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Stephanie Reid Raises Undocumented Immigrants Getting Ripped Off by Manufactured Home Communities Issue

May 22nd, 2019 Comments off



In a release to the Daily Business News on MHProNews today was a Q&A by Stephanie Reid.  Reid was “formerly on staff with the Senate Select Committee for Manufactured Homes,” said the GSMOEF – the GSMOEF, or the Golden State Manufactured-Home Owners Education Fund, which is affiliated with the Golden State Manufactured Home Owners League (GSMOL).


It will be recalled that GSMOL provided the initial tip to Manufactured Home Living News (MHLivingNews) that Manufactured Housing Action (MHAction) was being funded by the Tides nonprofit. Not only did their report prove to be accurate, it led to the discovery that Warren Buffett – via so-called ‘dark money’ funding of NoVo Foundation – which in turn was the top donor to the Tides.

Translated, Warren Buffett money arguably benefited opposition to manufactured housing image and political efforts.  See the broader list of organizations Buffett’s bucks have been tied to, linked here, or the hot-linked text-image box below.


Prosperity Now, Nonprofits Sustain John Oliver’s “Mobile Homes” Video in Their Reports


Against that backdrop, is this Q&A submitted by Reid.  Note the allegation about immigrants, noted in the headline, above.  We’ve highlighted that portion by making it bold, but otherwise, the text is as sent by GSMOL’s affiliated GSMOEF.




Question:  I own a mobilehome park where there are many abandoned homes.  Can I sell them without registering as a real estate agent?



Although I heard from only a few park managers and realtors about this issue, it was a volatile-enough problem that it needed to be included in this series.

The majority of calls on this subject were from residents who reported many observations of illegal acquisitions.  The most egregious example – of, well, theft – were of a few MHP owners and managers who routinely “sold” abandoned homes to persons who were living in this country without proof of citizenship.

The “undocumented” resident would pay for their MH in cash installmentsThen, when the resident paid the last installment on their home, the park owner or manager would order the undocumented resident and their family to leave the park immediately under threat of being reported to immigration authorities.

The family would flee the park and the home was then sold to the next undocumented family with the same outcome.

A penalty of $2,000 would hardly dissuade a theft of a home that would yield thousands more, if the theft was prosecuted at all.

Answer:  Generally, the answer is “no”.  First, in order to act as an agent between a seller or buyer of a used mobilehome or manufactured home, you either must be registered with HCD as a “manufactured home dealer” or with the Bureau of Real Estate as a licensed real estate agent.  Acting as an unlicensed dealer or agent can result in criminal penalties, civil penalties, and citations of up to $2,000 for each illegal sales activity.

The only exception to this is if the prior residents/homeowners have “walked away” from the homes, a park owner may sell them if he/she first obtains the right to ownership through a court action for the judgment of abandonment (Civil Code Section 798.61) or after a warehouse lien sale (Civil Code Section 798.56a).

After that, if the park owner intends to rent, sell or salvage the units, the park owner must go to HCD and transfer title to his or her name, which includes paying all property taxes or HCD fees that are owed.  HCD also has special procedures for when the prior registered owner cannot be found or when there are unpaid or unsatisfied loans on the home.

Only after registering as the new owner may the Park owner (who is now the homeowner) rent, sell, or salvage the abandoned homes.


By Stephanie Reid.  Reid was formerly on staff with the
Senate Select Committee for Manufactured Homes Communities. 


Manufactured home community and other industry professionals will span the gamut of reactions to the above. The same can be said about an industry trade publication quoting from a resident group.

The industry’s professionals may slowly be waking to the following vexing reality.  Big companies are often fueling the problems that create problems for smaller firms, as well as woes for numbers of manufactured home residents.  See the related report, further below the byline and notices.



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As a final thought, it was the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) exiting prior present who said that manufactured home professionals had to be in alignment with the interests of their consumers in order to be successful.  Chris Stinebert’s interesting point is found in the link below.


That’s this afternoon episode of “News through the lens of manufactured homes, and factory-built housing” © where “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)



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Spencer Roane w/Southeast Community Owners (SECO), Praises Tom Lackey, Accused of Rent-to-Own Manufactured Home Sales Improprieties

May 15th, 2018 Comments off


 We bought a trailer [1] that wasn’t really ours. I mean, it really hurt me.
My nerves have been tore up. I’ve been crying

Tonya Evans, a customer of Tom Lackey’s Stoney Pointe MH Community business.


