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The Coming Breakup of Berkshire? MHI? Plus Sunday Headline Recap 10-14-2018 to 10-21-2018

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Among the emails waiting this morning? Some pull quotes.


Tony, MHProNews keeps breaking the mold, and continues to redefine manufactured housing [industry trade] publishing. Everything else is boring by comparison.”


There’s opinions, and then there’s MHProNews. Love the documentation you provide with your articles. Keep it coming.”


The next two are part of longer messages…


“…MHARR. MHProNews. That’s it.”

After years in MHI, it just made me feel ill to read last night’s [Saturday’s] lead…”

There’s more, and along with cheers there are a few who jeer. That Saturday evening story, are among those linked further below. Beyond the feedback, thanks too for the latest news tips.

Let’s get down to this Sunday morning’s headline topic.

Freedom is never free. It always comes at a price.

Slavery has a price too.

Choose freedom.

Several months ago, we reported on what an independent told the Daily Business News on MHProNewsthey think they own us.”

There are forces that can break the stranglehold that in direct or oblique ways have artificially limited manufactured housing. The federal government is among them.

Whether you love, hate, or are non-pulsed by the 45th President of the United States (POTUS), there are clues that successful midterm – a red tide – could witness something special happening in MHVille.

We look at facts, evidence, and follow the money. We source across the left-right media divide.  It’s necessary to have a balanced view of reality.

That said, some Democrats – including Elizabeth Warren or Maxine Waters – talk about monopolies. But it remains to be seen if their words are like what Democrats that said about a decade ago who claimed that they supported a border wall. Or like when Bill Clinton said that the “era of big government is over.” 20 years later, that’s a laugh-line now, isn’t it?

There are Democratic politicos that verbally blast billionaires, while taking millions in PAC support from billionaire Democrats. It’s a charade, a con.  That’s not a slam on Democrat supporters. We’re independents for good reasons. The pay-for-play game is done by many to various degrees in D.C. in states or locally, not just Democrats.

But the question is, are the Dems’ leader talk of antitrust words only? After all, they had eight years under Barack Obama’s presidency. Antitrust is technically part of the executive branch’s authority. What did Democrats do to break up the giants?




While it is an executive branch function, those billionaires buy votes by funding the elections of candidates.  We’ve laid out the facts.  You hear about the libertarian leaning Koch brothers in the mainstream media. But most of the big billionaire donors are DemocratsThat’s just a fact. Then, compare the promises made vs. promises kept by the 44th and 45th presidents.  Look at the facts, the evidence – because it matters to your business.

MarketWatch ran a story about how the S&P 500’s CEOs are politically active.  They give often big donations, and some are very partisan ones. Don’t be afraid of politics, don’t avoid it, because the big boys are all in.

You better be in the water too.  Not necessarily with the dollars, but with information, and votes.

It’s Marty Lavin’s generic quote, but I’m paraphrasing it here.

Pay attention to what people say, but then examine how closely their actions match their words.  Also, follow the money. Follow the facts. Follow the evidence. Use your God-given common sense.

The Trump Administration has also been sharpening the tone against billionaire monopolistic firms. Jeff Bezos/Amazon, Google, and Facebook have drawn specific mention. But they are not alone.

But are there clues that Berkshire could get the trust-busting treatment in 2019 too?

We won’t say more than the obvious. President Donald J. Trump has plenty of reasons to do so.  The president has a long memory.  He knows Warren Buffett.  He knows George Soros.  Both Buffett and Soros have worked to undermine him and his presidency.  See yesterday’s red-hot report on how following the Buffett money-trail reveals how he has funded anti-manufactured home activist MHAction, linked further below.


Fear of Anti-Trust Goes Beyond Berkshire

There will be some in MHVille that would cheer a federal antitrust case.

But some, and I’m not talking here about Berkshire folks, some people simply fear change. So, what would the impact of antitrust actions against those noted above likely lead to in our industry?

There has never been a federal anti-monopoly action in manufactured housing to date. But recall this: “The breakup of the Bell System was mandated on January 8, 1982, by an agreed consent [based upon federal antitrust action]…AT&T was, at the time, the sole provider of telephone service throughout most” of the U.S., said Wikipedia.

That AT&T breakup in the 1980s may provide clues for manufactured housing, and other industries too.

Smaller companies in the AT&T trust-bust resulted in a surge of new technologies and competition. The same could well occur in manufactured housing too. After the federal AT&T case:

  • Telecom grew as a result.
  • Cellular developed.
  • The internet emerged.
  • Is there any of that you’d want reversed?

Who else in MHVille has reported that NY Stern Professor Scott Galloway says about how breaking up the monopolies will bring new oxygen into the system. No one, beyond this pro-industry, pro-consumer news site.  That’s arguably why we get strong readership and feedback, like those emails noted above.

Professor Galloway argues breaking up the big four in tech will revive the economy, not harm it.  He’s a tech expert. We’re just citing the expert’s view.

