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Architect Builds Own Modular Home

December 19th, 2013 Comments off

After going through a nasty foreclosure, architect Macy Miller of Boise, Idaho did not want to deal with a mortgage or banks, and built her own 196 square foot modular home on a flatbed truck for $11,400. Doing most of the work herself, the home has a king-size bed, an oversize shower and full-function kitchen, a washer and dryer, a living room area for two, radiant floor heating, storage and expenses of about $250 a month. According to, she is connected to the power grid and receives potable water, but a composting toilet that uses sawdust instead of water precludes the need for septic. As MHProNews has learned, she shares the home with a Great Dane and a baby girl due in March. While she and her boyfriend live separately, they spend a lot of time in the mini home, where she intends to remain after the baby is born, although a larger mini-home is planned.

(Photo credit: Marc Walters/–Macy Miller’s tiny home)

Portland Architect Designs Modular Studio Unit for the Homeless

December 19th, 2013 Comments off

Architect Stuart Emmons of Portland, Oregon has designed a 265-square-foot, modular, mini-studio for homeless people called I’mHome. After seeing shipping containers converted into living quarters in China, Emmons, realizing a container could not comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), took a different approach, designing the modular nine-unit Kah San Chako Haws (Chinook for East House) housing project for Native Americans, as MHProNews covered here Feb. 14, 2013. The Gold-Certified LEED apartments range from 375 square feet to 835 square feet, according to

I’mHome units have a living room and bath with just a microwave and refrigerator for a kitchen, and are priced at $40,000, everything furnished. Emmons states there are 10,000 homeless in Multnomah County, including couch surfers, those living ten-deep in one-bedroom apartments and those on the streets.

Blazer Industries of Aumsville, Oregon will be making the affordable homes, which Brent Buchheit of Blazer says are earthquake-proof. “We’ve had these buildings fall off a trailer on the freeway and they’re fine; we just load them back on,” he says.

Susan Emmons (no relation to Stuart) of Northwest Pilot Project, which counsels people in danger of homelessness, noting the dire need for housing, says, “There’s a shortage of 20,000 units for people at 30 percent of median income. That could be a family of four, people on limited Social Security, or veterans on a pension. We’re not developing much housing for those people.”

Stuart Emmons says he has the product needed, but so far, there has been more interest in San Francisco and Seattle than Portland for I’mHome.

(Image credit: Emmons–Kah San Chako Haws)

Home has Highest LEED Certification in U. S.

September 24th, 2013 Comments off

A 3,200 square foot home in Miami Beach, Florida has achieved the highest LEED Platinum certification known to have been given in the nation. Rated at 120/89.5, a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Index: -8 (100 is normal for new construction), and earning the National Green Building Standard of EMERALD (highest level) which indicates the home is saving 60 percent or more of its energy use, 2020 Alton is also EnergyStar certified. A collaboration between developer Matthew Lahn and architect Ari Sklar, according to PRNewswire, the windows are by CGI Windows and Doors. MHProNews has learned the glass is insulated, laminated, high performance, high-impact glass.

(Photo credit: PRNewswire/CGI Glass–2020Alton house)

Modular Housing Burgeoning in New York City

August 8th, 2013 Comments off

A 200 (plus)-room pod hotel for Williamsburg in Brooklyn is being planned, and architect Jim Garrison, who designed the modular hurricane-proof lifeguard stations for Rockaway Beach, may utilize modular construction for this project as well. He also designed the modular daycare center for Lehman College, erected in three days, and touts the modular construction method for its speed and efficiency, as states. Counting Forest City Ratner’s Atlantic Yards project and Garrison’s three-story, three unit emergency modular housing prototype sited next to the Office of Emergency Management in Brooklyn, as MHProNews reported May 22, 2013, New York has 17 modular projects currently underway.

