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Agency Offers “Mobile Home Improvement Loans” for Communities and Homes

January 6th, 2017 Comments off

Credit: The Missoulian.

A  Montana and Idaho nonprofit agency has launched a program to help people who live in what they called “mobile homes” to make repairs and improvements without having to resort to taking out high interest loans.

Missoula based Montana and Idaho Community Development Corp. (MICDC) is rolling out the new Mobile Home Improvement Loan Program, per the Missoulian.

As Daily Business News readers are aware, most references to “mobile homes” by publications are incorrect, as the last mobile home was built in the U.S. in 1976.

In this instance, about 20 percent of the homes in Montana and Idaho are pre-HUD code homes, which means that they technically are mobile homes. Of course, that means the other some 80 percent are manufactured homes. For a more detailed history on the journey from mobile to manufactured homes, please click here.

Missoula resident Laila Huson was the first person to be approved for the program, and took out a loan of 3200 dollars. The amount the borrower pays monthly on the loan is on a sliding scale and based on monthly income and expenses.

Every year, we go up on the roof to try to seal the leaks, but it’s an aluminum roof with the hot and cold expanding and contracting, it’s a regular problem,” said Huson.

Most places where I could get a loan would charge a 36 percent interest rate and require me to use my car as collateral. If I missed a payment due to illness, I could lose my only means of transportation.


David Glaser. Credit: The Missoulian.

Dave Glaser, President of the MICDC, says that mobile home owners tend to have a significantly harder time with financing for home repairs, which can lead to uncomfortable and unhealthy living conditions.

He also decided to take the extra step of having his staff go door to door in Huson’s community to share information with residents about the program. The loans can also be used by communities for things such as playgrounds, lighting, signage, and landscaping.

These are really low interest rate loans,” said Glaser. “The exact interest rate depends on the borrower, but it’s far better than what they could expect to find elsewhere. The idea is to help them afford these upgrades and make them affordable to their cash flow on a case by case basis. We take a look at the family’s income and help them decide upon an interest rate and a loan amount they can afford.

The program is available to residents in Montana and Idaho. For more information, homeowners and communities can contact Julie Ehlers at 844-728-9235 ext. 225. ##


(Editor’s note: for a fun look at extreme “mobile home makeoversclick here or the image above.)

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RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

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Mobile and Manufactured Homes Gets Federal Grant Money

January 5th, 2014 Comments off

lynn-friedman-manufactured-home-flickr-630x472-posted-daily-business-news-mhpronews-.jpgOstego County New York was awarded a Federal Community Development Block Grant to rehabilitate the “mobile homes” of low and moderate income families. CNYNews tells MHProNews that the County has recognized how “important and widespread” the need is for manufactured housing as a form of affordable home ownership. Key points in the program included 1) to ensure the long-term viability of existing mobile homes as permanent and affordable housing, and 2) to provide accessibility modifications for disabled individuals and to help household members aging in place. Interested parties should contact the project manager Otsego Rural Housing Assistance (ORHA) at 607-286-7244.

(Photo Credit: CNYNews and Flikr)

Manufactured home community residents still hope town will buy land

September 2nd, 2013 Comments off


Over a dozen residents in the pricey Aspen, Colorado area who live in the Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park attended the Basalt Town Council meeting, hoping for the council to buy land for their homes. Many of the residents don’t speak fluent English, so were unable to express themselves. But AspenDailyNews tells MHProNews that Juan Alvarado spoke up for his fellow residents. “You guys changed the rules — it’s supposed to be 100 percent replacement housing,” Alvarado said. “Why don’t you use the $5 million (from the bond issue) to relocate these people?”  “They told us that they would relocate us onto a piece of land where we could live,” Margarita Rodriguez said. “We’re not asking for houses and all kinds of things, just land.”  The community is supposed to be redeveloped, and options are needed for homes that would have to be moved. Colin Laird, executive director of Roaring Fork Community Development Corporation – co-owners of the community – said, “Even though the prices have dropped, land is still expensive, especially compared to what people who live in the park can afford.” he said. “Hopefully now we’ll be able to work more with residents to get them into housing that they can actually afford, and that they want.” ##

(Image credit: Aspen Times)

Lt. Governor’s task force supervises removal of Irene damaged mobile homes

November 29th, 2011 Comments off

Lt Gov Phil Scott, Richard Wobby and Vermont Housing Comissioner Jan Hollar, photo credit Northfield NewsMHProNews has learned that Vermont’s Lt. Governor Phil Scott and Secretary of Commerce and Community Development Lawrence Miller project for de-commissioning Irene damaged ‘mobile homes’ and replacing them with new manufactured homes has made significant progress. In a press release, the Lt. Governor’s office said “In our work so far, we’ve removed 45 (storm damaged) homes and filled 100 dumpsters,” Scott stated, adding: “But the true measures of success here are the homeowners and the park owners who will have a clean slate and be able to move forward with their lives.” Residents Bob and Patty Goodell, owners of the new manufactured home recently installed, said they were thrilled that to be in their new home in time for Thanksgiving. “The last two and a half months have felt like two and a half years,” Patty Goodell said, “but we’re so grateful to park owner Ellery Packard and to Lt. Governor Scott and his team for making this happen.”  Work done to date has included Patterson’s Mobile Home Park in Duxbury, where 15 mobile homes were removed. Next, contractors will begin work Whalley’s land lease community located in Waterbury, and then on to additional manufactured home communities in Woodstock and Brattleboro.

(Photo credit: Northfield News)