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Speak No Evil, Only Evidence. Tunica Show, Feds, Clayton, 21st, MHI, MHARR, Public Debate, and You

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Anyone can allege anything. To heck with hyperbole or he said, she said. It’s evidence, documents, money trails, trend lines, and common-sense reasoning that are among the elements that ought to be considered by thinking professionals.


While most of manufactured housing’s bloggers, or other publishers, are blatant Omaha-Knoxville-Arlington kiss-ups, the Daily Business News on MHProNews has investigated issues and asked the penetrating questions that most others were unwilling to ask.  If others knew, why didn’t the openly say, and give evidence, as we have done on MHProNews and MHLivingNews?

‘Allegations,’ yes, because in America a person, organization, or business is considered innocent until proven guilty, enters a plea, or into a civil settlement agreement.

The elements of the case for rigging the manufactured housing market has been systematically laid out in dozens of articles, so now it is time for next steps.  It is time to act.



The Invitation – 3 Session Special Tunica Event

Thursday afternoon March 28, 2019. Location in Tunica to be announced, because the response indicates that we need a larger meeting room than was originally anticipated.



Standing Room Only presentations organized by L. A. “Tony” Kovach and MHProNews.


Session 1. The header on the email below reflects some of those invited to session one at Tunica. If MHProNews, our documents, quotes from Warren Buffett, Kevin Clayton, Tim Williams, Nathan Smith, Richard ‘Dick’ Jennison, Lesli Gooch, Rick Robinson, and our other sources are wrong, let the fine folks at Knoxville and Arlington and their associates debunk the clams.  They can bring their attorneys. We have offered an independent moderator, one that HUD can suggest.


They have the right to remain silent, but they also have the right to speak. We hope they will speak on the record, we will too.  If they can prove us wrong in public, that’s their right.  If we can demonstrate that the evidence is as we’ve suggested, it would only make sense for them to duck out once more.



These are some of those who have been invited to attend. We blocked out the specific email address, to respect their professional privacy. But the company or organizational names are shown on the above.


Time will tell if they accept or not. After all, they and/or their team mates will be in Tunica. Either way, the evidence will be laid out and discussed publicly. Attendees can ask questions at the end of that session. RSVP.



Session 2 – Organizing a new, ethical, pro-growth post-production association.

This will be historic. Some manufactured home communities association broke from MHI in 2017, saying in their own words they were tired of MHI’s lack of performance. In 2018 they formally launched that new national trade group for community owners.

At MHI itself, the NCC was launched by a fairly small group of professionals.  The same was true for MHARR.

It doesn’t take hundreds of people to start this common-sense effort.  They are welcome to come, but it only requires the few, the forward thinking, those that see that the trend-lines can only end one way if corrective measures don’t occur.

That said, if early indications coming into MHProNews prove accurate, a far better turnout appears to be shaping up for next Thursday afternoon in Tunica. Are you coming from outside of the Tunica market area? RSVP and come.



Turnout for events promoted by MHProNews are routinely strong.


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Session 3. Independent Producers of HUD Code Manufactured Homes. MHI members, MHARR members, and non-aligned builders are going to meet in this session.

To learn more as to why you would want to come, please see the new report, linked below.  It could pay rich dividends, even for now former industry professionals to attend. Read the article below to understand how.


Kevin, Tim, your buddies, and attorneys?  Will you grace us with your public responses to the allegations that so many have raised? Either way, the case will be made for those who come to Session 1.

Session 2 and Session 3 are solution and next steps sessions.  That’s manufactured home “Industry News, Tips and Views Pros Can Use,” © Be among those who come and see. ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)



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Impact of Fear – Manufactured Home Sales, Business, Investment, Zoning, Politics, Media, Manipulation, and You

January 12th, 2018 Comments off

Americans must recognize, says Harvard psychologist Susan David, that “A familiar story is not necessarily a truthful story.”

In “The Science of Fear-Mongering: How to Protect Your Mind from Demagogues,” Harvard psychologist Susan David explains “the dangers of fear-mongering, the questionable ethics of journalism in spreading hate politics, and the disturbing way that repetition wears down our brain’s resistance to fallacies and hate speech,” per Big Think’s YouTube post.


David notes that feelings of safety, right, comfort – their opposites – along with the role that repetition plays, are all part of the “the science of fear mongering.

What has arguably gone under-explored in the manufactured housing industry is the role that fear plays with:

  • Prospective buyers,
  • public officials (think, zoning – votes),
  • investors, business people (being in – or not in – ‘the group,’
  • media,
  • educators,
  • industry members themselves – what causes you or others to think and behave as you do,

plus all others.

