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Manufactured Home Industry Groups Fighting Hard, Meanwhile, a Man Died

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We as an independent manufactured home producer’s association have often worked successfully with resident groups, on issues of mutual interest. We don’t deal with community related issues directly. I believe that people of good will may agree or disagree on details, and still have mutual respect. Let me express my sincere condolences to those touched by the loss of Ed Speraw.” – Mark Weiss, JD, President and CEO of the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform.


It goes without saying among numbers of manufactured home community (MHC) owners and managers, that activist resident groups are often viewed dimly. Resident activists routinely return that perspective.

That’s a recipe for years of more acrimonious relationships.

Recently, Ed Speraw – the former President of the Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association (DMHOA) – died.

The Daily Business News on MHProNews pondered how the word of that passage of Speraw from this life might best be handled.

We reached out for comments from resident group leaders and manufactured home industry leaders. We obtained two, one a professional – above, another from a friend of the deceased.

Those and more are available via the linked text/image box posted, below.  It explores areas of agreement, and disagreement, and where common ground may be found.


Ed Speraw, Manufactured Home Owner “Hero”, dies at 81


Teachable Moment?

Editorially, MHProNews management hopes that this might be a conversation starter. The report above will certainly cause some to react or think.

The industry’s leadership on the MHI/NCC side has sadly failed to bridge the gap with resident groups. There is arguably little-to-no trust.

Monopolistic practices arguably hurt residents, most small-to-mid sized businesses, and the new home sales levels of our industry.  That’s one of several possible foundations for mutual advocacy efforts.  Further, there are thousands of independently owned manufactured home communities where residents and management get along just fine.  This writer has seen that first hand, in communities from border to border.

While some keep spinning the pipe dream that pretty pictures or slick videos will solve what has ailed new manufactured home sales, years of fact-checks, new home shipment tallies, and following-the-money prove otherwise.  Part of the challenge is ‘resident relations.’  When residents have to sue, for example, the MHI chairman, that’s not cause for enthusiastic trust.

How many other industries have such a significantly acrimonious relationship with a significant percentage of their product owners?  While customers do sue other product makers, or may protest something, those other industries are already thriving. No so, manufactured housing.

Education is needed all around. It’s arguably overdue to break through thin egg shells. Instead of living in disconnecting white silos, by cracking shells, why not mix it up, and enjoy some omelets?




MHProNews extends it’s sincere condolences to those touched by the loss of Ed Speraw, may he rest in peace. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, commentary, and analysis.)

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“Results vs. Resistance,” Cutting Fog with Facts for MHVille

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Some 72 percent of Americans believe that misinformation from media is common today, said a recent Axios poll. Distortions of reality impacts manufactured housing in a variety of ways.  The light of truth is a useful disinfectant to the darkness of false information or harmful fiction.


As was recently reported on the Daily Business News on MHProNews, manufactured home community resident Rob Weymouth wrote a letter to his local editor to encourage readers to “vote Democratic” to fix his states rent control bill. It was Democrats who passed the rent control measure, a Democratic governor signed into law, and Weymouth himself said the law was “useless.”

Weymouth has the seal of approval from the Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association (DMHOA), which is affiliated with MHAction, and NMHOA.  ICYMI, see the related report, below, later for the details.

MH Communities, Owners, MH Independents Alert – NMHOA and MHAction Next Steps? – Part 1

MHProNews has reported for years on the unintended problems caused by rent control.  Paul Bradley, of ROC USA, took aim at the issue of rent control too, saying there had to be a better solution.


Why not look past the feel good, easy fix sound bites – that are often based upon myth – and see the reality that rent control harms residents, potential developers, and smaller property owners alike? Tim Sheahan, President of the National Manufactured Home Owners Association himself identified, albeit perhaps unwittingly, the fact that when there was a lot of developing going on, land-lease was affordable and the free market kept site-fees – a.k.a. ground rent – stable.

Tim Sheahan, NMHOA President, Controversial Points of Agreement with Marty Lavin, George Allen on Communities

Part of Weymouth’s – and those of his associates who agreed with his reasoning for voting for Democrats – was another claim that’s easily disputed.  Namely, that Republicans are the party of the rich.

Tell that to the top 10 billionaires in America.


7 of those 10 billionaires are reliably Democratic supporters.  3 of those top ten are more conservative or Libertarian leaning.  Warren Buffett is near the top of this list, and he and his fellow travelers are reliably Democratic supporters.

Yesterday, on Sunday Morning Futures, House Majority leader Kevin McCarthy was asked how does the GOP fight the perceived blue wave and their oversized pockets?

