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RNC vs. DNC – Fundraising Woes, Thunder, Bluster and Distraction Tactics

August 22nd, 2017 Comments off

RNC-DNCFundraisingAug2017DailyBusinessNewsMHProNews410The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is behind on post-election fundraising, with the Republican National Committee (RNC) ahead by $37.2 million, according to The Hill.

While the RNC has raised almost $75.4 million so far, by contrast, the DNC has only managed to raise $38.2 million.

As of June 30, 2017 the RNC has almost $45 million in the bank compared to the DNC which has just under $7.5 million in the bank, along with $3 million in debt.

In the month of July the DNC had their worst fundraising month in over a decade, only managing to bring in $3.8 million. In comparison, the RNC managed to bring in $10.2 million during the same month, per Fox News.

We all know that the last six months has been a complete rebuild of the party structure with Tom Perez and it seems like they are trying to be very methodical on how they rebuild. So it’s not surprising that their fundraising isn’t as aggressive or advanced right now,” one top Democratic fundraiser said, per The Hill.

Seeing as they are top donors to the DNC, comments like the one above were given to The Hill under the promise of anonymity.

After the election the DNC cut a number of their staff and have been working to rebuild ever since.


Tom Perez, DNC Chair. Credit, NBC.

At the DNC, we are still building up our team, including hiring fundraising staff, and making sure every aspect of our organization is moving in lockstep,” said Tom Perez, Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

We’re confident that our team will raise the resources needed as we head into 2018 and beyond.”

The DNC previously only had 3 staffers working on fundraising efforts – but Perez hopes to up that number 10 times, with a total of 30 staffers whose job is to work on fundraising efforts.

We really should be kicking their asses,” one longtime Democratic donor said. “It shouldn’t even be close, considering all hell is breaking loose on their side.”


Image credit, Mashable.

A Country Divided, Distraction Tactics, and Why Trump Isn’t Going Anywhere

Since the election, on the surface, media accounts routinely make it appear that the country is more divided than it has been in decades. 10 months after the election, there are millions still arguing over who should have won and the reality of who actually won.

This is evident as journalists abound that may take the president’s words, and put a spin on them that makes them appear to mean something they do not. That provides advocacy media yet another chance for them to further separate the two major political parties.


Full Measure’s Sharyl Attiksson’s media bias chart is useful in sorting out the agendas behind various headlines and news sources.

Democratic voters are all united in believing Donald Trump should not be in office and be contained. What they’re waiting on is a direct and positive agenda that they can believe in to deal with the problems the country faces,” reads part of a commentary in the left-of-center publication, the Atlantic.

However, a Fox News article by Dr. Keith Ablow shared several months ago states his belief that the distractions are part of what President Trump is looking for, because he uses them to advance his agenda.


Dr. Keith Ablow. Credit, Fox News.

At the start of Trump’s presidency, there was a lot of attention in the media over the president’s apparent obsession with the turnout for his inauguration.

Ablow suggests that while President Trump let the media obsess over his own supposed self-centered obsession with crowds, he was advancing several executive orders he signed over those weeks.

CNBC’s Reality Check

Similarly, CNBC says that the chances that President Trump will be impeached or will choose to resign are unlikely. This latest tiff between the president and the press is no different than prior instances.

In fact, even low approval ratings could very well be inaccurate numbers.  After all, pre-election polling didn’t reflect the outcome that millions believed would take place.

Left-of-center, NBC’s Chuck Todd has commented that Trump may not have a majority, but he has the most powerful plurality in the country.

That is why the smart money is not going to bet against him. Bloomberg has already declared that Trump has won re-election in 2020. The Democrats have no message, besides opposing the president, and the president has that solid support from his base.

And what does that base think of Trump?  And why? The Atlantic did a column that shed light on that subject.

From the Atlantic Various Supporters of Trump…

A Liberal Who Wants America to Win––“I feel that Trump is our only hope in this next election. This is coming from someone who voted for Obama in the last election!”

Trump Has a Drive for Perfection––“He will expect greatness from us, he will tell us how to get to great, he will inspire people to be better than they are and have the hope that their efforts will not be thwarted by bigger government.”

Trump is a Moderate Compromiser––“His problem, according to the rest of the GOP, is that he wants single-payer health care and that he doesn’t want to completely defund Planned Parenthood. I don’t agree with him but why is it a bad thing to be moderate? A moderate has a special ability to be a liaison between the parties.”

