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Who Speaks for You in MH? Manufactured Housing’s Industry Voices 

November 28th, 2014 Comments off

industry-voices-collage-l-to-r-toprow-bottom-row-djpendelton-jay-hamilton-amy-bliss-marty-lavin-doug-ryan-bob-vahsholts-steve-lefler-jess-maxcy-bill-matchneer--dick-ernst-manufactured-housing-mhpronews-com-Who speaks for you in manufactured housing (MH)? Associations? Individuals? Corporations?

There are many voices in MH, and with the Industry Voices (IV) guest blog, any MH Professional, enthusiast or aficionado can submit a letter to the editor or an OpEd guest column.

Industry Voices  is one of our most popular MHProNews blogs, and some of these letters and OpEds are read months – or even years – after they are first published.

You don’t have to agree with any MHProNews editorial position to submit an article.  In fact, a variety of opinions and perspectives are precisely what makes IV a hot read.

Here are some current IV post headlines and their author: 

County Violated the Law in restricting placement of older Manufactured Homes? – Jay Hamilton

Favorable Juncture of Circumstances – CMHI Viewpoint – Jess Maxcy

Who Represents Manufactured Housing? – Bob Vahsholtz

A home built in a factory can be a home just like a site built? – Steve Lelfer

DJ Quixote’s Adventures In La Manufactured Housing – DJ Pendleton

An analysis of The Atlantic’s report on Manufactured Housing, CFPB and MH Financing – Amy Bliss

MHI, MHARR, MHIndustry Associations and the Manufactured Housing Leadership Issue

CFED’s Doug Ryan Sounds off on Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Report on Manufactured Housing and MH FinancingDoug Ryan

Manufactured Housing Institute Responds to Doug Ryan-CFED commentary on CFPB report on Manufactured Housing Finance Jason Boehlert (now leaving the industry…see link here)

Preparing For CFPB’s New Appraisal And Valuation Rules – Dick Ernst

Where are we now? A Second Chance. – Marty Lavin

Kudos on Ron D’Ambra’s Thoughtful Article on HUD Code and Manufactured Housing Affordability – Bill Matchneer

To submit your own letter for consideration, please email this link and put Industry Voices in the subject line. ##

(MHProNews Photo Collage: Top left to right, top line towards bottom line = DJ Pendleton, Jay Hamilton, Amy Bliss, Marty Lavin, Steve Lefler, Doug Ryan, Bob Vahsholtz, Bill Matchneer, Jess Maxcy, Dick Enrst.)