Consider the facts, evidence, and money.  Democrats –

  • by default or by design,
  • fostered through legislation and regulations,
  • bigger giants in lending,
  • giants that dominate in manufactured housing,
  • huge firms that dominate in tech, and beyond.
  • Democrats are the one-party monopoly rule, that’s a reality in several parts of the U.S. today.
  • Recall that Warren Buffett is a student of history. He loves to read such things.  Mr. Buffett applies the lessons of history.  Berkshire’s boss has also admitted that he expects others not to read, not to learn from history, and to be trapped by their own habits. Prove Buffett wrong daily, as thousands of others do, by reading MHProNews each day.
  • The history of Berkshire’s purportedly bad behavior is all the reason independents, thinking Democrats, and Republicans should vote for pro-Trump GOP candidates in the midterms.

It is enlightened self-interest. Pragmatic.

MHProNews has made it clear for months why we believe Team Trump’s performance to date merits more House and Senate seats. We said weeks ago what some mainstream media outlets are only now beginning to report.

That is? Despite over half a year of bluster about a so-called ‘blue wave,’ odds are the GOP expands control of the U.S. Senate. Barring some shocking to voters, a gain by the GOP in the Senate seems likely. We think it’s possible that the GOP could end up at or near 60 seats.  Every election comes down to voters voting.

The House of Representatives is a tougher call. Democrats have more money. Democrats have the bulk of the media megaphones. The candidates are less well known. But there are still data points, policy reasons, and a booming economy that should make us believe the GOP can hold the House.

Even some mainstream media pundits are beginning to say it too.

As political independents that read the tea leaves, we predicted in 2016 a Trump upset. Yes, we worked for it, and gladly so, because we thought then and now that POTUS Trump would be world’s better than a POTUS Hillary.  We said in 2016 that the GOP could – and did – hold the House and Senate.

MHI has all of their experts, resources, and lobbyists.  But MHI got it wrong about election 2016.  So, what else is new at their Arlington, VA HQ?

With about 21 months of President Trump’s track record.  The Trump Administration has proven to be promise keepers to the degree that Democrats have made possible.

If Dems win the House, the next two years will be gridlock and endless investigations of issues that will be as spurious as ‘Russia collusion’ proved to be. Recall we said about 18 months ago that there is no federal crime of collusion on what the Trump campaign was being accused of, and that was not our opinion, that was the view Harvard University’s Democratic legal wiz Alan Dershowitz.  There’s fluff that Democrats and their media allies use to whip up the less informed parts of their base.

POTUS Trump was an is an outsider, not a classic Republican, nor a Democrat. He’s pragmatic.  He’s funny, colorful, and on policy after policy, he’s just plain correct. Sure, there are tweets that stir controversy.  We can wonder about his personal life, but there is nothing there that comes close to what Bill Clinton did.

All those tweets and stuff just keeps the mainstream media from talking about issues that matter. Don’t follow the red herring. Follow the substance over the style, but let’s admit that the style is entertaining.

We’ve built numerous reports on MHLivingNews yesterday and in past weeks that could nudge some visitors towards the President’s agenda, all based upon facts and evidence.

We have detailed numerous fact-and-evidence based reports – just one linked here – on MHProNews of the tragic ways that Berkshire and their MHI tool purportedly took illicit advantage of thousands of manufactured home independents.

Make no mistake. Buffett’s funding of the Tides and through them, MHAction and others, is a sign of just how low they can go.  If they have done it to so many others, do you want to be the next – or even the last – one eaten?

Or do you want to hitch your boxcar onto arguably the best train that is moving, i.e., the Trump agenda and his GOP allies in the House and Senate?

We’ve been told in D.C. that our formal HUD, DOE et al comments letters are getting special attention.  More on that later.

Independents and homeowners alike have great reasons to vote for a pro-growth, de-regulatory moves of the Trump agenda. But antitrust is a countercurrent.  Attacking monopolies or oligopolies would mean using regulations that are already on the books. Antitrust action can be slowed or benefited by Congress.

So, every GOP vote is like voting against Berkshire and MHI.

Should Berkshire get the break-up treatment, don’t be surprised at the ways that MHI will be caught up in that maelstrom.  There are several ways we’ve shown in recent years that MHI has purportedly crossed the line.  They’ve never challenged it.

As independents, every Pro-Trump GOP Vote is like voting for freedom, more professional and more investment opportunities.

For residents and homeowners, a pro-GOP vote is how enhanced preemption, better lending, and other reforms get done that will raise their manufactured homes’ values.

MHI has been the arguable tool for Berkshire in MHVille for some years. The triangle between Arlington, VA based MHI – and their big brothers in Omaha and Knoxville – have been an unholy alliance for too long. Vote to change it.  That’s why a new association is underway, also one of the stories linked below.

As an FYI – if you know those who were specifically hurt financially by MHI, Clayton, 21st, et al, please have them send an email with ANTITRUST in the subject line.

16 days from now, the second phase of freedom from Omaha, Knoxville and Arlington could come. God bless America. God bless, inspire and guide all.  Thanks for checking in, and we’ll turn this over to Soheyla to finish what follows below.


The comment above was said with respect to another recent topic, but relates to this issue too. FYI, the hot lined featured image above is different than the hotlink recent topic.

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.











