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What Does Doing Your Job Looks Like in Manufactured Housing?

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There is nothing wrong with photo opportunities and videos. MHProNews and MHLivingNews have used them too. But photo ops and videos ought to compliment a broader vision, not replace it.


There are thousands of videos about manufactured housing online.  There are untold numbers of still images.  But the ones that are negative often outweigh the views of those that present manufactured housing in a positive light.  That in a nutshell summarizes the plight of the industry’s image challenge.


Sam Landy, UMH President and CEO.

Sam Landy, JD, President and CEO of UMH Properties (UMH) told MHProNews that marketing is ultimately the responsibility of each individual company.  That is an obvious truism.  It would be nice if a trade group stepped up to do or compliment that effort, but in the current state of industry affairs, that certainly isn’t occurring effectively.  Yes, MHI makes videos or posts photos on Facebook numerous times each week.  But the 7 months of declining shipment numbers tell the tale.

The report last night about Bryan, TX tells another part of the sad tale of the low state of affairs in manufactured housing.  The Arlington, VA based trade group says about itself that: “The Manufactured Housing Institute is the only national trade organization representing all segments of the factory-built housing industry.” Rephrased, they are saying that they address both production and post-production related issues. Hmmm, let’s see.

By contrast, here is what the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform says about itself, “MHARR is a Washington, D.C.-based national trade association representing the views and interests of independent producers of federally-regulated manufactured housing.”

Recast, they are saying that they are a production-issues oriented trade group. Really?  Let’s see.

In the past few days, MHARR has tackled these two issues, published at the links below.

Assistant Secretary Brian Montgomery Removal of Obsolete and Superseded Guidance Documents Letter

New, Revised, and Proposed Energy Conservation Standards and Test Procedures for Manufactured Homes

By contrast, what has MHI published on their website?

Where is the fine Secretary Ben Carson speech delivered at their own Congress and Expo?  As the report linked below reveals, they emailed a few words from it.  But as of this morning at 9:10 AM ET, their own search tool says the same thing as the screen capture below.  That’s largely a post-production speech.  Secretary Carson’s address praises manufactured housing.  Why isn’t MHI promoting it?

Manufactured Housing’s Professional Credibility


An online search this morning reveals the Secretary Carson address on MHLivingNews’ site, but not on MHI’s website either.



This was rechecked today at the time shown, so that’s the latest. Will MHI – out of embarrassment, the desire to do what is right, or for any reason post this pro-industry address on their own website? If so, when? If not, why not?

MHARR is stretching beyond their production issue mandate, to see how they can use targeted efforts to address post-production issues.

Bear in mind that the National Association of Manufactured Housing Community Owners (NAHMCO) broke from MHI, precisely as a vote of no-confidence in MHI addressing issues such as the Duty to Serve manufactured housing.


But in the world of manufactured home trade media, we are not aware of any that have raised such fundamental and obvious points.  Rather, they have touted MHI – as if they are doing their jobs.

That’s their right to publish what they wish – within the norms of the law and morality – which we respect their right to be wrong in the manner that they ‘inform’ their readers.


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NYT – Rent to Own Houses Blur Lines, can harm Tenants Seeking Ownership

August 24th, 2016 Comments off

OwnerRenter-creditRealEstateSyracuse-postedDailyBusinessNews-MHProNews-The purported road-to-home ownership cloaked as “Rent to Own” is often found to be harmful and misleading, reports The New York Times.

Although housing prices have recovered from the financial collapse of 2008, borrowers with less than stellar credit reports and those seeking to finance lower priced properties are left to their own measures, the NYTimes says in a recent article.

Unfortunately numbers of tenants are falling victim to the blurred lines between home ownership and reworded rental contracts.

Vision Property Management, the Columbia, S.C. company targeted by the NYT investigation is an example, one of many throughout the nation.

By operating within legal loop holes and gray areas of the law, they are able to take advantage of what are described as unsuspecting tenants through their seller financed ‘Rent to Own’ deals.

These cases often end on a bad note, the NYTimes argues.  Families hoping for a chance at ownership may opt to live in non-inspected, ‘as-is’ houses in need of major repairs.

Since homes are eventually required to abide by the building code, the violations become the responsibility of the tenants, who are threatened with eviction notices if they fail to comply.

The NYTimes report stands in stark contrast with the manufactured housing industry’s affordable new home option, which in many markets, offers a viable alternative to the same demographic group that thinks they want rent to own, when in fact what the desire is ownership; their name on a mortgage, title or owning a home that is free and clear of debt.

The reason some non-profit organizations such as CFED initially find a lot of appeal with manufactured housing, is precisely because low-income households are able to obtain good homes at reasonable prices.

While rent-to-own in housing – and lending to lower credit scores – has been made more challenging by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act, one of the unintended consequences is the loss of potentially viable options to many housing seekers who desire ownership, not rent receipts.

Examples of this was reported in depth last year in Renters Nation – The Dark Side of Dodd-Frank and its Impact on Affordable Housing.  ##

(Image Credit: realestate.syracuse)


Frank Griffin, Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Article submitted by Fank Griffin to Daily Business News – MHProNews.