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Road Construction will Require Manufactured Home Residents to Move

April 18th, 2017 Comments off

(Greenwood Estates MHC credit: Scott Roberson Daily Journal)

More than two dozen homes in Greenwood Estates manufactured home community just south of Indianapolis, Indiana will have to relocate while Worthsville Road is expanded to accommodate increased traffic and development from U. S. 31 to State Road 135. The first leg of the expansion, from U. S. 31 to Interstate 65 was completed last fall, according to what Daily Journal tells MHProNews.

While the expansion has long been on the drawing board of the city of Greenwood, it will not likely affect the residents until next spring; and because the expansion is 80 percent funded by the U. S. government, residents will be reimbursed for the costs associated with relocation, whether it involves moving the homes to a new location and/or purchasing another home, according to Boomerang Ventures’ Joe Gromosky, who will be handling the relocation process.

(Greenwood Estates MHC credit: Scott Roberson Daily Journal)

While several residents have expressed concerns about what the reimbursement will be to move, RHP Properties, which manages the MHC, said it is monitoring the situation.

RHP Properties President Joel Brown said, “Our highest priority is the safety and well being of our residents. We are aware of the city’s plans and are in the process of reviewing. We will be reaching out to city of Greenwood officials to obtain more information and confirm specifics of the proposed plans.” ##


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School Raises Budget to Cover Modular Housing Costs

April 13th, 2015 Comments off

modular dormitory ferrum_college_modular_dorm__mod_u_kraf_creditUpdating a story MHProNews published July 21, 2014, regarding modular housing units for students at Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU), dailyjournal tells MHProNews the school has raised its budget $1.1 million to cover the cost of buying and installing the units.

The school had miscalculated by 50 the number of beds in the modular units, had to pay nearly three times what it had budgeted to connect the utilities, and anticipated losing $187,000 in housing fees, but in fact will be $1.1 million short.

Following a fire that damaged the 170-bed College Hall in 2004—which led to the need for the modular housing to begin with– 100 students were housed at two Greenwood, MS motels. The housing shortage has been further exacerbated by dorm rooms that need renovation before they can be occupied. MVSU is spending $4.75 million to renovate College Hall, but that will not be completed until the fall of 2016. ##

(Photo credit: Mod-U-Kraft –Ferrum College dormitories, VA)

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