Spencer Roane is an RV MH Hall of Fame Inductee, and is one of a group of manufactured home land-lease community owners who has organized the Southeast Community Owners (SECO) symposium. 

Among the features of the annual SECO gathering? 

Talks by Roane on a controversial use of a lease-to-own (rent-to-own) program that he has previously said can be used to “finance” the sale of manufactured homes.

Roane was asked by the Daily Business News about Tom Lackey, who stands accused of ‘selling’ pre-owned manufactured homes rent-to-own. More on Roane’s reaction and comments to the troubling accusations, later below.

But first, what exactly is creating such a troubling mainstream media stir? 


1) Terminology used is in the original, and isn’t the legally correct term. The homes in this sad story appear to be HUD Code manufactured homes, based upon photos, perhaps dating to the 1980s or 1990s.



Charges of “Selling” Homes “Rent to Own,” Without Titles

According to accusations reported by the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Lackey and his business did not own the homes that he “sold” rent-to-own.

18 residents learned their homes would be auctioned off for back taxes.

Tonya Evans and her family had a jolt when “…about five weeks ago, county workers showed up and taped a yellow seizure notice to their house. They did the same with 17 other mobiles homes [1]  at Stoney Pointe and Blue Ridge Estates, located around the block on Schmitt Road. Nobody had paid property taxes for years,” per Times Free Press staff writer Tyler Jett.

Lackey reportedly did not return calls and messages from the Times Free Press.

Nor did Tom Lackey reply to a number of direct and indirect queries from the Daily Business News, that invited him to share his version of the highly-emotionally – and legally charged – allegations.  But oblique comments about Lackey were offered by a colleague, Spencer Roane.


Spencer Roane’s Comments on Tom Lackey


A SECO attendee who said they’re aware of the dynamics involved in this matter told MHProNews that ‘Spencer Roane has gone out of his way to protect Tom Lackey.’ 

Tom has been a member of our SECO planning group for several years. I couldn’t ask for a more professional, conscientious, or capable member of our team,” Roane said in a message to the Daily Business News.

Roane was asked about Lackey.  Roane was also asked about their often publicized to industry members ‘rent to own’ or ‘lease purchase option’ process.

I am somewhat familiar w/this situation [i.e; Lackey/Stoney Pointe] but am not comfortable commenting on it, except to say that lease-option contracts are [a] complicated, legally enforceable means of transferring ownership of MHs in some states,” Roane said.  

Roane added, “I’ve bcc’ed Tom on this msg. He will contact you if he wants to discuss it.” 

The SECO website shows Lackey on their planning team.


Editorially, MHProNews believes that the majority of the industry’s professionals are honorable people. Every industry or profession has so-called ‘bad actors.’ Manufactured housing is no exception. But unlike many other industries, manufactured housing is routinely portrayed in a negative fashion in media reports. When allegations are false, they should be disputed. When allegations are true, ignoring them doesn’t help the industry, its home owners and leaves a problematic impression for potential buyers. An industry that policies itself may more often avoid such problems, and thus could avoid onerous legislation or regulations that can result from the ‘bad actions’ of a few. About the case of Tom Lackey and Stoney Pointe, all that is known at this time is as shown and linked. Lackey would not accept the Daily Business News’ offer to have him and/or his attorney explain their version of the events described in the Times Free Press.  To learn more about our view of the industry, its professional and overall happy home owners, click the related report below.” We Provide, You Decide.” ©

Happy MH Owners? Good Professional Actors? Overlooked, “Honorable People”

Apparently, Lackey did not want to explain his view on what took place with Tonya Evans, her family, and 17 other households that live in his community. Should he and/or his attorney offer a comment, we can update this report.



George Allen, photo credit,

Blogger, COBA7 owner, and RV MH Hall of Famer retired Col. George Allen – who has been played a role in the SECO program – declined comment on the troubling story.   

I’m somewhat familiar with the matter. No comment from here,”  Allen said to the Daily Business News via email.  

As Allen’s COBA7 followers and others know, Allen has promoted Roane’s rent-to-own program and SECO for several years.  


What Local Authorities Said

Dealer rules and regulations are very clear,” said Danny Sane, the tax commissioner of Whitfield County. “You’re not supposed to be able to sell a car or a mobile home without the title in your name.”

Sane called the bill of sale ‘worthless,’ per the Times Free Press.

