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Ben Shapiro Nails It on Taxes, Regulations, and Affordable Housing – Under 2 Minute Video Must View for MH Industry Pros

May 16th, 2018 Comments off


Ben Shapiro is a renowned conservative political pundit, syndicated columnist, lawyer, and NYT bestselling author. He is Editor-in-Chief of news and opinion site The Daily Wire and host of the popular video podcast, The Ben Shapiro Show,” says his YouTube page.


Fox News has called Shapiro “a leading millennial conservative.”

In the under-two minute video clip below, Shapiro joined Fox & Friends to discuss the new “head tax” in Seattle.  In it, he rapidly lays out the case that should have affordable housing advocates – including manufactured home professionals – on the edge of their seats, with note pad in hand.

Shapiro says that high demand, and over-regulations on developing are part of what’s fueling soaring housing costs.

A profile video on the fast-talking attorney is below.  Shapiro’s approximately 100 million page views a month Daily Wire is roughly 30 times more than what Webalizer says industry-leading MHProNews traffic is. He clearly must have something to say that people want to read and hear.

While the evidence-and-logic focused attorney doesn’t mention any specific kind of housing in the first video, common-sense suggests that the modern manufactured homes that HUD Secretary Ben Carson called “amazing” in recent Senate testimony are an important part of the solution to the affordable housing crisis.  You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to realize that almost everything we use comes from a production center.

The logic of factory-based home building is proven, and necessary.

Affordable housing is a non-partisan issue, as Danny Ghorbani – an engineer and the retired founding president of the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) – has often said.

With this more business-friendly regulatory environment under the Trump Administration, the time is now to promote a better understanding of the factors that fuel economic growth.

Lower taxes, less and more common-sense regulations, are spurring the economy.

The Treasury took in a record amount of taxes last month, even though there’s been a big tax cut.  The formula that the Daily Business News has noted worked for Democratic President John F. Kennedy and Republican President Ronald Reagan, is also working for pragmatic President Donald J. Trump.

If the industry can cut through the D.C. noise, and get HUD and FHFA to enforce existing laws, the result will be a revival of manufactured housing (see related reports, below).  Thus private enterprise – in the form of routinely unsubsidized manufactured homes, as Secretary Carson said – can be an important part of the solution to the affordable housing crisis.

On a closing note regarding Shapiro.


Note that “progressive” (read, Democratic) Jeff Bezos led Amazon, and equally progressive led Starbucks are among those hollering the loudest about the new Seattle head-tax.  Doesn’t Amazon’s threat to not build there make the point that higher taxes harm an economy?

Issues of taxation and regulation, as MHProNews has said for years, can be summed up like this.  The power to tax or regulate is the power to destroy. Manufactured home industry professionals, investors and advocates need to see the reality of that logic.  It is up to professionals to point to events both past and present that prove that to be so. We must personally take those proven principles, and make that case with your circle of influence, in the marketplace, and at the ballot box. ## (News, profile, analysis, and commentary.)

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Passages – Thomas D. Smith

July 4th, 2017 Comments off

Thomas D. Smith. Photo credit, Toledo Blade.

Thomas D. Smith, an attorney with a real estate, manufactured housing and development background, died Tuesday in an automobile accident.

Smith, says Topix, was 83.

The Toledo Blade stated that Mr. Smith, of Waterville Township, became a partner in a group that developed and owned manufactured home communities in Toledo, Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana.

He was driven to make his mark and be his own boss,” his son Mike said.

As much as anything he was entrepreneurial himself. He wanted to do more on his own,” his son Jeff – who became part of his law firm – said. “He was highly intelligent and a very accomplished and respected lawyer in town, and he brought the overall organizational aspects to any deal — to think how things would be best structured among partners.”

His son Mike said he became a devoted member of Waterville Community Church. He was also a board member of Anthony Wayne Community Food Ministry.

He was a political guy and a conservative guy, but he didn’t want to run for anything,” son Mike said. He served in the ROTC, and in the Air Force. 

Surviving Smith are his wife, the former Sandra Sue Brown, whom he married Dec. 29, 1956; sons, Michael and Jeffrey Smith; five grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter. MHProNews extends its sincere condolences to all who are touched by this loss. ##

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Manufactured Home Community Tangled in Legal Issues, Resident AG Complaints

August 12th, 2016 Comments off

Twin CirclesRobinsonTownshipMobileHomePark___Pittsburgh_Post-Gazette-postedDailyBusinessNews-MHProNewsThe manufactured home community in Robinson Township, Pennsylvania remains in legal limbo between its owners and the final residents remaining on the property, which is moving towards closure.

Channel 11 News shared its investigation of Twin Circle Mobile Home Park with MHProNews, where only a handful of residents remain.  Residents state that they’re awaiting compensation outlined by the state’s Manufactured Home Community Rights Act.

As a general rule under the act, owners are required to pay some $4,000 to $6,000 to relocate residents, with the lower end of $2,500 compensation if the home has already been abandoned.

Most have already moved out of the location. Among the remaining residents include Skip Benish, concerned with relocation, as well as his recent $6,800 worth of renovations he completed on his home.

Benish explained his frustrations, “All new windows, crown molding all around, paint, carpet and sub-flooring. I’m fighting for my rights is what it is.”

More than 20 residents have filed complaints with the Attorney General’s Office against the owner of the community, who plans to build a strip-mall on the property. Eileen Yacknin, litigation director at Neighborhood Legal Services Association, has said that “Clearly, this violates the law, in my opinion.”

11 Investigates conducted an investigation recaped in the video below. The report has the all-too-common errrors found in media report, including refering to the homes as “mobile homes (sic),” when informed industry professionals can look at a glance and see from the exteriors that they are in fact manufactured homes.

Nomenclature issues aside, the local media reports highlight the tensions and negative publicity that generally arise in a town when a community closure takes place, and residents and ownership haven’t worked closely together to make the transition as painless as possible.

The Post-Gazette has reported that Gary Kalmeyer, an attorney for park owner Bill Chen, asserts the community’s ownership is working to comply with state law.

MHProNews previously reported on this case, and will continue to monitor the matter for industry professionals. ##

(Photo credit, Post-Gazette)



Frank Griffin, Daily Business News, MHProNews.

Reported by Frank Griffin to Daily Business News – MHProNews