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“Toxic Trailers” – Clayton Homes, Warren Buffett, Kevin Clayton, Clintons – Exposé Videos

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The terminology in the quotes are inaccurate, but that quote is the exact words several in the media and other investigators shown below used.

From 2010 until 2018, there’s been an ongoing series of governmental, media, and other investigations into the post Haitian tragedy that involved Kevin Clayton, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Warren Buffett’s led Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate which owns Clayton Homes. This Daily Business News report will update and review what was promised, and what took place.


The allegations are that billions of dollars were wasted and failed to go to those that needed and were promised post-disaster relief.  This is a useful book-end to the Poverty Inc video, which documented, step-by-step how many poverty and disaster relief programs benefit a few, but fails or makes worse the conditions of those they’re intended to help.  That report, is linked below.

Acclaimed Poverty Inc. Video, MHVille – Why Left & Right Should Listen, Learn From Each Other


What Clayton Homes Said…

Recall that a devastating earthquake hit Haiti in 2010. The first video is from a local media interview with Clayton Homes, and makes an eye-opening point. “Just after the earthquake in Haiti, Clayton Homes contacted The Clinton Foundation…” posted on August 24, 2010.

It all sounds great.


But what actually happened?


One of several potent fact-laces stills  from the video, below.


Ben Swann’s Fact Check

Ben Swann’s Reality Check produced what appears to be one of the most compressive and balanced video overview – loaded with facts, visuals and graphics – on the topic so far.  It was produced earlier this year. It frames the issue of Clayton, Berkshire, the Clintons, et al by looking at this question, “If Haiti Is a “S***hole” Country, Who Is Really to Blame?”

It’s powerful.  The video above is loaded with details like graphic in the still below.


Don’t miss a minute of this eye-opening exposé.


Democracy Now – A Pro-Democratic Group – Spotlighted Warren Buffett, Clayton Homes, and the Clinton Foundation

U.S. and Canadian reports connected to this next video interview, shown below, are the ones that used the phrase “toxic trailers,” quoted in our headline, above.

That this scandal didn’t end is underscored by the CNN video, shown below, which said last year that federal investigators are looking into related issues.


Federal Investigation of the Clinton Foundation and Related Scandals

Pro-Clinton and pro-Democratic CNN produced this next video report last year, that spotlighted that federal authorities are actively investigating allegations of corruption related to the Clinton Foundation.



Inside Haiti’s “Hurricane Proof” Clayton Homes “Toxic Trailers”

This video by CCIR, and gives some additional inside and outside views of this problematic issue.


Former Haitian Senate President Bernard Sansaricq weighs in on the Clinton Foundation’s Haitian Relief Effort Controversy

You can feel the outrage, years after the 2010 disaster, in this video interview with an elected Haitian leader that the Clinton’s allegedly tried to buy off before the 2016 election.


Boldly Misleading?  Warren Buffett Promotes Hillary Clinton, Slams Donald Trump

Honesty is a very expensive gift. Do not expect it from cheap people,” said Warren Buffett as one of his quotes related to protection of reputation.


Marty Lavin has said, “Pay more attention to what people do than what they say.”  Buffett preaches against making headlines for questionable business reasons, and yet Wells Fargo and even more often, Clayton Homes, has been involved in scandals and allegations that have resulted in legal, regulatory actions – alone with negative publicity.

Buffett actively supported Clinton and Democrats in the 2016 election cycle.  While he’s been quieter since Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016, is there any reason to think he’s working for anyone other than those with his long ties to candidates like Secretary Hillary Clinton, or former President Barack Obama?


Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton Makes it Clear, These Investigations Are On-Going

In this next video, Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton is talking about the Clinton Foundation, and their ongoing investigation into the allegations of misuse of funds connected with the Haitian disaster relief.

There are more video reports like these, but these provide the most comprehensive review of what the various sources have said.


What’s Next?

Sources across the left-right media divide – including the Seattle Times, Guru Focus, The Nation and MHProNews – have periodically spotlighted Buffett/Berkshire Hathaway/Clinton/Clayton Homes related scandals.  See related reports, linked below.

So, don’t think that a period of quiet in the mainstream means that these scandals, which often yield negative headlines for the industry, are over.  There are indictors that more black-eye headlines are ahead.

There are several indications that the issues could be heating back up.  Stay tuned, because who else in MHVille’s trade media bring you reports about conglomerates like Berkshire Hathaway – other than this source?  “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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Gallup – U.S. Liberals Up, but America Still Center-Right Nation Politically

January 4th, 2017 Comments off

Photo credit, Epic of Evolution, provided as are other images on this page under  fair use guidelines.

Almost as soon as the election results were known on November 9th, all facets of the mainstream media have struggled with the question, how did billionaire reality TV and business star Donald J. Trump win the election against Secretary Hillary Clinton?

The latest clue has come from a new survey by the Gallup polling organization.

In a report by Lydia Saad at Gallup, their latest survey results suggests that the percentage of the population that calls themselves liberals is now at its highest level since they’ve done this kind of poll question.  24 percent self-identify as Liberals, up one point in 2014 from 2013.

By contrast, conservatives slipped a point.  But they remain the largest group at 38 percent of the population, or about 50 percent larger in size than liberals.

Moderates also slipped a point, but still outnumber liberals with 34 percent of the population.


So, a center-right political coalition could thus dominate the nation.  But neither conservatives or liberals can win a presidential contest without a sizable number of moderates.

In looking at the pre-election Trump campaign agenda, it took a variety of conservative positions, but also took stances that Republicans were not normally known for – with examples such as:

  • A major infrastructure bill,
  • more protectionist vs. free trade and
  • the Ivanka Trump promoted child-and-elder care policies.

Image credit, Twitter.

Saad’s analysis of the data doesn’t always skew with that of MHProNews, but her summary is noteworthy.

Over the past 22 years, Americans’ ideological bent, or at least their willingness to associate with certain labels, has changed in subtle ways. Although the “liberal” moniker remains the least favorite, it has enjoyed the most growth, while “conservative” is up slightly and “moderate” has waned.”


As Democrats are planning their 2017 Congressional strategies to slow or foil Republican roll-backs of outgoing President Obama’s legacy items – such as Dodd-Frank and ObamaCare – a variety of counter-balancing challenges exist for the minority party.  Those include the fact that they have lost some 1,000 seats at the state and federal levels since 2009, plus the element that more Democrats will be defending seats in the U.S. Senate in the 2018 midterm. Several of those seats are in states that Trump won.


With former president Bill Clinton and a few other prominent Democrats having commented that the party ought to have pushed jobs over health care reform during the first two Obama years, it’s noteworthy that President-elect Trump has worked to keep Ford and Carrier here in the U.S., and has worked personally to get over $55 billion in foreign commitments announced-to-date to the come to his “Make America Great Again” nation.


Or as Clinton ally and Democratic strategist James Carville famously quipped in 1992, “It’s the economy, stupid.” ##

(Image credits are as shown above.)

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