Walker County Tax Commissioner Carolyn Walker said, Mr. Lackey must go through the proper proceedings before he can legally rent, or sell the mobile home [1],” Walker said in an email to the Times Free Press. Their report indicated that Lackey never obtained those titles to the manufactured homes they were ‘selling’ when he purchased the community in 2014.


Evans Paid Cash 

While most of Lackey’s customers were presumably ‘buying’ rent-to-own, Evans and her husband reportedly paid cash for their home.

Now, they’ve packed up and moved on, saying they had been defeated. 

What impact, if any, this has on Stoney Pointe, Lackey, SECO, COBA7 attendees and their followers is not easy to predict.  But some consequences wouldn’t be surprising.  And what will those various residents who thought they would become owners do?

The Times Free Press has signaled that this is going to be an ongoing investigation by their publication.


Will the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) step in and comment on this troubling case? On rent-to-own a.k.a. ‘lease purchase option’ so-called ‘sales’?


A source familiar with the matter from Georgia had this off-the-record comment, “…this is common among Community Owner’s because states don’t have appropriate abandoned housing laws, these guys buy a community and can’t move a home because it has ten years back taxes to pay for because customer died 8 years ago and family want moved the home. Doesn’t mean it’s right though. Georgia has a new Abandoned housing law that goes in effect July 1st that will help avoid this in the future.”

In the era of Google and internet-driven news searches, this is likely to be an ongoing image issue for many other community operators, and arguably the industry at large.  

It is part of what MHI award-winner Marty Lavin, JD,  has called tongue-in-cheek the industry’s “other image campaign.”

Lavin was travelling, and was not able to comment on the specific concerns in this case.  But he has previously noted the principles that people should pay more attention to what people do than what they say, and to follow the money.

  • Will the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) weigh in on the troubling issue?
  • Will MHI defend the reputation of those who strive day-by-day to serve their customers properly? 
  • Will Lackey respond to our numerous attempts to get him to comment on his version of these incidents? 
  • The Chattanooga Times Free Press news report is linked here. ## (News, analysis, and commentary)

(Third-party images and content are provided under fair use guidelines.) 


[1] The terminology shown is in the original, and isn’t the proper legal name for the kind of home being described. To learn more about terminology and general industry facts, click here. MHProNews encourages mainstream media, and all others too, to use the proper terminology for each type of home. 

Update, on the record comments from GMHA (5.15.2018 at 11:43 AM ET):


Jay Hamilton, Executive Director, Georgia Manufactured Housing Association (GMHA).

We [GMHA] recognized the state had an issue and so we utilized the legislative process to rectify the problem. We know this [new] law is sound. We used the Alabama law for precedence and invited the states magistrate judges, tax commissioners, and bankers to the table. We worked together for two years until we had 100% agreement,” said Jay Hamilton, Georgia Manufactured Housing Association (GMHA) to MHProNews.

The Daily Business News pressed the GMHA, in a follow up, about Tom Lackey, Stoney Pointe, and the details of this specific matter.  In their follow up reply, Hamilton said via a text message the following.

The GMHA can’t comment on the specifics of such matters,” the GMHA executive director said.

But in general, when a potentially problematic issue exists with a member, there is a code of conduct and process the GMHA follows.”

The association is always focused on resolving underlying issues, and doing so in a manner that respects consumers and members alike,” Hamilton said to MHProNews.

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Sparks Fly – MHI, HUD Allegations Do “Not Comport with HUD Policy”

February 15th, 2018 Comments off


In a statement to MHProNews, a representative of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) gave their reactions to allegations flowing from a discussion among industry members in Tennessee, discussing the recent Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) winter meeting.


Part of those allegations are that a ‘representative of HUD’ spoke with one or more ‘representative(s) of MHI.’ In that discussion, an MHI source claimed that HUD told them that they would not be very cooperative with the industry, ‘until the industry spoke “with one voice.”’

Rephrasing, that claim by the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) to members at their recent winter meeting means that other voices, i.e. the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR), et al, had to go.

If followed to its logical conclusion, it would de facto silence other voices. Per sources as reported, it is yet another example of an alleged bold, semi-public monopolistic maneuver.  It arguably violates MHI’s own anti-trust guidelines.


Given the gravity of the claim and impact for thousands of MH industry independent companies – retailers, communities, producers, and others – MHProNews reached out first to the person who reportedly gave that briefing to members of the Tennessee Manufactured Housing Association (TMHA, TnMHA) board of directors, James McGee.


Shortly after MHProNews’ email outreach to McGee, the following message was circulated to the Tennessee association’s board members.


