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Gary Shiffman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sun Communities (SUI), Statement$, Video

April 25th, 2018 Comments off


Sun Communities (SUI) First Quarter of 2018 performance results are out.


Sun’s Gary Shiffman is talking about it.


We started 2018 on a positive pace posting $1.14 in core FFO per share which is at the top end of our guidance range. All cylinders are firing on our operations front and both, our manufactured housing and high RV components driven by outperformance in our rental program and home sales net profit, as well as lower than expected interest expenses,” said Gary Shiffman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sun Communities (SUI), per Seeking Alpha’s investor call transcript.

Same community revenue growth for the quarter was 5.7%. We did experience 6.6% same community expense growth in the quarter, the majority of which related to a one-time reserve increase for certain general liability claims and increased utility usage in the Midwest, Texas and Florida which we attribute to significantly lower temperatures for the period. Demand for the high quality lifestyles Sun delivers remains robust. For the quarter, Sun gained 616 revenue producing sites which included outperformance in RV conversions from transient to annual sites. Home sales volume rose 1.3% to 837 homes in the quarter, driven by an almost 40% increase in new home sales. The bulk of our over 100 new home sales in the quarter were in Florida, Arizona, South Carolina and Texas highlighting the diversification and increased demand throughout the portfolio,” said Shiffman.

SunQ12018BalanceSheetsManufacturedHomeCommunitiesREIT-SUI-DailyBusinessNewsMHProNewsSun – along with other REITs and portfolio operators in the manufactured home community market – have often turned to rentals in recent years.  The return of higher home sales levels is thus a positive signal for detail-minded industry observers, professionals and investors.

In the quarter, we also completed the construction of 246 expansion sites and two manufactured housing communities that will contribute to revenue growth as these sites lease up over the coming quarters. The Company remains on pace to complete construction of approximately 1,350 expansion sites in 16 communities of which 1,000 are in 12 manufactured home communities and 350 are in 4 RV Resorts by the end of 2018. On a final growth front, our ground up developments continue to progress, the construction work at our 332 site Cava Robles RV Resort is nearly complete. The resort is now accepting reservations and is scheduled to open by the end of second quarter. Construction at Carolina Pines are 840 site development at South Carolina began in the first quarter and we expect to complete approximately 470 sites by the second quarter of 2019,” Shiffman said.

The SUI supplemental package is linked here as a download.

A recent look by MHProNews at Sun Communities IR snapshots, is linked below.

Sun Communities Annual Data and Manufactured Housing Industry Investor Presentation Highlights

Shiffman’s 20th Anniversary as Public Company Video

As background color, this video of Shiffman provides some interesting context.  Listen to his facts then, and compare it to the growth in roughly the last 5 years.

Sun is shown as #1 in the latest list of manufactured home communities, for that list, click here or below.

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Intelligence Report – MHI Producer Spotlights “the Plan” for MHCs, Community REITs

March 29th, 2018 Comments off


A senior management team member for a HUD Code manufactured housing (MH) production company told the Daily Business News about the emerging plan for MH Communities, according to a REIT moving towards capacity.


As MHProNews has reported, a third or more of new manufactured home shipments are going into land-lease communities. 

While new homes are being purchased by communities of all sizes, large numbers are being ordered by “portfolio operations,” including Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), such as Sun Communities (SUI), Equity LifeStyle Properties (ELS), and UMH Properties (UMH).


As an Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) member company president told the Daily Business News, if new home shipments going into land lease community are factored out, then new home production is essentially flat. In some states, shipments of new homes are still declining since the official bottom for the industry was hit in 2009. 




Given the comparison in price and value, it is difficult to for many third parties and industry professionals to imagine how manufactured housing (MH) can be hovering at around 9 percent of single family housing starts.  That’s far below MH’s historic norms (see shipment chart above). Some point to the affordable housing crisis, the quality of today’s manufactured homes, and ask a question similar to what the Urban Institute (UI) did in January, even though they may come to a different conclusion than UI did.


While Manufactured Housing Overall Rises, Some Slip Sliding Away

Another MHI member producer’s president and vice president both said that based upon current trends, they expect a three to five year window, before MH Communities fill their vacancies of existing home sites. 

Against that backdrop, a new MHI production source tells MHProNews about his insights learned from the plans that Sun Communities (SUI) and another major portfolio operation.

Sun, a titan in the MH Communities sector, are planning beyond their current vacancies. They, per our source, are looking beyond vacant lots, and planning on replacing older homes on occupied but dated home sites. Some of those sites are odds sizes by today’s standards, he explained, which may require special models of homes designed to fit certain lots.

If that replacement of aging inventory becomes a trend, as rental units did after Dodd-Frank, such a replacement process may continue the orders coming from giant land lease operations.

That means the production cliff some are concerned about could be extended beyond the thousands of now vacant home sites in MHCs.

That may sound like good news for HUD Code home producers.  But those replacement plans are not likely to be as busy as the current infill in the dwindling numbers of vacancies in MHCs, coming primarily from homes being offered as rental units. 

The fact that so many homes are being sold as rentals instead of sales to home buyers as was the historic norm is in itself a troubling trend, per producers. 


The Take Aways

All of the above implies a coming new home shipment cliff in manufactured housing, unless some new trend or development takes place. 

While the industry’s members are in several cases understandably celebrating modestly rising new home shipment levels, the underlying realities are not as rosy.


When 92,900 new HUD Code manufactured homes are divided by the 5.57 million units of new existing housing sales, you get 0.01667863554. That means that only new manufactured home sales is equal to only 1.67 percent of the sale of existing conventional homes. With 8.3 million new housing units needed in the U.S., what explains the relatively low levels of manufactured home sales?

Given the nature of their business, MH production companies have to be aware of such trends.

As another HUD Code MH producer – an MHI member and careful reader of MHProNews – has said, MHI’s official policies, plans and positions “have made no sense” for “several years.”  

All of the reports noted herein are from MHI only member companies, not from members of the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR).

Given the affordable housing crisis, and MHI’s indirect admission of their failed industry promotion and marketing plans, industry professionals and public officials alike ought to take notice.

Some producers told MHProNews that they are “open” to being acquired by larger companies.

So the data like the above ought to be of concern to independents, including MH retailers and other industry operations who want to remain independent.

Among independent factory home builders, even those planning to sell at some foreseeable point, should realize that Warren Buffett and another larger player are both known for trying to buy “cheap” rather than at full value.  If historic normal shipment levels existed today, it would translate as more value for those firms who are thinking about selling.

The latest report by the Manufactured Housing Association for Regulatory Reform (MHARR) lays out step-by-step examples of how MHI was on the wrong side of issues that both associations were engaged with. In case after case, MHI had to pivot toward MHARR’s original and steady stance. How can that be so consistently true?

In all of this, per sources, MHI is being revealed as de facto working mainly for the interests of major consolidators, while posturing “activities” that in fact has proven time and again to largely be fruitless. A look at the dues structure of MHI, and who three of the four MHI Executive Committee seats are held by paints a picture.

The Daily Business News review of the MHARR report is linked here. The full length version without commentary of MHARR’s report is linked here. “We Provide, You Decide.” ©. (News, analysis, and commentary.)

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