like a puzzle.

Available in 447 styles, it is nearly impossible to distinguish them from site built, much like today’s manufactured and modular homes. A shipping label on the back of some mill work could be a clue, as would the letters “SR” cast into an inside corner of the tub, or on the underside of the bathroom or kitchen sink.

Additionally, there may be some blueprints or papers identifying it as a Sears home in the attic or basement. Sears offered home mortgages, so courthouse records might reveal the origins.

In today’s market, manufactured and modular homes are likewise delivered to the home site, but on flatbed trucks, and already constructed. The Sears & Roebuck homes were more of a kit. Would some company offer full size homes as a kit again? ##

(Photo credit: Times/Union-Lori Van Buren–Sears home in Albany, New York)

matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-comArticle submitted by Matthew J. Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

Modular Apartments Set for Long Island

September 24th, 2013 Comments off

While New York City’s first modular apartment building, the six-story, 28-unit Stack recently opened its doors, Hempstead, Long Island in Nassau County will field its first occupants of a modular apartment building next month (October, 2013). The 29-unit complex, Village Lofts, will feature wide plank maple floors as well as Energy Star appliances, a courtyard, elevator, parking, a media screening room and on-site storage. Newsday reports the apartments range in size from 810 square feet to 1,557 square feet with monthly rental rates of $1,400 to $2,550. MHProNews has learned six of the modular units will be set aside as affordable housing.

(Photo credit: Village Lofts–Hempstead, Long Island NY)

Modular Builder in Montana Shuts Doors

September 23rd, 2013 Comments off

Canadian-American Structured Solutions (CASS) opened in May 2012 in Billings, Montana vowing to provide 100 jobs, as it filled modular housing orders for workers in the Bakken oil fields in western North Dakota. Updating a story MHProNews posted Jan. 26, 2013 regarding the company’s temporary layoff of 30 employees due to a shortage of materials, on Friday, Sept. 13 the front door was padlocked and the employee entrance was boarded up, leaving am alleged trail of unpaid employees, modular homes with faulty plumbing, and previous legal claims still owing. One builder reports receiving his modular units for 12 apartments months late and with major work needed. He says water sprayed from the fixtures when the faucets were turned on. CASS allegedly canceled its medical insurance in January without telling employees, according to One employee who called the company handling the payroll was told the contract was canceled two weeks prior.  CFO Larry Nelson and CEO Lorne Wallace reportedly did not respond to requests for comments.

(Photo credit: Katharine MacKnight/kurl-tv–CASS modular homes)

Modular Housing Provides Shelter for Homeless Men

June 27th, 2013 Comments off

As many as 120 men once again faced homelessness after the Haven of Rest, which operated for 25 years, providing emergency and transitional housing, closed its doors this month in Tallahassee, Fla. Last week modular housing was delivered to the new Westgate Community residential campus as temporary shelter until a more permanent solution becomes available. As tells MHProNews, although homeless service agencies are stretched to the max, meals, lodging and transportation are being provided by individuals, businesses, and churches. Information was not readily available as to the capacity of the modular housing.(Photo credit: (Craig Morris/thedailyjournal–American Modular Homes)

Delinquent Taxes Total over Half a Million

April 10th, 2013 1 comment

According to rrobserver, MHProNews has learned Sandoval County (New Mexico) Treasurer Laura Sandoval says nearly half of all manufactured homes in the county, representing 1,905 properties, owe property taxes that are delinquent, totaling $600,000. Of these, 721 homes have unknown addresses or only a post office box; 535 manufactured homes have invalid serial numbers in this county, just north of Albuquerque. She says some people move from one county to another without registering the home, and some do not know they have to pay. Currently, all her staff is female and none feel comfortable knocking on doors since a story circulated that a resident was observed exiting his manufactured house toting a rifle.

(Image credit: manufacturedhomesource–Santa Fe, NM homes)

Measure Excludes Manufactured and Modular Housing

March 21st, 2013 Comments off

According to bizjournals, the North Carolina House of Representatives passed an ordinance which prevents local government from enacting zoning ordinances that dictates the appearance, layout, design, number of rooms, materials, type of windows or doors for single-family and duplex dwellings. It may regulate the height and bulk of a building and how it is located on its site. However, as MHProNews has discovered, it excludes manufactured and modular housing which can continue to be regulated.

(Image credit: theatlanticcities)

MOD Builder goes under Down Under

March 6th, 2013 Comments off

SmartCompanyAu reports from down under modular builder Mornington Park Homes has been placed in receivership after 32 years in business, and corporate advisory firm McGrathNicol is seeking buyers for the assets of what was once Tasmania’s leading producer of modular homes, having produced nearly 32,000 homes. Despite reports that the prefabricated market will increase through 2017, as MHProNews reported here Feb. 28, 2013, modular builder Trade Fusion of new South Wales, Australia closed its doors last Nov. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission reports of the 10,632 companies that ceased operations last year, one-fifth of them were in the construction business.

(Photo credit: tektumdailymercury–Australian modular home)

Layoffs only Temporary

January 26th, 2013 Comments off

The billingsgazette reports Canadian-American Structured Solutions, Inc. (CASS), which opened its doors in May, 2012 in Billings, Mont. to build modular homes to help meet the housing shortage in ten western states and three Canadian provinces has announced it will layoff about 30 employees as a temporary measure. CASS’ president and CEO Lorne Wallace says while the company is completing a seven-unit townhome project, it is awaiting materials for a 12-unit project in Glendive, Mont. just west of the North Dakota border, and a 90-home subdivision in Saskatchewan, Canada, and it expects to re-call the employees in late Feb. As MHProNews has learned, he says the company intends to hire 25 additional employees to meet project demand.

(Photo credit: Dickinson Homes)

Manufactured Housing Goes Hunting

January 8th, 2013 Comments off

AmmoLand reports from Fremont, Ohio that MH building products maker StyleCrest is teaming with Mossy Oak to produce Wildside Camo Siding for hunting blinds, lodges, cabins and sheds. The extrusion-process camouflage siding will resist UV rays and extreme weather conditions, and is easy to install. As MHProNews has learned, StyleCrest supplies numerous residential products to the MH industry from HVAC, plumbing and electrical to doors, decks and foundation covers.

(Image credit: AmmoLand)

Blu Going for Green

September 14th, 2012 Comments off

gigaom reports modular home producer Blu Homes has raised $60 million through global equity investment fund manager Skagen Group of the Netherlands. Blu bought the intellectual property rights and modular designs from Michelle Kaufmann Designs last year after that company closed its doors in 2009. As MHProNews reported Jan. 16, 2012, Blu moved its operations from Massachusetts, where it began, to an old airplane hangar in Vallejo, California. Blu offers eco-friendly, modern modular homes available with technology as “green” as the customer desires, with prices starting at $125,000 for a studio home.

(Photo credit: Blu Homes)