———- Forwarded message (note: brown text used for quote, added) ———-

From: Marla McAfee <>
Date: Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 11:25 AM
Subject: THA – Board Code of Conduct Reminder

THA Board of Directors:

This morning I received a call from one of our Board of Directors, who has been approached by a representative of the press.  The press inquiry was relative to specific conversations/updates given during our February 8, 2019, Board of Director’s conference call.

As a professional reminder, discussions held and conversations or statements made by your fellow Board members, within the context of Board meetings or conference calls, are not to be shared outside of the Board, in general, but especially with members of the press.

Sharing of information or providing specific names and content of commentators, is prohibited under your Code of Conduct agreement, as a Board member, as well as some provisions within the Anti-Trust Guidelines.


Marla Y. McAfee
Executive Director
Tennessee Housing Association (THA)
Tennessee Manufactured Housing Foundation (TMHF)
Tennessee Manufactured Housing Political Action Committee (PAC)
1002 Meb Court, Suite B, Mt Juliet, TN 37122
615/256-4733, ofc; 615/255-8869, fax

— end of forwarded message —


The Daily Business News took the emailed statement above, which came in as news tips to MHProNews, and shared it with others for feedback, insights, and reaction.  Among them, was McGee.

McGee’s employer DVLY – per sources – effectively barred McGee from speaking to MHProNews.  In fairness, given that DVLY reportedly sells millions of dollars of product to various Clayton Homes retail locations, perhaps DVLY wanted arm’s length, in part out of fear that they might lose those millions in sales?

Another source, a member of the TnMHA association that wasn’t the first to send the tip to MHProNews, made the following, very succinct statement.

They think they own us.”

The Tennessee Housing Association then sent out yet another, more strongly worded statement, that specifically named L. A. “Tony” Kovach – referencing this pro-MH Industry trade media.

That second TnMHA message, which sources say was designed to intimidate members, was then reported to MHProNews by only one TnMHA member-source as a news tip.  As noted, it contained what some believe is yet another veiled threat to their own association’s members.  Thus, the comment from another member, noted above, They think they own us.”  

Federal officials, legal minds, and some among the manufactured home (MH) industry’s independent (non-major corporation) members may or may not grasp just how chilling these kinds of intimidation tactics could be.


The Manufactured Housing Executives Council (MHEC) logo used under fair use guidelines. MHEC is made up of MH state and MH Community associations, MHARR and MHI representatives.  The association member in noted below was a state association.


Another MHI ‘affiliated’ state association executive was asked about the above message.  Part of a longer reply said in part as follows:

I’ve always believed MHI does the bidding of the big manufacturers and now REIT communities.

The answer is for the states to rebel.  But they won’t for reasons I’ve only lately understood.”


Asking Marla McAfee, TnMHA Executive Director

Following the second email to TnMHA board members, MHProNews promptly contacted Marla Y. McAfee, who sent out both messages.  The MHProNews message read as follows:

——- emailed message to Marla McAfee, TMHA ——-


I’m told that you’ve sent out yet another email, and this one specifically names me and our organization.

I’m hereby requesting that you send that to me, asap.  Also, that you retain all of your records on this subject.

Please forward asap any and all emails or other documents regarding communications with media, MHProNews or that names myself or anything associated with our enterprises.

Thank you.


L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach | | Office 863-213-4090 |


——-  end of emailed message ——-


With no response from McAfee after 3 hours and 20 minutes, a message like the following was sent to her and to Matt Kerlln, with 21st Mortgage Corp, a Berkshire Hathaway owned company, based in TN, with Kerlin as an association board member.

——- emailed message to Marla McAfee, TMHA & Matt Kerlin, 21st Mortgage (brown color added)  ——-

date:    Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 2:49 PM


Marla and Matt,

I’ve not yet heard from Marla, so I’m going to address you both in this message.  I’m also bcc’ing several people, to document the ask.

While I’m not an attorney, it is my understanding of the law that when a public official speaks or meets in an official capacity with someone or the representative of some group, that’s not privileged or confidential information.

Thus, that communication is a matter of public interest, as it is reflective of public policy.  It can’t be confidential.

Frankly, I was skeptical about the claim being made, which is why I reached out to James McGee in the first place, to determine its accuracy, and to understand the purported source of said briefing statement between HUD, MHI that was conveyed to your board members.

McGee in turn reached out to you, and you sent 2 different messages I’m aware of to date on this topic. Matt is in that cc loop, we know each other, and he clearly carries weight with 21st.