(Photo credit:–modular lifeguard stations, Rockaway Beach, NY)

Steel Modular Home Revived

May 13th, 2013 Comments off

According to palmspringslife, in the 1960’s architect Don Wexler designed seven all steel modular homes in North Palm Springs, Calif. in conjunction with the Alexander Group, each selling for $14,000. The intent was to build 36 homes but the price of materials became prohibitive, as everything except the concrete foundation, plumbing and electrical was steel. The last of the seven recently sold for $365,000 and the new owners intend to renovate it to its original condition and rent it out as a vacation house. The two-bedroom, two-bath, 1,532 square foot house features an open floor plan, simple lines, and a folded steel plate roof line that forms an air baffle designed to draw heat away from the rooms and create shaded areas over the windows. MHProNews has learned one of the homes is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Paul Kaplan of the Paul Kaplan Group says, “Part of the reasoning behind the all-steel construction is its ability to withstand the heat and windy nature of the Palm Springs area.”

(Photo credit: James Butchart/palmspringslife–steel modular home)

Modular Gaining in the Northwest

May 2nd, 2013 Comments off

Regional sales manager for Greenstar Building Systems Randy Duggan writes in the Daily Journal of Commerce from Seattle that the Northwest is beginning to accept modular construction as a viable alternative to site-built. Noting the press has covered commercial modular projects as well as nonprofits exploring low-cost modular housing, he says think of the factory as the subcontractor who works with the developer, architect, and engineers to deliver the goods. A 49-unit modular project is in the works for Belltown, an area of Seattle MHProNews has learned that has been transformed from semi-industrial to restaurants, nightspots, and interesting shops on the waterfront. In addition, Greenstar is planning a modular apartment building for the Bay Area. He says, “In today’s world with advancements in all areas of our lives, construction should be no different. In all industries there are always those who go first. These forward-looking developers have analyzed the possibilities and decided that they can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result.”

(Image credit: Stricker Cato Murphy Architects)

Modular Homes on Agenda for Workshop Series

March 27th, 2013 Comments off

DNAinfo informs MHProNews the third in a series of Hurricane Sandy Recovery Workshops took place March 26 in Staten Island, with representatives from the mortgage industry, an architect, and a flooring specialist on hand to educate attendees. Topics included modular homes, restoring damaged credit, and loan and grant options available. The Storming Back to Shore workshops are being sponsored by Better Homes Realty of Staten Island.

(Photo credit: countryliving–modular home being delivered to city)

Oklahoma Revises Manufactured Home Installation

March 22nd, 2013 Comments off

The Manufactured Housing Association of Oklahoma (MHAO) tells MHProNews the rules on the installation of new and used MH have been revised. New homes have to follow the plans laid out by the manufacturer or the engineer/architect, and the homeowner is not responsible for site preparation. For used homes, the resident is responsible for site preparation. Temporary installation will only be for a home site pending permanent installation, or for storage of a new home on a dealer’s lot. The UMV&Parts Commission approved the rules, and will issue a standard installation authorization form, an inspection form, and minimum inspection requirements to be used by certified inspectors later this spring. The inspection only covers first-time installation of a manufactured home, and is warranted for only one year.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Modular Housing Rises for Homeless in LA

December 12th, 2012 Comments off

mmaltzan reports the Skid Row Housing Trust in Los Angeles is adding 102 modular housing units for homeless persons to an existing single-story building, called the Star Apartments at Sixth and Maple. The mixed use building, designed by architect Michael Maltzan, encompasses 95,000 square feet and will have retail on the ground floor, community spaces on the second floor, and modular housing floors three through six. Marking the first multi-unit residential unit employing modular techniques in LA, MHProNews has learned the energy efficiency housing is on track to be LEED Certified Gold, and will cost $19.3 million.

(Image credit: Michael Maltzan/lacurbed–rendering of modular Star Apartments)

Affordable Modular Multi-family Rises in Oregon

October 12th, 2012 Comments off

OregonLive tells MHProNews the first modular multifamily affordable apartment project in the Northwest was sited in Portland, Oregon Thurs. Oct 11. Built in Aumsville, OR, Kah San Chako Haws–”East House” in Chinook— took 13 months to design and construct and cost $1.7 million, about $190,000 each unit. Architect Stuart Emmons says this was a pilot project, and the cost should fall to $150,000 per unit in the future. Conventional affordable housing projects generally run $200,000 per unit or more. The nine unit complex includes three each of two bedroom, one bedroom and studio apartments. While Blazer Industries, Inc. has constructed modular classrooms, single-family homes, stores, and an assisted living facility, this was its first multi-family residence.

(Image credit: Stuart Emmons/oregonlive—Kah San Chako Haws)