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City and Residents locked in emotional tussle over MH Community closure

December 3rd, 2014 Comments off

belle-vista-mobile-home-park-residents-protest-city-move-credit=al-com-posted-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com-The Pelham, AL City Council members decided to close the Belle Vista manufactured home community. Council members hope their decision will lead the way for a residential recreational community that includes a park and a walking trail.

Residents are not happy with such a move. Marco Huerta, a Belle Vista resident translating the Spanish spoken by Fernando Gonzales said: “He feels better now, but he’s still sad he has to move out of here.

Gonzales and other families are faced with the tough decision of having to move as well as endure the emotional aspect of losing their home. Some residents have lived in Belle Vista for a decade.

According to what tells MHProNews, the city’s plan to close Belle Vista has generated protests and a march involving residents. The city acquired the property in 2011 for park development.

Defending their action, Mayor Gary Waters said:“We even brought in mobile home manufacturers and we’ve talked to the mobile home movers. We’re trying to get everyone to the table to see if we’ve missed anything to make the process go better.”

An interesting comment by the mayor, since there has been no mobile homes built in the U.S. since June 15, 1976. Precisely who did the mayor’s office contact?

Although the city has reassured residents they’re making every effort to find them new homes, many residents of Belle Vista are heartbroken by the harshness of it all.

Maria Carbajal, 17 who translated for Manzo a Belle Vista resident said: “…she doesn’t know where the family will move. They felt bad because the kids are really upset and they ask about their friends, how are they going to be able to see their friends, she tries to be strong but sometimes she can’t because she’s really sad.”

As plans continue to move forward by the City, some residents are displaced and are having difficulty finding a new home. tells MHProNews that many of the residents don’t have the money to move their trailer homes.

According to one young resident, Nayeli Carbajal, 13 she said: “There’s lots of people going around saying they can move your trailer for $5,000 or $6,000, but people don’t have money or the place to move it.” For a previous story with added details, please click here. ##

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Pelham AL Seeks to Close MHC it Owns

October 16th, 2014 Comments off

belle_vista_mobile_home_park___martin_j_reed_mreed_at_al_dot_com__creditThe city of Pelham, Alabama wants to close the Belle Vista Mobile Home Park it purchased for $3.1 million and re-purpose it as an expansion of Pelham City Park with greenways and trails, according to what informs MHProNews. While residents of the 137 site manufactured home community (MHC) have known for some time the city has long intended to close the community, many were shocked it may happen next summer, as a resolution is before the city council to not extend leases on homes in the community beyond July, 2015.

Over 140 residents have signed petitions asking for the community to remain open longer, so families can plan better.  They’re organizing a march to city hall Monday, Oct. 20, right before the council is slated to vote on the resolution. The community is in a flood-prone area, and Council President Rick Hayes says,We all know we do not have the option to continue to maintain that facility. Belle Vista was purchased for park development. The intent of that was to expand the park and redevelop that area.”

Knowing that many families do not have the resources to move their homes – and apartments would cost more than their current site rent – Hayes says he wants the city to help as much as possible. “This is something that everybody knew (would happen) when the purchase was first announced,” he added. As MHProNews knows,

Alabama ranks number five in MH shipments, and is home to a number of MH producers. ##

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