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Sunday 10.14.2018

For Independents, Independent-Minded MH Professionals, and Freedom-Loving Investors Only, Sunday Headline News Recap 10-7 to 10.14.2018

For Independents, Independent-Minded MH Professionals, and Freedom-Loving Investors Only, Sunday Headline News Recap 10-7 to 10.14.2018

We do roughly 2 dozen stories a week between MHProNews and ManufacturedHomeLivingNews. That is roughly the same or more as all of the other trade publishers combined. We carefully selected each topic.  The evening market reports have evolved into a featured highlight, but has all of the market data wrapped around it.  No one else in MHVille does what we do.  Period. That’s why we have the largest audience, by far.  Our sincere thanks for that.

Speaking of thanks, our sources at Legacy Housing tell us that it rained an rained during their event, but they packed their seminars, there was lots of energy and hundreds – hundreds – of floors were sold. They are executed.  We thank them for the opportunity to serve during the last few months.

Back to curation.  Every topic has merit. We highlight some, but that is not to diminish others. We don’t want to weight a page down too much. That said, please take an a little more than an hour and watch the Creepy Line video, see our report and some teaser videos about it, linked above.  Once you’ve seen it, have your friends watch it too.

Then please ponder what Tony said above.

We take our publishing, consulting, marketing and other roles seriously.  When people trust you with their time, that means we are responsible for trying to get it right.  We strive to make sure that we focus on the issues that others can’t, don’t or won’t mention. Among the nicer comments from competitors is the one that said that we cover the stories that others talk about in bars and restaurants. There are nice people in our industry’s trade media. But we cover the reports that others who may be bought and paid for won’t touch.

There are still some professionals that tell us they’d rather not see anything political here on MHProNews. We understand and respect that view. But we disagree, and here’s why. Warren Buffett and his buddies are highly political. They debatably use politics to help get what they want for their businesses. Furthermore, placement issues are all about local or state politics.

Ignore political considerations at your own peril.

The manufactured housing industry is marching towards the midterms, now just over 3 weeks away. No one in manufactured housing even comes close to the kind of breadth of coverage for the issues that impact your business. Maybe that’s why we’re number 1. Our sincere thanks to readers like you, our business development clients and sponsors for making it so.

Together with honest people of good will, we can make our industry and our nation achieve its great potential. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (Sunday Morning, weekly headline news review, analysis, and commentary.)

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12,000 Modular Homes Could Be Coming to This City

February 1st, 2017 1 comment

The Lakeshore site that will host a factory and 12k modular homes. Credit: Chicago Sun Times.

Thanks to a combination of a deal between steel giant U.S. Steel and prominent developer Dan McCafferty going bad, and a new joint venture between Barcelona Housing Systems and WELink, Chicago could be in a position to not only get a manufacturing plant along the city’s iconic Lakeshore Drive, but also 12,000 modular homes.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, the joint venture has emerged as the winning bidder for the massive site.

They did their due diligence, and they’ve got all of their ducks in a row,said Ald. Susan Sadlowski Garza.

They’re gonna be building a manufacturing [plant] on the property where they’re going to be building modular homes. They’ve done it in Barcelona and Argentina. It’s a new, innovative product that’s never been here before.


Credits: Barcelona Housing Systems, WELink.

As Daily Business News readers are aware, the Barcelona Housing System/WELink joint venture recently partnered with Chinese firm CNBM and announced plans for modular home factories in the U.K.


Jorge Ramirez. Credit: Chicago Federation of Labor.

Jorge Ramirez, President of the Chicago Federation of Labor, said that he was excited about the prospect of major development and being able to get hundreds of skilled builders back to work.

I’ve just got to make sure that there’s a meeting of the minds as to how these things are gonna get done. That they’re not cutting corners or [compromising] safety standards,” said Ramirez.

They’re lifting people up into the middle-class and respecting labor. All of the run-of-the-mill standard types of concerns.”

Garza says that they also thoroughly vetted all 13 bidders for the project before narrowing the list to three finalists, scrutinized even more to make certain they had the financing, know-how and experience to do a project of this size.

Even though 12,000 homes and a factory is a large order, Garza is confident about the joint venture and their ability to deliver.

They took their time to learn about the neighborhood and find out what people want here,” said Garza.


Ald. Susan Sadlowski Garza. Credit: NLG Chicago.

With their know-how, their capital and the people they have working with them, I have the utmost confidence they’re gonna do this. I’ve seen some of the work that they’ve done in Barcelona and it’s really incredible. They can build a three-flat in like 30 days. It’s all up to code. We’re not gonna have to wait 20 years to see movement.

The modular home portion of the project is slated to happen in four phases of 3,000 homes each, and the new plan calls for retail and recreational space.

And Garza is excited about the efficiency.

They don’t have to dig a foundation. They screw pylons into the ground. They can withstand a 7.8 earthquake. It’s just a new technology. The factory is going to be huge to build this much of a development,” said Garza.

And once we start building homes, three-flats and four-flats, then come the stores and the other amenities. They incorporate a lot of green space and green technology. Access to the lakefront for all. Stuff that’s been really important to this neighborhood for a very long time.” ##

(Image credits are as shown above.)


RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Submitted by RC Williams to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.