The logic of the law is that your members can’t be barred from speaking about an item of this nature, as it reflects an alleged public policy position. 

As a heads up, we intend to dig into this with appropriate federal authorities. 

Before we publish a report on this topic, I’m giving you an opportunity to:

1)  Encourage James [McGee] to tell me what he told the members of your board,

2) Encourage your other board members to do the same, as a matter of transparency, 

3)    Provide me with any and all emails or other materials that mentions communications with the media, myself, or with industry trade media, etc.

4)    That as a matter of law – again, as I understand it – you can’t bar a member from speaking about this, given that it is a claimed public policy position that ought to be – public!

Let me state the obvious. The fact that TN MHA is trying to squelch this discussion is disturbing.

As a pro-industry trade media, it seems obvious and logical that you’d encourage the sharing of information, if in fact it is relevant and important to the industry.

To say that TN MHA are discouraging communications, with what might be construed as a veiled threat to your members, ought to be a wake-up call to all, if in fact you fail to do the four steps noted above.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.



Managing Member,
LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC
Parent company to,, et al.


——-  end of emailed message ——-


Cover Up” Plus “Command and Control

Tony, this smacks of yet another cover up by MHI and their puppet masters,” said a source asked by the Daily Business News to comment about the TnMHA issue.

Another legal source told the Daily Business News,The fact that they are using fear and intimidation tactics could suggest that one or more of these associations are behaving more like a protection racket, than a traditional association,” which according to what legal sources have told MHProNews, could make MHI and all who behave in such a fashion, subject to a claim under federal and/or state RICO laws.

Readers are reminded of the “Command and Control” comment from an attorney studying the manufactured housing industry controversies, notably over anti-trust concerns, as has been reported.


MHProNews Asks HUD for Reaction to MHI’s Claim

MHProNews reached out to several sources at HUD.  HUD was provided with the emailed message shown above, from TnMHA to their board, along with some background information.  They were then asked the following emailed questions for HUD’s comments, clarification on the claims by MHI, and their reactions.


——- except from longer emailed message to HUD (brown color added for quote) ——-


…That said, my questions to you.

1) What do you know about any such meeting between HUD and MHI where such a statement may have been conveyed by a HUD rep to MHI?

2) As a matter of policy, is HUD in fact seeking only one association to deal with?

TNMHA is trying to stifle this discussion, as the below and another like message reflects.  For some inside MH baseball, the TN association is the home state of Clayton Homes and 21st Mortgage.  To say that they influence that board would be accurate.

Your reply can be on or off the record, but it would help us to sort this out if we could get to the bottom of:

  • IF such a statement was made, 
  • who at HUD might have made it, 
  • and if dealing with a single MH association is a HUD goal?

Thank you so much,



L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach| Office 863-213-4090 |


——-  end of emailed message ——-

A call from HUD to MHProNews rapidly followed the email, shown above.


The MHI Claim Would “Not Comport With HUD Policy”

During that call from Washington, D.C., a HUD representative told MHProNews that the alleged claim of a HUD staffer ‘expecting the industry to speak with one voice’ would ‘not comport with HUD policy.’

Further, the HUD source said that the reason they have asked for public comments about the manufactured housing program is precisely to hear from ‘the widest possibly array of voices’ – mentioning manufactured home owners, industry members, and others interested in manufactured housing and affordable housing.  Both MHI and MHARR were named by HUD official as among those they want to hear from.

When the Daily Business News asked during that call if Pam Danner may have made such a statement, MHProNews was reminded of the obvious by that federal official; that Danner was no longer in the role of HUD Code manufactured housing program administrator.

Shake Up at HUD Manufactured Housing Program May Stop Industry Overregulation, per MH State Association

A HUD official acknowledged that ‘at some time in the past,’ such a statement ‘might have been made in a very unique circumstance.’ However, as a matter of policy, HUD ‘does not believe it is even possible‘ for the manufactured home (MH) ‘industry to all be on the same page,’ must less, ‘to speak via any one industry association with a single voice.’

That was part of a longer discussion with that HUD source.

Within an hour of the discussion with said HUD official, the call was followed up by the following emailed formal statement, which was requested by MHProNews.

——- emailed from HUD to MHProNews (brown text color added) ——-


HUD is keeping an open mind as we seek the public’s comments about our manufactured housing rules.  Right now, our only interest is to hear from anyone and everyone who has an opinion to share.