McCarthy answer was comparing “results vs resistance.”  The “resistance” is a term that the left has adopted to the presidency of Donald J. Trump.

Democrats have two liberal billionaires that are trying to buy the House to flip it,” McCarthy said, per the Daily Caller. “You have Mike Bloomberg who first promised $80 million. Now he’s talking about going to $100 million just on Democrats in the House. And then Tom Steyer who has already spent $120 million. And he brags because he wants to impeach the president.”

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has signaled that he may run in 2020 for president as a Democrat.  If so, having a majority in the Congress would be for him and his colleagues the ideal outcome.

The difficulty is, when you have liberal billionaires willing to write a $100 million check at the time, that’s very difficult to try to equal the playing field,” McCarthy said.

How do we equal the playing field? Results vs. resistance. The results of this economy [are] better than we’ve seen in the last 50 years.”



President Trump, when out on the stump at his rallies, explains to his listeners how suppression polling is supposed to work.

Take, for example, a “push poll” that tries to get a surveyed person to answer questions in a preferred fashion. Here at MHProNews, we are routinely called for polls.  We know first-hand that push polls are a common surveying method.

Another tactic used by some polling operations is the over-sample from among Democratic supporters, while under sampling Republicans and independents. That occurred in the 2016 election cycle.  By looking at the internals of some polls, and using public data with adjustments, MHProNews was able to use mainstream polling and project the path for a Trump victory on election night accurately.

But how many voters look at the ‘internals’ of a poll to begin with?  The president is correct in suggesting that a possible goal of polls is to convince people that the election is “over,” and there are no good reasons to go out and vote.  The odds may favor the Democrats, on money or the historic trends of many midterms in the last 50 years.  But going to vote still counts.

In 2016, Republicans were outspent by Democrats for president that year. CBS News reported that “Election 2016’s price tag: $6.8 billion. Americans who are running for federal elective offices spent more than ever — about $6.8 billion — in that pursuit, including the nastiest presidential election in recent memory, between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.”

Per the New York Times,Mrs. Clinton’s total expenses were $565 million, compared with $775 million for President Obama; Mr. Trump spent $322 million, while Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee that year, spent $460 million. Mrs. Clinton closed with under $1 million in the bank, much less than the $7 million remaining for the Trump” campaign.

Former Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) Chairman was one of those movers and shakers in MHVille that supported Clinton, and previously supported President Barack Obama.  He’s used Clayton Homes for product, and 21st Mortgage for lending, both Berkshire Hathaway brands.  Berkshire Chairman Warren Buffett was a prominent backer of then Senator, later President Barack Obama.  The money and influence tilted toward the Democrats.

Nathan Smith, SSK Communities, From Mobile Home Resident to Manufactured Home Communities Owner, & Manufactured Housing Institute Leader

So the trend for years has been more money for Democrats, including more big donors for Democrats. But just as President Trump was able to win with fewer dollars, that is possible in the 2016 cycle too.


Evidence for the Red Wave?

In fact, there are several surveys and counter-signals that could indicate that the blue wave Democrats and much of the mainstream media is reporting could prove to be incorrect.  Let’s look at some facts.  Gallup did a survey in September that demonstrated that the GOP is at its highest level of acceptance in some 7 years.


Per Gallup, the Republican Party is viewed slightly more favorably than Democrats.  Isn’t that odd, given all of those polls that suggest an edge to Democrats? But there’s more.


The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) – which sources there tell the Daily Business News on MHProNews includes hundreds of manufactured housing industry firms among their 325,000 members – has reported their highest levels of business confidence in many years.  That confidence wave began with the election of Donald J. Trump.

Record Shattered on SBO, Yields Growth, Profits, More Says Juanita Duggan’s Group

Consumer confidence surveys are likewise at historic levels since President Trump began his term in office.

In the recent TV viewing of the Ford-Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation hearings in the Senate last week, Nielson said that some 20 million Americans tuned in that day to watch part or all of the proceedings. “20.4 million people tuning in on six broadcast and cable networks, according to Nielsen data released on Friday,” said NBC NewsMillions more listened to the testimony by radio.

Per Forbes,On the three major [cable] news networks, Fox News, MSNBC and CNN, the Kavanaugh hearing averaged 11 million total viewers from 10 a.m. to 6:45 p.m., according to Nielsen data. That viewership peaked from 3:15 and 6:45 p.m., when Kavanaugh himself testified, with almost 13 million total viewers.”