Trump Has Successfully Run Large Organizations––“He leads an enormous, diversified organization that is worth billions. This requires leadership. Leadership, by the way, is different from knowledge. When you lead a large organization you set vision, goals and expect results. You do not know every detail of every level of your organization. You can’t. The world is just too complicated. You delegate and empower. You can get information when you need it and the president has no shortage of people ready to educate him on issues.”

Trump is a Gamble Worth Taking––“I am of the belief that he is conceited and arrogant enough to avoid failing in front of the world at all cost.”

Trump is the Picture of American Greatness––“Think about John F. Kennedy or Ronald Reagan inspiring the world with leadership. Think of Babe Ruth, Martin Luther King Jr., Fred Rogers. The American 20th Century was a great one. Now think about the American headlines of today. What do you think of? War? Poverty? Political division? Do we see greatness in America still on a daily basis or even in the movies? The Trump Family is the picture of the American Dream … When Donald Trump says that he wants to make America great again, I believe him.”

Trump is an Alpha-Male Who Loves America, Unlike Obama––“Trump has never lied to me whereas all of the other Republican politicians (like McConnell & Boehner) have. They don’t fight for my side. Nobody fights for my side. Trump fights. Trump wins. I want an Alpha Male who is going to take it to the enemy. I am tired of supporting losers.”

Trump Has Consistently Championed Protectionism––“On the two primary issues as to why I’m supporting Mr. Trump he has remained stunningly consistent.”

14 Reasons for Supporting Trump––“He oversees 20 thousand employees in multiple business entities in successful pursuit of 100’s of initiatives both domestic and worldwide.”

Trump Has Successful Supporters––“I’m a college graduate, I have a Family, I work in an executive-level management position for a Fortune 500 company and I’m a homeowner. What I think you may find interesting is that I have a circle of friends, both men and women, who have similar concerns and backgrounds. We are all employed with excellent careers and we all are supporting Trump for President.”


At a recent West VA rally, that state’s governor flipped from Democrat to GOP. That’s never done lightly by a career politico. Credit, Heavy.

These pre-election thoughts dovetail with many others conducted by left-or-right wing media, before and since the election.  The presidents base is big enough.  All the thunder, fury and bluster from either the left or the right is unlikely to change the dynamics of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenues occupant, so long as he focus on his agenda.

The reason for this is because lately more and more people are choosing not to voice their political opinions – in a social setting or over a phone-survey – because they are afraid of the personal costs of announcing who they support.

So while the democratic donors may think that the low-approval ratings for Trump in polls, as well as any of the times he’s said something that questionable would be reason enough that democrats should be further ahead, it simply is not the case.

What happens six months, nine months, 12 months from now will be a much clearer signal on whether the Democrats are truly in trouble.” ##

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4 and 0 – Special Elections and Manufactured Housing – Clayton, Connor, Hamilton

June 29th, 2017 Comments off

SpecialElectionGOPDemsSpecialElectionMHProNewsI don’t care whether you are a liberal, conservative, independent or something else – the bottom line with this year’s [2016 presidential] election was simply more of the same or something new, different or unique,” said Tim Connor, CSP.

Jim Clayton told MHProNews that “my thinking is increasingly optimistic and tends to align with those Republican leaders who are creatively saving-face while migrating back to the fold – and to PresidentDonald the Disruptor.”

But reading or watching much of the mainstream media makes it clear that many feel differently than Clayton’s founder or those who support the “Donald the Disruptor” agenda. #Resistance, insults to the president, his supporters and our industry from those like Keith Olbermann – reported here – have been headline news.

Georgia 6, MSM and MHVille

For several months, the mainstream media (MSM) covered the run-up to the Georgia 6th district special election.


Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff, photo credit, Britany Photos, provided under fair use guidelines.

Republican Karen Handel won Georgia’s special election on Tuesday, June 20th.  That win kept in the GOP 4-0 vs. Democrats in the post-inauguration special elections.  The race pitted Handel – who emerged from a crowed Republican field – to defeat a young, appealing-to-many Democrat, Jon Ossoff.

While manufactured housing is far from a homogenous group politically, informal surveys have suggested that the professionals in the industry tend to favor President Donald J. Trump’s agenda.

A New York Times survey pre-election in 2016 indicated that most “mobile home” [sic] residents also tended to favor Trump.

DefiningSICinJournalismDailyBusinessNewsMHProNews-comBoth MHI and MHARR have officially welcomed the Trump Administration, notably on areas where regulatory roll backs, pro-growth business policies are being advocated and advanced.


