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State Legislature Passes Bill to Ensure Fairness between MHC Residents and Owners

April 22nd, 2015 Comments off

photographersdirect__creditIn Oregon, a coalition of manufactured home (MH) residents, landlords, manufacturers, the Oregon Manufactured Housing Association (OMHA), nonprofits and others negotiated the 2015 Manufactured Housing Landlord/Tenant Coalition, HB 3016A, that passed the House Human Services and Housing Committee with unanimous support. There are no known opponents, according to what the Manufactured Housing Institute reports to MHPronews.

The measure addresses four issues:

1) The sale of manufactured home communities by owners to community residents restores a capital gains tax exemption for owners upon the community sale to the residents, and ensures that community owners know when the deadline for the opportunity to purchase has expired.

2) Provides exemption from the $6 dispute resolution on low value MH that are exempt from personal property taxes. The measure stabilizes and increases the special dispute resolution assessment for residents from $6 to $10 and for community owners from $25 to $50 for communities with over 20 homesites. In addition, by addressing abandoned MH and unpaid back taxes, the bill provides a way to maintain these homes as affordable housing and make arrangements with county tax collectors.

3) Community owner is responsible for maintaining propane or natural gas supply line if that is part of therental agreement, as well as making sure the home is adequately supported.

4) Guidelines for how a community owner may sell an MH in the community on consignment for a resident to ensure fairness for both sides. ##

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matthew-silver-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com  Article submitted by Matthew J. Silver to Daily Business News-MHProNews.

“From Moscow, with Love?” Lawsuit advances against Manufactured Home Community Owner

August 22nd, 2014 Comments off

klewtv-moscow-pullman-idaho-smyrna-mhpark-posted-daily-business-news-mhpronews-Residents of Syringa Mobile Home Park near Moscow-Pullman, Idaho have been in a struggle that bubbled up over their need for drinkable water and other issues. This began last winter, and resident Doris Carlson told KREM News that “I have wept an awful lot because I am tired of living like this.”

The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) had issued a warning to the park’s owner, Magar E. Magar, to address alleged violations regarding its drinking water and wastewater systems. Community residents were told in January not to drink the water there, even if it was boiled. So Carlson melted snow on her stove top to have drinkable water. A local church provided residents in the community with bottled water.

Carlson said then, “I have no way to flush my commode right now. The odor in the house is pungent. It’s disgusting.” When contacted by a local media outlet, Magar said the residents had water and reportedly hung up, perhaps due to concerns over the pending legal issues.

While DEQ lifted the ban on the water, they notified Magar that the system was still out of compliance with the state’s standards. Lawyers from the University of Idaho’s Legal Aid Clinic stepped in to file a civil action on behalf of the residents.

In July, the owner of the community was told not to contact the residents, On August 18, Latah County Second District Judge John Stegner denied a defense motion seeking additional time to prepare for a hearing scheduled Aug. 27. DNEWs tells MHProNews that Attorney Greg Rauch took on the case for Magar several weeks ago. Magar had been representing himself prior to Rauch’s appearance in the class action case. ##

(Editor’s Note: While we as a publisher are never providing legal advice nor asserting the applicability of the information linked below, MHProNews has published two articles on the topic of failure to maintain by attorneys. One is linked here, authored by attorney Bill Hart, JD, from the Hart-King law firm. Another was by penned by David E Eastman, JD, linked here.)

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Gov. Brown Signs Bill Giving LLC Residents a Voice

September 27th, 2013 Comments off

Following a story we last posted Sept. 11, 2013 regarding a California measure that would give land lease community (LLC) residents and local jurisdictions a voice when community owners seek to redevelop the real estate, MHProNews has learned Gov. Jerry Brown signed the legislation into law. While local government has no actual power to prevent the conversion of the property even if a majority of community residents do not approve, SB 510 will avert costly litigation that has plagued dozens of cities because the law of property rights has not been clear. Sponsored by Rep. Hannah-Beth Jackson (D-Santa Barbara), Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett says, “This bill protects affordable housing, protects local governments and taxpayers, and brings closure to many years of litigation over this issue.” As says, there are approximately 5,000 lLLCs in California comprised of one million residents.

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Local Government May Disapprove of Community Conversion

September 6th, 2013 Comments off

California Assembly measure SB 510 would allow a local government to disprove of the conversion of a manufactured housing community to another use if a majority of the community residents do not support it. The uncertainty of the rights of both resident and community owner has led to dozens of lawsuits. The jurisdiction is not required to disprove of the conversion, nor does it have authority to stop the redevelopment, according to santamariatimes. Sponsored by Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, the measure passed off the Assembly floor in a 41-23 vote, and is now headed for the Senate, as MHProNews has learned.

