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Business Leaders Overwhelmingly Support Romney

October 25th, 2012 2 comments

In its survey of 284 chief executives in Oct. 2012 regarding the presidential election, ChiefExecutive reports 83.2 percent of CEOs intend to vote for Mitt Romney, nearly identical results to a survey of 334 separate CEOs in Sept. 2012. Additionally, if Romney is elected, CEOs say they are more likely to increase capital expenditures and hiring than if Obama is elected. Almost 58 percent say Pres. Obama has significantly harmed the business climate, and another 26 percent say he has done more harm than good. Although Pres. Obama consistently maintains he supports small business, almost 45 percent of those surveyed operate businesses under $25 million in revenues. The two most critical issues to these business leaders are debt reduction and limiting debt, followed by job creation and corporate tax rates. Thirty-one percent say overall business conditions are weak, fifteen percent say conditions are poor, and only 23 percent describe the business climate as good or very good. As MHProNews has learned, 48.4 percent do not expect change in their employment levels, while another 22.6 employment believe employment will fall. For the full report, click here.

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Is the Recovery Spinning Down?

April 5th, 2012 Comments off

The etruth in Elkhart County, Indiana says business leaders are cautiously optimistic about the future given business expansion and new jobs, but concerns remain about the increase in fuel costs that ultimately will be passed on to consumers that could drag the economy back down. Despite the 12.1 percent unemployment rate in this northern Indiana area that is home to numerous manufactured housing and recreational vehicle plants, as well as component suppliers, one employer says some jobs go begging because recent applicants work histories indicate they work until they qualify for unemployment and then quit. Another concern, according to Kevin Deardoff of Lake City Bank who has over 30 years in the banking industry, is people who used to pay their mortgage first now pay their credit card first, causing mortgage delinquencies to rise. has learned homeowners who lost jobs became dependent on credit cards during the economic downturn, and realized it takes lenders longer to file foreclosure than to cut off a line of credit.

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