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Very Small Homes Catching Public Eye

August 20th, 2014 Comments off

train_car_converted_to_tiny_home__tinyhouseswoon.com__ceditThe tiny home movement stretches from do-it-yourself models to made-to-order units to converted shipping containers and old cable cars from San Francisco. Pictured is a railroad car in Montana with a studded leather couch and chair and wood-grain floor and ceiling, offset by modern stainless-steel appliances. Compared to the cost of moving a train car and refurbishing it, a manufactured home constructed to Housing and Urban Development (HUD Code) standards is quite affordable. Many tiny homes also pale in cost when compared to redone rail cars, but their dimensions tend to pale as well. Their draw is the uniqueness of the concept of stratifying lives into as small a living space as possible.

These sheds and back yard homes are related to the Tiny House movement, which now has its own TV show, see more linked here.  MHProNews has tracked this and related developments for some years, with news stories like these linked below.

Mom and Dad are Out Back

Medical Mods, Aging in Place

Steve Lefler. VP at Modular Lifestyles, did a guest column on Tiny Houses, linked here.  ##

(Photo credit:–railroad car converted to home)