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City Permits Some Manufactured Home Replacements for Tornado Ravaged Conventional Housing

May 23rd, 2019 Comments off

Still from video posted below.

A month after tornadoes ripped through Alto, Texas, many were left homeless as their residences were damaged or destroyed.


Last week, in a special city council meeting, the Alto city council voted to allow manufactured homes to be used as replacement homes for residents living there.

The homes were being provided by a local church, and dozens have signed up hoping to obtain one of those homes.

But that doesn’t mean that the decision was popular with numbers of Alto’s citizens, as the video report posted here from CBS 19 reflects.



In this situation particularly, we had a family that lost their home and we were able to purchase them a two bedroom, one bath HUD-manufactured mobile home,” said Ann Henley, employee of the River Church. “And we’re trying to replace it on their lot here in Alto.”

Henley said the church was been gifted with money to assist families impacted by last month’s natural disaster. They have purchased 6 manufactured homes, and at that time had already placed three of the homes on designated lots.

We have three more that they’re trying to get their lots cleaned up,” Henley said. “We’ve replaced about seven or eight roofs so far and we have about five or six lined up to replace the roofs in the next week or two.”

It’s one of those notes of positive irony. Conventional housing was sadly reduced to rubble in many cases, and manufactured homes were the quick and positive solution.




But the resistance in that town council meeting was present, and slinging the ‘t-word’ was part of the process.

You can pull onto Putman Avenue and the trailer is the biggest thing on the road there now,” one resident in the news video said. “I don’t think that’s what we want, certainly I don’t in that neighborhood and I don’t think that’s what we want for the city.”



You must meet people where they are. Terminology must be taught and caught. Make a habit of using the correct terminology.


I think our biggest concern are basically the people that have been misplaced and that are basically homeless and getting them into a house as quick as possible,” Henley said. “Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in Alto who are very low-income and even if they did own their home, they weren’t able to afford home owner’s insurance. They’re just in a bad situation and we’re just trying to help them as best as we can.”

This scenario of manufactured housing being the obvious solution, but encountering local resistance, is playing out in various ways from coast-to-coast.  It will be part of an upcoming special report on MHProNews. Watch for it.

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Multi-Story Modular – The Answer to Rising Costs?

November 21st, 2016 Comments off

A Matrix Homes installation in Wellington, New Zealand. Credit: Matrix Homes.

For Trentham, New Zealand-based Matrix Homes, they believe the answer is yes.

According to Voxy, Matrix Homes is about to enter the high-rise market offering steel frame modular construction for hotels and apartment buildings. This follows the signing of an agreement to partner with Alto Australia, a company with 30 years experience in large-scale modular multi-story projects.

Matrix expects to announce New Zealand’s first modular construction high rise building in the first quarter of 2017. This project will use the steel frame modular construction system developed by our partners Alto Australia,” said managing director Sean Murrie.


Sean Murrie. Credit: Stuff NZ.

Not only will this result in considerable savings over the cost of conventional construction but the build time will be significantly reduced taking weeks instead of months – a fraction of the time of an onsite build.

The plan between the two companies will use steel framed load bearing modules, alleviating the need for the building to have an independent structural frame. The modules can be stacked like building blocks to create multi-story buildings of up to 10 levels in New Zealand.

Matrix says that their units will only take two weeks to install for a six-floor building, and that the entire build can be completed in less than 3 months. The company also claims that multi-story modular buildings have lower maintenance costs, and better seismic and acoustic performance than traditional builds.


The Matrix Homes factory. Credit: Matrix Homes.

Our modular high rise system provides savings of up to 25% over conventional building methods, produces less material waste and a much safer work environment,” said Murrie.

This enables developers to build in the current market and avoid exposure to escalating building costs that industry sources recently claimed saw between 22 and 35 multi-residential projects axed in Auckland over the past 12 months.

But, according to Murrie, costs are not the only issue.

While rising construction costs are not the only reason many construction projects aren’t proceeding, clearly there is a need for greater innovation that will result in a less costly, faster and better performing built environment. Had developers adopted modular construction, we believe many of the cancelled Auckland projects could have been built,” said Murrie.


Alto Australia plant. Credit: Alto.

Matrix Homes claims that they have produced 60 stand-alone homes. While bureaucracy is a challenge, they plan to continue.

Each and every housing consent with Councils is hard fought – the territorial local authorities are getting in the way of building affordable housing and we would prefer to focus on multi-story modular where our efforts aren’t stymied at every turn,” said Murrie.

The Matrix/Alto Australia modular system provides an innovative solution to the ever increasing cost of building multi-story buildings without compromising quality. It meets or exceeds all wind and earthquake standards, and provides superior fire protection. This makes the system ideal for hotels, apartments, and student accommodation.

Even with the challenges, Murrie remains optimistic.

We believe modular multi-story construction also creates an opportunity to expand our business and workforce to deliver bigger projects that will improve our built environment.

The Daily Business News has covered the modular segment recently, including a similar project by London-based firm Pocket. ##

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RC Williams, for Daily Business News, MHProNews.

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