Fox News easily beat the audience share of MSNBC and CNN. See the graphic, below. While not every CNN viewer leans Democratic, and not every Fox viewer leans GOP, those are the widely noted tendencies.


Perhaps more significant are the radio audiences.  While there are “progressive” talk radio shows, conservatives and libertarians dominate talk radio. Rush Limbaugh, per various reports, can reach up to 30 million people online, via broadcast, etc. Sean Hannity can be about half that “Rush” audience size.

With unemployment among blacks, Hispanics and women at record lows, and wages rising, there are reasons to believe that their support for President Trump-backed candidates will grow.

Once again, black entertainer Kanye West publicly made a pro-Trump talk this past weekend.  While booed by some members of the largely liberal Saturday Night Live (SNL) audience, he’s part of that trend towards a less monolithic voting among minorities for Democrats. The broad-minded network did not air it, but here is a clip of what took place.

Democrats may be signaling their own concerns over 2018 in subtle as well as obvious ways.  Former President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Secretary Hillary Clinton have been and/or soon plan to hit the campaign trail in support of Democrats.  It is worth noting that former Secretary Clinton will be campaigning with openly socialistic candidate, Mayor Andrew Gillum in FL.

Every election comes down to turn-out. November 6 is just 36 days away, and early voting has begun. Some polling suggests that a record midterm could be ahead. The president has a packed campaign rally schedule.

As MHProNews fact-checks and analysis has documented and reminded industry professionals, the Obama Administration era foisted more regulations, Pam Danner at HUD, higher taxes, Dodd-Frank, doubled the federal debt, ObamaCare, and other road-blocks on our industry’s growth. President Obama promised to veto Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act, while President Donald J. Trump signed S. 2155 into law, which contained a key plank from the same bill.

The mask is arguably coming off of the various ways that MHI acts as Buffett’s Berkshire tool. MHI’s own former VP blew part of the Arlington, VA based trade group’s cover.

2012 Election Results and Coming Lame Duck Session

The midterms can continue the momentum in the economy, or it could reverse it with promised socialist policies being openly advanced by several Democratic candidates.


Results vs. Resistance.”

Which way, MHVille pro, will you vote?  What will you tell your circle of influence?  Keep in mind, if you don’t vote, you’ve de facto voted for the winner. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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SoheylaKovachDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsMHLivingNewsSubmitted by Soheyla Kovach to the Daily Business News for Soheyla is a managing member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to MHProNews, and

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MH Communities, Owners, MH Independents Alert – NMHOA and MHAction Next Steps? – Part 1

September 5th, 2018 Comments off


There are some things you simply can’t make up.  There are times when you find that the truth is more interesting than fiction.


The following are direct quotes from the Delaware Online, by a gentleman named Robert Weymouth from Rehoboth Beach. He identifies himself as a resident of a Hometown America property.

By way of disclosure, Hometown is not, nor have they been, an advertiser for  So the Daily Business News’ focus is not for or against the allegations made by Weymouth and others about Hometown.  Rather, this is a critical analysis – much like those that we use with Berkshire Hathaway or MHI –  too look at the logic of and core issues the concerns that Weymouth raises in numerous articles, plus a legal action he and another launched.

Note too, that as believers in the First Amendment and the U.S. Constitution as written and intended, we respect the right of Weymouth to express himself in the following fashion. His writing appears to be sincere and respectful, even if one can take issue with his points.


Under the headline, “Manufactured housing tenants: vote Democrat


Note, this photo and the one from Fred Neil were provided to MHProNews by each person, respectively. The critical analysis of their respective points herein is in no way to be construed as a personal attack,  Rather, its a logical look at their own claims. They will be given an opportunity to discuss this in a similar fashion, in the days ahead.

Weymouth begins by saying, “The manufactured housing tenants must unite to effectively stop landowners from continuing predatory pricing practices.”

It should be noted that Delaware is a deep blue state, which BallotPedia identifies as a Democratic ‘trifecta.’ Their state House, Senate and the Governor’s office are and have been held by Democrats.

Weymouth obliquely says the same. His letter to the editor continued, In 2013, then Governor Jack Markell signed the Rent Justification Act sponsored by  Democrat Bruce Ennis and co-sponsored by several others in his party. The law was enacted to finally give over 70,000 tenants in almost 200 manufactured home communities protection from unscrupulous landowners that have been using predatory pricing practices against defenseless low cost/low income tenants.”

Weymouth then laments, “The new law’s intent is to provide protection to tenants from landowners that continue to believe they have the right to raise rents for basically any reason

Unfortunately, over the past few years since the law was enacted, various actions or inaction by our state’s legislative, judicial and executive branches and by some landowners has effectively rendered the law useless. While the law enacted was extremely vague and ambiguous, one thing that was clear was that landowners needed to actually justify their rent increases in writing and that tenants are protected against unreasonable and burdensome rent increases.”