GMHA – the View of Handel-Ossoff from GA 6th


Jay Hamilton, Executive Director, Georgia Manufactured Housing Association (GMHA).

The New York Times and the DNC [Democratic National Committee] decided to take this election and show Trump was such a poor President that even a Moderate Democrat could win in a typically Republican suburban district north of Atlanta. Trump only carried the 6th District by 2% because this district has been slowly shifting toward the Dems for the last few years,” said Jay Hamilton, Executive Director for the Georgia Manufactured Housing Association (GMHA), to MHProNews.

All the [pre-election] polls showed Ossoff winning by a few points,” said Hamiliton, “but as it [the race] tightened up, the polls never [properly] reflected the change.”

Hamilton pointed out that record sums were spent, most of it from out-of-state. He noted the appeal of Ossoff and that he had many of the qualities that might have won Democrat.  “They were millennial hunting,” he with Ossoff, he said, trying to get someone who sounded fiscally conservative but socially liberal.

The GMHA exec recalled that “Handel is a very vocal opponent to abortion due to her devout Christian faith,” adding – “she left as Vice President the Susan Koman Cancer Foundation in a stink because she was encouraging them to not fund Planned Parenthood…” Hamilton noted one of the key errors in the Democratic strategy.

The “DNC made a huge deal out of how important this election was to them. They should have kept that to themselves. [They] Kept bragging about Trump was going to hand this to them. This brought out all the Republican voters as well as the Dems who voted for Trump to vote against DNC.”

Hamilton detailed several tactical and strategic errors the Democrats made, including: “They ran a candidate who could not vote in his own district that he was running in. He lives two districts a way.  Bad, Bad, Bad move as [POTUS] Trump would say.”


Screen capture from GMHA website, shown under fair use guidelines.

What this leaves the DNC with is an 0-4 record, in some cases after having spent huge sums of money in a local race.  Early estimates for this GA6 contest indicate it was the most money ever spent on a congressional race.  Hamilton tells MHProNews to expect to see more of Ossoff in the future, as this is the kind of candidate the DNC is looking to win with.

NBC News’ Chuck Todd has said that while the president doesn’t have a clear majority, he does have a clear polarity of voters, describing his followers a the biggest thing out there in politics today.

Michael Bloomberg – who has considered an independent run for the White House and leans left – has stated that at this point, President Trump is well on his way toward re-election in 2020.

But the current GOP in the House and Senate may – or may not – fare as well, unless they get some key legislative items like a publicly acceptable repeal and replace ObamaCare, and tax reform done.

Democrats are still trailing in fund-raising, so given a mixed mood about the Congress, a plurality for the president and the DNC in disarray, the next 18 months are up for grabs. ##

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DNC Chair Switches Teams over Payday Lending

March 3rd, 2016 Comments off

Debbi_Wasserman_Schultz_rep_and_dnc_chair__andrew_burton__getty_images__creditDemocratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz has teamed up with conservative lawmakers opposing Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulations about predatory payday lending, feeding into a rift in the party already fractured by a bitter presidential primary.

The agency is trying to disrupt the cycle of debt that traps primarily poor people who borrow money from payday lenders, and then have to continue borrowing at exorbitant interest rates because they cannot repay the original debt at the end of the loan period, as vox tells MHProNews.

The Consumer Protection and Choice Act, ironically misnomered, would delay the CFPB’s proposed payday lending regulation by two years, and “nullify its rules in any state with a payday lending law like the one adopted in Florida.”

Wasserman Schultz helped implement rules govening payday lending in Florida as a state representative. A statement issued by her staff reads: “The Congresswoman wants to work with the CFPB on the way forward, and believes the Florida law is an example of how to achieve their shared goals of balancing strong consumer protections with preserving access to credit in underserved communities.”

Criticism of her position came quickly. Ben Norton of Salon said 85 percent of the payday loans in Florida are for people who already have seven or more loans annually, garnering some $280 million in fees. Across the nation, payday lenders take in $3.6 billion in fees from primarily low-income borrowers.

This latest move by DWS completely undermines the work of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which already is under siege from a number of different directions and will be one of the prime targets of any Republican president also armed with a Republican Congress,” wrote Esquire’s Charles Pierce, who said she should resign her post as head of the DNC.

Jezbel, Bill Moyers and New York magazine all published articles critical of the Congresswoman. Much of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ appeal is his hard-line approach to big business and support for the disenfranchised poor. For CFPB to execute its mission, it needs Democratic support. If Wasserman Schultz succeeds in getting more Democratic support for her position, one of the aims of the CFPB will be crippled. ##

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