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NIMBY and the Denial of Manufactured Housing

August 24th, 2017 Comments off

NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard). Featured image credit, The Left Hook.

Plans for a new 55 and older manufactured home community called Atterberry Landing in Carlsborg, WA has been denied by Clallum County Hearing Examiner Andrew Reeves.

The decision was announced August 16, after months of waiting until a decision was made, per the Sequim Gazette.

The Daily Business News previously reported that locals had been less than receptive to the idea of a new manufactured home community being built.

There were a number of reasons that neighbors cited as concerns in the plans originally provided by Chris Anderson, owner of CA Homes Inc., who wants to develop his 8.8-acre parcel of land.


Chris Anderson (left), owner of CA Homes Inc. Credit, Peninsula Daily News.

Plans for the Atterberry Landing were announced a few months ago, as the Daily Business News first reported on the potential new project. The community plan is  expected to have around 72 new manufactured homes.

The homes would range from 1,200 to 1,700 square feet, and would have 2-car garages. They were expected to cost around $125,000 – $150,000 and to be placed on leased lots in the community.


An unrelated manufactured home. Credit: Realtor.

NIMBY and More Technical Reasons for the Denial

Unfortunately, a number of NIMBY (Not-In-My-Back-Yard) folks in the area are concerned about the idea of a manufactured home community being built nearby. The issues raised by residents during public commenting period to Reeves, at a June 1 public meeting.


Image credit, Urban Dictionary, MHProNews.

In a statement, Reeves said his reasons for denying the application were that “insufficient information exists to determine whether the proposal is consistent with the County’s environmental policy and critical areas code … and whether adequate provisions have been made to ensure that the public health, safety, welfare, use, and interest are protected.”


Clallam County Hearing Examiner, Andrew Reeves. Credit, Sequim Gazzette.

The other major issue that Reeves found in the application was the complete lack of information provided by Anderson as to how they planned to handle storm water that could end up in the Matriotti Creek.

He said “the applicant drew a rectangle on its revised site plan to indicate that a detention pond would be sited within the proposed buffer for Matriotti Creek” and no information about the site’s hydrology, flow rates or modeled flow rates.”

While not every detail is needed for the preliminary plans, he said, “simply drawing a stormwater pond on the site plan, however is no substitute for providing actual information and analysis on how stormwater would be addressed on the property and, importantly, how stormwater would be treated (even just conceptually) to prevent pollutants from entering Matriotti Creek.”

Donella Clark, the county’s senior planner, has said that Anderson has two options if he decides he still wants to move forward with plans for the MH community. One option is to apply for reconsideration, which he can do within 10 days of Reeves’ decision (by August 26).

Alternatively, he can file an appeal in Clallum County Superior Court, which he has 21 days (by September 6) to do.

So far, Anderson has not said what his plans for the future of the property are from this point forward.

Fighting NIMBY with the Facts

In a comment on the Sequim Gazzette article MHProNews publisher L.A. ‘Tony’ Kovach pointed out just how NIMBY influences such proposals. orhood were able to affect the outcome in this situation.


Comments on the Sequim Gazette article by MHProNews publisher L.A. ‘Tony’ Kovach. Credit, Sequim Gazette.

Those in Carlsborg who could have benefited from affordable manufactured housing will have to continue to wait while Anderson decides how to proceed.  It is part of the trend of NIMBY, which even when a community is approved, it often leads to conflict – as was recently reported in a story, linked here. ##  (News analysis.)

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Proposed Manufactured Home Community Faces Hurdles

June 1st, 2017 Comments off

An unrelated manufactured home. Credit: Realtor.

In a Washington State community, NIMBY is raising its head.

According to the Sequim Gazette, a proposed gated 55 and over manufactured home community, is drawing the ire of Carlsborg residents.

The group, which cites environmental and traffic impacts, says that it has collected 163 signatures on a petition, hoping to delay the project or kill it all together. A hearing on the property is scheduled for today, where community residents will be able to share their concerns.

Clallam County Senior Planner Donella Clark recommended approving the project, with a number of mandates and recommendations ranging from widening the road the community will be on, to installing berms to blend the property in with the neighborhood.

Chris Anderson, owner of CA Homes Inc., says that he intends to build a total of 73 manufactured homes, called CA Homes Mobile Home Park, in three phases over three years.

If I can get it approved, the first phase would include 42-43 homes,” said Anderson.

This is my first foray into modular [sic] homes in my 28-year career.”

Anderson says that when he began operating his business, he was building higher end homes, but when the recession hit, he switched to affordable housing.

And, he sees a huge opportunity in Carlsborg.

There’s a lack of senior living here,” said Anderson.

We’re a retirement community and almost 70 percent of our clientele are retired. There aren’t solutions readily available to them.”

The homes would range from 1200 to 1700 square feet, and sell for between $125,000 to $150,000.


Neighbors who are around the project site say they learned about it from a sign posted on the property earlier this month.


Credit Sequim Gazette.

There’s a perception (by neighbors) that some of the laws have not been followed closely so I think it’s fair for us to point out those discrepancies,” said area resident Charles Meyer.

The more we got looking (at recent planning documents), the more unbelievably inaccurate everything was,” said area resident Debra Stevens, a retired city planner.

Neighbors say that Anderson’s State Environmental Policy Act application is inaccurate, because it doesn’t have up-to-date information on the property.

In Anderson’s application, he states an environmental review for a 21-lot subdivision was completed by the previous owner Tony Glavin in May 2007, which reviewed and agreed upon a study in February 1995 because no development had occurred.


Credit: Google.

As of this week, the county says that neighbors have submitted more than 40 comments to the county’s Department of Community Development.

Anderson says that he’s worked closely with Clallam County and other agencies to follow their recommendations.

I understand the neighbors aren’t happy with it,” said Anderson.

I’ve accepted phone calls from people who have called me directly. Neighbors all got to do what they wanted to do on their properties, but I understand I’m not going to make everyone happy.”

In most instances, inaccurate information and misconceptions about manufactured housing communities lead to cases of NIMBY (Not-In-My-Back-Yard).

As Daily Business News readers are aware, stories pitting developers against residents have been in the news recently, including the case of a proposed MHC in Iberia Parish, Louisiana.

Also, there are instances of “backdoor NIMBY,” where politicians–and the residents who re-elect them–seem to know that developments bring more tax revenue than manufactured home communities, as most recently shown in Palm Beach County, Florida. ##


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