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Manufactured home community residents still hope town will buy land

September 2nd, 2013 Comments off


Over a dozen residents in the pricey Aspen, Colorado area who live in the Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park attended the Basalt Town Council meeting, hoping for the council to buy land for their homes. Many of the residents don’t speak fluent English, so were unable to express themselves. But AspenDailyNews tells MHProNews that Juan Alvarado spoke up for his fellow residents. “You guys changed the rules — it’s supposed to be 100 percent replacement housing,” Alvarado said. “Why don’t you use the $5 million (from the bond issue) to relocate these people?”  “They told us that they would relocate us onto a piece of land where we could live,” Margarita Rodriguez said. “We’re not asking for houses and all kinds of things, just land.”  The community is supposed to be redeveloped, and options are needed for homes that would have to be moved. Colin Laird, executive director of Roaring Fork Community Development Corporation – co-owners of the community – said, “Even though the prices have dropped, land is still expensive, especially compared to what people who live in the park can afford.” he said. “Hopefully now we’ll be able to work more with residents to get them into housing that they can actually afford, and that they want.” ##

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City seeks balance on Rent control issue?

August 23rd, 2013 Comments off

lakeport-1-ca-image-google-maps-posted-manufactured-home-professional-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com-The Lakeport, CA City Council voted to wait for a report from an agency before proceeding on a proposed rent control initiative that has enough petitioners to achieve ballot status. Save our Seniors (SOS) members derided the decision. SOS leader, Nelson Strasser. said: “When the park owners have to bring in a senior Sacramento lobbyist to defend their case against a pensioner in the council meeting, it has to be pretty weak.” The RecordBee told MHProNews that SOS Chairman Bill Eaton pointed to an alleged internal document from one community owner who stated his intention was to raise the rents as much and as often possible, “because residents were mostly ignorant and could do nothing about it.” Local community owners have brought in Doug Johnson, a Sacramento lobbyist, to lead the opposition to the measure. As most MHProNews readers know, advocates for rent control often don’t realize such measures tend to harm affordable housing options, limiting over time the very quality of life community residents seek and want to protect. Land-lease community owners typically know they must balance the interests of residents with rising costs, regulatory impacts and the natural desire for a reasonable return on their investment. The council’s move to consider MHC owners rights thus make sense. Lakeport is about a 126 mile drive from Sacramento, a desirable locale. ##

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Rent Control Passes Massachusetts House

July 31st, 2013 Comments off

Updating a story MHProNews last published Feb. 15, 2013 regarding a freeze on rents residents of Easton Mobile Home Park won in Easton, Mass. in 2005, and then lost in 2011 when the freeze expired, community residents may see a rent control bill passed in the Mass. legislature that they hope will roll back the increase. On July 29 House lawmakers passed House Bill 1106 which the 200 homeowner residents of Easton Mobile Home Park say will protect them from unfair rent hikes and evictions. The bill, which provides for a locally-appointed rent control board, now goes to the Senate. Meanwhile, the residents are negotiating with owner Morgan Management LLC to purchase the community and form a cooperative. According to enterprisenews, a 1993 law requires community owners to assist residents to move if the community closes.

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Del. Rent Control Law to be Explained

July 24th, 2013 Comments off

Following the receipt of letters by manufactured housing community residents from landlords allegedly trying to lock them into long-term leases with built-in increases, two Del. lawmakers are holding a meeting on the new rent control measure set to become law Jan. 1. Under the new bill, community owners will be required to justify increasing rents above the Consumer Price Index (CPI) average for the past three years. House Majority Leader Valarie Longhurst (D-Bear) and Sen. Nicole Poore (D-New Castle) will hold the meeting Wed. night, July 24 in Bear, in northern Del. As radio station WDDE informs MHProNews, Longhurst, noting how contentious the issue has become in the last few years, says, “It was a consensus bill. The landowners didn’t get everything they wanted, the homeowners didn’t get everything that they wanted.”

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Development Irks Manufactured Housing Community Residents

June 20th, 2013 Comments off

Residents of Foxwood Village manufactured housing community in Calverton, NY near the eastern tip of Long Island are in despair over the loss of a heavily wooded area behind their homes being clear cut for a Costco Wholesale Club. Instead of trees lining the property, unhappy residents will see a six-foot fence and a big box store clustered with seven other businesses. Although only a portion of the land will be developed initially, the owners gained permission from the planning board to clear the entire site, as eventual plans call for six additional big box stores. As riverheadlocal informs MHProNews, John Dunleavy, Foxwood resident and Riverhead Town Councilman, noting the planning board has the final word, said, “When you see it happening, it’s a lot different than looking at drawings on paper.” Foxwood MHC residents had petitioned against the development upon its initial proposal. Peter Mastropaolo, an owner of the manufactured housing community, says the site was the home of a defense industry electronics contractor, and that there have been lingering questions about environmental contamination.

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Bridge Collapse Strands Community Residents

June 19th, 2013 Comments off

A sinkhole on a bridge at the Pine Haven manufactured housing community in Marietta, GA left residents who relied on the only vehicular access to the community stranded on Monday, June 17. Some residents needing to go to work relied on cabs or friends to take them; others waited for repairs to be completed. While several residents said it is not the first time the bridge has broken down, manager Randy Iaquinto stated RHP Properties acquired Pine Haven in January, and he was unaware of previous problems. Heavy storms during the night likely led to the collapse, which was discovered around 4 AM, according to what cbsatlanta tells MHProNews. Iaquinto said he expects temporary passage to be set up by Monday evening. As we reported April 16, RHP Properties acquired 71 manufactured housing communities for $865 million. It was not immediately know if that acquisition include Pine Haven.

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