Brian Sullivan

HUD’s Office of Public Affairs

——-  some information following the title has been edited out, end of emailed message ——-


MH Industry Monopoly Concerns, Impact

As a feature in tonight’s market report reflected, manufactured housing is far from the only industry that is being harmed by the problem of monopolistic dominance.

Such dominance – and how political, non-profit, and other forces are aligned by monopolistic powers – are seen as stifling in their effects by economists and others as harmful to the economy, jobs and society.  Those points and others are made by the experts in the video feature posted on the market recap report, linked above.

That’s precisely why anti-trust laws exist.


What That State Exec Believes

The solution, said that MHI connected state association executive cited above and linked below, is for the states to rebel.  See the report that was originally cited in, below, which explains that exec’s point on why quitting MHI is so difficult for most state associations.

How Many MH Independents, Retailers Have Been Lost Recently? “They Think They Own Us”

There may be one or more states that eventually quit supporting MHI – as the ones linked below did.  But arguably, most states are no in a position to quit MHI, given the domination by Berkshire Hathaway, as the association executive in the story linked above detailed.


State Associations, Companies Quit Membership in Manufactured Housing Institute, (MHI), One Explains in Writing, ‘Why?’


What Options Remain for MH Industry Independents?

Every state, every company, and any professional – including those currently or previously working for Berkshire Hathaway firms, and/or their competitors –  have the ability to supply information to MHProNews with news tips, which is how so many of these news stories originate.

What has already been noted in other reports is that MHI – after sufficient and ongoing public pressure – tends to pivot.

As a reminder, MHProNews assures anonymity to sources, unless the source wants to be acknowledged.

If a source wants to be particularly careful in how the deliver a news tip, they could create or use a private email account using gmail, yahoo, etc.

Lawsuits for Triple Damages – Anti-Trust, Anti-Monopoly Law, Manufactured Housing, and You

There are other options, of course, such as the one noted above.

For example, it is always possible that anti-trust, RICO or other legal actions may be initiated by federal and/or state(s) officials, which are among the reasons MHProNews reports such incidents. That’s another reason why tips, emails, and documents provided by industry sources is necessary for such news and analysis posts.

Ken Corbin “the 10,000 Drop,” points to Industry Woe, Causes of Manufactured Housing’s 10 & 20 Year Collapse?

But failure to act by independents is arguably the riskiest course of action of all.  MHI’s own data, or comments such as those by former Clayton manager Ken Corbin linked above, prove it. ## (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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“Accurate, but Misleading” MHI Preserving Access to Manufactured Housing Act Alert – ‘Weaponized New$,’ Fact Check$

Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) Gives Written Responses – “Part of a Rigged, Corrupt System”


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The Worm Turns, Senior Corporate Officer Sounds Off on Public MH Industry Disputes

January 18th, 2018 Comments off


A senior manager of a Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) member company complained during the Kentucky Manufactured Housing Institute (KMHI) mixer on 1.17.2018 that they ‘didn’t want to be known as an MHI apologist.’

We want to be able to get along with everyone,” the high-ranking corporate officer told the Daily Business News in a long, off-the-record, set of comments.

What that meant in part is that a perception of their being a company favored by MHI – or one that defended MHI, was apparently in their view – to be avoided.

Even a worm will turn is an expression used to convey the message that even the meekest or most docile of creatures will retaliate or seek revenge if pushed too far,” says Wikipedia.

What some see as an ugly, public feud – see below – others in the industry attending the 2018 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show see in a different light.  One industry veteran recalled a Masthead column that used the analogy that a boil often has to be lanced – an ugly, painful process – in order for healing to occur.


Two Faced, Duplicitous?

At the same KMHI function at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Louisville, a company president told MHProNews that MHI’s President and CEO, Richard “Dick” Jennison had allegedly “lied to me face-to-face.”

I don’t have time for that kind of…” err…stuff, the company president told the Daily Business News, saying he would “waste no time” or support for Jennison, or the group that kept him in his office.

It wasn’t the only case of someone accusing their president of duplicitous, “two-faced” behavior.

Two more sources separately told MHProNews that yesterday on the Louisville Show floor, Jennison publicly referred out-loud to a non-member company president as ‘a despicable human being.’

If true, how does that work as a recruitment tool for MHI membership?  What message does that send to members, and non-members alike?  Why is the MHI executive committee tolerating such unprofessional antics?


“What Happened to Dick Jennison on Wednesday, 1.17.2018? Report linked here.

