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Delaware General Assembly Passes Rent Justification for Land Lease Communities

June 21st, 2013 Comments off

Following a story MHProNews last covered June 11, 2013 regarding the rent justification bill in the Delaware General Assembly, lawmakers passed SB 33 but removed the requirement that increases be greater than the average annual increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the last three years. The Delaware State Housing Authority will still consider the request for a raise in rents if the landlord states it will be used to improve the community. If the residents and owner cannot agree on an increase, the matter will go to non-binding arbitration. Another amendment to the Senate version, as delawarenewszap says, is the arbitrator must submit a written decision within 15 days of the arbitration.

(Photo credit: capegazette/Ron MacArthur–land lease community near Rehoboth Shores, Long Neck, DE)

State will Assist Manufactured Home Owners

April 12th, 2013 Comments off

CapeGazetteVillageSoup informs MHProNews a Delaware state initiative to help manufactured home owners with site rent and house payments will be unveiled April 15, according to Rep. Ruth Briggs King. The new Manufactured Housing Assistance Program (MHAP) will provide up to $5,000 as the result of state funding being set aside during the last budget cycle. As a member of the Joint Finance Committee, King says this measure, which she helped support, will allow manufactured home owners to remain in their homes. As we reported here Nov. 2, 2012, King defeated MHC resident Beth McGinn in last Nov.’s statehouse race.

(Photo credit: Ron MacArthur/capegazette–Rehoboth Shores, Delaware)

Legislator Outlines MHC Agenda

March 8th, 2013 Comments off

According to capegazette.villagesoup, Delaware State Representative Ruth Briggs King, whose race we covered last Nov. 2, 2012, represents District 37, which consists of 25 percent manufactured home residents. In response to a letter to the editor in the capegazette, Rep. King writes of the legislation she intends to introduce that will affect manufactured housing residents: Authorize the Relocation Trust Authority the ability to provide assistance to manufactured homeowners; require roads in MHCs to meet certain minimum standards; a one page document advising all residents of their rights as an MHC resident; and establishment of a program whose sole responsibility is to investigate and mediate resident complaints. As MHProNews reported here Aug. 24, 2012, Briggs’ uncle owns MHCs in Sussex County, which led her last summer to abstain from voting on a “rent justification” bill in the legislature that set limits on MHC site rents.

(Photo credit: Ron MacArthur/capegazette–Rehoboth Shores near Long Neck, DE)

DE Town Hall Meeting for Residents

December 4th, 2012 Comments off

The SussexCountian reports from southern Delaware State Rep. Ruth Briggs King will sponsor a town hall meeting Dec. 12 in Millsboro, DE along with Deputy Attorney General Greg Strong, who heads of the state’s consumer protection division. Issues to be discussed include the workings of the Rental Assistance Program, the Council on Manufactured Housing, and the Delaware Consumer Protection Unit’s enforcement of the state’s manufactured housing regulations. As MHProNews reported Oct. 17, 2012, Republican King was pitted against MHC resident and Democratic challenger Beth McGinn in the Nov. elections.

(Photo credit: Ron MacArthur/Cape Gazette–Rehoboth Shores, DE)