Let’s sum up to this point.  Weymouth says there’s a problem.  Democrats united to legislatively ‘solve’ that problem.  But a Democratic dominated state executive, legislative and judicial process has rendered – in Weymouth’s own words – “…the law useless.”

So the solution this gentlemen says is to do what? Blame Republicans, and cheer on more Democratic votes. What? Are we kidding?  After in his own words, he says the Democratic efforts failed?

Here’s exactly what he said next.

Historically, the Democratic Party has championed the working class while the Republican Party favored big business and the rich. I know some of you actually believed Republicans when they said they would help you. However, if you look at their tax bill, the Congressional Budget Office has said over 80 percent of the savings will go to the rich. So look in your pocket, how much has actually trickled down to you?

If you want legislation that will protect you, you must unite to vote more Democrats into office because they are your best hope for actually saving you money.” ##

Robert Weymouth, Rehoboth Beach.


The Democratic governor of Delaware at the time the measure Weymouth writes about was passed.

Delaware is a state that desperately needs affordable housing. But rent control is demonstrably not the answer. Who says?

UPDATE: MHC Future in Doubt, the Other Side of Rent Control

MHProNews has reported for years, the evidence that indicates that rent control, rent justification, and other efforts to ‘regulate’ site fees backfires over time.

In fairness, as political independents in our analysis and editorial positions, when you violate the common sense ‘laws’ of free enterprise – such as the law of supply and demand – it doesn’t matter if the party label is Democratic or GOP.  When Republican President Richard Nixon attempted ‘wage and price controls,’ that failed, just as rent control by Democrats fails, and for similar reasons.

Business Insider said in 2015, “No, rent control does not work — it actually benefits the rich and hurts the poor…”

Forbes said, “What’s unfortunate is that there is broad consensus among economists that rent control doesn’t work…” in December, 2017.

A leader in manufactured home resident owned communities, Paul Bradley said something similar. He believes there must be a better way than rent control.  Several community owners and associations made similar points to MHProNews over the years.

As a pro-homeowner, pro-business trade publishers, we believe that win-win-win is achievable in an honest, sustainable fashion.

An example of how rent control fails is found in an interesting video from a Canadian province where rent justification exists.  They found out that construction of new sites dried up due to rent control, and existing mobile/manufactured home sites are slowly vanishing, much like they are in the U.S.


NMHOA, MHAction and the Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Association

Mr. Weymouth is a member of his Community HOA which makes him a member in good standing with Delaware Manufactured Home Owners Assoc. (DMHOA). DMHOA is a member in good standing with the National organization and MHAction,” said Constance Kinnick to the Daily Business News on MHProNews. Kinnick is shown as the Secretary of the DMHOA, per their website.

Rob is a member of Rehoboth Beach HOA and that HOA is a member of DMHOA,” said William Kinnick, to MHProNews. I the DMHOA President support his whole article.

A DMHOA Special Advisor to the President, Fred Neil also provided insights on Weymouth, and himself. Neil said the following.

FredNeil3rdDistrictDoverCityDELCouncilDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsRobert Weymouth is an intelligent, articulate member of DMHOA, who is a frequent contributor  to  the “Court of Public Opinion” (the news media) on behalf of leased land tenants in Delaware. We in Delaware, as with most other States, are held as indentured home  owners due to inequitable laws and ordinances,” Neil said.

I hope his recent Letter to the Editor appearing in today’s edition of the Delaware State News, inspires home owners to use the power of their votes to support candidates who will protect the primarily low income and Seniors who own these affordable homes,” Neil told MHProNews.

In case you think I am a flaming liberal, you should know that I seek to bring businesses to the City of Dover, and I wish my neighbors on leased land will have the money to spend in those for profits business. They can’t spend it  if the money is taken out of their hands and concentrated in businesses which dilute the local  economy and not add to the State economy,” said Neil, who concluded by saying that For the record, I live on leased land, but ethically I resigned an appointed position with DMOHA when elected to the Dover City in 2015 and re-elected in 2017.”

In a follow up, Neil says he was raised Republican, that city races in his town are non-partisan, and that he “was a register Republican when I served as Press Officer for Democratic Baltimore Mayor WM Donald Schaefer. I didn’t switch affiliations until I was elected President of a Baltimore Democratic Club at the behest of a friend.”