See the related reports, linked above and below.

The Top Twelve Questions for Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) CEO, Richard “Dick” Jennison

“Feud” Should Stop

There were some told the Daily Business News that they wished the “feuding” would stop.

But others stepped up in person to thank MHProNews, as well as via DMs, text, phone, or email.  There was considerable buzz shared with MHProNews about the Kevin Clayton video interview and related report.

Kevin Clayton Interview-Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, Clayton Homes CEO

Please keep it up,” was a common refrain. “Otherwise, there is no way that the MHI system and the industry’s ability to achieve its potential will change.”

Another example is a team member of a production company that is an MHI member.  “We follow everything you post on LinkedIn.  It’s amazing what MHProNews is doing. Thank you so much.”

If the MHI brand becomes more harmful then helpful – due to controversies surrounding the group or failures to achieve their own claimed agenda – will the ‘worm turn’ against them?

Stay tuned. “We Provide, You Decide.” © ## (News, analysis, commentary.)

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Soheyla, Tamas L. A. "Tony" Kovach family

Soheyla Kovach, with her son Tamas (center, pronounced “Tah Mash) and husband L. A. “Tony” Kovach, will all be at the 2018 Louisville Show. For a third party profile of the family and business, click here.

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How Much Bad Press Has President Trump Really Had So Far?

September 13th, 2017 Comments off

Featured image credit, Newsbusters.

Since before President Trump was elected, supporters of his believed that the press has been obsessive in their coverage of the celebrity-turned-commander-in-chief.

Now, there’s more research that backs that claim up.

After the inauguration on January 20, the media has continued to provide more coverage of Trump’s first months in office than was covered in former-President Obama’s last two years combined. Research reveals that there’s been nearly non-stop negative coverage that far outweighs the positive or neutral coverage of the last seven months.

The Media Research Center analysts have determined that there were nearly 74 hours of airtime – or 39 percent of all evening news coverage – on ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News, per Newsbusters.


Image credit, Newsbusters.

The study used the following criteria to come up with that figure:

Methodology: Our measure of spin was designed to isolate the networks’ own slant, not the back-and-forth of partisan politics. Thus, our analysts ignored soundbites which merely showcased the traditional party line (Republicans supporting Trump, Democrats criticizing him), and instead tallied evaluative statements which imparted a clear positive or negative tone to the story, such as statements from experts presented as non-partisan, voters, or opinionated statements from the networks’ own reporters.”

Using these criteria, MRC analysts tallied 1,567 evaluative statements about the Trump administration in June, July and August, of which 1,422 (91%) were negative vs. a mere 145 (9%) which were positive. Since Trump took office on January 20, there have been 4,144 such evaluative statements, of which 3,712 (90%) were negative, vs. 432 (10%) which were positive.”


Featured image credit, Newsbusters.

Back in April, when the President gave the order to punish the Syrian regime for a chemical weapons attack, was the closest to “balanced coverage” that has been seen, with 82 percent negative and 18 percent positive news coverage.

In the early months of the Trump Administration – January to March – the rate at which White House news was being covered was 49 percent.

Over the last three months that figure has dropped considerably, currently at 32 percent. This is nearly three times as much coverage as the Obama administration received from 2015-2017, which the researchers pegged at 10 percent.

Russia, Russia…

One of four main topics related to Trump that the media focuses on is the ongoing investigation into the president and his campaigns alleged connection to Russia. During August, that topic took up 27 percent of all the Trump news coverage (415 minutes).

Several months ago, the Daily Business News posted an undercover video by Project Veritas.  It spotlighted a CNN producer who said that the Russia collusion story was “bullsh-t.”  Other research has reveals a similar trend to what this report produced.

That was followed by coverage related to the repeal and replace plan for ObamaCare, with 176 minutes, Trump and North Korea, with 136 minutes of coverage, and his response to the violent attacks in Charlottesville with 97 minutes.


Image credit, Newsbusters.

Interestingly, the topic with the least media spin regarding how Trump handled a situation is North Korea, with only 86 percent negative press. In this particular case, the study found that most of that coverage was neutral.


Full Measure’s Sharyl Attiksson’s media bias chart is useful in sorting out the agendas behind various headlines and news sources.

This study provides a look into the gap between positive and negative news coverage of the president’s time in office so far. Many of the left-of-center publications are spending far more time bashing the president than anything else – with “relentlessly hostile coverage.” ## (News, Analysis.)

