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Does Google Harm Manufactured Housing? Other Forms of Free Speech?

November 30th, 2018 Comments off

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Ask anyone who is involved in manufactured housing marketing if Google influences their business, and they will tell you, “yes.”  So, does the influence and power of Google help or harm our industry? Can it confuse or mislead people about the reality of manufactured homes? The distinctions between mobile homes of the past, and the manufactured homes of today?


For example, on the right, talk-radio king, Rush Limbaugh routinely gets asked by members of his estimated 26 million strong listeners a simple question, which has no simple answer. It might be phrased like this: “How do we explain the conservative perspective to those who have been told that conservatism is evil, anti-science, racist, etc.?”

On the left, former president Barack Obama once more admitted recently to the self-evident reality that those who only consume the New York Times will think differently than those who routinely view Fox News.

It is often the question of what is and isn’t real or true.

In that mix is Google, which is the dominant search engine in the world.

Market leader Google generated 63.2 percent of all core search queries in the United States,” says Statista in 2018.



This is just one example of how Google is arguably harmful to the interests of manufactured housing and the owners of manufactured homes.


The above by the NFPA is not a perfect definition, but it is clarifying. 

There are growing concerns across the left-right divide that Google is not only a monopoly, but is harmful to businesses, as well as to the politics of our American Republic.

Into this controversy, is Prager University which have themselves claimed that Google/YouTube have unjustly targeted them.  But in an arguably wise move, this video features “former Google software engineer James Damore. He was fired for disagreeing with Google’s (left-wing) orthodoxy,” per the YouTube page this video is posted on.



This video has already had over 3 million views, as of this date. As with many of Prager’s thought provoking videos, thumbs up dwarf those who give it a negative review, in this case, by about 30 to 1.

In reply to those who ask Rush Limbaugh their question, Prager U and our publisher offer a similar perspective. It’s this:

  • One must take on a falsehood or misleading information head on, but also,
  • one must take a multiple-pronged approach that begins with the bullet above, but also uses an indirect method of engagement, that gets people to think and question their beliefs.
  • Rephrased, there is an arguable need for both a direct and an indirect way to approach sharing the truth. If, for example, the term “conservative” is deemed ‘damaged’ with some, those need to be approached in an indirect way, without dropping the term for those who believe that conservativism is good.



You must meet people where they are. Terminology must be taught and caught. Make a habit of using the correct terminology.


This issue of Google, bias, and truth telling are one of the larger, yet underdiscussed, issues that our industry and the USA faces today. To learn more, see related reports, linked further below.  That’s “News through the lens of manufactured homes, and factory-built housing,” © where “We Provide, You Decide.” ©. (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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Morality, God, Freedom. and the Holidays

December 22nd, 2017 Comments off

MoralityGodFreedomDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsThe word ‘holidays’ is a contraction of the words, ‘holy days.’

With Christmas upon us, and Hanukkah just past, a reflection on what the ‘holidays’ should mean is timely.

In an era when we see so much corruption in Washington, and other problems in society, more are asking: is it time to return to basics?  Like what faith in God should practically mean?  What God considers moral, and immoral?

Dennis Prager made this video in a way that is comfortable for Jews and Christians alike; which polling suggests is nominally about 90 percent of the American population. Since most everyone wants to be dealt with honestly and fairly, how are those ideals best understood and defined?

When the nation reportedly has over a million laws on the books at the local, state, and federal level it is worth recalling that America’s founders were nearly all people of faith.  They believed that faith was essentially to a civil society.

In the spirit of the holidays – the holy days – we present this video, which reflects on why God considers freedom to be so important, and how freedom is grounded in morality. ## (Holiday reflections, analysis, commentary.)

Darkness and Light; Faith, Freedom, and Manufactured Housing

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“It’s Outrageous!” “Censorship” — Suing Google/YouTube

October 27th, 2017 Comments off

Pete Wilson, JD.

The manufactured home industry’s professionals are on Google – and use their services – much like the rest of America does.

With SEO (Search Engine Optimization) website and marketing coaches telling the industry’s pros how to navigate and benefit from Google and their sister operation YouTube’s tendencies, some have failed to ask an obvious question.

Has Google become too powerful?

Is Google twisting our industry, and other professions as well, in ways they legally shouldn’t?

“The Ultimate Censorship”

Former California Gov. Pete Wilson, is now with the law firm of Browne George Ross says the Washington Times. Wilson is among the attorneys representing representing Dennis Prager led PragerU in a lawsuit against Google/YouTube.

The lawsuit asks the court to declare that Google and YouTube have violated PragerU’s free speech rights,” says the D.C. based right-of-center publication, “issue an injunction blocking the companies from censoring or demonetizing or otherwise restricting its content and award monetary damages.” 

Not Just PragerU, It’s U Too

Daily Business News readers may recall the European Union found the search engine/tech giant guilty of anti-trust, monopolistic activity.

The fine? 2.7 billion.

And the left and right alike are raising the alarm over how much power the behemoth has. For a detailed report on monopoly and other legal concerns, click here.

While left and right alike are becoming engrossed, what free enterprise/conservative PragerU and others are increasingly alleging is that Google can choke off competition, and that includes choking off free speech.


Industry members should also keep in mind that Google is buying modular units, will they enter the factory built housing space more directly? See the focus on their factory builder’s report, linked here.

A small business focused educational video is shown below as an example of PragerU’s content.  MHProNews periodically uses their videos to illustrate various principles.

While that may seem to be a yawn for the non-politically minded, keep in mind that Google controls how people find – or don’t – manufactured housing.  Google/YouTube also influences the kind of results that are arising from a search.

What they are doing is essentially doing on a broader scale what colleges and universities have done when they’ve forbidden conservative speakers, and that is the ultimate censorship,”  former Gov. Wilson said in an interview. “It’s outrageous.”


Former Trump White House insider Steve Bannon – and still “America First” driving force from Breitbart, is pushing for regulating Google and other tech giants like a public utility.


Harvard research revealed that Steve Bannon and Breitbard “are not alt-right.” Image credits are as shown, text and collage credits,

The Daily Business News will continue to monitor this high-impact issue for the industry’s marketers, and will alert readers if-and-when definitive action is proposed by Democrats or Republicans to reign in the growing economic and political power of the tech giants.## (News, analysis.)

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