Composite still from the video, posted below.

Susan David’s Video

David’s 8-minute video has a left-of-center slant that would be common among many in Harvard. With that caveat and bias in mind, she nevertheless makes important points for manufactured housing professionals to consider.

How is feared used to condition people, for-or-against something?

What role does propaganda play in fear?

Benson Demonstrates How “Propaganda Works” on “Most Americans”

Customers are often driven by a variety of fears.

For instance in sales, there’s the notion of the ‘fear of loss’ – rising interest rates, pricing, a closeout model, or that perfect vacant home-site are but some examples – that have often been used as a real or imagined pressure point to ‘close the deal.’

But among customers, there are other fears.

What about fear caused by the economy? Or how fear of “X” – fill in the blank for x – affect my job?  Will there be a war with North Korea, Red China, or Russia? Will terrorists strike?

Then there are also fears caused by social pressures, or safety concerns.

Those kinds of powerful emotional drivers are reasons why videos and articles can be useful in helping a customer overcome a false fear.  Facts – properly understood – can overcome fear. An example from is posted below.  But there are hundreds of others that address specific issues, often from the vantage point of the home owner or an expert.

Hurricane Irma Florida Survivor Relates First-Hand Manufactured Home Safety, Durability Experience

David’s point is one that impacts investors, and all professionals.


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Fear can cause people to do – or not do – something that their normal value system would cause them to be inclined to do.  Pollsters, for example, recognized that a percentage of “the Trump voters would not always say what they believed. Isn’t that a social acceptance fear at work?

Is fear manifest in other ways within the manufactured housing industry?  Isn’t the only answer, yes?

David asks, “How do we thrive in a world where every which way we turn our fear is being activated by politicians, by the media and by the desperate events that are happening around us?”

Spotting fear, and recognizing techniques of manipulation are perhaps as or more important today than in years gone by.

Why?  Because when people are ‘busy,’ they often default into patterns – instead of questioning, based upon evidence, those patterns and beliefs.

What is really fascinating when we look at the brain research around fear is that our brains proxy anything that feels unfamiliar, incoherent or inaccessible as being unsafe,” says David.

There is fascinating research that shows that when people have lower levels of self-esteem and they are in a job in which they are recognized and promoted, that promotion can feel incoherent to the person with low self-esteem. They have low self-esteem and they might be used to and expecting to be treated badly. So what is fascinating is the results showing that when people are promoted when they have a lower levels of self-esteem they are more likely to leave their jobs,” the psychologist explains.

Fear is an incredibly, incredibly powerful force in our lives and our brains are fairly immature in assessing anything that feels slightly incoherent for unfamiliar as unsafe. What this might mean is that if you are used to hearing a story time and time again from a parent or from a partner about how you are not good enough, you are more likely to be drawn to that relationship because it feels familiar,” she says.

David adds that, “Fear has always had a hold on us, but never with such fervor.”

Media savvy professionals recognize that fear must be overcome.

But how often do professionals consider that habit combined with fear can be coercive?

What are the ways that fear and manipulation tactics may be used against you, your customers, or others that you know? We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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State Facts on Manufactured Home Ownership, MH Data by Year Built, and You

October 18th, 2017 Comments off

ManufacturedHomeFactsWhyTheyAreMisunderstoodDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsProsperity Now has created a new market study, focused on manufactured housing.  While their research spotlights a specific state, it may shed light on some of the causes of media, officials, policy wonks and the public impressions of today’s manufactured homes.

As the chart below compiled by Prosperity Now reflects, the percentage of mobile and manufactured homes broken into categories by the years they were constructed.

In our new video interview with Frank Rolfe, he mentions the Eminem movie, 8 Mile. Rolfe says that many in the media have precisely that 8 Mile mental image as their impression of what a manufactured home is. The still shown is from the video further below

A previous report that analyzed Prosperity Now’s report on the Road to Zero Wealth.  The advocacy group – previously known as CFED – often produces useful research, even if some of the conclusions drawn by some from their statistics may be problematic.  See that linked here.  But their belief in manufactured homes as a tool for wealth building and as a path to solving the affordable housing crisis is solid.


This chart shows that over half of all MH in MA are pre-1980.  While some of those are post-HUD Code, they will include the kind of “metal on metal” homes which cause millions to shout, NIMBY.



The use of the term “trailer” would best apply to a pre-mobile home era housing. The homes in this still are properly mobile homes. One of several notable point for Prosperity Now’s work is that they routinely use good terminology. See their chart, below.


Coupled with the point that Prosperity Now makes that only about ½ of 1 percent of the state’s residents are living in a mobile or manufactured home, it underscores Rolfe’s point.