Related Political/Economic Topic:

2018, 2020 Campaigns Underway, Bernie & Jane Sanders, Scandals, and Democratic Party Rebranding

(Image credits are as shown above, and when provided by third parties, are shared under fair use guidelines.)

JuliaGranowiczManufacturedHomeLivingNewsMHProNews-comSubmitted by Julia Granowicz to the Daily Business News for MHProNews.


Howell Utah Violating 4th Amendment Rights of Mobile and Manufactured Home Owners?

November 14th, 2014 Comments off

we the people_sentinel-news-graphic=credit-posted-daily-business-news-mhpronews-com-Writing in the SentinelNews, Michael London spotlights a private property rights issue in the town of Howell, Utah where citizens who happen to own mobile or manufactured homes are claiming their 4th Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution are being violated by the Howell Town Board.

London writes, “The town seeks to force the owners to have them removed from the property. This flies in the face of the fourth amendment that protects from unlawful searches and seizure of private property. What is also of concern is that it targets only mobile home owners— violating Utah’s Constitution, which states that all citizens must be treated equally under the eyes of the law.”


London reports that an audio has surfaced of a discussion by board members which includes such phrases as the body wanna get rid of the bad ones,” and that “a lot of people are offended” by a particular home on private property. “In fact the ordinance itself is worded in a way that treats mobile home owners as second class citizens, subjecting those rules and regulations that which typical homeowners are not subjected.”

Box Elder County Building Inspector, Steve Bench, clarified that mobile homes are pre-HUD Code housing, those homes built before June 15, 1976 when modern manufactured housing began under federal law. Bench also said that by state law, anyone allowed to place a single family dwelling on a building site, must also allow a manufactured home placement. Further stipulations were added by Bench that may violate the federal preemption enjoyed by manufactured housing under the law (potentially related story, and HUD letter on preemption issue, linked here).


Mayor Craig Hawkes asked the council if it wanted to proceed with sending a letter to these property owners. Councilman Dakota Tuck stated that he was not in favor of any threatening action. The council declined to sending of a letter. Councilman Rex Nessen said, “We need to turn around and put this in the owner’s lap“, offering to talk with owner before any action is taken. The council unanimously agreed.

London concludes by asserting there is a growing push-back nationally by those who see government encouragement cloaked as being in the people’s best interests. He cites another example involving factory-built housing.

For example take St. George where they are facing costly litigation for exactly what the Town of Howell is trying to do—treat mobile home owners differently and force them to comply with a different set of rules than traditional  homeowners. While the question is mobile homeowners today, it could very well be your home next that government  seeks to control or confiscate. Government overreach must be stopped, even in small town America.” ##

(Image credits: Sentinel News)

(Editor’s Note: If this is the only news story on manufactured housing a person read, they’d have a very inaccurate view of the evolution of factory built homes today, which viewing this linked CBS News video would begin to correct.)

Castle and Cooke Deny Wrongdoing

July 25th, 2013 Comments off

Updating a story MHProNews posted earlier today about allegations by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) that Castle & Cooke Mortgage of Salt Lake City made illegal incentive payments to loan officers, the president of C & C denied the charges and is seeking to resolve the issue. “We don’t compensate loan officers based on the terms of a loan and we are not motivated to upsell,” Matthew Pineda said to American Banker. “The company has been cooperating with the CFPB in its investigation for more than a year, and anticipates an amicable resolution in this complex regulatory matter,” according to a statement the lender issued. As nationalmortgagenews informs MHProNews, the CFPB filed suit in U.S. District Court in Salt Lake July 23.

(Image credit: texaslendingtoday)

Mortgage Fraud Charges Lodged Against Wells Fargo

October 10th, 2012 Comments off

CNNMoney tells MHProNews a lawsuit filed by the U.S. government against Wells Fargo accuses the giant lender of intentionally concealing bad loan information on 6,320 risky loans which eventually cost the government $190 million for defaulted home mortgages. Filed in the Southern District Court of New York, the complaint alleges the “extremely poor quality of Wells Fargo’s loans was a function of management’s nearly singular focus on increasing the volume of FHA originations — and the bank’s profits — rather than on the quality of the loans.” Wells Fargo has denied the allegations. Citigroup paid $158 million in Feb. 2012 for defrauding FHA; Deutsche Group paid $202 million in May 2012 to settle charges it lied to qualify risky mortgages that also defrauded FHA.

(Image credit: National Equity Fund, Inc.)