I don’t believe political affiliation should have anything to with protecting the vulnerable,” said Neil. “I believe the culprit in Delaware politics are the campaign contributions which can affect elected officials on both sides of the aisle. The heaviest community owner donations go to Republicans, Frankly, landlords hedge their bets with donations to both parties.”

The only thing that tops money are votes from the public. It is the reason I don’t accept contributions,” Neil concluded.


MHAction – Paving The Road to Hell…

MHProNews published an article about MHAction in 2017 entitled “Paving the Road to Hell…” Anyone and everyone can, has, and does make mistakes. But the mark of character is arguably what happens after the error is discovered and understood.


Perhaps no one in the industry in recent years has done more in depth-analysis of NMHOA and MHAction than MHProNews.

MHProNews reported that Tallahassee FL Mayor Andrew Gillum (D), a self-proclaimed socialist and the Democratic nominee for governor.  Florida has been the number 3 state in the nation for new manufactured home sales, and has one of the higher communities counts in the nation.

Epic Battle for MHVille Mainstay Looms, With “Not the Most Popular Guy” and His Rival

Gillum is supported financially by such big-money billionaire donors as George Soros and Tom Steyer.

Follow the Money – Surprising, Inconvenient Truths Impact Manufactured Housing, U.S. Economy, and More

Gillum is said to have a slight lead in the Florida gubernatorial race, but within the margin of error, over Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

Gillum is supported by Bernie Sanders and billionaire Democratic donors, as noted and linked above.  DeSantis has the support of President Donald J. Trump, and others in the GOP.



This sponsor’s ad is not connected with the story it is posted in.


Summary of Part 1 RE: NMHOA, MHAction, et al…

Manufactured home owners, for whatever reasons, are being led to believe that Democrats are their best bet in the upcoming midterms.  But is that true?

What is obvious, per DMHOA’s Weymouth’s own letters, is that Democrats have postured solutions, but have solved nothing.  So why should NMHOA, MHAction, DMHOA or others support proven failures at the issues they claim to care about?

Rent control doesn’t work as intended, as ROC USA President Paul Bradley and other industry professionals have said.

The solution?  It isn’t to lurch further left, and turn Delaware, Florida, or any other state or parts of the nation into Venezuela. 8 years of President Barack Obama’s administration failed to achieve the kind of economic growth, or growing wages and profits that have occurred in under 20 months of former Democratic-turned-GOP President Donald J. Trump.

MHProNews publisher L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach invited Ishbel Dickens to debate rent control or other issues in public.  She and her successor have consistently ducked that invitation, saying she would consider it, but in fact has not acted on that in some 3 years.  In that respect, she and her successor have arguably done what MHI and the Berkshire brands in MHVille have done.  Duck, dodge, distract, detract, and defame.

NDAs, Warren Buffett, Richard ‘Dick’ Jennison, Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), and MHVille

MH homeowners have arguably been as misled by their associations, as many manufactured home industry professionals have been by MHI.


The logic of this statement can be applied to a variety of cases, including the solution to the issues that NMHOA, MHAction, and DMHOA members debatably care about. The ideal outcome to a robust discussion with those cited above would be for them to realize that their intentions may be good, but their proposed solution has not worked, nor will they in the future.

The solution may be to create a new resident association, which MHLivingNews is going to explore that in the days ahead.  MHProNews will continue to explore the creation of a new pro-independent business association.

MHAction, per our sources, have some level of ties to George Soros.

We’ll close by saying that Weymouth, Neil, Constance and William Kinnick may well have their hearts in the right place. But the solution isn’t to lurch left. That’s proven to fail time and again. The solution is to use enhanced preemption, open up more lending for manufactured homes, and open up more communities and zoning for manufactured home sites.  That would in time keep site fees in check.

Two Great Laws Already on the Books NOW,  Can Unlock Billion$ Annually for Manufactured Housing Industry Businesse$, Investor$

Resident groups need to be informed, reformed and/or supplanted, just as MHI needs to be reformed and or supplanted.

The next 72 hours will reveal some interesting things about the leaders of NMHOA and MHAction.  They’ve been advised of a series of troubling issues that impact residents, allegedly perpetrated by a community operator that’s reportedly in legal hot water. Will they act?  Time will tell soon. We’ll let residents and the industry know. “We Provide, You Decide.”  © ##  (News, analysis and commentary.)

(Third party images and content are provided under fair use guidelines.)

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SoheylaKovachDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsMHLivingNewsSubmitted by Soheyla Kovach to the Daily Business News for Soheyla is a managing member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC, the parent company to MHProNews, and

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