Compare the footage shown in the YouTube video with the new manufactured home that Rolfe asserts most are unaware of in America.  That dovetails with a Zillow/MHLivingNews report that only about 4 percent of millennials consider the manufactured home option.

For a more detailed, and broader context for the Frank Rolfe video, click here. ## (News, analysis, commentary.)

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

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“Season of War” Against “Establishment,” Manufactured Housing, and You

October 16th, 2017 Comments off

ASeasonofWarPixabayDailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsI am certainly not one of those who need to be prodded.
In fact, if anything, I am the prod
.” – Winston Churchill.


To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…
a time of war, and a time of peace
Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, and the lyrics for the pop song, Turn, Turn, Turn.


The manufactured housing industry in several ways tends to mirror the nation.  So, there are individuals working in the industry across the political and economic spectrum.

But as the pre-election surveys by the NYTimes MHLivingNews and MHProNews reflected, a clear majority of the industry’s professionals voted for Donald Trump – and for what Jim Clayton called the 45th president’s “disruptor” agenda.


It’s not a news flash, but it should be.  Manufactured housing is misunderstood, as are some of the causes for the industry not advancing more quickly.

But almost as misunderstood is clarity – or the lack thereof – of some pundits and media when it comes to Donald J. Trump and how he operates.  The same might be said of POTUS Trump’s former White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon.

Steve’s been a friend of mine for a long time,” said the president today, per a report by CNN.  Others in media spanning the left-right divide reported the same.  CNN’s narrative seemed to paint Bannon and Trump as being at odds after his departure from the West Wing.

But the president is apparently playing all sides, as part of his “art of the deal” to advance tax reform and other items in his agenda.


Steve Bannon, President Donald Trump, Salon.

Many on the left – and right – appear to be confused.


Many in the media, left and right, are seemingly misreading the Trump/Bannon relationship, and strategies.

But for those who’ve closely followed the unorthodox methods that now POTUS Trump launched some 27 months ago may have missed what the Daily Business News previously reported regarding Dr. Keith Ablow insights on the president.


Ablow, a FOX News contributor, mentioned early in the Trump Administration that the president is playing the media, allowing some controversy to distract their attention, as he advances his agenda.

RC Williams observed with Ablow, that it was political and media chess,” like the “epic Ali-Foreman,” “Rope a Dope” – could President Trump be zigging, while everyone else is zagging?”

“A Season of War…”

Bannon told the Value Voters Summit just days ago that he would be backing insurgent candidates against every Republican Senate incumbent, save Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Bannon made it plain there was plenty of time to later regroup and focus on Democrats.

But for now, it was time to defeat those who were failing the president and the agenda that moved voters to deliver the White House, Senate and House to the GOP.

It’s a takeover of the Republican Party that Bannon has in mind.

President Trump, just hours before saying how well he was getting along with Mitch McConnell, said that he understood Bannon’s objectives.  See Trump/McConnell in the report, linked here.

It was reminiscent of what MHProNews previously reported as the “head fake” that gave Trump a win-win in the Alabama primary last month, when Luther Strange was upended by Bannon-supported Judge Roy Moore.


Bannon is leading his flagship web-publication Breitbart – which Harvard and others on the left have after analysis decided is “not alt right” – in his war to purify the GOP, to become more loyal to the president’s America First agenda.

Bannon was a key player in the strategy that helped craft a Reagan-like coalition of “working class” Democrats in states such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

That delivered the White House to President Trump, and gave the GOP a surprising, if narrow, majority in the Senate.


Part of their strategy has been a:

  • strong on borders,
  • tougher on trade,
  • policies that are good for labor,
  • the working class,
  • to foster rising wages,
  • and ending what economist Larry Kudlow called the governments “war on business.”

An in depth look at the cost of regulations, how it harms smaller businesses more than larger ones, and how MH industry state and national associations compare. Some surprising facts await.

POTUS Trump’s and Bannon’s concerns over monopolies ought to raise eyebrows in the manufactured housing space.

So instead of chasing tweaks like Preserving Access, or the like, Trump/Bannon are serious about their bolder promises to roll back Dodd-Frank, ObamaCare, get tax reform, accomplish entitlement reform, and liberate the economy from other parts of the Obama/left agenda completely.


For those objectively following developments, the president, Bannon, Kudlow and others are likely triangulating.  The president has himself stated his “never quit” attitude.

Will this effort to replace decades of GOP and Democratic policies that the Team Trump believe have harmed business, and millions of American workers succeed?

Only 9 months into this administration, much has already been accomplished. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, commentary.)

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

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